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Chapter 312 Breaking the Formation


Blood light flashed through the sky at an indescribable speed. Lin Dong could only see a ray of blood light sweeping across the horizon, and in the next instant, the blood light had already reached the spot above the black eye elder phantasm.


Teng Sha’s furious roar resounded across the skies, faintly seeming as if he was a gambler that had gone crazy. To break the seal, he had practically employed all his means. If he was still unable to break it, the operation this time would undoubtedly end in failure.

That kind of outcome was clearly not what Teng Sha was happy to see!

Blood light descended as the black eye elder phantasm lifted his head. There were no movement at all within its black eyes which were as calm as a pool of stagnant water. Blood light reflected in those black eyes, faintly giving the black eye elder an ice-cold look.

“Without receiving approval, you have no destiny with the symbol!”

An empty and ancient voice suddenly slowly sounded out from the black eye elder phantasm’s mouth. Under countless gazes, it once again extended a finger and lightly pointed at the seemingly solid blood light.

As the black eye elder phantasm’s finger pointed out, a gray color seemed to instantaneously appear across the entire land. Some of the huge lush trees swiftly started to wither, as if their life force had been completely sucked away.

Furthermore, some of the nearer Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners felt to their astonishment white hairs gradually appearing on their heads as their life force seemed to fade away.

“Quickly retreat!”

This sudden change directly caused the left and right elder’s expressions to change abruptly. Formidable Yuan Power burst out from their bodies and completely wrapped around them as their figures hastily retreated backwards. There was a faint fear in their eyes, they could feel an indistinct sucking force from the black eye elder’s body. Under that sucking force, their life force was being sucked away…

The left and right elders were naturally the most fearful of this kind of life force sucking, they were rather old and their remaining life could be counted with their fingers. If any was lost, they would likely turn to dust on the spot.

Upon seeing the two retreat in astonishment, panic rose up in the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners’ hearts. Fortunately, they were after all the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s elite and did not appear overly panicky while they quickly drew back in an orderly manner.

“Buzz buzz!”

Atop the mountain, the trees had completely withered while a gray light appeared on the black eye elder’s fingertips. The gray light was extremely calm and did not give off the slightest undulations, but the smell of death.

The black eye elder pointed out as and once again lightly touched the almost solid-like blood colored light beam. In the face of the resplendent blood light, the grey light appeared extremely weak, seemingly about to go out if one blinked…

However, it was such a tiny light, yet over the course of corrosion, it quickly caused that resplendent blood colored light beam to dim down at a terrifying pace. A dark greyish color that caused one to despair swiftly diffused that blood colored light beam…


As they greyish glow scattered out, cracks swiftly appeared on that blood colored light beam. Then, while a steely-green Teng Sha stood behind, it quickly blown apart. In merely a blink of an eye, that terrifying powerful attack that used up millions of pure Yuan Pills was instantly brushed aside by that black eye elder phantasm.

Moreover, this time, after destroying the blood colored light beam, the gray colored light did not fade but instead quickly swept up into the sky, heavily shooting towards the blood colored eye.

“Bang bang bang!”

The instant the blood colored eye was hit, it became a deep black color. The eye slowly drooped down and with a bang sound, it finally exploded to dust. Next, the blood colored great formation which covered the sky started to blow up. The entire great formation shattered to pieces in an instant!


As the great formation was destroyed, the complexions of the numerous Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners below turned red and they vomited mouthfuls of fresh blood. For a time, the entire ground was dyed red by fresh blood. Evidently, they had all suffered backlash.

“They have failed…”

Hidden in a secret place, Lin Dong stared at the injured Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners and could not help but gasp in his heart. Soon after, he fearfully looked towards the black eye elder phantasm which was above the black colored light ball. It was merely an incomplete remnant that had gone through thousands of years, yet, even the entire Ghastly Puppet Cult could not contend against the power contained within it. Lin Dong had no doubts that if the black eye elder phantasm possessed a little offensive ability, rivers of blood would flow and corpses would be everywhere.

The destruction of the blood formation caused countless people outside Ghastly Puppet City to be taken aback. No one expected that the combined power of the entire Ghastly Puppet Cult would actually fail in the end…

Night shrouded the land, but the outside of Mysterious Black Yin Mountain was deathly quiet. At this moment, the gazes of many factions and practitioners were frantically flickering. Now, even a fool would know that there was definitely an extremely powerful treasure within the black colored light ball, or else, it would not possess such a frightening seal, and the Ghastly Puppet Cult would not pay such outrageous price to break it.

This kind of treasure caused everyone to be tempted. Even though they knew that it temporarily belonged to the Ghastly Puppet Cult, it still failed to suppress the greed in some people’s heart. In front of a genuine treasure, even one’s life becomes a cheap object. What more the majesty of the Ghastly Puppet Cult?

While the entire mountain range was dead silent, Teng Sha was shocked by this sight as well. Moments later, he finally regained his senses and stared hideously at that black eye elder phantasm. In order to break the seal, he had even neglected the matter of rescuing Teng Lei. Furthermore, he had even spent over a million Pure Yuan pills. However, in the end, he had undoubtedly been hit in the head by a stick. If if it were not for the fact that he was a scheming man, he would have roared out uncontrollably.

“How is this possible?!”

Nonetheless, Teng Sha’s body slightly shook. After paying such a huge price, was he still going to end up empty handed?

Right now, the left and right elders dashed into mid-air and appeared beside Teng Sha. They stared at the black eye elder phantasm that was hovering on a glowing disc, before they involuntarily smiled painfully and said: “Sect leader, it seems like we should take the long view on this matter. Now that we have revealed that we possess a major treasure, it would undoubtedly stir attention.”

“Haha, Teng Sha, I never expected that your Ghastly Puppet Cult actually has such a treasure. I think that you are too stingy. Such a major treasure, if you had taken it out for us to enjoy together, it would have been solved long ago. Then, you would not need to suffer the humiliation today?” Just as left and right senior elders spoke, a loud laughter suddenly ricocheted n mid-air. Then, several splitting wind sounds emerged, before three figures appeared in mid-air.

These three figures were all dressed in black. The one in front was a middle-aged man. This man had the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear. Both of his eyes were glimmering, while a formidable glint flowed faintly within. Meanwhile, an exceedingly formidable aura with a domineering force continuously emerged from within his body.

Standing behind him, two similarly skinny elderly man were all smiles, while the skin on their body were dark just like black steel.

“Mu Lei! Your Great Devil Sect also wants to intervene in my Ghastly Puppet Cult’s matters?” As he stared at the three of them who had suddenly appeared, Teng Sha’s face instantly darkened before he coldly shouted out.

“Mu Lei? So its actually the head of Great Devil Sect. Great guy. He is actually a initial Manifestation stage practitioner.” Lin Dong stared at this sight, before his eyes froze. Promptly, a tinge of smile emerged on his face. This situation was getting more and more chaotic. However, this was precisely what he needed…

“Haha, what are you saying Teng Sha, your Ghastly Puppet Cult is clearly unable to handle this kind of precious treasure. Instead of wasting your effect, why not we study it together, maybe, we might even find out something!” While thoughts were turning in Lin Dong’s head, another laughter rang out in the skies. Quickly, another three figures appeared in the sky.

“Martial Alliance chief, Wu Zong.”

Lin Dong gazed at the three figures which had appeared as the smile on his face grew increasingly wide. The people who had appeared this time were also one of Great Desolate Province’s top three factions, the Martial Alliance, and the strength of this trio was not the least bit weaker than the Great Devil Sect.

In mere moments, the leaders of the three top great factions had actually all arrived!

As the parties from both sides arrived, the outside of Ghastly Puppet City immediately became restless. Countless practitioners hidden in secret places gradually showed themselves and looked at the black colored light ball with eyes filled with greed.

Upon seeing this scene, Teng Sha’s and the rest’s expressions gradually darkened. They had clearly underestimated the allure of the black colored light ball. Not only had it drawn the Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance, even some of the other factions and practitioners had suppressed their fear of the Ghastly Puppet Cult and started to become restless.

“Haha, Teng Sha, I’m very curious as to exactly what is in the light ball. To actually possess such a powerful defense!” Great Devil Sect’s Mu Lei heartily laughed. Soon after, his eyes flashed as he suddenly reached out, a gigantic Yuan Power hand instantly forming and grabbing at the black colored light ball.

The instant Mu Lei made his mode, Martial Alliance’s chief, Wu Zong, also chuckled and moved. Another giant Yuan Power hand formed and rushed towards the black colored light ball.

“You dare!”

When he saw Mu Lei and Wu Zong make their moves, Teng Sha’s eyes instantly turned dark as a furious roar resounded across the entire Ghastly Puppet Cult.

“All Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners heed my order, whoever dares to touch my Ghastly Puppet Cult’s possessions will be killed without warning!”

The furious roar sounded out, instantly adding a ghastly killing intent to the dark night.

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