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Chapter 296 Escape

Lin Dong’s complexion was pale as he stared at the place the terrifying aura had exploded from. That was indeed the direction the Manifestation Martial Tablet was located. Evidently, the aura’s owner should be the mysterious skeleton he had sensed before.


The aura was unfathomably terrifying. When it erupted, the sky changed color and Lin Dong could clearly feel all the Yuan Power in the ancient tablet space start to rebel at this moment. At an astonishing speed, it gathered at the place the aura had originated from.

From the looks of it, it was as if some frightening thing had been awoken!

Lin Dong’s hands involuntarily shivered. This was not fear, but an instinctual response to that terrifying aura, because he knew that under that kind of aura, no matter if one was at the initial or advanced Manifestation stage, all would be akin to dust-like existences!

Even with the raise in his current strength, and the rather astonishing ‘Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger’ he had obtained from the Manifestation Martial Tablet, he still understood that if the owner of the terrifying aura wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as a flip of the hand. The him at that time would not even have the slightest bit of power to resist!

“Little Marten, Little Flame, quickly leave!”

His eyes frantically flickering, Lin Dong abruptly stood up and loudly shouted at the two beasts in front of him. He did not know why but he could feel a sense of unease. The mysterious skeleton was likely the final guardian the ancient sect had left behind, and they could all be considered as foreigners who had come to disturb this land. If the guardian was roused, it would not easily let them off.

Although many practitioners had entered the ancient tablet space, Lin Dong knew that before the mysterious skeleton, they were but a matter easily solved with a slap. Hence, the correct path now was to quickly leave this ancient tablet space!

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s shout, Little Marten nodded its head, its claws swiftly dancing as circles of purplish black light burst forth. Within the light, a mini sized blood colored blood bat dragon was forcibly and slowly removed from the corpse.

While Little Marten removed the blood bat dragon’s demonic spirit, to one side, Little Flame maniacally devoured the blood bat dragon’s blood power. Under this ferocious devouring, the blood bat dragon’s humongous body swiftly shrivelled, the hard scales also quickly withering and crumbling.

Lin Dong twisted his fingers together as he stared at the two now greedy fellows, feeling helpless. His gaze was tightly fixed in the direction of the Manifestation Martial Tablet, a long while later, his expression changed, because he had seen a huge number of people seemingly covering the sky and earth as they escaped from that direction. From their crazed looks, it was as if there was some terrifying thing chasing them.

Upon seeing this scene, Lin Dong’s scalp instantly turned numb. Sure enough, the guardian did not plan to let the outsiders who had charged into the ancient tablet space off…

“Enough, quickly leave!”

When Lin Dong’s scalp turned numb, Little Marten finally successfully removed the blood bat dragon’s Demonic Spirit. It knew that there was no time for refining now and immediately swallowed the spirit into its body. With a flash of its figure, it fled to Lin Dong’s shoulder.


When Little Marten finished, Little Flame also finally released its huge maw that was devouring the blood bat dragon’s blood power. Although it had not completely refined the power, blood colored scales had already started growing on Little Flame’s body. When sunlight shined on them, they appeared rather majestic.

Moreover, the biggest change was Little Flame’s unique python tail. Little Flame’s original body was the most ordinary Fire Python Tiger, and the python tail was merely a decoration. Yet, the python tail was now increasingly lively, so much so that there were even layers of blood colored scales growing on it. At the python’s head, blood eyes stared while its mouth was all the more malevolent, so realistic that it was practically a ferocious python dragon!

After releasing its mouth, Little Flame’s now slightly blood colored lightning wings swiftly spread out, as Lin Dong quickly hopped on. The lightning wings shook, bringing with it the sound of thunder as it instantly charged into the sky, desperately flying towards a distant area.

The boundless ancient tablet space had become extremely chaotic in an instant. Everyone was desperately fleeing towards the ancient tablet space exit. Their panicked looks made it seem as if they were being chased by a reaper’s scythe…

Due to the fact that Lin Dong had long left the Manifestation Martial Tablet area, when he fled, he could be considered to be at the front. However, figures frantically caught up all around him from time to time. To escape, everyone had practically gone mad…

“These fools, did they really believe that the ancient sect’s treasure hoard was so easy to obtain? That mysterious skeleton’s aura is extremely terrifying. From what I can see, without reaching the Five Yuan Nirvana strength, no one will be able to deal with it!” Little Marten sat on Lin Dong’s shoulder, and could not help but shake its head and remark as it watched the frantically fleeing figures which filled the sky.

“Five Yuan Nirvana.”

The corners of Lin Dong’s eyes slightly twitched. Don’t bother mentioning five Yuan Nirvana, even a one Yuan Nirvana was extremely rare in the Great Yan Empire. Lin Langtian and the rest were really stupid beyond belief, they actually dared to provoke this kind of thing. If that terrifying fellow charged out of the ancient tablet space, who in the Great Yan Empire would be able to stop it?

“Forget it, don’t bother too much, it’s more important to escape first!” Helplessly shaking his head, Lin Dong realised that these were groundless fears. What he needed to care about now was to first protect his tiny self so that he would not be casually dealt with by the mysterious skeleton.

When these words fell, he grabbed onto Little Flame as blood colored light immediately erupted from the latter’s body, and its speed instantly soared. It looks like after devouring the blood bat dragon’s blood power this time, Little Flame’s strength had again risen considerably. This speed was enough to match a Manifestation stage practitioner.

While Lin Dong swiftly fled for his life, his eyes could not help but turn to look behind. In the far distance, black clouds turned in the skies as tornados frantically took form, connecting the sky and land. It looked like a great flood, an extremely terrifying sight.

As the sky full of dark clouds rushed forth, a tiny figure stepped on the storm and swept across the skies at an astonishing speed. No one saw it move in the slightest, as some of the nearby practitioner’s bodies exploded into a bloody mist with a bang, with not even a single bit of flesh remaining…

“It’s the mysterious skeleton, it has indeed given chase!”

Lin Dong stared at the figure atop the storm as his pupils abruptly shrank. Soon after, a chill swept across his entire body. If it can be said that everyone here were able to combine forces to deal with the Manifestation stage blood bat dragon, then before this mysterious skeleton, even if everyone joined hands, they would not be able to shake that level of power in the slightest!

Because both sides’ powers were practically on a completely different level!

Those of the Manifestation stage were top tier practitioners even in the entire Great Yan Empire. If one were to advance to the Nirvana stage, one would be invincible!

The gap between top tier and invincible was not tiny. Moreover, reaching the Nirvana stage was akin to stepping into another dimension. Every little movement could propel the Yuan Power of heaven and earth and a punch would be impossible to follow. That kind of might was earth-shattering and compared to the three creation stages, it was on a completely different scale!

That kind of situation was like a huge dragon chasing a group of sheep. No matter how these sheep resisted, they were but a matter akin to a single slap. Thus, at this time, resistance was certain death, one would only have a chance at survival by fleeing!

“Eh, Lin Langtian and those fellows have come.” From his shoulder, Little Marten suddenly spoke.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed as he slightly tilted his head. Sure enough, he saw the four great clans, the Great Devil Sect, the Ghastly Puppet Cult and the other great factions all flying over towards his direction. Their numbers were many and together, they urged a Soul Treasure to fly. Their speed was faster than even Little Flame.

“When we arrived, I saw the map. Not far in this direction is a place where the space is comparatively frail. If we can gather people to tear it open, we do not need to escape from other exits.”

Within the ancient tablet space, there was more than a single exit, however, this place was the nearest. It was likely that Lin Langtian and the rest intended on tearing apart the space and quickly leave this god forsaken place.


While Lin Dong spoke, the huge group directly flew over from over. After which, the former suddenly sensed the the mysterious skeleton’s attention lock onto this area from a far distance behind. To be more precise, it seemed to have targeted Lin Langtian?!

“God damnit, those fellows must have taken several items from the underground palace. That’s why they have been targeted by the mysterious skeleton!” When he sensed this, Lin Dong’s expression slightly darkened as his eyes flickered.

This huge escape lasted for several minutes and more and more practitioners exploded into a bloody mist in the air. As he sensed the terrifying aura come closer and closer, Lin Dong’s expression became a little grim.

“Swish swish!”

While Lin Dong’s expression turned grim, the group to his front suddenly stopped. Soon after, figures quickly flew from the humongous Soul Treasure onto a mountain, before numerous practitioners struck out pillar after pillar of Yuan Power pillars. Immediately, a crack in space was torn apart in the sky above the mountain.


Lin Langtian, the Wang Clan and the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners steadied the crack and loudly shouted out, as the great factions members swiftly swept into the crack in space.

“Everyone please go no further. This crack in space is unable to bear much force, it cannot sustain too many people!”

While the great faction members entered, some practitioners from the four great clans issued a stern warning, and even used Yuan Power to form an obstruction in front of the mountain to prevent other people from passing through.

“God damnit, you bastards!”

“Charge in, don’t bother with them!”

This action undoubtedly incited the rage of some of the practitioners behind. Under the threat of death, they could not be bothered what great faction they came from and directly charged towards the crack in space. However, in the end, they were still blasted back by some of the practitioners from the four great sects.

Little Flame also halted in front of the mountain, and as Lin Dong saw these fellows’ actions, his expression also turned a little ugly.

“Lin Dong is still outside, let him in!” Lin Ke-er was coincidentally on the mountain. She immediately caught sight of Lin Dong on the tiger’s back and hastily shouted.

“You go in first!” Lin Langtian’s gaze flickered as his palm hit Lin Ke-er’s body, a force pushing her into the crack.

“Heh, Lin Langtian, from what I can see, the crack seems to be unable to support anyone else right?” Wang Tong’s gaze flickered, as he sinisterly chuckled.

“Yes, elder Wang Tong is right.” To one side, Teng Lei also sneered and said.

Currently, the crack in space was being stabilized by Lin Langtian, the Wang Clan and the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners. The other factions had already entered the crack, hence, the choice of letting Lin Dong enter or not fell to the three of them.

“Do as you see fit.”

Lin Langtian’s cast a glance at Lin Dong, his gaze slightly flickering before he let out an indifferent laugh. His body turned and intended to enter the crack in space. This action of his completely left the decision to Wang Tong and Teng Lei, and given their hatred towards Lin Dong, the outcome was very obvious…

When he saw Lin Langtian’s actions, Lin Dong’s eyes also turned increasingly cold, this piece of trash…


However, just as Lin Langitan turned and was about to enter the crack in space, a huge vortex suddenly appeared in the sky above the mountain. Quickly, an ash gray bone hand reached out from within and grabbed downwards. A suction force erupted, and a Qiankun bag flew out from Lin Langtian’s sleeves!


When he saw the Qiankun bag fly out, Lin Langtian’s expression instantly changed!

“Come over!”

This scene also caused Lin Dong to be startled for a moment. His gaze maniacally flickered as he abruptly grabbed out and actually directly intercepted the Qiankun bag midway!

As he watched the Qiankun bag land in Lin Dong’s hand, Lin Langtian’s face instantly turned green!

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