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Chapter 315 Chaos

A blurry figure swept out from the top of Mysterious Black Yin Mountain. Faint sonic booms sounded out around his body, booming out in the quiet night…

When the sonic booms spread, the atmosphere in the deathly quiet surroundings of Ghastly Puppet City instantly exploded as exceptionally piercing shrieks of shock sounded out in the night.

“Heavens, that fellow has snatched away the treasure?!”

“How is that possible, how is that possible! Even nine powerful Manifestation stage practitioners could do nothing about the seal on the treasure, how can that fellow possibly snatch it away?!”

“Crazy, it’s going to be crazy…”


Countless cries detonated like a volcano in the quiet night. In an instant, countless people’s eyes turned blood red. If the treasure stayed in the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s hands, in the face of their intimidation, it was likely that no one would dare to be tempted, but now… the treasure was suddenly stolen. Hence, did it not mean that as long as the thief was killed, one would have to chance to obtain the treasure?

“That guy… really snatched it away?” On the Mysterious Black Yin Mountain peak, the left and right elders were slack jaw as they gazed at the fleeing figure. For a time, they did not regain their senses.

“All Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners hear my command, no matter the cost, stop that fellow!”

Thier dazed state did not last for long. In the next instant, the left and right elders let loose a mournful howl of shock which exploded in the sky like thunder.

As the mournful howl landed, the left and right elders hastily looked towards Teng Sha behind them, only to see the latter’s body was trembling non-stop while a maniacal rage that could devour a person filled his eyes. Tonight, he had already been pressured till his stomach was full of fiery anger. He did not expect that someone would actually snatch away the object from right under his eyes. This was undoubtedly like two vicious slaps on his face. The Teng Sha at this moment was clearly furious to the critical point.

“Sect leader, the fellow is somewhat strange. The strange symbol floating in his hand previously, seemed to be able to ignore the seal. If we can obtain it, we will definitely be able to break the seal!” Although the Teng Sha at this moment was like a bomb that was about to explode, the left and right elders were clearly cunning old foxes and hastily spoke.

“Right, we cannot let that fellow escape!”

Upon hearing the left and right elders’ words, the soaring rage in Teng Sha’s eyes suddenly paused. Soon after, rapt ecstasy suddenly surfaced on his face as his incomparably sinister gaze looked towards the swiftly fleeing burry figure while he eerily chuckled: “Don’t worry, he cannot escape!”


Just as Teng Sha’s chuckle landed, without waiting for the left and right elders to reply, his body suddenly exploded with a bang sound. A blurry after image appeared where he one stood, and his body had already disappeared like a ghost.

“Catch that fellow!”

The moment Teng Sha’s body disappeared, the countless Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners also charged forward. This was after all the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s old nest, and the practitioners here were mostly rather capable. Figure after figure swooped in from all directions, like a spider’s net which encircled Lin Dong’s body.

Lin Dong’s speed was practically at its limit, however, there were too many Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners. They swarmed from all directions and in a few short seconds, four Qi Creation stage practitioners were the first to arrive. Their hands opened up as vigorous Yuan Power powering martial arts viciously attacked.

“Get lost!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were ice-cold. His hand clenched as a golden platform condensed and ruthlessly attacked, directly blowing back the four Qi Creation stage practitioners, causing them to vomit blood as they flew backwards.

“That fellow is Lin Dong!” Just as Lin Dong’s golden platform smashed the four Qi Creation stage practitioners, a familiar loud shout suddenly sounded out from behind. Lin Dong’s expression suddenly turned serious, he could hear that it was Cao Zhen, whom he had fought with in Great Puppet City. The latter must have recognized his Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm.

“Lin Dong?! The Lin Dong that captured Teng Lei?”

“Does he not know the Ghastly Puppet Cult has ordered his arrest? To actually still dare to come to Ghastly Puppet City to snatch away the treasure?”

“That guy’s guts is truly incomparably formidable!”

Cao Zhen’s shout was undoubtedly akin to adding oil to Ghastly Puppet City’s already blazing atmosphere. Countless gazes looked in shock towards the escaping black figure, evidently, they had never imagined that the thief would actually turn out to be the one who had a grudge with the Ghastly Puppet Cult, Lin Dong!

Bang bang bang!

Lin Dong’s figure violently swept forth, the golden platform in his hand wildly dancing as several Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners were blasted away while vomiting blood. Just as he was about the charge out of the encirclement in the air above Ghastly Puppet City, an extremely powerful force suddenly attacked from behind.

“Die Lin Dong!” As the powerful force arrived, it was accompanied by Cao Zhen’s furious roar. The day Lin Dong had captured Teng Lei right in front of him had caused him to be scolded many times. Now that they met once again today, he must make sure to regain his face no matter what.

“Get lost!”

When he saw that fellow tenaciously hindering him, Lin Dong’s eyes turned as cold as ice. He forcibly turned his body as purplish black light suddenly swirled in his eyes before he punched out!

This time, what gushed out from Lin Dong’s body was not golden colored Yuan Power but a strange purplish black energy. The energy swiftly condensed, transforming into a fist before viciously clashing head-on against Cao Zhen.

“You’re looking for death!”

When he saw that Lin Dong actually dared to clash against him directly, Cao Zhen let out an icy laugh. However, before the sneer on his face could fade, it suddenly froze in the next moment, because he had discovered that the purplish black colored fist was directly destroying his martial art attack at a frightening pace. Moreover, its power did not diminish as it ruthlessly slammed into his body.


The Yuan Power defense on his body practically crumbled in an instant, so much so that even the middle level Soul Treasure inner armor Cao Zhen wore was directly blown apart. His figure flew in a parabola, bringing with it ball after ball of bloody mist as his raggedly fell to the ground below.

A single punch. Blowing away a half-step-to Manifestation practitioner!

This terrifying sight instantly caused the bodies of the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners which were about to pounce on Lin Dong to freeze, their eyes filled with endless dread.

“How is that possible? How can Lin Dong possibly beat the half-step-to Manifestation Cao Zhen to such a state with a single punch? Could it be that he has already broken through to the Manifestation stage? But why is his aura still at the Qi Creation stage?!”

His scene was also noticed by the numerous practitioners who were observing the situation. Immediately, the cries of astonishment erupted outside of Ghastly Puppet City, and some of them even felt a little dizzy. The various things which had happened this night was truly too bizarre.


While countless people lost their spirits due to Lin Dong’s power, Lin Dong immediately withdrew his fist before once again frantically dashing away. He naturally understood that he only possessed this kind of power because Little Marten was secretly aiding him. Or else, he would definitely be delayed by Cao Zhen. At that time, once the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners surrounded him, it would be impossible to escape today.

Pushing his speed to the limit, Lin Dong’s figure flashed as he finally charged out of the Ghastly Puppet City’s encirclement. A whistle swiftly sounded out. With his speed, he would definitely be unable to break away from the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners chase, hence, he needed to rely on Little Flame!


Just as Lin Dong’s whistle sounded out, a tiger roar rang out in the darkness of the night. Soon after, a red flash swept across the horizon and directly appeared beside Lin Dong. Without the slightest hesitation, he flipped onto the tiger’s back while Little Flame also quickly spread out its wings. Just as it was about to escape, Little Marten suddenly appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder as its cried in a high-pitch voice: “Careful!”

“Boom boom!”

Just as Little Marten’s voice fell, the night sky in front of Lin Dong suddenly heaved as a demon god like figure appeared like a ghost. It was Teng Sha!

“You are that Lin Dong? Hand over the treasure for this sect leader!” Once Teng Sha appeared, he stared at Lin Dong with a face full of murder. His hand suddenly swiped out as vigorous without equal Yuan Power formed into a giant Yuan Power skeleton and whizzed towards Lin Dong.

“Quickly retreat!”

When it saw Teng Sha attack, Little Marten’s eyes turned exceptionally serious as it hastily shouted. Its claws danced as thick purplish black energy swiftly gushed out from its body before transforming into a frantically spinning purplish black disc of light. The light disc flew out and heavily collided against the extremely powerful Yuan Power skeleton.


An astonishing energy shockwave erupted in the sky as the purplish black light disc and Yuan Power skeleton were both annihilated. This scene once again drew countless shocked gazes. No one expected that Lin Dong would actually be able to receive even the advanced Manifestation stage Teng Sha’s attack.

“You must be living in fantasy if you intend to take away the treasure in front of this sect leader. Hand it over!”

His attack scattered, Teng Sha’s eyes turned a little more serious. Soon after, he sinisterly laughed as an even more frightening aura abruptly exploded from his body, causing even the Yuan Power of the land to faintly show signs of converging.

“Teng Sha. If you dare to attack again, I will kill Teng Lei!”

As he stared at the demon god like Teng Sha who stood at the center of the rumbling Yuan Power, Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold. His hand reached out and grabbed the figure on tied to Little Flame’s python tail as he roared.

Countless gazes gathered over, only to see a figure violently struggling in Lin Dong’s hand. From the looks of it, it was the Teng Lei who had been captured by Lin Dong, only now, he was a hostage!

“This kid is truly vicious!”

Staring at the sight of Lin Dong grabbing Teng Lei’s neck as his complexion gradually turned purple while Teng Sha’s face gradually turned green, many people looks to each other as they whispered in low voices.

However, relying on this to leave safely was perhaps still going to be a little difficult.

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