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Chapter 282: The Might of a High-Grade Symbol Puppet

Under the stares of the crowd, Lin Dong’s high-grade Symbol Puppet directly carried streaks of golden light, while it flew across mid-air and directly collided against that giant shadow!


A earth-shattering loud noise violently erupted above this Symbol Puppet Lair, while waves of potent energy shockwaves manically emerged in mid-air. In fact, some of the large metal giant chains nearby were all forcefully shattered due to this vibration.

“Quickly retreat!”

As they stared at that energy shockwaves that swept forth like a hurricane, Mu Qianqian and the rest’s facial expression changed slightly, before they quickly retreated and landed on the edges above the Symbol Puppet lair.

“Boom Boom!”

Giant boulder continuously tumbled off from their surroundings, before they landed into that dark never-ending abyss. Then, the metal net that had been spread across the lair immediately exploded.

“Such a terrifying Symbol Puppet!”

After they found a safe landing spot, the Great Devil Sect elite practitioners witnessed the destruction first hand, while awe filled their eyes.

Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes stared at the spot where the Symbol Puppet and shadow had clashed. At that spot, a golden light suddenly emerged and grew as it forcefully wrapped around that shadow. Then, it suddenly compressed, before that shadow exploded with a bang!

After that shadow exploded, a Symbol Puppet that was glimmering with a golden glow once again reappeared in front of everyone’s eyes. There were no injures on its bodies and it seemed like the violent clash previously had not damaged it at all.

“It is indeed a high-grade Symbol Puppet!” When she saw this sight, a tinge of envy flashed across Mu Qianqian’s eyes.

“Haha, Teng Lei. It seems like my Symbol Puppet has won.” In mid-air, Lin Dong hovered on a blade shadow as while he smiled at a stern faced Teng Lei and the rest, and said.

“Little bastard, don’t be too arrogant. Just because you have obtained a high-grade Symbol Puppet does not mean that you can disrespect our Ghastly Puppet Cult!” When he saw this situation, a Ghastly Puppet Cult elder angrily grunted.

“I have not disrespected you enough!” Lin Dong gently smiled. However, a cold glint flashed across his eyes. Immediately, he waved his sleeves, before that high-grade Symbol Puppet, which was hovering in mid-air, instantly transformed into a golden glow and directly dashed towards the Ghastly Puppet Cult members.

“Bang bang bang!”

That extremely vicious and tough high-grade Symbol Puppet was just like a wolf in a sheep pen. Each time it attacked, a elite Ghastly Puppet Cult member would vomit blood and be forced to retreat. Due to its terrifying strength, even a Qi Creation stage elite practitioner could only dare to dodge it. For the rest, a mere touch would immediately lead to an injury!

Due to the attack from that high-grade Symbol Puppet, the Ghastly Puppet Cult members were in distraught as they hastily retreated. Even if were not for the fact that Teng Lei was still around, most of them would have likely fled.

This attack lasted for several minutes, before several elite Ghastly Puppet Cult members had already sustained severe injuries.

“Lin Dong!”

When he saw that Lin Dong had actually dared to attack his Ghastly Puppet Cult member in front of him, Teng Lei was furious. Immediately, he shouted out, as he desperately tried to control his Symbol Puppet and halt Lin Dong’s high-grade Symbol Puppet.

“This kind of broken thrash should be kept at home!’ Lin Dong smiled. With a flick of his hand, that high-grade Symbol Puppet’s figure flashed before a punch, filled with a terrifying force wind, was delivered as quick as lightning on Teng Lei’s Symbol Puppet.


A metallic sound echoed out, before Teng Lei mid-grade Symbol Puppet was directly blown away by that single punch alone. Then, it heavily slammed against the mountain wall, before giant rocks immediately crumbled upon it and destroyed one of its arms.

Though the difference between a high-grade Symbol Puppet and mid-grade Symbol Puppet was only one word, the difference in their battle abilities was like a gulf.

“Since you want to kill me, I shall kill you first today!’

After he blew away Teng Lei’s mid-grade Symbol Puppet with a punch alone, Lin Dong decided to ride the momentum and he did not give Teng Lei any room to recover. Immediately, his eyes turned cold. With a flick of his mind, that high-grade Symbol Puppet immediately turned around and dashed towards Teng Lei.

When he saw that Lin Dong was intending to kill him, Teng Lei’s facial expression changed. However, he did not dare to be negligent as he faced an attack from a high-grade Symbol Puppet. Immediately, he hastily retreated, while streams of potent Mental Energy quickly gushed forth and transformed into a several meters large Mental Energy Spear. Then, he viciously threw it towards that incoming Symbol Puppet.


That Mental Energy Spear dashed across the horizons together with a splitting wind sound. Meanwhile, the surrounding air formed into spheres around the spear and it looked extremely formidable.


However, even as it faced Teng Lei’s formidable attack, that high-grade Symbol Puppet did not show any signs of dodging. Instead, it directly executed a punch and solemnly slammed against that Mental Energy Spear.


After it executed its punch, cracks immediately appeared on that Mental Energy Spear. Split seconds later, it was filled with cracks, before it exploded into dust with a loud bang.

Right now, that high-grade Symbol Puppet was practically unstoppable!


After it blew apart that Mental Energy Spear with a single punch, that Symbol Puppet did not slow down at all. Its body carved out a golden line in mid-air, before it appeared instantaneously in front of Teng Lei. A light golden glow glimmered on its stone-cold face, while the iron-fist in his hand was unceremoniously lifted up. Then, with a force that could split through the air, he viciously slammed against Teng Lei’s head. Judging this situation, if his head was hit by this attack, that Teng Lei’s head will probably exploded into a bloody mist.

“Lin Dong, you are truly too much. Do you really think that you can rely on this Symbol Puppet alone to kill me?” When he saw Lin Dong continuously pressurizing him, Teng Lei’s eyes turned blood-red. Immediately, he shouted viciously before greyish Mental Energy began to gush out from his Niwan palace manically.

“Buzz buzz!”

Greyish Mental Energy manically gathered in front of Teng Lei. Faintly, they began to squirm just like a mist. Then, Teng Lei suddenly bit his tongue, before he spit out a mouthful of essence blood.

“Buzz buzz!”

When that essence blood appeared, the potent Mental Energy ahead of him began to fuse together. Instantly, they began to contort before they transformed into a peculiar blood Symbol filled with a thick bloody smell. Faintly, an extremely violent sensation emerged from within it.

“Major Ghoul Technique, Essence Blood Symbol!”

When that blood symbol materialized, Teng Lei’s face turned exceedingly pale. Immediately, he jutted out his finger before that blood symbol violently dashed forth and solidly slammed against that Symbol Puppet’s fist.


Another exceedingly violent energy shockwave erupted in mid-air, before that blood-red Mental Energy, that was swivelling like a blood mist, began to slowly disperse off.


Teng Lei’s figure hideously retreated before he finally slammed against the mountain wall. Immediately, cracks emerged on the wall, while he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. It seems like he had incurred some injuries as well.

When they saw that Teng Lie was injured, the elite Ghastly Puppet Cult members facial expression changed immediately, before they quickly hurried over and supported them.


Teng Lei’s face was extremely pale. Though he was extremely aggrieved, he knew that since Lin Dong had the high-grade Symbol Puppet, it was very difficult for them to defeat him. Therefore, it was best for them to retreat.

When they heard his words, though the elite Ghastly Puppet Cult members were all unwilling as well, they could only nod their heads. Then, they supported Teng Lei as they quickly retreated and somewhat hideously dashed into the tunnels.


When he saw the Ghastly Puppet Cult member retreat, Lin Dong stealthily heaved a sigh of relief. With a flick of his mind, that high-grade Symbol Puppet dashed forth before it appeared in front of him.

“That Teng Lei is indeed skilled. He had actually so many tricks up his sleeves. If I had not obtained this high-grade Symbol Puppet today, it may be quite difficult for me to escape today.”

Lin Dong gently heaved a sigh of relief inside his heart. This Teng Lei was indeed a genius from Ghastly Puppet Cult and he was quite a troublesome opponent. Nonetheless, since he had obtained a high-grade Symbol Puppet, in the future, Lin Dong no longer had to worry about the Ghastly Puppet Cult.

“This high-grade Symbol Puppet is indeed terrifying. However, it consumes too many Pure Yuan Pills. If I truly want to battle against an elite practitioner like Lin Langtian, even two hundred thousand Pure Yuan Pills would be insufficient…”

After this short test, the might that the high-grade Symbol Puppet had displayed pleased Lin Dong. However, it truly required a lot of resources. In order to finish off these Ghastly Puppet Cult member, he had used up tens of thousands of Pure Yuan Pills. Therefore, if he wanted to battle against an opponent like Lin Langtian, he would probably have to spend several times more resources.

“Haha, the show is over, everyone should have seen enough?”

Lin Dong waved his hand, before he kept his high-grade Symbol Puppet into his Qiankun bag. Then, he smiled as he spoke to Mu Qianqian and the rest.

“Haha, Qianqian is truly fortunate. I can actually get to witness how young master Lin Dong managed to defeat so many elite Ghastly Puppet Cult members on his own in such a spectacular fashion.” When she heard his words, Mu Qianqian smiled coyly as she said.

“Haha, Miss Mu Qia please do not tease me. After all, I borrowed the strength of the Symbol Puppet.” Lin Dong smiled. His tone was fairly jovial. After all, the Great Devil Sect was one the top factions in Great Desolate Province. Now that he had offended the Ghastly Puppet Cult, if his relationship with the Great Devil Sect worsened as well, he would be in for a difficult time. No matter what, they were the local snakeheads in Great Desolate Province.

Mu Qianqian covered his mouth as she smiled. Then, she brought along a puff of fragrance, as she led her Great Devil Sect troops and landed beside Lin Dong elegantly,

“Young Master Lin Dong, the reason why you could obtain that high-grade Symbol Puppet was also partly due to our Great Devil Sect?” When she landed beside Lin Dong, Mu Qianqian smiled as she said.

“Haha, Miss Mu should know that if the Ghastly Puppet Cult obtained this item, it would be disadvantageous to your Great Devil Sect. At the very least, I do not bear any grudges against you.” Lin Dong smiled. This lady was truly peculiar, and he did not want to owe her any favours.

When she saw Lin Dong sneakily avoiding this issue, Mu Qianqian gritted his silver teeth. After she had fought with Teng Lei and the rest for so long, Lin Dong was the one who benefited from it. Therefore, anyone in her situation would undoubtedly feel a little angry.

“You should have came looking for the Manifestation Martial Tablet?” Mu Qianqian rolled her eyes at Lin Dong, before she suddenly said.

“Manifestation Martial Tablet?”

When he heard this foreign name, Lin Dong was taken aback. Was that the reason why these major factions had gathered here? So what exactly is that?

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