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Chapter 311 Black Eye Phantasm

The enormous blood colored light formation enveloped this piece of sky. All the Yuan Power of this land frantically undulated at this moment, causing the expression of anyone who saw it to change.

“Buzz buzz!”

The blood formation squirmed like a huge sinister mouth. Below the huge mouth was the black colored ball of light. Yet, in the face of such a powerful blood formation, the black light ball was not disturbed at all. It quietly floated in mid-air as if it did not feel the oncoming danger.

Under countless open and secret gazes, Teng Sha stared at the black light ball. Moments later, his body slowly floated upwards, his hands lightning quick as they formed several seals in succession. Soon after, an extremely humongous Yuan Power light pillar flew out from his hands before finally entering the enormous blood formation in the sky.

“Boom boom!”

Following Teng Sha’s actions, the originally already rather berserk blood formation immediately started to churn violently. Layer after layer of blood light was emitted, like blood clouds as they enveloped the great formation. Faintly, even the thunder could be heard.

“Nine Yin Mysterious Black Devil Formation, Destroy!”

Blood light filled the sky. Under the blood light, Teng Sha’s figure was just like a demon god, wearing a serious expression as the seals change. His finger suddenly pulled and immediately, the Yuan Power of the land screamed as the endlessly churning blood light instantly whizzed out, lightning quick as they formed into blood colored pillar of light that was several tens of meters large. With a bang sound, it tore apart the sky and ruthlessly slammed into the black light ball below under the attention of countless gazes.

Staring at the blood light pillar that brought with it an extremely maniacal energy as it bombarded downwards, Lin Dong’s pupils abruptly tightened while his fist instantaneously clenched.


Under Lin Dong’s unblinking gaze, the blood light pillar practically descended in an instant, heavily crashing into the black light ball.

At the instant of impact, the calm and motionless black light ball finally moved. A circle of weak black light slowly spread out from within, allowing the blood light pillar to fall onto it.

A loud sound accompanied by an extremely powerful energy shockwave spread out in a ring shape, but the shocking thing was that the seemingly frail black light circle did not move at all under the blood light pillar’s fierce bombardment. Only its surface rippled a little.

This sight immediately caused many gazes to turn shocked. The expression of the various factions and practitioners hidden around the Mysterious Black Yin Mountain abruptly changed. What exactly was this mysterious black light ball? To think that even such a powerful attack would be unable to rattle it at all.

“What treasure did this Ghastly Puppet Cult obtain? To actually be so strong.”

“What exactly is inside that black light ball? From the looks of it, it cannot be an ordinary item. If the Ghastly Puppet Cult is allowed to obtain it, their strength will definitely soar.”


Countless obscure whispers sounded out in the night. Many practitioner’s gazes flickered, evidently, the mysterious thing within the black light ball had drawn their greed.

“Humph, cult leader does not believe that the combined might of my entire Ghastly Puppet Cult is unable to break your seal!” Under gazes filled with ill intent all around, Teng Sha’s expression was somewhat dark as he stared at the black light ball. Soon after, his figure suddenly straightened as his hands reached forward, directly transforming into two gigantic Yuan Power hands, thrusting directly into the great formation.

“Nine Yin Mysterious Black Devil Formation, Power of Nine Yin, Thousand Annihilation Technique!”

An icy roar carrying unyielding Yuan Power fell like thunder as it rumbled in the sky while the blood colored light formation violently trembled. An endless stream of black colored cold qi diffused out of the mountain before being completely absorbed into the blood formation.


The great formation shook and suddenly, the sky filled with blood light and the black cold qi gathered, directly transforming into a titanic hundred meter large black dragon. The enormous dragon was condensed by the Yuan Power of numerous Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners and the Mysterious Black Yin Mountain underground cold qi. With its power, even an initial Manifestation stage practitioner would find it difficult to match!


The black dragon took shape and let out an earth-shattering roar towards the sky. Soon after, its gigantic body swung, transforming into a black bolt of lightning as it slammed towards the black light ball below. As the enormous body moved, it caused the explosion of countless Yuan Power. This power was certainly dreadful.

Boom boom boom!

In an instant, the black dragon descended onto the black light ball. This time, the black colored light film did not achieve the same effect it had before. Faced with the boundless power contained within the black dragon’s body, violent ripples erupted on the black light film. In the end, it directly exploded with a bang.

“Haha, no matter how strong the seal is, it would be difficult to resist my Ghastly Puppet Cult’s power!” When he saw the light film explode, the elders on the left and right were delighted as they laughed.

“The seal is about to be broken!” Upon seeing this scene, Lin Dong’s heart clenched.

“Tch, how can it be so easy, you underestimate that black eye elder.” Little Marten merely sneered at this. It was fairly disdainful of the combined power of the Ghastly Puppet Cult.

“Oh?” When Lin Dong heard this, his heart moved a little. He naturally clearly understood how terrifying the black eye elder was. Immediately, his eyes concentrated, only to see the numerous patterns on the black light ball start to wiggle. They swiftly shot out and gathered above the light ball. In the few short blinks, they actually formed into a phantasm that was as large as a human’s head.

“It’s that elder!” When he saw the head-sized phantasm, Lin Dong’s pupils abruptly shrank. To his shock, he had discovered that the phantasm seated above the light ball was the black eye elder he had seen within the altar.

“It’s only an incomplete phantasm left behind by him and does not possess any intelligence. However, it is enough to give the Ghastly Puppet Cult a headache.” Little Marten sadistically said.

Just as the black eye elder phantasm appeared, it stretch out a finger and lightly pointed at the black dragon that was rapidly descending.

“Bang bang!”

As the black eye elder’s finger pointed, an extremely mysterious power poured out from his fingertips. Immediately, roaring black dragon started to tremble as its body actually turned deathly grey in an instant. Even the vigorous Yuan Power contained within it seemed to have the life taken out of it as it dissipated into nothingness…


Lin Dong was somewhat astonished as he stared at the fading black dragon. In that instant, he had the kind of feeling as if the Yuan Power of the land had died under the black eye elder’s finger.

Even the Yuan Power of the land could be killed, what kind of terrifying power was this?!

“Power of death… tch tch, the back eye elder was actually so strong that he was already able to control the power of death. Controlling life and death with a flip of his hand.” At this moment, a shocked voice sounded out from Little Marten’s mouth.

“Power of death?” Lin Dong was stunned. He had never heard of this kind of power before.

“Don’t dwell on it too much. This kind of power is not what the current you can hope for. Even Nirvana stage practitioners are unable to touch this mysterious power. Perhaps, you may reach this heaven-reaching step in future.” Little Marten smiled and elaborated.

Lin Dong let out a bitter laugh. Indeed. The current him had to look up to even Manifestation stage practitioners. In his eyes, the Nirvana stage was already a legendary existence, let alone this kind of mysterious stage that was able to control life and death. It was something he could not even imagine.

“Humph, there is indeed someone making mischief. No matter how powerful you were when you were alive, in the face of time, you are merely an ant. Scatter for cult leader!” In the sky, Teng Sha’s dark gaze concentrated on the black eye elder phantasm. He understood how terrifying the latter was, if the latter’s true body descended, he would be able to wipe out the entire Ghastly Puppet Cult with a flick of his hand. Unfortunately, this was merely an incomplete phantasm that had gone through many years!

As Teng Sha’s shout landed, his sleeve waved and a Qiankun bag flew out. A million Pure Yuan pills flew out of the bag before swiftly dissolving into surging Yuan Power, transforming into a thick Yuan Power mist which floated above and fused with the blood formation.

“What a huge sum!”

Staring at this sight, Lin Dong was shocked. The Ghastly Puppet Cult was indeed one of the three top factions within the Great Desolate Province. Actually directly using a million Pure Yuan pills. It was likely that only a few factions would be able to easily take out such an amount.

“Boom boom!”

After gobbling up such an amount of Pure Yuan pills, the great formation blood clouds surged a gigantic blood colored eye actually appeared at the center of the formation. Under the shine of the blood colored eye, the Yuan Power of the land detonated in mid-air without reason, transforming into surging ripples as they spread outwards.

Around the Mysterious Black Yin Mountain, countless gazes fixed onto the enormous blood colored eye in the sky. Without exception, everyone’s faces changed color. The energy undulations from the eye was so powerful that it caused one’s scalp to turn numb.

“Such powerful energy undulations!”

Lin Dong’s pupils also shrank due to the astonishment of feeling the undulations gushing out of the blood colored eye. Soon after, he carefully suppressed his aura. He knew that if the blood colored eye shined on his body, today would definitely be a disaster!

“Nine Yin Mysterious Black Devil Formation, Nine Yin Blood Eye!”

When the blood colored eye formed, a strong confidence rose in Teng Sha’s heart. This attack was enough to annihilate an initial Manifestation stage practitioner. Although the phantasm was undoubtedly incomparably powerful when it was alive, it was now merely a pitiful and incomplete shadow of itself!

“Humph, mischievous old fellow, watch how cult leader destroys your seal!”

Confidence overflowed in his heart as Teng Sha took a step forward. His fingers danced as his furious roar rang out. The gigantic blood colored eye at the center of the formation immediately opened as a ray of blood light tore through the skies, mixed with an extremely berserk aura as it exploded forth!

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