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Chapter 283 Manifestation Martial Tablet

“You do not know of the Manifestation Martial Tablet?”

Although astonishment quickly flitted across Lin Dong’s face, it was still detected by Mu Qianqian. Immediately, astonishment also surfaced on her pretty face as she asked.

To one side, the Great Devil Sect practitioner’s also looked towards Lin Dong in astonishment. Evidently, they never expected that he would have actually not heard of even this kind of miraculous object.

“It’s the first time I’ve come to the Great Desolate Province to train. Hence I am not too familiar with the things within the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.” Lin Dong casually chuckled before continuing: “Will it be possible for Miss Mu to talk about what this Manifestation Martial Tablet is?”

“If you want to information from me, you will have to pay a price.” Mu Qianqian laughed and replied.

“Take it as compensation for helping to chase away the Ghastly Puppet Cult.” Lin Dong grinned and said, not giving even the slightest chance to Mu Qianqian to take advantage of him.

“Stingy.” Upon seeing this, Mu Qianqian could not help but roll her eyes at Lin Dong. Soon after, she explained: “The Manifestation Martial Tablet is the most miraculous object within the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. Many practitioners and factions have come here aiming for it.”

“Is the Manifestation Martial Tablet a Soul Treasure?” Lin Dong probed.

“This…I am not too sure. I am unable to imagine what kind of Soul Treasure would be able to possess such a miraculous power.”

Mu Qianqian’s umber black brows slightly knitted together: “According to what I know, the Manifestation Martial Tablet should be the place where the ancient sect awarded martials arts to its disciples. As long as one is able to meditate before the Manifestation Martial Tablet, one would be able to obtain a martial art. The martial art obtained can be high or low tier, and mostly depends on one’s martial arts talent. In the previous openings of the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, there was once an alarmingly talented individual who obtained a Manifestation level martial art from the Manifestation Martial Tablet.”

“Manifestation level martial art?”

After hearing this, Lin Dong was taken aback. The Manifestation Martial Tablet was actually so magical that one would be able to obtain a Manifestation level martial arts just by meditating in front of it? Was there really such a magical item in this world?

“My goal this time is also to meditate before the Manifestation Martial Tablet and see if I am able to obtain a Manifestation level martial art.” Mu Qianqian declared, her beautiful eyes full of hope and expectation. The Manifestation level. Martial arts at that level was really too enticing for them.

“Haha, after hearing Miss Mu say so, I am now also rather interested in this Manifestation Martial Tablet.” Lin Dong laughed and said. Since he had already come here, he would try his luck no matter what.

“Mere interest alone is not enough. There are only ten seats in front of the Manifestation Martial Tablet. This means that there are only ten spots available. Hehe, a majority of the practitioners within the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet now are here for the Manifestation Martial Tablet. Thus, it will not be a simple feat to obtain a place.” Mu Qianqian laughed and explained.

“Only ten spots?” Upon hearing this, Lin Dong was a little stunned. If this was so, an astonishingly great battle where blood would flow like rivers would be unavoidable. After all, no one would be willing to give up such an important spot to someone else. Therefore, if one did not have absolute power and a faction’s backing, taking a spot would merely be courting death.

“However, with the strength that young master Lin Dong displayed previously, obtaining a spot should not be difficult…” Mu Qianqian smiled and said.

“Haha, there are as many strong people as clouds in the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, while I am merely alone by myself. Saying these things are a little premature.” Lin Dong chuckled. He did not appear overly arrogant. After all, he was not like Mu Qianqian, Teng Lei and the rest, who had a powerful faction supporting them. Compared to them, Lin Dong was after all by himself, and would very easily become a target for others.

“Is young master Lin Dong willing to travel with us?” Mu Qianqian declined to comment, as her eyes turned and said.

“Haha, many thanks for Miss Mu’s good intentions, however, I am used to being by myself. Moreover, I have offended quite a number of people in the Great Desolate Province, hence, being together with you all will not bring you much benefits.” Lin Dong laughed as he rejected Mu Qianqian’s kind intentions. He could tell that the latter had the intention of recruiting him, however, he did not have any inclination to join the Great Devil Sect. Both parties could maintain a good relationship, but also needed to maintain a little distance. This way would be the safest for Lin Dong.

After hearing Lin Dong’s reply, a trace of disappointment flitted across Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes, but she could only nod her head.

“Let me first thank Miss Mu for her information, I will have to leave first, goodbye!” Lin Dong had no intentions of chatting for too long. Immediately, he cupped his fists together towards Mu Qianqian, as a whistle sounded out from his mouth. A scarlet red shadow burst out from passageway, lightning wings shaking as they emitted a low rumbling noise.

Lin Dong’s figure flashed as he directly leapt onto the tiger’s back. Thunder rumbled as they dashed into the passageway before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

“This kid really doesn’t know how to appreciate one’s kindness. He knows that he has offended many people, if he is together with our Great Devil Sect, other’s will at least give a little face. If he is alone, it will definitely draw the crowd’s attacks.” Gazing as Lin Dong disappeared, a Great Devil Sect practitioner opened his mouth and commented.

“Those with power have the right to be arrogant. Now that he has a high-grade Symbol Puppet in his hands, and is so powerful that even Teng Lei and his troops are unable to handle him, if other’s inconvenience him, they are only asking for trouble. Forget it, since he is unwilling to be too close to us, let him be. Try your best not to become enemies with him, this kind of enemy is too troublesome. I believe that the Ghastly Puppet Cult will not be too quiet in future.” Mu Qianqian’s lily-white hand lightly waved as she casually said.

“Let’s go, we also need to rush to the Manifestation Martial Tablet. If we are able to obtain a Manifestation level martial arts this time, our trip will have not been in vain.”

Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes swept across the surroundings, before her curvaceous figure floated forth and landed towards the passageway. Behind her, a big group of Great Devil Sect troops closely followed.

As the crowd left, this Symbol Puppet lair once again became quiet. Only the cracks on the walls were proof that a great battle had occurred in this place.


Atop the majestic mountain peak, a bolt of lightning flashed, and soon after, hovered in the sky. Lin Dong sat on the tiger’s back as he vigilantly scanned the surroundings before relaxing a little.

Currently, he was still able to see several treasure seeking figures, and faintly hear the howls of the Demonic Beasts. Probably from some unfortunate fellows who had entered into some Demonic Beast territory.

“You plan to go to the Manifestation Martial Tablet area?” Little Marten appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder and inquired.

“I’ll try my luck. If I am able to obtain a Manifestation martial art, it will be a huge aid in raising my battle power.” Lin Dong nodded his head. Among the numerous martial arts he had learnt, the strongest was the Heavenly Scales Halberd techniques. According to Lin Dong’s guess, if the Heavenly Scales Halberd technique final move, Heavenly Dragon Halberd, was used, its might should be comparable to a rank nine martial art. This could already be considered extremely powerful, but if compared to a Manifestation martial art, this Heavenly Scale Halberd technique would appear rather dull.

Although he did not know how strong a Nirvana stage practitioner was, Lin Dong could unceremoniously say that among the three creation stages, whoever possessed a Manifestation martial art would then be possess the ability to challenge a higher stage.

Challenging one at a higher stage was not easy. Even Lin Dong needed to rely on the power of his body, Yuan Power and Mental Energy, the combination of three kinds of power, together with various martial arts and methods before he was able to contend against a Qi Creation stage practitioner. From this, one could see that challenging one at a higher stage was not something that anyone could do.

Yet, a Manifestation martial art possessed this mighty power, which explained why countless practitioners literally drooled over it. Of course, Lin Dong was also one of them.

“Heh, however, there are only ten places before the Manifestation Martial Tablet, your turn will not come easy.” Little Marten chuckled and said.

“If my turn does not come, then I’ll snatch it.” Lin Dong casually smiled. Strength was the only thing respected here, and he did not dream that someone would yield the seat to him out of kindness. To obtain resources, one would need to display strength that would render other’s speechless.

“Looks like the struggle for the Manifestation Martial Tablet spots will be the most exciting thing in this Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.” Little Marten clicked its tongue and said. One could imagine how spectacular the scene would be when countless practitioners fight over the ten spots.

Lin Dong laughed and said no more. His hand patted Little Flame as the latter let out a low roar. Lightning wings shook, emitting the sound of thunder as they flew towards the center of the ancient ruins.

The scope of this ancient ruins was extremely huge, and even with Little Flame’s speed, they were unable to reach the center area even after about ten minutes of flying. However, along the way to the center, Lin Dong saw many figures heading to the same destination as himself. These people’s auras were mostly rather strong, causing Lin Dong to be somewhat surprised. Clearly, these people should be aiming for the Manifestation Martial Tablet and it looked like the struggle for the spots would be rather intense.

“Heh, no matter what, that spot will be mine!”

Lin Dong chuckled in his heart as a fire lighted up in his eyes. No matter how many practitioners came to the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, he would not back down. Moreover, after obtaining the high-grade Symbol Puppet, as long as he did not meet a half-step to Manifestation stage practitioner like Lin Langtian, Lin Dong practically have nothing to fear!


While these thoughts turned in Lin Dong’s mind, Little Flame’s lightning wings shook as they once again flew past a towering mountain. After which, a vast ancient plaza appeared within Lin Dong’s sight.

This plaza occupied several thousands of meters. Made from bluestone, it gave off an ancient flavor. At this moment, the plaza and its surroundings were already filled with a good deal of people.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across these people before finally concentrating on the center of the plaza. There, was a stone platform and atop the stone platform was a simple and nameless stone tablet, which silently stood on the stone platform as a strange ancient and ever-enduring aura slowly spread out from within the stone tablet, rippling in the air, causing one to feel reverence in one’s heart.

As he stared at the huge nameless stone tablet, Lin Dong’s eyes instantly started to heat up. It looks like this was the Manifestation Martial Tablet that Mu Qianqian had spoke of…

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