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Chapter 294: Killing The Primordial Blood Bat Dragon

Lighting flashed across the horizon together with a deep thunder roar. At a distance away ahead of that lightning flash, a bloody figure was manically fleeing away. Fresh blood was just like a tiny stream as it splashed across the ground and left a blinding white smoky trail on the ground.

Lin Dong sat on a tiger’s back while his eyes locked onto that giant bloody figure. Right now, since the Blood Bat Dragon was severely injured, Little Flame could easily catch up with it. However, Lin Dong did not attempt to intercept it rashly. Even though the Blood Bat Dragon was severely injured by the Four Great Clans and other elite factions, it was still pretty terrifying. If one was not careful, one mis-slip could easily cause one’s life.

Lin Dong was always a cautious individual. Therefore, he did not intend to give the Blood Bat Dragon a chance to fight for its life.

Based on the Blood Bad Dragon’s current injuries, the quicker it fled, the more severe its injuries would be, while it would also become increasingly weak. Hence, at the time when it can no longer move even to save its life, Lin Dong would make his move.

“It seems like no one else is interested in this Blood Bat Dragon. I guess that most of them should have ventured into the underground palace to look for treasure.” Lin Dong glanced behind him. When he saw that no one followed behind him, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief. After all, this would rid him of much unnecessary trouble.

“Hehe, that damned creature can match up to a Manifestation stage practitioner. Even if it is heavily injured, no one would dare to hunt after it. Instead, rather than fighting with it, most would rather choose to look for treasure.” Little Marten smiled. It’s eyes stared fervently at that giant bloody figure that was fleeing for its life.

When he saw Little Marten’s eager expression, Lin Dong felt somewhat helpless. If it were not for it and Little Flame, he would have also not chosen to hunt after that Blood Bat Dragon. Nonetheless, it would boost his battle ability once Little Flame and Little Marten’s strength were upgraded. Therefore, with this thought in mind, Lin Dong was about to slightly console himself.

“Be careful, that damned creature has fallen down. It seems like it’s injures are too severe and it can no longer flee!” While this thought ran through Lin Dong’s mind, Little Marten’s jubilant voice suddenly rang out.

When he heard its words, Lin Dong hurriedly turned over only to see that the Blood Bat Dragon had finally fallen off from the skies, and landed into the middle of the forest. Fresh blood immediately spurted off and any tree or leaves that touched it instantly rotted.

Little Flame gradually reduced its speed before it landed right above that Blood Bat Dragon. One man and two beasts stared right at that weakened Blood Bat Dragon below them.


Even though it was heavily injured, that Blood Bat Dragon still managed to sense Lin Dong’s malicious intentions. Immediately, it released an enraged though feeble roar. Meanwhile, a vicious glint glimmered across its large blood-red eyes.

“Heh, even though that fellow is severely injured, it is still so vicious.” When he saw this situation, Lin Dong smiled. Promptly, he waved his sleeves before his high-grade Symbol Puppet once again emerged, before he poured ten thousand Pure Yuan Pills into its body. Immediately, a potent energy shockwave erupted from within its body. Then, under Lin Dong’s control, it transformed into a glowing flash before it dashed towards that Blood Bat Dragon below without a hint of fear.

Since he did not know how much strength that Blood Bat Dragon had remaining, Lin Dong did not dare to personally test it out. Therefore, he cautiously chose to use his Symbol Puppet instead.

As it faced that incoming Symbol Puppet, a cruel glint instantly glimmered across that Blood Bat Dragon’s eyes. Then, it opened its large and hideous mouth before a bloody light beam immediately erupted forth and viciously slammed against that Symbol Puppet.


After it was hit by that bloody light beam, that Symbol Puppet was directly blown away, before it left a near hundred meter long scratch mark on the ground. Meanwhile, the energy vibration glimmering on its body evidently dimmed as well.

“I want to see just how many times can you use such an attack.” When he saw that his high-grade Symbol Puppet was directly blown away by that heavily injured Blood Bat Dragon, a tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Promptly, he silently chuckled, before he moved his mind. Then, that Symbol Puppet stood up again and continued dashing towards that Blood Bat Dragon.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

As it faced that Symbol Puppet’s onslaught, that Blood Bat Dragon was evidently extremely enraged. Immediately, it kept its giant mouth open before it continuously fired off several extremely lethal bloody light beams, causing that Symbol Puppet to be beaten down hideously. Meanwhile, deep scratch marks were littered over the surrounding ground.

However, even though the Symbol Puppet was being heavily injured by its continuous attacks, the Blood Bat Dragon’s attacks were evidently weakening. Eventually, that blood light beam was so feeble that it was merely as thick as a arm. Meanwhile, a feeble aura enshrouded that Blood Bat Dragon’s body.

“Damned beast, that is enough. It is time for me to finish you off!” When he saw this sight, Lin Dong finally heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he looked down and stared at his wounded Symbol Puppet, before he felt somewhat sorry while he pouted his lips. Even though that Blood Bat Dragon was already severely injured, it was still able to wound his Symbol Puppet to such an extent. If it was not injured, then it would have probably directly shattered his high-grade Symbol Puppet, which he had painstakingly fought for.

After Lin Dong spoke, resplendent Great Sun Thunder Yuan immediately gushed out from his body. Then, he gripped his palm before a several meters tall resplendent golden stage immediately materialized in front of him.

After he broke through to Qi Creation stage, the strength of Lin Dong’s Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm was evidently upgraded. The intensity of its golden glow as well as the quality of its construction could not be compared to before.


After that golden platform materialized, under Lin Dong’s control, it viciously flew towards that blood bat dragon. At the same time, Lin Dong’s mind moved, before that wounded Symbol Puppet once again dashed forth!


As it sensed that terrifying shock wind that was about to hit its head, that Blood Bat Dragon released a savage roar. Then, a bloody halo emerged from within its body before it covered its massive body.


That golden platform heavily slammed against that glowing halo before an extremely savage force wind immediately rippled forth. In fact, even the dirt on the ground were all forcefully blown away!

“Based on your current situation, you can only dream of stopping me. You shall yield!” Lin Dong smiled before his palm suddenly pressed viciously. Immediately golden light erupted above that golden platform, before it forcefully blew apart that bloody halo with a loud thud.


After it destructed that bloody halo, that golden platform unceremoniously slammed viciously against that Blood Bat Dragon’s massive body. Immediately, its solid scales were instantly blown apart.

Just as its bloody halo was blown apart by Lin Dong, that Symbol Puppet charged towards it as well. With palms just like knives, it did not hesitate at all as it directly stabbed that Blood Bat Dragon’s vicious eyes!


When its eyes were stabbed by that Symbol Puppet, fresh blood inmmedaitely gushed forth. Instantly, that Blood Bat Dragon became extremely enraged due to that sharp pain. It’s vicious and large claws viciously slammed against that Symbol Puppet’s body, before it immediately ripped a near half meter long wound on its solid chest, before it was forcefully blown away.

“That bastard!” When he saw that his Symbol Puppet was wounded, Lin Dong’s heart ached till his eyelids jumped. Promptly, he felt somewhat relieved as well. Thankfully this attack landed on the unfeeling Symbol Puppet. Else, if he had taken those blows, he would have likely been severely injured today.

“That bastard is just putting up some last minute resistance!” Little Marten smiled before it waved its claws. Streaks of dark purple light quickly gushed out from its body, before they transformed into a manically swirling dark purple glowing disc. Then, it pointed its claws before that glowing disc howled forth, and ripped through the air as it lighting quick dashed down and directly penetrated through that Blood Bat Dragon’s large head!

When he saw how powerful Little Marten’s glowing disc was, Lin Dong was silently in awe. Even though the Blood Bat Dragon was heavily injured, it was still a Demonic Beast and it had powerful defences. However, it was still easily penetrated by that dark purple glowing disc. Therefore, this goes to show just how powerful that glowing disc was.

Little Marten’s attack was definitely a fatal one. A half meter deep blood wound surfaced on that Blood Bat Dragon’s head, before fresh blood and its brains flowed out. Meanwhile, the latter’s vicious eyes began to quickly dim down, before it finally collapsed with a thud, even causing the ground to tremble.


When he saw that the Blood Bat Dragon had finally died, Lin dong instantly heaved a dep sigh of relief. Then, he waved his hand before he recalled his Symbol Puppet. As he stared at the injures littered across the latter’s body, Lin Dong involuntarily released a pained laugh. Even though that damned beast was heavily injured, it was still so tricky to deal with. Thankfully, it did not manage to shatter his Symbol Puppet. Else, he would have suffered a major loss.

“Little Marten.”

As he stared at the Blood Bat Dragon’s gigantic corpse, Lin Dong smiled. However, before he called it, Little Marten’s eyes were already burning as it dashed down. Then, dark purple energy gathered at its claws as it prepared to devour this Blood Bat Dragon’s Demonic Spirit.


However, just as Little Marten’s was about to reach the Blood Bat Dragon’s corpse, the ground below suddenly exploded. Then, two white figures suddenly dashed forth before a vicious shock wind was lighting-quick directed towards Little Marten.

“Clang clang!”

This sudden attack caused Little Marten to be stunned. However, it promptly recovered its senses, before dark purple light violently gushed forth and countered those shock wind. However, the force behind that attack still caused it to be pushed back.

“Hehe, after all our hard work failed to yield results, it seems like we have managed to stumble upon something good. Even though we did not make it to the Manifestation Martial Tablet, I never expected that we can actually meet the Primordial Blood Bat Dragon here. If we use its bones to build a skeleton, it would be extremely powerful!”

After it blew Little Marten back, two white figures promptly emerged. They turned out to be two exceptionally huge white skeletons. Beside the skeletons, two hideous elderly man were greedily staring at that Blood Bat Dragon’s corpse. An unconcealable greed filled their eyes.

When he saw the two of them who had suddenly appeared, Lin Dong’s face began to darken. Those two old fellow had evidently used some special means to conceal themselves and wait for them to struggle with that Blood Bat Dragon. This caused Lin Dong to be extremely angry. After all, he was always the one lying in wait. However, this time around, he had actually been fooled!

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