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Chapter 310: Teng Sha

Above the gigantic black plaza, three figure slowly descended into the center of the plaza. When these three figures descended, the surrounding elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners instantly kneeled down, before their orderly and synchronized greetings immediately echoed forth.

“Greetings Sect Leader, left and right great elders!”

Among the three of them, the man in front was dressed in dark-red robes, while a strand of his hair gave off a dark and mysterious glow. Occasionally, when a gentle breeze passed by and roused his hair, it actually squirmed just like a black hole, while a suction force faintly emerged.

Based on this man’s look, he seemed like a middle-aged man and his face was exceedingly pale. Between his knitted eyebrows was filled with a calm and majestic aura. However, the cold curvature on his thin lips led one to understood that this man was no kind-hearted Buddha.

And he, was the current sect leader of Ghastly Puppet Cult, Teng Sha!

Standing beside Teng Sha, were two white haired elder who had stuck their hands into their sleeves. These two elderly man had skinny and bone-dry faces and both of their eyes were shut, giving off the impression that there were about to fall asleep. However, at the same time, the terrifying aura given off by both of their bodies constantly reminded everyone that they were not ordinary individuals…

And these two elders were the highest ranked members in Ghastly Puppet Cult after Teng Sha. At the same time, there were called the left senior elder and right senior elder. These two men were both famed elite practitioners in Great Desolate Province and they were akin to Teng Sha’s left-hand and right-hand men.

Right now, that left senior elder opened his eyelids before his eyes swept across the plaza. When he saw the beautiful night sky surrounding the Mysterious Black Yin Mountain, a heart palpitating cold flowed within his dark and stained eyes.

“Clan leader, are you sure that you want to gather our entire clan in order to break the seal on that object? Right now, there are several people lurking arounding. Based on this old man’s calculations, the Great Devil Sect and Marital Alliance should probably be hidden around.” The left senior elder retraced his gaze as he nonchalantly said.

“Don’t worry, this Ghastly Puppet City is not a place where anyone can enter according to their whim and fancy. Once we destroy the seal contained within, I can swiftly ascend to Nirvana stage. At that time, notwithstanding the entire Great Desolate Province, even in the entire Great Yan Empire, there will be hardly anyone that can match up with me.” Teng Sha shook his head. Based on his tone, it seemed like he was not too worried.

“Now that all the Ghastly Puppet Cult elite practitioners have gathered here, with regards to Teng Lei, we may be unable to continue to search for him.” The right senior elder also opened his mouth and said.

“Lei-er’s destiny seal has yet to be broken. Therefore, he should still be alive. As long as I can destroy the seal contained within that item, I will be able to directly sense Lei-er’s location. With regards to that kid called Lin Dong, at that time, this sect leader will make sure that he pays back a thousand times over.” Teng Sha’s voice was calm. It seems like he was not the slightest enraged over the fact that Teng Lei was in Lin Dong’s hands. Evidently, he was an extremely scheming man.

When he saw his actions, that left senior elder gently nodded his head. He understood that even though Teng Sha loved Teng Lei, right now, in his heart, the most important matter was to break the seal…

“It’s almost time.” Teng Sha lifted his head and stared at the darkening sky. Then, he suddenly extended his arm, before he slowly swung it down. His calm voice clearly ricocheted in every elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners’ ears: “Set up the Nine Ghastly Demon Formation!”


After Teng Sha’s voice landed, the various elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioner immediately shouted out, before they all stepped back together. Then, they bit their tongues, a mouthful of essence blood filled with rich Yuan Power was violently ejected.

“Buzz buzz!”

Those Yuan Power filled with essence blood quickly transformed into blood streaks in mid-air, before they slowly spread out. In mere minutes, an approximately hundred feet large blood formation, glistening with blood, quickly emerged above the plaza.

When that gigantic blood formation appeared, all of the Yuan Power in the domain instantly began to rage. Immediately, scattered across the mountain, countless pairs of eyes turned to look at that gigantic glowing blood formation above the mountain peak. Everyone knew that the matter that the Ghastly Puppet Cult has been plotting for a while has already began…

“Activate the underground Yin Energy!” As he stared at that gigantic blood formation, Teng Sha once again shouted out.


After Teng Sha shouted out, several hundred elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners viciously slammed their palm on that large black plaza. Instantly, cracks began to emerge. Promptly, black Yin energy instantly gushed out from those cracks and immediately wrapped around the horizons.

“Wu wu!”

When those black Yin energy just emerged, that gigantic blood formation instantly released a blood red glow, before it quickly began to squirm. Then, just like a large bloody mouth, streams of suction force erupted from it before it completely swallowed all the Yin energy that was gushing out from within the mountain.

As all that black Yin energy was being sucked into that gigantic blood formation, the size of that formation instantly swelled up several times. Then, several bloody lines instantly extended out from within and nearly surrounded the entire Mysterious Black Yin Mountain horizon. Then, several extremely formidable energy shockwaves quickly extended out from within and actually caused a series of deep sounding thunder roars to erupt in mid-air…

As they stared at that gigantic domineering blood formation, regardless of whether one was inside and outside of Ghastly Puppet City, shock gushed into everyone’s eyes. None of them had expected that the Ghastly Puppet Cult would actually be so daring and create such a fanfare. Even when Ghastly Puppet Cult faced their most dire circumstances, they had not used such a formidable large formation, however right now…

“What is the Ghastly Puppet Cult trying to do? Such a terrifying large formation. Even a Manifestation stage practitioner would have to avoid it!”

“Yeah, what are those fellows trying to do? Don’t tell me that there is a Nirvana stage practitioner intending on attacking them?”


Countless whispers instantly erupted outside the entire Ghastly Puppet City, while shock and fear was plastered on several people’s face. Evidently, they were perplexed over why the Ghastly Puppet Cult would suddenly gather their entire cult out of the sudden and execute such a terrifyingly large formation…

“Such a formidable formation. It can actually communicate with the Yin energy inside this Mysterious Black Yin Mountain. That Teng Sha is indeed quite skilled.” Lin Dong stealthily hid within the shadows as he lifted his head and stared at that gigantic blood formation that obscured the skies, while a solemn expression flashed across his eyes.

“Heh, if he was not somewhat skilled, how would be dare to break the seal. Nonetheless, it is not such a simple matter to break the seal. That black eye elder’s ability was practically god-like. Even if it were a seal that has been left behind for several thousand of years, it is still something not to be underestimated.” Little Marten chuckled.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head, before his eyes instantly froze. That was because he saw that Teng Sha, who was standing in the middle of the plaza, had suddenly bent down and knelt down on the ground, while both of his palms were plastered on the icy-cold plaza.

“Now that the large formation has been successfully materialized. Next, it is time to bring out the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”? Lin Dong’s eyes began to glimmer manically, while he stared right at Teng Sha’s body.

“Boom boom!”

Under Lin Dong’s undivided attention, an extremely formidable Yuan Power vibration suddenly emerged from within Teng Sha’s body. Then, the Yuan Power glow undulated on his palm suddenly brightened, before he solemnly slammed the plaza.

After he slammed his palm, the entire mountain seemed to have shook. Then, an exceedingly vicious yet ingenious force emerged from Teng Sha’s palm just like a spider web. Soon after, the center of the plaza instantly crumbled, while a gigantic black hole immediately appeared in front of Lin Dong’s eyes.

The instant that black hole appeared, the Destiny Soul Symbols in Lin Dong’s Niwan palace instantly began to shake vigorously. At the same time, Lin Dong began to sense an ancient and vast sensation stealthily seeping out from within that black hole…

“This sensation… it is indeed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol!” Little Marten also felt that sensation before it instantly became excited. Then, an excited deep roar sounded out inside Lin Dong’s heart.

“Buzz buzz!”

In the gigantic plaza, a tiny tremor instantly emerged. However, under the stare from countless pairs of eyes, a black glow suddenly extended out from within that black hole. Immediately, that glow began to slowly rise up before it finally hovered right below that gigantic blood formation.

The instance that black glowing ball emerged, Lin Dong suddenly gripped his fist, before his eyes instantly turned blood-red as he stared right above at that black glowing ball.

That black glowing ball was approximately ten meters large, while black glow was scattered across the surroundings. However, through that glowing light, Lin Dong could still briefly make out that at the deepest region of that glowing ball, there was a approximately skull-sized ancient symbol hovering silently within!

The symbol held an indescribable ancient scent. Even the scent of the ancient sect in the ancient tablet was unable to compare with it…

The black ancient symbol was hidden within the deepest region of that glowing ball, just like it had fallen asleep. However, when that ancient symbol began to vibrate, it actually transformed into various black hole structures, while an terrifying vibration that could consume everything, steadily seeped out and even caused a change in the heavens…

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol!”

Since Lin Dong used too much force, his fingers even began to bite into his palm. His eyes stared fervently at that black glowing ball. In order to obtain this item, he had laboured endlessly and travelled painstakingly from Yan City to Great Desolate Province and even barged into the ancient tablet space. At long last, he had finally met this legendary object!

“Haha, Lin Dong, if we are not mistaken, that is indeed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Once you obtain it, in the future, you shall become a legendary world-class practitioner!’ Little Marten was evidently extremely excited while its maniacal laughter continuously rang out inside Lin Dong’s heart.


As he sucked in a breath of deep air, Lin Dong tried his best to control his emotions. After all, this was the Ghastly Puppet Cult headquarters and there were three genuine Manifestation stage practitioners nearby. If he were to reveal himself, he probably would not have the opportunity to escape at all. Therefore, he must not allow himself to be negligent now.

His rising chest began to slowly calm down. Then, Lin Dong turned to look at the arena. Right now, he finally realized that there were countless black threads extending across that black glow. Just like countless blood vessels, it seemed to seal that ancient symbol that was deep within. It seems like this was the seal left behind by that black eye elder…

Just as Lin Dong stared at that black glowing ball, he suddenly saw red glow scattering from within that large blood formation. Immediately, his heart turned cold while he promptly clenched his palm slowly. He knew that Teng Sha was about to break the seal within!

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