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Chapter 340 Departure

The next day, Lin Dong quietly sat atop a boulder on the Mysterious Black Yin mountaintop. His eyes were tightly shut while portions of vigorous Yuan Power converged around his body at an astonishing speed. The moment these Yuan Power touched Lin Dong’s body, they would be completely devoured by a strange devouring power, before being transformed into surging Yuan Power and flowing in his body.

This silent cultivation lasted for about two hours before Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened. Without turning his head, he asked in an indifferent tone: “Is everything ready?”

“Could there still be someone in this Great Desolate Province today who dares to not obey young master Lin Dong’s instructions?” A gentle voice replied from behind Lin Dong.

“Hehe, it’s miss Qianqian. For this kind of small matter, any servant can come to deliver it.” Lin Dong could not help but chuckle as he tilted his head and looked at the slender and elegant beauty behind him.

“There are two million Pure Yuan pills here. This number is no small matter even for our Great Devil Sect, but with young master Lin Dong service this time, this little reward is not worthy.” Mu Qianqian hoisted the purplish black Qiankun bag in her lily-white hand and sweetly smiled.

“It was just a grudge between me and the Ghastly Puppet Cult, I’ll just casually take these rewards.” Lin Dong received the Qiankun bag and stuffed it into his clothes without even glancing at it.

“Does young master Lin Dong really plan on leaving the Great Desolate Province? With your current popularity in the Great Desolate Province, you will only need to wave an arm to gather a huge number of men and become a tyrant.” Mu Qianqian softly said.

“I have no interest in becoming a tyrant, moreover, miss Qianqian, if I really do so, the one that will be worried will be your Great Devil Sect right?” Lin Dong shook his head and jokingly replied.

“Young master Lin Dong is so powerful, if that happens, worst comes to worst, my Great Devil Sect will just surrender. I believe that we will instead obtain even greater benefits if we follow at young master Lin Dong’s side.” Mu Qianqian covered her mouth as she laughed, a heart fluttering sight.

Lin Dong laughed as he once again looked towards the north sky. It was the direction where the Lin Clan was. When he was very young, that place had once been a holy land in his heart. After so many years, the current him finally had the strength to visit that place…

“If my guess is not wrong, young master Lin Dong should be going to participate in the Lin Clan gathering right?” When she saw Lin Dong’s gaze, Mu Qianqian softly said.

Lin Dong did not find it surprising that Mu Qianqian knew this. After all, she knew that he was from a Lin Clan branch family. Moreover, the clan gathering was a brilliant and well known gathering in the Great Yan Empire. Everyone knew that those who rose above the others in the gathering would be the most outstanding people in the Lin Clan. These people would become all-powerful existences in the Great Yan Empire.

“The Lin Clan is a first class faction in the Great Yan Empire. It has continued for hundreds of years and its foundations are incomparably solid. Although it is rumored on the outside that the Lin Clan head only has the strength of the advanced Manifestation stage, I am rather skeptical about this. There are definitely many concealed talents in the clan.” Mu Qianqian’s voice was soft as she slowly said.

Lin Dong lightly nodded his head. Although the Great Desolate Province was considered as a great province with quite some reputation, and the Ghastly Puppet Cult and Great Devil Sect were top factions within it, if they were truly compared to a great clan like the Lin Clan which had continued since long ago, the difference would be akin to a firefly and the bright moon.

In the past, the so-called advanced Manifestation stage was practically an untouchable existence for Lin Dong, hence, he did not understand it too clearly. Yet, now that his strength had grown, he increasingly felt that some rumors he had heard of previously were absurd, at least, the power the Lin Clan possessed was far from what he had thought.

And it was because of this that he tried every means possible to seal the Blood Soul Puppet to gain another card for himself.

“The Lin Clan has talented people in spades, furthermore, the clan gathering is a place where many geniuses cross swords. To distinguish oneself from there will not be an easy matter. Moreover, young master Lin Dong has a very serious grudge with the overwhelmingly gifted Lin Langtian. Even in the entire Great Yan Empire younger generation, people who can rival him can be said to be existences as rare as a phoenix feather or unicorn horn. There will definitely be a ferocious battle when young master Lin Dong goes forth to participate in the clan gathering.” While speaking about the Lin Clan gathering, Mu Qianqian had a solemn expression. Evidently, she knew of this extremely important clan gathering.

“Why? Does miss Qianqian believe that I am not Lin Langtian’s match?” Lin Dong mildly smiled and asked.

“Even the advanced Manifestation stage Teng Sha died at young master Lin Dong’s hands, how could I possibly dare to doubt young master Lin Dong’s strength. I only want to remind young master Lin Dong that he will likely face many hindrances in the clan gathering. Since that is so, why not stay in the Great Desolate Province and make big plans.” Mu Qianqian’s eyes flowed as she gently smiled.

“Haha, this Great Desolate Province cannot hold my heart. Since miss Mu Qianqian does not believe I am Lin Langtian’s match, quietly wait for news in the Great Desolate Province, I have never feared anyone in my journey. It does not matter if Lin Langtian is a favored son of heaven, this time, I will make him pay a true price!”

Lin Dong heartily laughed at the heavens. To think that he was this worthy till Mu Qianqian herself wanted to try to recruit him to join the Great Devil Sect. However, he had no intention of joining them at all. Immediately, he took a look at the time, then without further ado, a whistle sounded out from his lips. Immediately, Little Flame transformed into a bloody glow and dashed over.

“Mu Qianqian, before I leave, on behalf my request, please ask the Great Devil Sect to take care of the Eagle Martial Dojo in Great Eagle City. In the future, if the opportunity presents itself, I will definitely repay this favour. Farewell!”

Lin Dong’s figure flashed before he immediately appeared on Little Flame’s back. Then, he cupped his fist towards Mu Qianqian, before without further ado, he waved his palm. Then, Little Flame flapped its large bloody wings before it transformed into a bloody flow and disappeared in the near horizon.

“Sigh…” When she saw Lin Dong leaving, Mu Qianqian gently sighed.

“Forget about it. Lin Dong’s ambition does not lie here and nobody can tie him down. This man’s talent and abilities rank first among everyone I have encountered over the years. In fact, even compared to the famed Lin Clan genius Lin Langtian, he would not lose out. These two legendary figures in Great Yan Empire would be in for a fierce battle…” Standing behind Mu Qianqian, Mu Lei walked out as he stared at the spot where Lin Dong had disappeared and sighed.

“Send some men to check up on the Eagle Martial Dojo that he mentioned and take good care of them. We must accept his favour!”

Mu Qianqian gently nodded her head as her beautiful eyes stared at the sky where Lin Dong had disappeared at. She knew that in the distant future, an intense fight that would rock the entire Great Yan Empire would occur in the Great Yan Empire Royal City.

This fight will let everyone know who exactly is the most prized genius in Lin Clan!


A bloody flash howled across the horizon. Lin Dong was seated on a tiger’s back as he glanced at the forest rapidly passing beneath him. For a moment, he was actually at a loss for words. In this two years time, he had climbed mountains and crossed rivers in order to come to the Great Desolate Province. At that time, he was merely a kid who had just advanced to Yuan Dan stage. However, right now, he had already became the top practitioner in Great Desolate Province. In terms of reputation, even Mu Lei, Wu Zong and the rest could not match up to him.

This complete transformation was simply too astounding.

“Do you plan to directly return to Yan City?” Little Marten suddenly appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder and asked.

“There is only four months left before the clan gathering. I believe that father and the rest would have left a few months earlier. Therefore, if we head to Yan City now, we would miss out on them.” Lin Dong shook his head and said.

The Lin Clan was situated at the Great Flame Province and it was quite far away from the Tiandu Province. Since Lin Xiao and the rest were evidently not as fast as Lin Dong, it would take them several months to get there. Therefore, I would definitely leave in advance.

“Based on my current speed, it would take me at most one month to reach Great Flame Province. In the remaining three months, I plan to continue training.” Lin Dong gradually said.

As the clan gathering approaches, his heart began to palpitate. He knew that this time around, Lin Xiao, Lin Zhentian and the rest would all be heading to the Lin Clan gathering. At that event, perhaps because of their lowly status, they knew that they would likely be mocked or looked down upon. However, they still chose to go. That was because they believed that this time around, they would be able to hold their chest up in the clan gathering and point at the most dazzling person in the arena and tell others that he is from their Lin Family…

Lin Dong knew that he was shouldering heavy expectations. Therefore, this time around, he could not afford to let them down.

He clearly knew just how formidable Lin Langtian was. Hence, this time around, he must go all out and push himself to his peak condition before the clan gathering!

“You had recently made a breakthrough and even though you are only one step away from Manifestation stage, it is very difficult for you to breakthrough again in a short period of time…” Little Marten solemnly echoed.

“I want to cultivate Great Sun Thunder Body!” Lin Dong stared right at Little Marten before he slowly asked: “Do you know how to?”

Right now, he had reached the peak of Jade Thunder Body. However, he had yet to advance to the final step, which is also the most powerful one, Great Sun Thunder Body!

If he could successfully master Great Sun Thunder Body, Lin Dong was confident that his physical prowess would once again surge!

When it heard his words, Little Marten’s eyes turned increasingly solemn. It was exceedingly difficult to train one’s physical body. In order to master Jade Thunder Body, Lin Dong had already suffered through much pain. Therefore, if he still wanted to upgrade himself, it would be an exceedingly difficult task.

However, Little Marten was also clearly aware of what Lin Dong was thinking of. For this clan gathering, he must achieving an outstanding result!

“Though it is very difficult, there is a way indeed. However, I must remind you, you will have to suffer…” After contemplating for a moment, Little Marten finally opened its mouth and spoke gradually.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong softly sighed in relief, a small smile on his face as he said: “As long as I have a single breath remaining, I will not fear even a mountain of blades or a pan full of boiling oil…”

For the clan gathering, he trained hard since young till this day. With so many years of hard work, how could Lin Dong give up?

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