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Chapter 332 Threatening Anger

The enormous finger of light was like a pillar that joined heaven and earth, a sight that caused one to feel a heart palpitating sensation. Like a storm, waves of berserk force blasted out from it, instantly causing the wind to howl and the clouds to bubble, a vast and mighty spectacle.

Half a year ago, Lin Dong needed to borrow Little Marten’s power to use this second finger, but now, he completely did not need to rely on any external force. With the power in his body, he was already able to completely display it. Moreover, he also had the devouring power of the ‘Devouring Ancestral Symbol’, and hence possessed a very solid foundation to directly use essence Yuan Power to activate this martial art. Its power was akin to wings being added to a tiger, so formidable that it was indescribable

Of course, if it were not for the fact that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had reached the high level Soul Symbol Master stage, and he had the aid of a godly tool like the ‘Devouring Ancestral Symbol’, let alone using essence Yuan Power to activate the second finger, it was likely that even the first finger would be unbearable for him…

“Hand over your pathetic life!”

The light finger took shape, and Lin Dong was not the slightest bit slow. A blade like chill filled his eyes as he sternly shouted, while the giant finger completely formed from essence Yuan Power immediately screamed downwards, making it seem as if the sky had collapsed in that moment.

Bang bang bang!

The air continuously exploded in the sky as a giant finger descended from the heavens towards Teng Sha like the finger of a god.

As he stared at the giant finger that was rapidly growing bigger in his eyes, Teng Sha’s expression turned extremely grim. He wanted to avoid it but he realised that the nearby Yuan Power had actually been compressed by the giant finger until it turned solid, just like a prison which was firmly binding him.

“You don’t have the qualifications to kill me!” Although the situation was critical, Teng Sha was worthy of being called an ambitious and ruthless character. A vicious look flashed across his eyes as his hands formed seals at a lightning quick speed while threads of strange black qi swiftly flowed out of his body.

“Ghastly Puppet Devil Skeleton!”

A low roar that contained a type of suffering suddenly rang out from Teng Sha’s throat. Generating this strange black qi seemed to have a rather large burden on his body.

These black qi gushed out at an extremely rapid speed, in the blink of an eye, it gathered and took shape in the air above Teng Sha’s head, transforming into a black skeleton that was definitely titanic.

“Great Devil Skeleton Technique!”

Staring at the titanic black skeleton that enveloped Teng Sha’s body, the expressions of the seated sect leaders fluctuated a little. Evidently, they had heard of this cruel martial art of the Ghastly Puppet Cult. To master this martial art, one needed to obtain the bone essence of many many people, and then use Mental Energy to purify it. In the end, it would merge with the body and when activated, it would cause these bone essence power to swiftly fuse together, condensing into a fairly strange power.

This power was not Yuan Power nor Mental Energy, but another kind of comparatively unique and strange power!

“Evil practice!”

Lin Dong’s eyes turned serious as the watched the titanic black skeleton. Soon after, he icily chuckled while waving his sleeves as the heaven pillar like light finger immediately descended, heavily crashing into the titanic black skeleton.


At the moment of contact, a berserk without equal energy storm swiftly formed where the two forces met. A circle of terrifying undulations rippled outwards, as all the giant trees and buildings on the mountaintop exploded into dust with a ‘bang’ sound. Some of the more unfortunate fellows were also pushed back as they vomited blood.

“What bullshit devil skeleton, be destroyed!” While he gazed at the black skeleton that was bitterly resisting under the giant finger, the maliciousness in Lin Dong’s eyes grew increasingly intense. His palm slapped downwards as another portion of extremely vigorous essence Yuan Power flew out from the ‘Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat’ and shot into the giant finger. Immediately, the undulations of the giant finger once again soared.


As the undulations from the giant finger grew increasingly berserk, cracks appeared on the black skeleton. These cracks quickly enlarged and in the end, under the astonished gazes of the many Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners, the skeleton completely burst apart.


The black devil skeleton burst apart as a formidable black light suddenly swept out from within it, flying at an extremely astonishing speed as it stabbed at Lin Dong.

The black light’s speed was terrifyingly swift and ferocious, even a powerful practitioner like Mu Lei could only vaguely see a black speck flash across his vision.


However, although Mu Lei and the other practitioners were unable to sense the attack of the black light, Lin Dong, whose Mental Energy had already reached the high level Soul Symbol Master stage, sensed it immediately, His eyes flashed as vigorous without equal Mental Energy condensed in front of him to form a huge defensive layer that was several tens of meters thick.


The black light shot over, however, when this seemingly weak attack hit the Mental Energy defensive wall, it exploded like a bomb.


The Mental Energy defensive wall crumbled in an instant, and Lin Dong was also affected and spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. However, the chilling smile on his face grew increasingly wide as his finger pressed down and the light finger that had annihilated the black skeleton lightning quick slammed into Teng Sha’s body.

The previous attack was clearly Teng Sha’s life risking strike, forcing Lin Dong to defend and be unable to control the giant finger to continue attacking, while Teng Sha could take the opportunity to retreat, before organizing the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners to combine their forces and kill Lin Dong.

However, he never expected that Lin Dong would rather risk being injured than let go of this excellent chance.


The finger of light landed with a loud boom on Teng Sha’s body. Under the attention of countless gazes, the dense Yuan Power defences surrounding the latter practically crumbled in an instant. Although circles of tyrannical Yuan Power light screens continuously gushed out of his body attempting to withstand the devastating light finger attack, the rate at which the light screens shattered clearly far surpassed the speed at which Teng Sha could create them. Thus, in a short ten seconds, the Yuan Power light screens around Teng Sha were completely obliterated.


Yuan Power light screens exploded as a ferocious force solidly landed on Teng Sha’s body. Immediately, his clothes were exploded into dust and even the high grade Soul Treasure inner armor he wore burst apart in a split second. Bloody lines swiftly spread out on the surface of his body and in the blink of an eye, Teng Sha became a blood person, an extremely miserable sight.


The enormous plaza caved in that moment and a hundred meter large hole appeared within everyone’s sights. At the center of the pit, was a sorry to the extreme Teng Sha!

All living things would be smashed to pieces when the finger landed!

After the finger left behind a humongous hole in the plaza, it finally exploded into a sky full of light specks and faded away under countless shocked gazes…


As the light finger dissipated, the bloody figure at the center of the hole wildly vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. His aura had become extremely weak and one could tell that this attack had inflicted serious damage to Teng Sha!

As they stared at the bloody person in the hole, the entire mountain top fell into absolute silence while an unconcealable shock filled every single person’s eyes…

Teng Sha had lost!

Under the gazes of countless Great Desolate Province practitioners, the one known as the most powerful in the Great Desolate Province had now been completely defeated at the hands of a youngster!

On the seats, the various sect leaders who had been invited also could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva as they looked to each other, seeing the shock and alarm in each and every one of their eyes. Especially those that had planned on casting themselves in with the Ghastly Puppet Cult, cold sweat flowed down their foreheads as they continuously rejoiced that they had not said too much previously. Or else, it would likely be difficult to escape the calamity today…

Their gazes secretly looked towards the young figure which was slowly descending from the air. The latter’s expression was cold and detached. They knew that the viciousness of this seemingly young person would not lose out in the slightest to some cunning old foxes…

“The Ghastly Puppet Cult is finally going to fall this time…”

The hand that Mu Lei had placed on the back of his chair continuously trembled. After taking a quick look at the plaza, his eyes stopped at the young figure, an unspeakable fear in his eyes.

“This Lin Dong is too ferocious, I’m afraid that it will be very difficult to find anyone in the Great Desolate Province that can compare with him!”

When Mu Qianqian saw her normally rather arrogant father in this state, the splendor in her pretty eyes could not help but grow even more intense. She gently lifted her head as she looked at the young figure who was also rather bloody. Under the bloody setting sun, the figure seemed to give off a hard to describe feeling of tyranny.

Taking on the Ghastly Puppet Cult all by himself. This was peerlessly domineering!

“Sect leader, quickly save sect leader. All Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners heed this command, form the great formation and kill this little bastard!”

The silence on the mountaintop lasted for a moment before the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners finally regained their senses and the left and right elders immediately shrieked in fury.

As if he had heard their shrieks, Lin Dong slowly lifted his head and looked towards the left and right elders, a grin on his lips, while a soft laughter caused chills to rise up in everyone’s hearts.

“Don’t worry, I’ve said this before, today… I will massacre the Ghastly Puppet Cult!”

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