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Chapter 316 Vicious and Merciless

“Teng Lei?!”

Teng Sha’s figure froze at this moment. His expression was extremely dark as he stared at the figure Lin Dong held by the neck while a maniacal killing intent swirled in his eyes.

“Kid, if you dare to hurt Lei-er even the tiniest bit, I will definitely make you regret being born into this world!” Teng Sha ominously shouted.

“Get lost!”

Lin Dong’s expression was ice-cold. His hand abruptly increased its force before immediately, Teng Lei’s complexion turned purple as he sternly shouted.

“Swish swish!”

The instant Teng Sha stepped in to obstruct Lin Dong, the surrounding Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners also swiftly flew over. However, due to the fact that Teng Lei was in Lin Dong’s hands, no one dared to attack him.

Teng Sha’s eyes were very dark, like those of a vicious wolf as he stared daggers at Lin Dong. However, he did not back away at all and instead slowly said: “Lin Dong, as long as you hand over the treasure and release Teng Lei, I, as the leader of the Ghastly Puppet Cult, promise you that you will definitely be allowed to leave safely!”

“Bullshit!” LIn Dong sneered. Did Teng Sha really think he was a three year old kid. The enmity between him and the Ghastly Puppet Cult was already impossible to resolve peacefully. The symbol he had previously shown was definitely seen by Teng Sha and the rest, hence, they would never allow Lin Dong to leave with the symbol that was able to break the seal!

Upon hearing this, Teng Sha’s eyes grew even colder.

“Teng Sha, do you really believe that I will not dare to kill him?” Lin Dong shouted his reply while he scanned his surroundings and a cold killing intent also surfaced in his eyes.

“Alright, I will let you leave as long as you don’t hurt Lei-er!” Teng Sha’s brows deeply furrowed as he suddenly declared in a low voice. Just as his voice fell, his hand also waved and upon seeing this, the surrounding Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners very carefully withdrew. However, their gazes were still locked onto Lin Dong’s body, ready to charge forward at any time.

Lin Dong watched Teng Sha as his eyes flickered. However, there was no time to think at this moment. His hand patted Little Flame as the latter shook its enormous blood wings and cautiously turned to fly away.

However, the instant Little Flame turned, a vicious look flashed in Teng Sha’s eyes. His hand grabbed out as exceptionally vigorous Yuan Power swiftly condensed into a black bone spear which emitted an icy wind, as if there were countless ghosts wailing.


The moment the bone spear was formed, Teng Sha’s arm suddenly jerked. Then, a black light flew forth with an exceedingly terrifying force wind, as it ripped through the horizons and lightning-quick dashed towards Lin Dong. In fact, even Teng Lei was dragged into the radius of that attack. That fellow was actually this vicious. In order to keep his treasure, he even disregarded his son’s life.

“Be careful!”

That black light was exceedingly swift. Almost in a blink of an eye, it had appeared behind Lin Dong. Seated on Lin Dong’s shoulder, Little Marten realized it and hurriedly shouted out.


Just as it shouted out, Little Marten opened its mouth before an exceedingly rich purple energy quickly gushed out. Then, it transformed into a dark purple glowing shield behind Lin Dong’s back. Meanwhile, on the glowing shield, energy was rapidly swirling on it, just like a swirl.


The instant that glowing shield was formed, the black bone spear that was filled with Teng Sha’s maliciousness instantly arrived, before it viciously slammed against that glowing shield. Instantly, an exceedingly potent energy shockwave quickly erupted in mid-air.


Even though that glowing shield was quite powerful, Teng Sha was after all a genuine advanced Manifestation practitioner. Right now, even Little Marten would find it exceedingly difficult to match up against him. Therefore, that glowing shield only lasted for a moment, before cracks slowly emerged on its surface. Then, it exploded with a loud bang.

“Jade Thunder Body! Demonic Ape Transformation!”

Thankfully, that glowing shield managed to buy Lin Dong some time. Instantly, he boosted the Yuan Power inside his body. A glass-like color immediately extended across his skin, while his body swelled to twice its size. Faintly, the gigantic illusionary shadow of the Ancient Demonic Ape emerged on Lin Dong’s body and shielded him.


That black light broke through the glowing shield. However, its primary target was not Lin Dong, but rather Teng Lei, who was currently in his arms. That black light carried an exceedingly formidable force wind, before it penetrated through his body as he stared in disbelief. Then, together with a bloody trail, it flew towards Lin Dong’s heart.


That black bone spear viciously slammed against Lin Dong’s chest area. However, a metallic sound echoed out, before Lin Dong’s clothes were shredded apart by that force wind. In fact, it even tore a fist-sized hole on the high-grade Soul Treasure vest that he wore below. Then, the bone spear deeply penetrated into Lin Dong’s chest, causing fresh blood to pour forth continuously.

Lin Dong’s face was icy cold, before he jerked his body. A wave of Yuan Power immediately ruptured apart the bone spear stuck on Lin Dong’s chest. Right now, a hideous wound had appeared on his chest. Teng Sha’s previous attack had nearly cost him his life. Thankfully, he had used Jade Thunder Body and Demonic Ape Transformation to strengthen his body. In addition, his Soul Treasure vest helped to shoulder the burden. Else, this time, he would probably be in danger.

“That Teng Sha is truly vicious. He would not even let his son go!”

“Even a vicious tiger does not eat his cub. That fellow is actually this vicious…”

“However, that attack was truly powerful. If Lin Dong did not have several tricks up his sleeves, he would have probably been killed. It seems like old ginger is spicier than new. That Teng Sha is already this powerful, yet he is still so scheming…”

Outside Ghastly Puppet City, a series of whispers erupted. Some people stared somewhat peculiarly at Teng Sha. A man that even attacked his own son, who wouldn’t he dare to kill?


As if it sensed that Lin Dong was injured, Little Flame released an enraged roar. Just as it was about to launch an attack at Teng Sha, Lin Dong hurriedly shouted out: “Little Flame, quickly run away!”

When it heard his words, Little Flame roared begrudgingly, before it extended its wings and transformed into a black burry figure and lightning-quick dashed towards the deeper regions of Mysterious Black Yin Mountain Range.

“Capture him!”

When they saw that Lin Dong was fleeing, those elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners who were already lying in wait, instantly dashed forth. In fact, even the left and right senior elder appeared in front of Lin Dong, before Yuan Power howled forth as they instantly executed their martial arts and planned to halt Lin Dong.

However, just as they were prepared to stop Lin Dong, the latter’s eyes flashed as he took a glance at Teng Lei, who was in his hands. Right now, that fellow was covered with blood and no one knew if he was dead or alive. Though Teng Sha’s previous attack had nearly killed Lin Dong, it had landed Teng Lei at the boundaries of life and death.

“Take it!”

Right now, Teng Lei had already lost all value. Since Teng Sha was this vicious, he would only be an excessive burden if he kept him. Therefore, Lin Dong directly treated him as a sandbag, as he flung him towards the left and right senior elders.

When they saw the bloodied figure that Lin Dong flung towards him, the left and right senior elders were stunned as they hesitated for a moment. Eventually, they chose not to let him fall on the ground and die, but instead reached out and caught him.

Just as they caught hold of Teng Lei, Little Flame was extremely deft as it lightning-quick bypassed them. Then, it upped its speed to its maximum and quickly dashed towards the deeper regions of Mysterious Yin Black Mountain Range.

“Chase after him. This sect leader wants to know where he can run to today!” Just as Little Flame dashed forth, that Teng Sha transformed into a blurry figure and dashed forth. Behind him, the elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners quickly followed behind.

“Cult Leader, Teng Lei…” When they saw Teng Sha passing by, the left and right senior elders quickly said.

“He still has half a breath left. Previously, I avoided his vital organs. Let someone else take care of him and chase after that kid immediately. We must not allow him to escape with the treasure!” Teng Sha took a glance at that bloody Teng Lei, before he spoke coldly.


When they heard his words, that left and right senior elders hurriedly replied. Teng Sha’s previous attack was exceedingly vicious. When it penetrated through Teng Lei’s body, if he had used a little extra force, Teng Lei would have been killed instantly. In a matter of speaking, whether he lived or died was dependant on luck. The fact that Teng Sha was willing to gamble Teng Lei’s fate on his own luck, proved that he was indeed a vicious and merciless man.

After responding, left and right senior elders quickly handed an unconscious Teng Lei to a Ghastly Puppet Cult disciple. Then, he directly commanded the Ghastly Puppet Cult elite practitioners, which followed behind Teng Sha, and flashed across the horizons and chased after that bloody figure nearby.

“Go, chase after them!”

Behind him, Mu Lei, Wu Zong and the rest who were constantly observing the situation swiftly followed behind as their eyes glimmered. During Lin Dong’s previous clash with the Ghastly Puppet Cult, they did not butt in rashly. After all, both Ghastly Puppet Cult and Lin Dong were quite skilled. Therefore, it was best to let them fight among themselves. Then, they could perhaps slip in and take advantage of the situation.

After all, everyone wanted to be the fisherman.

On the east side behind Mu Lei and the rest, outside the Ghastly Puppet City, an earth-shattering splitting wind sound instantly echoed out as numerous figures swept forth just like an ant swarm, before they finally headed towards the deeper regions of Mysterious Black Yin Mountain. These people’s eyes were all burning. The current situation was quite chaotic and under the allure of such a treasure, even Teng Sha, who was at advanced Manifestation stage, was unable to suppress the situation…

Furthermore, it was only thanks to this chaotic situation that they could have a chance to obtain that mystical treasure and slip away with it successfully!

Just as countless figures swarmed in, the originally peaceful Mysterious Black Yin Mountain range turned completely chaotic right now…

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