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Chapter 330: Massive Battle Against Advanced Manifestation

A gust swept across the arena and brought along a nauseating bloody smell. As they stared at the pool of blood on the arena, every elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioner felt a chill violently gush out from within their hearts.

“Such powerful Mental Energy… he can probably rival a high-grade Symbol Master!” Over at the seats, shock flashed across Mu Lei’s eyes when he witnessed this scene. Promptly, he sucked in a breath of cold air as he softly muttered.

Standing aside, when Mu Qianqian heard his words, she involuntarily bit her red lips, while disbelief filled her beautiful eyes. She was clearly aware that the previous time she met Lin Dong, the latter’s Mental Energy was merely at low-grade Symbol Master. However, in less than a year… he had actually improved by leaps and bounds!

High-grade Symbol Masters possess formidable Mental Energy. In fact, even in the entire Great Desolate Province, there are only a few individuals who can match up to him. It’s no wonder he can directly destroy a half-step-to Manifesting practitioner like Cao Zhen with his palm alone.

Over at the seats, several leaders of the respective factions were all terrified by Lin Dong’s actions. In fact, those factions’ eyes, who were originally planning to side with Ghastly Puppet Cult, glimmered, before they eventually stealthily retraced their Yuan Power vibrations. If Lin Dong was truly unable to match up against the Ghastly Puppet Cult, they did not mind joining in the fray in order to please the Ghastly Puppet Cult. However, this sight made them understood that Lin Dong was not on a suicide mission as he possessed extremely formidable strength. Therefore, they had to carefully reevaluate the situation.

After all, if the Ghastly Puppet Cult was really wiped out by Lin Dong, then those accomplices would surely share the same fate. Even though there was a low chance of this occurring, everyone who could become a sect leader was a calculating individual. Therefore, they naturally would not embark on such a risky matter.

Immediately, the entire arena was stunned by Lin Dong’s actions. His suave demeanor caused several of them to gasp.

“What a great brat!”

Teng Sha was similarly shocked by Lin Dong’s sudden actions. However, promptly, his face turned utterly grim, especially when he noticed the actions of the various sect leaders over at the seats. Then, his eyelids involuntarily twitched, before venomous words filled with rage slowly emerged from his mouth.

“It seems like in this half a year’s time, not only did you manage to survive in the Mysterious Black Yin Crevice, but your strength even surged as well.No wonder you have the guts to barge into my Ghastly Puppet Cult! However, today, this sect leader will make you understand just how foolish your actions are!”

After he spoke, Teng Sha suddenly took a step forward, before formidable Yuan Power swept forth from his body just like a tidal wave. Instantly, an exceedingly formidable and oppressive aura enshrouded this entire domain, before it poured overwhelmingly towards Lin Dong.

“Kneel in front of this sect leader!”

A formidable and oppressive aura enshrouded Lin Dong’s body, as an exceedingly powerful force continuously pressured Lin Dong onto the ground. Under this pressure, even an initial Manifestation stage practitioner would be in a rather sorry state.

“Who do you think you are?” However, as he faced against an aura that even a initial Manifestation stage practitioner must be wary of, Lin Dong chose to ignore it. With a chuckle, a black hole immediately emerged from behind him. Meanwhile, the instant that aura touched the black hole, they immediately disappeared.

“What a strange technique!” As he stared at that black hole, Teng Sha’s eyes froze. He could sense that regardless of how powerful his aura was, the instant they touched the black hole, they would disappear immediately. That sensation was as if they were directly swallowed in one bite.

However, even though Lin Dong’s counter attack greatly exceeded Teng Sha’s expectations, he was after all an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner. Immediately a cold glint glimmered in his eyes, before he gripped his large hands. Then, potent Yuan Power immediately gathered in front of him before they transformed into a nearly hundred meters tall Yuan Power hill!

That hill hovered in mid-air and it even managed to block out the sun. Undulated on the surface of that hill was an exceedingly formidable Yuan Power vibration. Faintly, it even released traces of genuine mountain aura causing it to look like a genuine hill!

After breaking through to advanced Manifestation stage, Teng Sha was extremely proficient with Yuan Power creation. When most people use Yuan Power to create objects, they can only replicate the form of the item. However, the hill materialized by Teng Sha seemed just like the real object and it possessed both the original form and spirit. Hence, it was extremely powerful!

In the arena, several people’s faces were shocked. Materializing such a gigantic Yuan Power with one hand alone. In the entire arena, Teng Sha was probably the only one who could do it.

“Manifestation Mountain!”

When that mountain materialized, a venomous expression flitted across Teng Sha’s eyes before he heavily flung down his palm. Then, that mountain swung down together with its overcasting shadow and flew viciously towards Lin Dong. Immediately, countless air explosions occurred beneath the mountain and it blew countless holes in the arena below.

As he stared at that mountain raging towards him, Lin Dong gripped his palm, before his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd immediately appeared. Then, potent Yuan Power erupted forth as his halberd danced.

“Heavenly Scales Halberd technique, combination halberd technique!”

Halberd shadows danced manically while a resplendent golden glow erupted forth. Amidst the golden glow, a hideous giant fish, enraged python, giant dragon and heavenly dragon shadows all suddenly emerged, before they swiftly gathered together. Then, they ripped through the horizons and transformed into a golden glow before they viciously slammed against that Manifestation Mountain.

As his strength increased, the current Lin Dong was able to combine all four Heavenly Scales Halberd techniques together and its combined strength was exceptionally formidable!

That giant golden glow was just like a heavenly dragon as it ripped through the horizons. Finally, under the attention from the crowd, it viciously slammed against the mountain. Instantly, a hurricane-like energy swept forth across the horizons.

“You shall break!”

Lin Dong fierce shout suddenly rang out, while a bright glow suddenly erupted from that resplendent golden glow. That heavenly dragon howled forth as its dragon’s claws danced before it actually directly split apart that Manifestation Mountain!


Under the bewildered stares from the crowd, that Manifestation Mountain exploded before countless giant rocks crumbled. Teng Sha’s powerful attack was actually directly broken by Lin Dong.

“Teng Sha, you must be dreaming if you wish to kill me with such an attack!” After penetrating the Manifestation Mountain with a single spear attack, Lin Dong involuntarily chuckled. However, he did not give Teng Sha the chance to attack again, as his figure flashed before he immediately dashed forth. At the same time, a glass-like glow undulated on his body. It seems like Lin Dong had already executed Jade Thunder Body.

Obviously, Lin Dong planned to seize the initiative and attack first. Several people in the crowd immediately exclaimed in shock. Even while facing an advanced Manifestation practitioner, he actually dared to seize the initiative and attack. His guts was truly unparalleled.

“Little bastard, all you are good at is talking. Watch how this sect leader slaughter you!”

As he faced Lin Dong’s mocking, that Teng Sha was evidently outraged. Then, his figure flashed before he also dashed forth. As the two figures clashed in the middle of the arena, an extremely savage attack immediately erupted forth. As these two figures criss-crossed, waves of heart-palpitating energy shockwaves manically swept forth.

“Boom boom boom!”

Under the stares from the crowd, two figures violently dueled in mid-air. In a few seconds, several fierce bouts have already taken place. It was an exceptionally fierce battle.

“Great fellow. He does not lose out even in a fight against Teng Sha…”

“Teng Sha is an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner. Even Mu Lei from Great Devil Sect and Wu Zong from Martial Alliance cannot match up with him and he is in fact the top practitioner in Great Desolate Province. However, Lin Dong can actually match up against him?!”

“What a terrifying fellow…”


That exceptionally fierce battle in mid-air caused several people to be in shock, while shocked exclaims spread out in the arena.

When they heard that commotion, several elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners’ faces became slightly unnatural. However, as they sensed that exceedingly formidable shock wave that swept forth in mid-air, they did not dare to barge in.


In mid-air, an extremely loud sound echoed out, while two figures were blown back several hundred meters.

“Haha, advanced Manifestation stage is merely so!”

After Lin Dong stabilized himself, he laughed heartily. There were several fist marks left on his body. However, after that glass-like glow on his body refreshed itself, those marks instantly disappeared. The strength of Lin Dong’s physical body probably even exceeding that of Great Devil Sect’s Mu Lei!

After laughing heartily, Lin Dong did not give Teng Sha any chance to relax, as his figure flashed before he immediately dashed forth. Meanwhile, every spot where this body flashed by, blurry figures actually appeared!

Furthermore, the one that shocked them the most was that as each blurry figure appeared, the Yuan Power vibrations gushing out from Lin Dong’s body turned increasingly vicious!

Instantly, Lin Dong’s figure appeared in front of Teng Sha. Then, behind his body, nine blurry figures surfaced. At the same time, the Yuan Power vibrations became extremely savage. Meanwhile, the Yuan Power undulated on Lin Dong’s fists actually gave off a crystal-like glow.

“Nine Destruction Purple Shadow!”

Yuan Power violently gushed into Lin Dong’s eyes, while he suddenly punched out. Instantly, all of the Yuan Power in this domain raged while a hurricane like Yuan Power fist manically swept towards Teng Sha!

This martial arts was the nine grade martial arts that Lin Dong snatched from Teng Lei. Since his strength had increased, he was able to completely execute this martial arts. It’s strength was exceedingly formidable as well!

Boom boom boom!

Everywhere the hurricane like fist passed by, the solid ground below directly split as giant cracks emerged just like a giant spiderweb, causing several elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners to be alarmed. This demonstrates just how formidable Lin Dong’s attack was.

Standing in front of Lin Dong, Teng Sha also felt just how powerful Lin Dong’s attack was. Immediately, his face turned exceedingly grim. However, he did not display any intention of backing down. Instead, he took a step forward, before his grim shout suddenly erupted forth.

“Little bastard, since you are so arrogant, this sect leader will show you personally the might of an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner!”

After Teng Sha shouted out, instantly, an exceedingly majestic and formidable Yuan Power arose just like a hundred feet wave. His aura was extremely powerful!

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