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Chapter 284: Ten Praying Mats

The huge nameless stone tablet quietly stood at the center of the plaza, its ancient aura causing a look of reverence to surface on many people’s faces. It was as if this nameless stone tablet was not a lifeless, and instead possessed a kind of consciousness, a feeling that caused one to feel intimidated.

Little Flame gradually slowed its speed, and later hovered a distance away from the Manifestation Martial Tablet, as its gaze swept about. Currently, there were already many factions and people around the Manifestation Martial Tablet, and after a single look, Lin Dong found the four great clans at the very front.

The four great clans were currently separated by some distance from each other, but the positions that they occupied were the best in the plaza. As the Great Yan Empire’s four great clans, they clearly possessed such qualifications.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept about before pausing at the Lin Clan area. There, a tall figure silently sat. Although he did not speak, one could feel an aloof pride from that person. Evidently, in the face of that figure, several so-called young talents here appeared rather dull and dim. In the entire Great Yan Empire, there was no one that did not know of the light of the Lin Clan’s greatest and most resplendent genius.

Lin Dong calmly stared at the figure. He knew that given his current strength, he was still unable to contend against Lin Langtian. However, with the high-grade Symbol Puppet protecting him, he had complete confidence that he would be able to escape if they fought.

“Although it is not possible now, there is still one year…”

Lin Dong muttered to himself, not a single trace of despair in his eyes. Although a gap still existed between them, the current him was at least gradually approaching this previously unreachable foe. He believed that the day he truly surpassed this foe would eventually arrive. At that time, he would completely take back the humiliation the latter had once given his father in front of everyone!

“That kid has also arrived.”

While Lin Dong was looking at Lin Langtian, the nearby Wang Clan likewise discovered his arrival. Wang Yan’s complexion instantly darkened, his eyes filled with murder as he stared at the former. From the looks of it, he was itching to chop Lin Dong in to ten thousand pieces.

“Uncle Tong, we are already before the Manifestation Martial Tablet, hence we cannot so easily let that kid off!” Wang Yan spoke in a low voice to the elder beside him who had previously attacked Lin Dong.

Upon hearing this, Wang Tong’s face twitched as he cast a glance at Lin Dong. Soon after, he replied in an indifferent voice: “Yes. Don’t worry, that kid should also be aiming for the Manifestation Martial Tablet, however, there are only ten places. At that time, if he dares to dream of taking a spot, we will let him lose all his face in front of everyone!”

Although he was a little surprised at Lin Dong’s battle power, Wang Tong was rather confident. After all, even if something unexpected occurred, their Wang Clan still had many other practitioners. He truly did not believe that four Qi Creation practitioners would still be unable to kill an advanced Form Creation stage Lin Dong!

After hearing Wang Tong’s words, Wang Yan finally nodded his head as he slowly withdrew his vicious gaze.

“Heh heh, Lin Dong, looks like you’ve offended many people. From the looks of it, the Wang Clan at least will not so easily let you obtain a seat.” Little Marten thoughtlessly chuckled on Lin Dong’s shoulder. It seems that it had sensed Wang Yan’s vengeful gaze.

“If they want to come, I’ll just have to receive them. I never thought that I would be able to smoothly obtain a seat. Whoever dares to obstruct me shall be an example for the rest!” Lin Dong sneered. With the high-grade Symbol Puppet, his confidence had undoubtedly risen substantially. Currently, as long as a half-step to Manifestatiton stage practitioner like Lin Langtian did not step in, he would be completely without worry.

“Tch tch, looks like there will be a good show here today.” Little Marten sat on Lin Dong’s shoulder and grinned.

“Oh right, Little Marten, are you able to see what’s so special about this Manifestation Martial Tablet?” Lin Dong rolled his eyes at the guy who seemingly wanted to watch the world fall into chaos, as he raised his chin towards the Manifestation Martial Tablet and asked.

“There’s nothing much to see. There are indeed many things and phenomena within this Manifestation Martial Tablet. It is likely that the ancient sect had injected numerous martial arts into it, and the so-called meditating to obtain a martial art is merely allowing you all to link up to the Martial Tablet and form obtain a martial art from within it. As for obtaining a Manifestation level martial art, it will likely be very difficult, and in a sense will depend on your destiny.” Little Marten lazily looked towards the Manifestation Martial Tablet and explained.

“This Manifestation Martial Tablet should be a quasi-Heaven rank Soul Treasure, and might have already birthed a tablet spirit. If you have a chance to obtain a spot, you can try to communicate with the tablet spirit. This will bring you endless benefits.”

“Tablet spirit? Are you saying that this Manifestation Martial Tablet possesses its own consciousness?” Lin Dong asked in shock.

“There’s nothing to be baffled about. Soul Treasures which have reached the Earth rank will gradually gain some self-awareness and even be able to cultivate. This Manifestation Martial Tablet has been tempered and refined by the Yuan Power in the Ancient Tablet space for several thousand years. A tablet spirit appearing is rather normal.” Little Marten answered.

“An Earth rank Soul Treasure is actually so powerful. Compared to it, these so-called high-grade Soul Treasures are lacking by more than a single level.”

“They are indeed unable to be compared. The current you will possess the qualifications to fight Lin Langtian as long as you obtain either a Manifestation martial art or an Earth rank Soul Treasure.”

Lin Dong silently nodded his head. Manifestation martial arts and Earth rank Soul Treasures were admittedly powerful, but were also especially rare. To obtain one was easier said than done.

While Lin Dong and Little Marten were conversing, many people continued to arrive at this area. Among them were the Ghastly Puppet Cult led by Teng Lei and the Great Devil Sect led by Mu Qianqian.

Due to the fact that the Ghastly Puppet Cult group had previously been in a great battle with Lin Dong, they appeared a little dispirited. In particular, their morale was somewhat low. However, this did not hinder them from becoming a tyrannical existence in a the plaza. Under Teng Lei’s lead, they directly moved to a location near the Manifestation Martial Tablet.

“It’s that kid Lin Dong!”

When they arrived, some of the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners discovered Lin Dong who was in the sky. Immediately, their expressions changed as a faint trace of fear appeared in their eyes. The huge battle previously had allowed them to understand Lin Dong’s strength.

Teng Lei’s expression was extremely twisted, as he icily glanced at Lin Dong. In the end, he did not say anything as he directly sat on the ground. Now that the high-grade Symbol Puppet had been obtained by Lin Dong, with their current members, they were already unable to be of any threat towards Lin Dong. Hence, he could only endure it now and wait till they left this place before calling for more practitioners from the cult to thoroughly kill Lin Dong and snatch back the high-grade Symbol Puppet!

“No need to bother with him, we will allow him to jump about for some time. Our Ghastly Puppet Cult things are not so easy to snatch away!”

Upon hearing Teng Lei’s cold tone, the Ghastly Puppet Cult members nodded their heads with vicious expressions on their faces.

“This guy is rather fast.” Mu Qianqian was a little surprised as she cast a glance at Lin Dong. However, she did not have any intentions of going over and instead led the Great Devil Sect group to occupy a spot before her beautiful eyes turned to stare passionately at the nearby Manifestation Martial Tablet.

After the Great Devil Sect and the Ghastly Puppet Cult, quite a number of people arrived, causing the place to become increasingly lively.

As the number of people on the plaza increased, a ray of sunlight poured down from the sky and shined on the huge Manifestation Martial Tablet below.

“Buzz buzz!”

The ray of light shined down like a pillar of light joining the Manifestation Martial Tablet and the heavens. After which, soft sounds akin to an ancient clock humming melodiously sounded out from Manifestation Martial Tablet, rippling in the area and causing one to feel carefree and relaxed, as if even one’s mind had been cleaned and was now exceptionally peaceful.

Upon seeing the Manifestation Martial Tablet’s activity, the plaza instantly turned heated as gazes filled with lust and greed unwaveringly stared at the light emitting Manifestation Martial Tablet.

Buzz buzz buzz!

Under the attention of countless gazes, ten pillars of light suddenly shot out from the Manifestation Martial Tablet, before landing on the stone platform in front of it, condensing into the appearance of ten ancient praying mats. Faintly, a delicate fragrance spread out from within them, causing the thoughts of anyone who inhaled it to become calm.

When the ten ancient praying mats appeared, the originally noisy plaza did not turn chaotic as expected, but instead became strangely quiet. Red slowly surfaced in everyone’s eyes, they knew that the places these ten ancient praying mats represented was their goal!

These were the Manifestation Martial Tablet’s ten seats!

Lin Dong licked his lips as he passionately stared at the ten ancient praying mats. Among the numerous practitioners, only ten people would have the qualifications to sit there and receive the Manifestation Martial Tablet’s gift!

The praying mats had appeared, yet the plaza was extraordinarily silent, and no faction or practitioner made a move. This was because everyone knew that if they did not have enough strength, the praying mats would only become something that would lead them to their deaths!

This silence did not last for long. Mere minutes later, under the watch of countless eyes, at the very front of the Lin Clan, the slender figure which had sat in silence since the start slowly stood up. Yuan Power gathered below his feet, as he stepped on empty space towards the stone platform. In the end, he directly sat down on the first praying mat.

As they stared at that figure, many practitioner’s expressions fluctuated, but in the end, not a single person dared to rudely say anything. Because they knew. Regardless of whether it was his strength or the faction behind him, either was sufficient to allow him to sit there without any obstruction.

Because, he was the Lin Clan’s Lin Langtian.

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