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Chapter 295 Easy Money

Two pale white skeletons stood beside the enormous Blood Bat Dragon’s body. The skeletons were human-shaped, but various kinds of bones on them appeared rather strange, as if they were assembled together using many bones.

However, red light danced within the skeletons’ eye sockets, as a gloomy energy wave slowly spread out from within them.

“These are Bone Puppets?”

Lin Dong’s gaze was a grim as he stared at the two pale white skeletons, before looking towards the two sinister looking elders beside them, his eyes narrowing. He had discovered that the two elders had advanced Qi Creation stage strength!

This Bone Puppet could also be considered as a type of symbol puppet. However, the materials used in their creation consisted of various kinds of demonic beast’s and even human practitioner’s bones. According to what Lin Dong knew, there should not be any relatively famous factions in the Great Yan Empire that was able to make Bone Puppets. Even the Ghastly Puppet Cult did not have this capability. Hence, the two unfamiliar old fogeys should not be from the Great Yan Empire.

Yet, no matter who the other party was, wanting to take away the things Lin Dong had taken a fancy to in front of his eyes was impossible!

“Tch tch, young one, don’t appear so vicious. Since you’ve spent quite a lot of effort killing this Blood Bat Dragon, we will not make things difficult for you. Quickly scram.” While Lin Dong’s expression was dark, one of the sinister looking white haired elders smiled eerily at Lin Dong and said.

“Two blind old bats, you dare to touch this young master’s things?!” Upon hearing this, Lin Dong could not help but grin with fury.

“Brat, the fact that you were able to kill the heavily injured Blood Bat Dragon means that you do indeed have some skill. However, it’s mostly due to the might of your Symbol Puppet. The two of us are only sparing your life because we are in a good mood today, if you are still unable to recognize our good intentions, you’ll lose your life!” The white haired elder let loose a strange laughter as he replied.

“Damnit, Lin Dong, kill these two old fogeys! Daring to snatch the thing grandpa marten has his eye on, truly tired of living!” At this moment, Little Marten regained its senses and immediately flew into a rage. All along, it was the one snatching other’s things, never did it imagine that other’s would dare to snatch from its things this time, how could it possibly swallow this down!

Lin Dong icily chuckled. Without further and, his mind nudged as the high class Symbol Puppet once again dashed forward, waves of vigorous energy gushing out from within its body.

“Humph, brat, although you have a high class Symbol Puppet, if you plan on killing the two of us with it, you’re too naive! Since you don’t want to be reasonable, we’ll deal with you today, break your bones and collect this high class Symbol Puppet!” When they saw the Symbol Puppet charge over, the two elders let out an eerie laugh. Their hand seals changed as the two Bone Puppets besides them flew forth, red light flashing in their eyes as they directly rammed into the Symbol Puppet.

“Thump thump!”

The two sides ferociously clashed. Though the two Bone Puppets were forcibly blown back several meters, they quickly waved their ash grey bone fists, fiercely tangling with the Symbol Puppet. Muffled sounds accompanied the rippling wind that continuously unfurled.

When he saw that the two Bone Puppets were actually able to ward off his high class Symbol Puppet, astonishment flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Although the amount of Pure Yuan pills he had poured in this time was not a lot, that level of power should be comparable to an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner. Never did he think that the opponent’s Bone Puppets were also rather powerful.

“Do it!”

While the Bone Puppets were holding off the Symbol Puppet, a cold light flashed across the two elder’s eyes. They clearly understood the power of the high class Symbol Puppet, thus, they needed to use lightning quick methods to swiftly dispatch Lin Dong!

The two’s figures practically swept forth in an instant and in the blink of an eye, they appeared in front of Lin Dong. Their hands grasped as sharp bone swords appeared, viciously stabbing Lin Dong’s throat and heart at a tricky angle.

The duo’s bone swords were covered with extremely formidable Yuan Power. Two advanced Qi Creation stage practitioners’ simultaneous attack, this level of might was extremely powerful!

However, for the Lin Dong who had already successfully advanced to the Qi Creation stage, the threat to him was not as high as the duo expected. Faced with their attack, Lin Dong did not show any indications of avoiding. His hand grasped around the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd that appeared as formidable halberd light immediately erupted in the sky.

Fish Scales Halberd! Furious Python Halberd! Dragon Transformation Halberd!

The first three moves of Heavenly Scales Halberd technique were practically displayed by Lin Dong in an instant. Immediately, attacks formed from formidable halberd glints directly smashed towards the two elders.

“Clang clang!”

The ferocious counter-attack that suddenly erupted from Lin Dong caused the two elder’s expressions to change. They hastily urged the Yuan Power in their bodies, bone swords slashing several sword images mixed with vigorous Yuan Power undulations with the intent of withstanding Lin Dong’s attack.

“Get lost!”

However, Lin Dong merely sneered in response to their defense. A glass-like gloss abruptly gushed out on his body as the power of his body instantly soared. The halberd was like a truncheon, quick as lightning as it penetrated through layer after layer of sword images before viciously smashing into the duo’s chests under their fast changing expressions.


Lin Dong’s strength was extremely overwhelming. A single sweep of a halberd would cause even a mountain top to crumble instantly. Thus, when the attack landed on the two elders’ bodies, their expressions immediately turned deathly white as they violently vomited a mouthful of fresh blood, and a look of disbelief surfaced in their eyes.

“He is only an initial Qi Creation stage kid, how can he possess such power?!” The duo’s sorry figures fell backwards, almost falling to their butts on the ground, as they looked to each other before involuntarily crying out.

“There’s something weird about this kid, quickly escape!”

The sinister-looking white haired elder reaction was extremely fast. After this exchanged, he had felt Lin Dong’s strength. Only now did he understand that it was rather foolish of them to make a move this time. Immediately, he let loose a low shout as his figure hastily retreated.

“It’s a little too late to leave now!” Lin Dong sneered. If this was before, he would find it rather troublesome to deal with two advanced Qi Creation stage practitioners, but, as he had now advanced to the Qi Creation stage, to kill someone at the advanced Qi Creation stage was already no longer an impossible feat.

As he sneered, Great Sun Thunder Yuan rapidly gathered to form an enormous golden platform. Under Lin Dong’s control, it viciously smashed towards the white haired elder duo as waves of sonic booms sounded out.

When the two elders felt the extremely tyrannical force above their heads, their expressions changed. With a flick of their minds, the two Bone Puppets which were delaying the Symbol Puppet, dashed over, stretching out their bone arms with the intention of forcibly lifting the golden platform.


Upon seeing this scene, a cold light flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. The speed of the golden platform’s descent increased, and in the end, it ferociously pounded onto the two Bone Puppets. Instantly, a crisp and clear sound rang out, as the two Bone Puppets actually directly exploded.


As the Bone Puppets were blown apart, the two elders spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. This time, they did not have the time to feel an ache in their hearts, as they desperately escaped into the distance in astonishment.

“Swish swish!”

However, as the duo fled, a chilling wind noise was suddenly heard from behind them. Before the duo could turn their heads, they saw a flash from a corner of their eyes, as two purplish black light discs ripped apart the air and flew over at an extremely terrifying speed.


In the instant they saw the light discs, the duo felt a pain at their necks, as if their entire bodies seemed to spin in an instant. After which, they watched as pillars of fresh blood spouted out from two headless bodies below them, as darkness swiftly filled their sights…

Lin Dong gazed at the two headless corpses, and was also a little shocked. Soon after, he looked at Little Marten, who was beside him, only to see that the latter’s face was full of killing intent, and could not help but shudder. This guy was actually so vicious when it was angered.


Little Flame quickly charged out and pounced forward, with a swipe of its tail, it flung two Qiankun bags to Lin Dong.

Receiving the Qiankun bags, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy swiftly reached in to probe. Soon after, a look of pleasant surprise appeared on his face. He had discovered that just the number of Pure Yuan pills in the two elders’ bags alone was already three hundred thousand!

For Lin Dong, this windfall was undoubtedly like a meat pie that had fallen from the heavens. Ever since he had obtained this high class Symbol Puppet, Lin Dong had spent almost one hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills on it. If he still did not manage to reap some profits, his pockets would likely once again be wiped clean. Fortunately, the two old fogeys who had appeared from god knows where were akin to ashes sent during winter, and had delivered a considerable amount of Pure Yuan pills!

“Lin Dong, help protect me. I am going to devour the Demonic Spirit!” While Lin Dong’s face was filled with joy over this haul, Little Marten quickly flew down, purplish black light tunnelling into the Blood Bat Dragon’s body, before directly removing a blood colored demonic spirit.


Upon seeing this, Little Flame also let out a low roar and swiftly dashed over, its huge bloody maw opening, and tenaciously biting the Blood Bat Dragon’s blood vessels, frantically devouring the blood power within its body which had yet to turn cold!

As he watched the two beasts start to consume their meal, Lin Dong chuckled and sat down on a boulder nearby. His gaze turned towards the Manifestation Martial Tablet direction as he counted the time. Now, those fellows should have all entered the underground palace…


Just as this thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind, the ancient tablet space loudly rumbled and shook. Immediately, the sky lost its color as the ground trembled. The terrifying aura caused Lin Dong’s scalp to turn numb. It was as if an ancient spirit that had slumbered for a long time had awoken in this place!

Lin Dong’s complexion was pale as he stared in the direction the aura originated from, his body slightly trembling. Those fools. As expected, they had roused the mysterious ancient skeleton…

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