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Chapter 314: Snatching It and Running Away

It was silent across the entire mountain range, while an icy cold wind howled across the horizons with a wu wu sound.

“Mu Lei, Wu Zong, do you still wish to make a move now?” Teng Sha’s hands were behind his back, as he stared coldly at the Mu Lei duo, who were hovering in mid-air, while he casually spoke.

When they heard his words, the Mu Lei duo’s eyebrows gently furrowed, as they turned to glance at one another. However, they did not make a move again as the current situation had exceeded their expectations. As they faced Teng Sha, who was at advanced Manifestation stage, even if they joined forces, they did not have a secure victory.

“Teng Sha, your strength has indeed exceeded our expectations. However, now that your Ghastly Puppet Cult has revealed its major treasure, it is bound to attract attention. If your Ghastly Puppet Cult is able to break the seal, it may be alright. However, let me ask you this, after your previous failure, are you still confident?” Wu Zong’s eyes glimmered, as he slowly said.

“You don’t have to worry about me.” Teng Sha’s eyes flashed before he replied.

“Teng Sha, it is not a wise decision for you to speak such arrogant words. I believe that you truly value the treasure. Previously, you had a first-hand experience as to how tricky that item can be. With just your Ghastly Puppet Cult alone, even if you spent another ten years working on it, I am afraid that you will still be unable to break the seal. Why don’t you choose to cooperate with us instead? That way, everyone benefits.” Mu Lei opened his mouth and said.

“Haha, Mu Lei is correct. Instead of keeping it for yourself, why don’t we join forces and break the seal?” Mu Zong smiled as he said.

When he heard their words, Teng Sha sunk into silence. Moments later, he stared begrudgingly at the glowing black ball below him. Right now, he had utilized every means available, yet, he was still unable to break the seal. Hence, he understood that based on his Ghastly Puppet Cult alone, it was perhaps impossible for them to break the seal.

When they saw that Teng Sha was slightly tempted, the Mu Lei duo were somewhat joyous and they decided to strike while the iron was hot: “Don’t worry, since this treasure ultimately belongs to your Ghastly Puppet Cult, if we are able to combine forces to break the seal, your Ghastly Puppet Cult will surely keep a majority of it!”

“It is not impossible for you guys to cooperate with my Ghastly Puppet Cult and enjoy the treasure together. So, right now, let’s combine forces and see if we can break this seal. If our combined forces are unable to break it at all, there is no point in cooperating.” Teng Sha’s eyes glimmered before he casually said.

When they heard his words, Mu Lei and Wu Zong were taken aback. They glanced at each other, before they promptly nodded their heads: “Alright, we want to give it a go as well. Let’s find out just how terrifying that seal is!”

“Haha, alright! In that case, let’s combine forces and break it!” When he saw this situation, Teng Sha released a hearty laugh.He waved his sleeves promptly, and the left and right senior elders, as well as the four half-step-to Manifestation stage elite practitioners immediately appeared behind him.

Opposite them, Mu Lei and Wu Zong also beckoned with their hands as the four initial Manifestation stage elite practitioners flashed behind the two of them, their gazes locking onto the glowing black ball below them.

“The three top factions are actually planning to combine forces to break the seal of the mysterious treasure!”

When they saw this sudden development on Mysterious Black Yin Mountain, whispers erupted from the surroundings of Ghastly Puppet City. Several of them were feeling somewhat regretful as they wanted to see these three major factions fight. At that time, they may even be able to sneak in and take advantage of them. However, based on the current situation, evidently, it was going to be impossible now…

“Let’s combine forces and rip the seal apart!” Teng Sha shouted out, before an exceedingly formidable Yuan Power vibration violently erupted from his body and various skeletal structures materialized above his head. Evidently, he had pushed the Yuan Power in his body to the maximum.


Mu Lei, Wu Zong also shouted out as they utilized the potent Yuan Power inside their bodies. The four initial Manifestation stage practitioners standing behind them also utilized their Yuan Power. Streams of potent and domineering auras erupted forth and caused the Yuan Power in the area to rage.

In the middle of the arena, it instantly turned exceedingly hot. Even excluding the four half-step-to Manifestation stage practitioners, there were nine fully-fledged Manifestation stage practitioners in these three factions. This line up could only be described as terrifying. Furthermore, at the same time, the nine Manifestation stage practitioners simultaneously utilized their Yuan Power. The commotion can only be described as earth-shattering as potent Yuan Power enshrouded the entire sky above the mountain, just like clouds, while terrifying shockwaves continuously emerged from within…


Hovering mid-air, a cold glint flashed across Teng Sha’s eyes. He violently waved his palm down, before an exceedingly resplendent Yuan Power light pillar instantly tore through the night sky, just like a dragon, before it roared at the black glowing ball below and dashed towards it.

“Boom boom!’

The instant Teng Sha made his move, Mu Lei and the rest also utilized their Yuan Power, and eight formidable Yuan Power light pillars, just like pillars supporting the heavens, penetrated through the sky and came crashing down together with a terrifying vibration.

These Yuan Power light pillars moved extremely quickly. In a blink of an eye, they had descended towards the black glowing ball. However, as it faced the combined attack from these nine Manifestation stage practitioners, the black eye elder calmly extended his finger and slowly pointed out.


A deep echo stealthily ricocheted through the entire sky. Then, a terrifying force, that was visible to the naked eye, suddenly swept forth from within the black glowing ball. Instantly, the giant arena crumbled, while the elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners nearby were vomiting mouthfuls of blood as they were all flung away. The surrounding buildings were all ruptured into dust due to the continuous shockwaves…


Under countless alarmed stares from the crowd, Teng Sha and the eight elite practitioners hovering mid-air, suddenly released a stifling sound from their throats, before all of them retreated several hundred meters immediately, while their facial expressions instantly turned quite interesting.

Even with the combined forces of nine Manifestation stage practitioners, they were still unable to shake the seal left behind by the black eye elder. This scene undoubtedly caused everyone to feel terrified. It seems like what the black eye elder had said previously was indeed true. Without his permission, even if one found the Ancestral Devouring Symbol, it was still useless…

The entire mountain peak was now completely shattered. The arena had collapsed and the buildings had been blown apart. Meanwhile, several elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners were moaning on the ground. Evidently, several of them were injured.

Teng Sha, who was hovering in mid-air, stared at this sight as his face turned steely green. The anger in his heart almost caused him to lose all rationality. None of them could understand how frustrated he felt in his heart. Even though he clearly knew that there was a treasure hidden within the black glowing ball, regardless of what means he utilized, he was still completely unable to reach it..

At a distance away, the rest of the elite practitioners’ faces turned solemn. After they experienced it personally, they also realized how terrifying the black glowing ball was. Under the shadow of the black eye elder, they felt just like ants. Regardless of how much they struggled, they were unable to shake the seemingly razor thin seal.

The crowd was silent. There were only the cries constantly emanating from the injured Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners, causing one to feel extremely frustrated.

However amidst the constant moans, a figure dashed out from the shadows like a phantom. It flew out at an astonishing speed made beeline for the black glowing ball hovering above the arena.

Perhaps, due to that terrifyingly violent clash from before, Teng Sha and the rest became somewhat slow. Therefore, even though they discovered the figure, they did not move immediately.

“Which young kid dares to behave atrociously at my Ghastly Puppet Cutl!”

Even though they were somewhat slow, it was still the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s old lair. Hence, the instant the left and right senior elders recovered their senses, their eyes turned cold as they coldly shouted out. However, just as they were about to make a move, Teng Sha, who was standing in front of them, stretched his hand out and stopped them. Then, he stared coldly at the figure that was dashing forth as quick as lightning.

“A mere Qi Creation stage kid does not even have the right to touch it.” When they heard Teng Sha’s cold voice, left and right senior elders also chuckled as they nodded their head, while they stared derisively at that figure. Even nine Manifestation stage practitioners together were unable to break the seal. In fact, even before the Qi Creation kid can touch that black glowing ball, he will probably be rupted into bits by the seal.

Under countless derisive stares from the crowd, the lightning-quick figure appeared above the glowing black ball. His eyes stared right at the black eye elder that was hovering on a glowing disc, while his eyes began to glimmer manically.

That figure that suddenly dashed out was naturally Lin Dong, who had been hidden for a while. The current Ghastly Puppet Cult was at its most disordered moment. The previous violent clash had upset the Yuan Power inside Teng Sha and the other elite practitioners. Therefore, it was the best time for him to make a move.

Lin Dong’s figure appeared above the black eye elder. Just as it sensed someone approaching it, the figure lifted his head coldly. Then, under countless pitiful stares, it once again extended its finger, which symbolized death, and gradually pointed it at Lin Dong.

“What an arrogant fellow!”

“Does he think that a treasure like this can be touched by anyone?”

When they saw this sight, the left and right senior elders instantly chuckled. Even for them, based on their ability, if they were touched by the figure’s finger, they would be killed instantly. What more a mere Qi Creation stage kid?


Under the countless derisive smiles from the crowd, Lin Dong’s eyes stared right at that finger of death. The next instance, he violently exhaled a puff of white air. Then, he gripped his palm, while a mysterious black symbol immediately appeared on his palm.


The instant the symbol appeared, several black light beams immediately erupted. Under the shine of the black lights, the black eye elder, who had completely thwarted the Ghastly Puppet Cult, actually began to dissipate until he eventually disappeared completely.

“Buzz buzz!”

When the black eye elder’s phantasm faded, the black lights once again shone on the black glowing ball. Immediately, the black glowing ball quickly shrunk down, before it eventually transformed into a tiny beam and it was sucked into the Mysterious Stone Talisman inside Lin Dong’s palm.

This change happened in a flash and none of them could comprehend it in time. In fact, even the sneer on Teng Sha’s face gradually froze only after the black glowing ball disappeared…


The entire area was terrifyingly silent. However, down below, the instant Lin Dong obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, without a moment of hesitation, he violently turned around and fled, while the Yuan Power in his body erupted forth instantly. His figure transformed into a blurry black figure as he fled manically out of the Mysterious Black Yin Mountain!

The instant Lin Dong turned and fled, the dark night sky immediately erupted just like a volcano. Everyone knew that big trouble was coming…

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