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Chapter 331: Bloody Battle

Swish swish!

The waves formed from Yuan Power materialized behind Teng Sha’s back. As those waves swept forth, a hua-la-la water flowing sound actually echoed out and caused one to wonder if these huge waves were in fact formed from Yuan Power, or if they were real waves.

Waves threshed through the horizons as if they were going to sweep across the entire horizon. Meanwhile, Teng Sha was surfing on that giant wave, just like a demon god, while a terrifying aura slowly emerged from within his body and extended across the horizons.

Evidently, Teng Sha had fully pushed his advanced Manifestation stage ability to the maximum!

In the arena, countless pairs of eyes stared in shock at that gigantic waves rolling across the horizon. All of them understood that the instant these waves crashed down, a bloody river would surely follow!

The Yuan Power of an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner is actually this potent. As they stared at that Yuan Power waves that were several hundred meters tall, even Mu Lei and Wu Ci, who were at initial Manifestation stage, were shocked. Even if they joined forces, they would probably be unable to launch such a powerful attack and this caused them to involuntarily sigh. Advanced Manifestation stage was simply too formidable…

“Teng Sha’s strength has improved really quickly…” Mu Lei and Wu Ci glanced at each other as both of them saw a tinge of shock flash across their eyes. In terms of ability, Teng Sha had obviously far exceeded them.

“I wonder how Lin Dong plans to fight back. This time, Teng Sha obviously does not intend to hold back…”

Standing beside Mu Lei, when Mu Qianqian heard his sigh, her beautiful face turned solemn. The fight between the two of them was at the climax. Right now, if any of them made the slightest misstep, it would be fatal for them.

“Swish swish!”

The waves rolled across the horizons before Teng Sha’s body actually descended gradually until he eventually sunk into the waves. Then, a resplendent glow erupted forth from within. Instantly, that gigantic waves begun to shrink at a visibly terrifying pace.

As those Yuan Power waves shrunk, that resplendent golden glow turned increasingly bright, until eventually it became as resplendent as the sun. In fact, that glow was bright enough to even overshadow the sun. At the same time, an exceedingly savage shockwave manically swept forth .

“Lin Dong, today I will demonstrate to you just how powerful it is when a Manifestation stage practitioner executes a Manifestation martial arts!”

As that resplendent golden glow erupted forth, Teng Sha’s icy cold voice suddenly emerged from within the waves.

“Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal!”

After he shouted out, a earth-shattering Yuan Power vibration suddenly erupted. Then, that gigantic Yuan Power wave was actually forcefully ripped apart by an unstoppable force, before a resplendent light column penetrated the horizons. Then, it directly transformed into a hundred meters large mysterious hand seal!

On top of that huge glowing seal, an exceedingly formidable shockwave manically swept forth, before it caused violent gusts to sweep across the sky. Faintly, a glowing seal was materializing above that gigantic wave.

“Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal?” Below him, Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk as he stared at that large glowing seal. From its surface, he could sense a familiar vibration. Based on its name, that martial arts should have been obtained from the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. However, the vibrations from this Manifestation martial arts was not as formidable as what Lin Dong had expected.

“Pfft, this can be considered at most as a imitation Manifestation martial arts. How dare you claim it to be Manifestation martial arts, what a joke!” Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered as he immediately deciphered the clues. Though Teng Sha’s martial arts is more powerful than nine-grade martial arts, it is not a Manifestation martial arts!

“It’s enough to finish you off!”

After Lin Dong caught his bluff, Teng Sha’s face was somewhat grim. Then, he laughed venomously, before he swiped his palm. Then, that giant glowing seal, hovering in mid-air, flew towards Lin Dong with a terrifying momentum!

Boom boom!

Before that glowing seal touched the ground, that terrifying shockwave formed directly caused the whole arena to crumble. In fact, the entire Mysterious Yin Mountain range stared to shake, while giant rocks continuously tumbled forth, just like apocalypse was coming.

Lin Dong lifted his head as he stared at that formidable glowing seal growing rapidly in the pupils of his eyes. Then, a chuckle emerged on his face, before he flipped his palm. Immediately, the “Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat” that he obtained from the auction appeared.

Once the “Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat” appeared, Lin Dong’s mind moved, before streams of powerful Mental Energy and Yuan Power quickly gushed into it. As these two different energy sources fused together, streams of a mixed-color energy source instantly appeared. It was exactly the peculiar energy source fused from Yuan Power and Mental Energy, Yuan Power essence!

After creating Yuan Power essence, Lin Dong’s hands lightning-quick formed a series of hand seals. As these hand seals changed, the surrounding Yuan Power in the domain started to vibrate violently, before they gushed into that “Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat” as if they were being sucked in. Then, they fused with streams of potent Mental Energy to form streams of Yuan Power essence.

Performing fusion requires a delicate balance. Now that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy cultivation had reached high-grade Symbol Master, he became increasingly proficient at controlling it. Hence, most ordinary people could only see a giant light column formed from Yuan Power essence penetrating through the horizons. It was a truly astounding sight.

“Boom boom!”

A deep noise echoed out in the horizon, while that light column formed from Yuan Power essence suddenly squirmed rapidly. Finally, under the stares from the crowd, it transformed into a large mixed-color glowing finger!

In a manner of speaking, this glowing finger’s size was not as spectacular compared to when Lin Dong used Yuan Power. However, the vibrations seeping out from within was terrifying enough to cause one to tremble.

Yuan Power essence was originally an exceedingly formidable energy source. Since this glowing finger was formed completely from Yuan Power essence, its strength was terrifyingly formidable!

When that glowing finger materialized, even though there was no wind, all of Lin Dong’s clothes swayed and rattled. Then, he suddenly took a step forward, before he jutted his finger forth while his loud words ricocheted across the horizon.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Imprisoning The World With One Finger!”

“Boom boom!”

The heavens shook when Lin Dong jutted his finger forth. The vibrations undulated on that glowing finger, formed from Yuan Power essence, turned increasingly terrifying. Then, under countless stares from the crowd, that glowing finger shook before it directly slammed against that large glowing seal.

“Rumble rumble rumble!”

A deafening energy explosion noise manically ricocheted across the horizons. The large Mysterious Yin Mountain trembled the instant they collided, while large cracks emerged from the mountain peak.

“You shall break!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were cold as he pushed his finger down. Then, that large glowing seal was actually directly blown back by the Yuan Power essence Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. Its strength obviously exceeds the time when he used Yuan Power!

As he stared at that glowing seal that was being rapidly pushed back by Lin Dong’s glowing finger, Teng Sha’s face turned steely green. Right now, his heart was undoubtedly in turmoil. Half a year ago, Lin Dong could not even escape from him. However, he never expected that in merely half a year’s time, Lin Dong could actually match up against him. That rate at which he was improving was simply too terrifying…


While his eyes glimmered, a vicious glint suddenly flashed across Teng Sha’s eyes. Then, he violently gripped his palm, before that large glowing seal suddenly shook vigorously before it actually exploded in mid-air!

“Boom boom boom!”

That earth-shattering explosion was just like the tantrums of the Thunder God and it was deafening. Due to that insane shockwave, Lin Dong’s glowing finger was actually directly blown away.

“Buzz buzz!”

When that glowing finger and glowing seal exploded, Lin Dong and Teng Sha vomited out a mouthful of blood almost simultaneously. Both of their attacks were linked to their mental states. Now that their attacks had imploded, both of them suffered injuries.

“Teng Sha, have you ran out of tricks?”

After retreating several hundred steps, Lin Dong forcefully stabilized his body. Then, the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol” inside his Niwan palace trembled, before shockwaves swept forth and immediately stabilized the raging blood inside his body. Following which, he lifted his head and stared at a steely-green Teng Sha before he smiled. Then, his hand seals changed before a large black hole appeared behind his body.

“The Art Of Devouring!”

That black hole stretched out while a deep roar echoed out inside Lin Dong’s heart. Instantly, all the Yuan Power in this domain directly transformed into a mist-like Yuan Power python before they tunnelled into the black hole. Then, the Yuan Power reserves inside his body, that had been depleted, quickly filled up again.

After he had the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”, Lin Dong no longer had to worry about running out of Yuan Power. It’s devouring ability will greatly prolong his battle stamina. In the future, if anyone wants to use delaying techniques to fight against Lin Dong, it would perhaps be a most foolish decision.

That is because right now, Lin Dong only grew more powerful as he fought!

As the Yuan Power in this domain swarmed into Lin Dong’s body, his originally feeble aura suddenly surged. Promptly, he took a step forward, before his hand seals changed. Then, above the “Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat”, another terrifying Yuan Power essence light column penetrated through the horizon.

As he stared at that Yuan Power essence light column that was even more savage than before, a tinge of shock flashed across the deepest region of Teng Sha’s eyes.

However, right now, Lin Dong did not give Teng Sha any chance to react. As his hand seals changed, that gigantic Yuan Power essence light beam quickly transformed into a heavenly pillar esque glowing finger. Meanwhile, the shockwaves undulated on it were even more terrifying than before!

“Teng Sha, surrender your dog life!”

Lin Dong hovered in mid-air, as his icy-cold voice sounded out. Immediately, he jutted his finger forth before the color of the sky instantly changed!

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Crushing Mountains And River With Two Finger!”

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