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Chapter 313 Advanced Manifestation Stage


Upon hearing Teng Sha’s stern shout that was full of murder, the numerous Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners orderly shouted in reply. Overflowing killing intent soared up to the heavens, causing the already windy and chilly sky to become increasingly colder.

Although many Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners had some injuries due to the great formation being broken, they were after all one of the Great Desolate Province’s three top factions. No matter what state they were in today, this was still the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s old nest. Of others wanted to mess around, without a little capability, they would truly only be courting death!

As the overflowing killing intent erupted, the originally restless practitioners suddenly became a little more clear headed. Their gazes flickered and did not dare to recklessly make a move. After all, they were not factions like the Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance. When faced with a colossus like the Ghastly Puppet Cult, they could not help but be a little more cautious.

The Ghastly Puppet Cult’s intimidation had quite an effect on ordinary factions and practitioners, but for characters like Mu Lei and Wu Zong, it was completely useless. Thus, the two of them ignored his shout, Yuan Power transforming into giant hands which directly grabbed at the black colored light ball.


When he saw their actions, the left and right elders of the Ghastly Puppet Cult were greatly enraged. They icily shouted as their figures charged forward with the intention of stopping the Mu Lei duo.

“Haha, elders, your Ghastly Puppet CUlt should not be so greedy!” However, just as the left and right elders wanted to make their move, the four initial Manifestation stage elders that had come along with Mu Lei and Wu Zong heartily laughed at the skies as they acted together. Yuan Power filled the skies, directly forcing back the left and right elders.

“Half-step-to Manifestation practitioners, welcome the enemy together with us!”

Two against four, the left and right elders naturally could not gain the upper hand, and their figures immediately retreated. However, they did not panic at all and instead coldly shouted out.


As the two’s shouts landed, four voices instantly replied from the plaza. Soon after, four figures swept forward and appeared behind the left and right elders, turning out to be four half-step-to Manifestation practitioners. Among them, there was figure that Lin Dog was familiar with, Cao Zhen who he had formerly fought against.

Furthermore, after the four half-step-to Manifestation practitioners stepped forward, the left and right elders waved their sleeves as two figures appeared beside them. Without any hesitation, one hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills straightaway transformed into surging Yuan Power and entered the two figures. Immediately, a fiendish aura slowly spread out from the two figures.

“High class Symbol Puppets!”

The two figure’s appearance gave rise to some gasps. These auras were able to match up to half-step-to Manifestation practitioners.

“Are these the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s high class Symbol Puppets…”

Hidden in a secret spot, Lin Dong was a little moved. According to the battle formation in the plaza, the Ghastly Puppet Cult actually had four half-step-to Manifestation, two half-step-to Manifestation high class Symbol Puppets and two initial Manifestation stage practitioners!

This kind of lineup was enough to intimidate any faction till they dare not cause any disturbances. The Ghastly Puppet Cult indeed had as many powerful practitioners as clouds in the sky!

Lin Dong stared at this lineup as he softly sighed in his heart. If it was not for the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he would truly not even think of taking a risk to come here. After all, with his strength, he truly had no way to openly contend against the Ghastly Puppet Cult.

Even Lin Dong was strongly affected by the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s lineup. The expressions of other practitioners who originally had designs on the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s treasures now rapidly fluctuated. The feet which were about to step forward were also stealthily withdrawn a little. No matter how chaotic the situation was now, the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s reputation was created through real might over the years. Even now, no one dared to look down on them at all.

As the four half-step-to Manifestation practitioners and two high class Symbol Puppets appeared, even the Great Devil Sect, Martial Alliance and the four initial Manifestation stage practitioners restrained themselves a little. This was after all the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s old nest and even they dare not go too overboard.

While they faced each other, Mu Lei’s and Wu Zong’s giant Yuan Power hands had already appeared in the air above the black light ball. However, just as they were about to grab it, a figure appeared above the light ball like a ghost and punched out. Immediately, the overflowing Yuan Power in the sky exploded and the two giant Yuan Power hands were actually destroyed.

“Mu Lei, Wu Zong, do you really think my Ghastly Puppet Cult is so easy to push around?”

After destroying the two giant Yuan Power hands, the figure slowly lifted his head, a cold expression on his face. It was the Ghastly Puppet Cult leader, Teng Sha. Evidently, he could not help but step in at the final moment.

“Haha, Teng Sha, you’ve hidden this treasure for so many years, shouldn’t you take it out and share?” Towards the fact that Teng Sha was able to destroy the duo’s attacks with a single punch, Mu Lei was clearly a little astonished, but soon after, he heartily chuckled and said.

“Hehe, Mu Lei is right. Moreover, this thing is clearly a little strange. Even with your Ghastly Puppet Cult’s power, you were unable to break its seal. We might as well combine forces, maybe we will be able to obtain the treasure within.” Wu Zong also laughed and said.

“No one can take away my Ghastly Puppet Cult’s possessions!” Teng Sha’s voice was like a cold blade. Their Ghastly Puppet Cult had expanded a tremendous amount of effort to obtain this object, although they had failed to break the seal today, if they wanted him to share it with the Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance, it was undoubtedly absurd!

“Haha, since that is so, let’s see if you can stop the both of us!” Upon seeing this, Mu Lei could not help but chuckle as he exchanged a look with Wu Zong before suddenly stepping forward. In an instant, an initial Manifestation stage aura completely burst out, tyrannical without equal Yuan Power undulations gushing around his body like a mini Yuan Power storm.

“Limitless Mysterious Black Body!”

Mu Lei’s body suddenly swelled at this moment, his originally tiger back and bear waist body appeared even more like a giant’s. The skin on his body swiftly turned a dark purple color, muscles squirming as a frightening power spread outwards.

“We haven’t fought for years. Teng Sha, let me see today how you’ve improved over these years!”

“Great Thunder Mountain Palm!”

Mu Lei’s laughter rang out like thunder as he suddenly punched out. The air exploded as a mountain-like fist force viciously whizzed towards Teng Sha.

“Devil Eagle Rend!”

The instant Mu Lei attacked, Wu Zong also heartily laughed as his hands curled into claws and suddenly reached out. Vigorous Yuan Power gushed out and condensed into a formidable eagle claw that was several tens of meters large, bringing with it a formidable aura as it pierced the sky and clawed at Teng Sha.

The simultaneous attack of two Manifestation stage practitioners. This kind of power was world-shaking, hence, it instantly drew the attention of everyone.

Two extremely powerful attacks at extremely high speeds. In the blank of an eye, they enveloped Teng Sha’s body, causing him to be unable to dodge. However, in the face of two initial Manifestation stage practitioners’ attacks, Teng Sha’s expression remained calm as he took a step forward and a simple punch flew forward.

“Woo woo!”

As Teng Sha’s punch flew forth, a terrible woo woo sound immediately took shape under his it. A humongous Yuan Power skull instantly appeared, combining with Teng Sha’s ordinary punch as they firmly clashed against the Mu Lei duo’s attacks.


Under the attention of countless gazes, terrifying Yuan Power undulations unfurled as a loud boom reverberated across the sky without end like thunder.

The intense Yuan Power undulations gradually dissipated, however, above the black colored light ball, a figure silently stood, his gaze as cold as ice. Teng Sha had actually withstood two initial Manifestation stage practitioners’ attacks all alone without being harmed at all!

“How is this possible?!” Outside Ghastly Puppet City, numerous shocked voices instantly erupted. No one could imagine that even Mu Lei’s and Wu Zong’s combined might was unable to repel Teng Sha!

In the sky, the lead actors Mu Lei’s and Wu Zong’s pupils abruptly tightened at this moment as their expressions slowly turned grim.

“You had a breakthrough?”

Seeing the Mu Lei duo’s grim expressions, Teng Sha laughed as he replied in an indifferent manner: “I just happened to break through to the advanced Manifestation stage not long ago, beating the both of you by a single step.”

When Teng Sha’s words were uttered, they immediately drew countless gasps!

Advanced Manifestation stage!

Teng Sha’s strength was actually terrifying to such an extent. Advanced Manifestation stage. This level was practically comparable to the masters of top ranked factions in the Great Yan Empire!

Although there was only a single word of difference between the initial and advanced Manifestation stage, that difference was extremely humongous. At least, if Mu Lei and Wu Zong once again joined hands now, their chances of victory would not exceed fifty percent!

The entire Mysterious Black Yin Mountain instantly lapsed into silence. It was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on the restless practitioners’ heads, causing them to become clear headed. The strength of the Ghastly Puppet Cult which possessed an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner would undoubtedly surpass the Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance. At that time, whoever dared to offend them would undoubtedly be bringing about his own destruction……

“Advanced Manifestation stage…”

Hidden in a secret spot, Lin Dong also lightly inhaled a breath of cold air at this moment as his hands slowly clenched. He had underestimated Teng Sha’s strength. Advanced Manifestation stage. This kind of strength was too formidable.

The situation before his eyes had undoubtedly become extremely grim. Wanting to snatch away the ‘Devouring Ancestral Symbol’ under the advanced Manifestation stage Teng Sha’s eyes, the difficulty was akin to scaling the heavens……

However, even if this was so, there was no option to give up.


Deeply exhaling out a ball of white qi, Lin Dong’s eyes slowly turned serious as a soft voice sounded out in his mind.

“Little Marten, prepare to make our move…”

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