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Chapter 292: The Sect’s Treasure Hoard

Lin Dong’s expression remained tranquil as he gazed at the countless fiery gazes in the plaza. Although he did not expect that the ‘Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger’s’ revelation would draw such a terrifying disturbance, with his current strength, he did not need to be afraid of anything.

This time, not only had he successfully obtained a ferocious Manifestation martial art without equal like the ‘Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger’, Lin Dong had also borrowed the Yuan Power of the Ancient Tablet space to breakthrough to Qi Creation stage. This was undoubtedly an extremely huge boost to his strength!

“Lin Langtian’s martial art talent is shocking indeed. He has actually also obtained a Manifestation martial art.” Lin Dong’s eyes flashed as he cast a glance at the nearby Lin Langtian whose expression was still a little stiff, while he could not help but sigh in his heart at the latter’s destiny. After all, Lin Dong had to rely on the power of the stone talisman in order to find the tablet spirit and communicate with it before being able to obtain the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger.

“However, the Manifestation martial art that he obtained cannot compared to the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger.” With this thought in mind, Lin Dong silently felt a little consolation. From the scene previously, Lin Langtian’s Manifestation martial art was slightly inferior to Lin Dong’s.

While this thought turned in his mind, the tip of Lin Dong’s foot pushed off the ground, and under the numerous watchful gazes of the crowd, he landed on Little Flame’s back.

“This Lin Dong has actually genuinely obtained a Manifestation martial art, truly unimaginable!”

“From the scene just now, it seems like even Lin Langtian’s Manifestation martial art cannot be compared to Lin Dong’s.”

“Could this kid’s martial art talent be stronger than Lin Langtian? How is that possible!”


As Lin Dong landed on Little Flame’s back, the numerous gazes in the plaza regained their senses. Immediately, startled gasps sounded out, while everyone’s eyes were filled with thick astonishment.

“Damnit, that guy was actually allowed to obtain such a huge benefit!” Wang Yan’s expression was dark as he gritted his teeth and cursed.

“That kid was merely lucky in being able to contact the tablet spirit, what martial art talent can he have!” One of the Wang Clan practitioners grudgingly remarked.

However, no matter how much they slandered, they still felt rather depressed in their hearts. This time, Lin Dong had not only obtained such a powerful martial art, but he had even taken the opportunity to breakthrough to the Qi Creation stage. Hence, his power had risen greatly again. For them, this was not good at all.

Atop the stone platform, Lin Langtian’s expression was a little dark. However, he quickly recovered moments later. An indescribable look was plastered in his eye as he deeply gazed at Lin Dong, before turning around and returning to the Lin Clan area.

“Kid, you’ve really made it big this time…” When Lin Dong sat on Little Flame’s back, Little Marten’s voice sounded out in his mind.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong faintly smiled, but his eyes were concentrated on the ground below. Moments later, he replied in a low voice: “Did you see the images just now?”

“Yea, I’m afraid the true treasure hoard left behind by the ancient sect is in the underground palace.” Little Marten’s voice was tinged with a slight fire.

“There are at least ten million Pure Yuan pills within, and even the number of Nirvana pills is rather large. If you are able to obtain those Nirvana pills, your hopes of attacking the Nirvana stage will not be small!”

“You still need Nirvana pills to attack the Nirvana stage?” Lin Dong was slightly taken aback, a little curious in his heart as he asked.

“To advance to the Nirvana stage, you will need to absorb enough Nirvana Qi. There are two ways to obtain Nirvana Qi, one would be to absorb it from heaven and earth, this does not require Nirvana pills but the chances of success are not high. The second method is to rely on outside forces, and assimilate some items containing Nirvana Qi, and the best substitute for these kinds of items is the Nirvana pill!”

“However, Nirvana pills are rather rare. Even Nirvana stage practitioners will find creating it rather troublesome. Hence, most practitioners who plan on attacking the Nirvana stage will try all kinds of means to accumulate a huge amount of Nirvana pills in preparation to attack the Nirvana stage. In my opinion, I’m afraid very few factions in the Great Yan Empire can gather this amount of pills…”

“The Nirvana pills actually have this kind of usage?!” Lin Dong was greatly shocked, but soon after, he deeply felt a sense of agreement. He could tell that the amount Little Marten had spoke of was definitely at a rather terrifying level. Or else, Nirvana stage practitioners would not be such a rarity in the entire Great Yan Empire.

Lin Dong even thought that perhaps whether the Lin Clan could afford such a sum would be a debatable question.

“Heh, take a look, though they have now each obtained a martial art, the four great clans still show no indications of leaving. I believe that they likely know about the underground palace, and perhaps they intend to make a move on it.” After hearing Little Marten’s strange laughter, Lin Dong was slightly surprised. He looked down and indeed saw that not only had the four great clans not shown any signs of leaving, they had instead gathered together, and from the looks of it, they seemed to be discussing something.

“For these factions, the treasure hoard left behind by the ancient sect possess a fatal attractiveness. If they are able to divide the treasure hoard among them, they will perhaps possess the amount needed to attack the Nirvana stage. Hence, they will not easily give up no matter what.”

Lin Dong gently nodded his head and muttered: “However, I am not too optimistic about their odds. There is a guardian beast in the underground palace and that guardian beast should be rather powerful. It will be no easy matter for the four great clans to deal with it, moreover…”

As he spoke till this point, Lin Dong paused, his eyes tightly fixed on the ground. There was still the mysterious skeleton within the underground palace. Although he did not know if the skeleton was dead or alive, Lin Dong had felt an extremely dangerous aura from it, the kind of aura that caused him to feel absolutely horrified.

Thus, Lin Dong had already made up his mind. These guys could go ahead and make a move on the underground palace. Meanwhile he would remain on the sidelines and watch the show. If an opportunity presents itself, he would swoop in to gain some benefits. Else, if the situation worsens, then he would immediately flee!

While these thoughts turned in Lin Dong’s mind, the four great clans below had already gathered together. In response to their actions, many practitioners felt somewhat puzzled. However, the people who possessed the ability to enter this domain mostly people of substance. Upon seeing this situation, they only needed to ponder for a moment before they immediately understood. Instantly, they chose to stay behind as well..

The Great Devil Sect, Ghastly Puppet Cult and other factions were likewise a little puzzled. From the looks of it, they did not know of the existence of the underground palace. However, this was not strange. After all, the ancient tablet space was so vast, and there were many vicious Demonic Beasts and seals within it, hence, they could not possibly scout the place inch by inch.

Under the attention of countless gazes, Lin Langtian slowly walked out from the four great clans area. His eyes swept across the place, as his indifferent voice rang out: “Everyone, after numerous scoutings by our four great clans, we have finally found the treasure hoard left behind by the ancient sect within this ancient tablet space. Our four great clans do not wish to hide this matter nor hold any thoughts of claiming it for ourselves. Whoever the treasure hoard belongs to will solely depend on their ability.”

‘What? They discovered the sect’s treasure hoard?!”

“Heh, the four great clans actually do not plan to devour it all by themselves? And actually revealed it? What are they doing?”

“The four great clans are no fools. Though their factions are powerful, how many factions and practitioners are there here? If they hog everything, it would likely immediately draw crazed attacks. At that time, even if the four great clans combine forces, they will not be able to get anything good!”


Lin Langtian’s words instantly caused a huge disturbance in the plaza. Even the Great Devil Sect and other factions were shocked for a while. Clearly, this was the first time they had heard of this news.

“The reason why our four great clans are willing to share this information is mainly because there is an extremely formidable guardian beast within the treasure hoard area. To defeat the guardian beast, we will require everyone’s power.” Wang Tong, who had been injured by Lin Dong, chose this moment to explain.

“It turns out that the four great clans are unable to deal with the so-called guardian beast alone…”

Upon hearing these words, many people’s gazes flashed. Only now did they understand why Lin Langtian and the rest were willing to share this kind of information. As it turns out, even the combined forces of their four great clans would be unable to successfully obtain the treasure hoard.

“Ke ke, since the four great clans are so generous, my Great Devil Sect would definitely lend a hand. We are also very interested in the ancient sect’s treasure hoard.” Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes turned, before she chuckled and declared. The ancient sect’s treasure hoard possessed a fatal attraction to any faction, including the Great Devil Sect.

After the Great Devil Sect, the Ghastly Puppet, Martial Alliance and other factions also expressed their willingness to work together one by one. For a time, the atmosphere in the plaza once again turned heated. No one expected that there would actually still be such a sumptuous feast after the Manifestation Martial Tablet.

Upon seeing this, the four great clans troops exchanged a look and nodded their heads, before almost a hundred figures flew out, floating in mid-air. Yuan Power burst forth, transforming into formidable attacks which bombarded the enormous green stone plaza below.

“Boom boom!”

Faced with the four great clans’ attack, huge cracks immediately burst open on the plaza. After seeing their actions, a flash of understanding hit the surrounding crowd. As it turns out, the sect’s treasure hoard was beneath their feet.

As deafening explosions sounded out, the huge plaza swiftly started to crumble, while the surrounding practitioners also retreated like locusts, landing on the nearby mountains and giant trees.

Lin Dong sat on the tiger’s back, his eyes tightly fixed on the smoke and dust. A long while later, his pupils abruptly shrunk as he instantly patted Little Flame. The latter shook its lightning wings as its body hastily rose.


Just as Little Flame flew up, an astonishing roar, that seemed as if it originated from ancient times, suddenly rang out from under the ruins of the plaza. An ancient and ferocious aura, that caused everyone’s expressions to change drastically, soared into the sky from under the plaza!

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