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Chapter 293: Primordial Blood Bat Dragon

A roar full of an ancient flavor abruptly sounded out from under the crumbled plaza. After which, a blood red light pillar suddenly burst out from within!

“Ch Ch!”

Blood light streaked across the horizon. The bodies of each and every practitioner that touched this blood red light was practically ripped apart in an instant. Immediately, fresh blood poured down from the skies, bringing with it shriek after miserable shriek.

When they saw how terrifying the blood light was, the expressions of the practitioners in the plaza drastically changed, as their figures hastily retreated. The treasure hoard’s guardian beast was evidently a rather powerful existence.

Little Flame had evaded earlier and hence was not affected by the terrifying blood light. Lin Dong sat on the tiger’s back, while his gaze concentrated on the smoke and dust curling about the plaza. Based on the power of the attack alone, the guardian beast’s strength was likely even stronger than the Ancient Dragon Ape.

“No wonder even the great four clans said that they are unable to deal with the guardian beast. Turns out, it is actually this powerful…”

Lin Dong’s gaze flashed as he firmly stared down. Suddenly, the earth shook as huge cracks swiftly spread out on the ground. Soon after, a loud noise sounded out as countless boulders shot out from the ground and frantically smashed into the surroundings.

As the boulders shot out, a huge shadow suddenly burst out from the ground. Blood colored wings shook, immediately causing gales to form, making sand fly and rocks walk.

“Is that the treasure hoard’s guardian beast?” Lin Dong stared at the enormous creature which had burst out from the ground as his pupils suddenly shrank.

Countless gazes were locked onto the air, while a Demonic Beast that was almost a hundred meters tall hovered in mid-air. This Demonic Beast was entirely blood red, while giant blood red scales covered its bodies. Under the reflection of the sun, it gave off a icy cold and solid sensation. That fellow’s gigantic body was crouched just like a giant dragon, while two gigantic bloody wings were plastered on its back. As it flapped its wings, it seems like all the Yuan Power in this domain were moved as well.


Once the blood colored Demonic Beast appeared, it lifted its head and roared at the sky. Immediately, a ferocious sound wave spread outwards. Some unfortunate people nearby who were too close, immediately had their eardrums ruptured, as fresh blood flowed.

Upon seeing how ferocious this Demonic Beast was, the elite practitioners hastily retreated in astonishment.

“What Demonic Beast is this? To think that it is actually so terrifying!” Lin Dong also hastily urged Little Flame to stay far away from the huge fellow, with alarm on his face, as he asked.

“That is an Primordial Blood Bat Dragon!” Little Marten’s gaze was tightly fixed on the enormous creature, as a slight trace of excitement flashed in the former’s eyes.

“Dragon?” When he heard this word, Lin Dong’s expression immediately changed. In the Demonic Beast world, anything even the slightest bit related to this word would be an extremely powerful and troublesome.

“Heh, don’t worry. This guy cannot be considered a true dragon. However, pure dragon blood flows within its body!” Little Marten chuckled with a passionate look in its eyes as it stared at the Primordial Blood Bat Dragon, before continuing: “Kid, if I am able to devour this fellow’s demon spirit, my power should recover to Manifestation level.”

“Devour…” Lin Dong’s face twitched for a moment. Soon after, he let out a hollow laugh as he replied: “This huge fellow is so terrifying, I think that we will not be able to devour it even if we attack together.”

“Heh heh, are there not other people here? If they Four Great Clans want to obtain the treasure hoard, they will need to defeat this blood bat dragon. We will make our move after it is gravely injured!” Little Marten licked its lips, and it did not seem to have any intentions of giving up at all: “Moreover, if your stupid tiger can devour the blood bat dragon’s flesh and blood, it will be able to obtain a trace of dragon blood. This is truly a good chance to for it to enter the dragon’s gate. When it grows up in the future, it’s prospects would be limitless!”

Lin Dong was a little taken aback as he lightly stroked Little Flame’s back with a pondering look in his eyes.

“Don’t hesitate any more. This kind of Primordial Blood Bat Dragon is a very rare find, and even if there were another, the dragon blood within its body would be far from comparable with this one. If you miss this opportunity, you will certainly not have another chance in the future!” To one side, Little Marten constantly egged him on. From the looks of it, it seemed very keen on obtaining the blood bat dragon’s demon spirit.

“Alright then, at that time we will act accordingly!”

Lin Dong could also see how much Little Marten yearned for this blood bat dragon’s demon spirit. Although he clearly knew that this would not be an easy feat, it was not easy for him to reject. After all, Little Marten had helped him a lot and it would be really inappropriate for him not to repay it a little.

Upon seeing Lin Dong nod his head, the excitement in Little Marten’s eyes grew even more intense. It was at its core the outstanding and famous Celestial Demon Marten and it dared to devour anything. In fact, it had even eaten the legendary and elite Demonic Beast “Dragon”. Till today, it still could not forget its taste. Therefore, now that it had an opportunity to encounter a “Blood Bat Dragon”, that was relatively easier to bully, it would definitely not give up on the chance of devouring its Demonic Soul, which would be highly beneficial for it!

When he saw Little Marten’s excited expression, Lin Dong felt somewhat helpless. At first, he did not plan to interfere in this matter. After all, that Blood Bat Dragon’s aura was simply too fearsome.

“Everyone one here, this beast is extremely vicious. Our Four Great Clans will combine forces and set up a formation. If anyone wants a share of the treasure, please pour your Yuan Power into that giant formation and help us kill the beast together!” Lin Langtian hovered in mid-air, with a stern face. Then, his voice suddenly rang out in everyone’s ears.

“Set up the formation!”

When they heard his voice, every elite practitioner from the Four Great Clans almost instantly dashed forth, before they swiftly formed a giant complex formation in mid-air. Then, Yuan Power promptly gushed forth, before streams of Yuan Power light beams criss-crossed and formed an extremely huge and complex formation.


That Primordial Blood Bat Dragon evidently sensed the might of that giant formation. Immediately, it opened its large and hideous mouth, before a blood beam immediately emerged and heavily slammed against that giant formation. The powerful force behind its attack directly caused that giant formation to dim down.

“Everyone here, if you want to obtain the treasure, please assist us!” Lin Langtian solemnly shouted out.

In the surrounding area, when the various factions and other elite practitioners saw this situation, they eventually released streams of Yuan Power light beams, which gushed into the giant formation. Regardless, what Lin Langtian said made sense. If they wanted to obtain the treasure, they had to first defeat this giant guardian beast. Else, none of them would be able to obtain anything from it.

“Buzz buzz!”

As countless Yuan Power light beams gushed in from every direction, that giant formation which was originally damaged by that Primordial Blood Bat Dragon’s attack suddenly began to solidify. In fact, it seemed several times more durable than before. That Primordial Blood Bat Dragon is extremely powerful and even an initial Manifestation stage practitioner could hardly deal with it on a one to one battle. However, perhaps because it had been asleep for long time, in addition to their overwhelming numbers advantage, for the time being, it was actually suppressed by that giant formation.

“Four Divine Creatures Mega Formation, Suppress Everything!”

Lin Langtian stood right in the middle of that giant formation, before his hand seals changed. Then, after he shouted out, he utilized the might of the giant formation, which was forged together by various elite practitioners, and directly materialized a mountain above the giant formation using Yuan Power. Then, it suddenly fell down and viciously slammed against that Blood Bat Dragon’s gigantic body.


As it faced such a formidable attack, even that Blood Bat Dragon could hardly withstand it. Immediately, it released a devastating roar, while some of its scales scattered across its body were directly shattered. Light purple fresh blood quickly spurted out, while its scales fell off, and caused white smoke to emerge from the ground.

Even though they were able to use the might of the giant formation to injure the Primordial Blood Bat Dragon, it evidently caused that fellow to be extremely enraged. Immediately, it flapped its wings. Then, a violent wind manically swept through the entire area and transformed into tornadoes before they manically swept towards all the surrounding elite practitioners. Immediately, several pained screams emerged, as anyone that was sucked into the tornadoes was immediately torn into shreds.

Even after combining the forces of numerous elite practitioners, they were still unable to quickly defeat the Primordial Blood Bat Dragon. Therefore, Lin Langtian and the other elite practitioners from the Great Four Clan’s faces began to turn slightly ugly.

“Four Divine Creatures Mega Formation, Divine Slaughter!”

When they realized that the Primordial Blood Bat Dragon was so difficult to deal with, Lin Langtian and the other elite practitioners from the Four Great Clan began to turn increasingly solemn. Promptly, their hand seals quickly changed. Instantly, all the Yuan Power in this domain manically gathered together, before a giant dragon, tiger, turtle and phoenix shadow appeared in the middle of the formation!

When these four shadows appeared, all of the Yuan Power in this domain instantly howled forth. In fact, even though Lin Dong was standing at a distance away, his pupils shrunk slightly. The Four Great Clans were indeed formidable and they actually possessed such a formidable formation!


When these shadows appeared, a thick killing intent gushed into Lin Langtian’s eyes. Promptly, he jutted his finger, before the four shadows immediately howled and dashed forth. Then, together with a terrifying Yuan Power shockwave, they viciously slammed against that Primordial Blood Bat Dragon!


The entire domain seemed to tremble at this instance as a terrifying energy shockwave manically swept forth. Several elite practitioners from the Four Great Clan were immediately blown away while they spit out mouthfuls of freshblood. In fact, even Lin Langtian was blown back several hundred meters, before he hideously stabilized himself and hastily suppressed the boiling blood inside his body.


However, right now, the crowds were staring right at the source of that terrifying shockwave. At that spot, another roar once again emerged. However, this time around, that voice seemed much weaker. Moments later, they saw the Primordial Blood Bat Dragon, who had its scales all blown off and had in fact lost an arm, carrying a bloody stench as it hideous fled away.

“The guardian beast has escaped!”

When they saw that the Primordial Blood Bat Dragon had fled away, celebratory noises immediately erupted in this domain. However, no one had any intention to chase after it. Instead, their eyes turned heated as they promptly started right at the collapsing arena!

At that area were the real treasures!

Just as the crowd’s eyes turned feverish in greed, Lin Dong, who was hovering in mid-air, gently smiled. Then, he patted Little Flame, before the latter immediately flapped its lightning wings and quickly chased after that heavily injured Primordial Blood Bat Dragon.

Even though he knew that the real treasure was located in the underground palace, Lin Dong knew that the guardian beast was a mere small fry. If anyone dared to barge into the underground palace, then all that awaited them, was definitely a cruel massacre.

That mysterious corpse will cause them to understand that even after thousands of years, an ancient sect like this was something that no ordinary man should disturb…

At that spot was a death trap. Anyone who entered will definitely be killed!

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