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Chapter 281: Ghastly Devil Kill

As Teng Lei’s cold and venomous voice sounded out, all of the elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioner’s facial expressions gradually turned unfriendly. All of them slowly spread out, completely sealing off the area. While they were busy fighting above, Lin Dong had actually taken advantage of this opportunity to swoop in and reap the rewards. If news of this matter got out, they would surely become the material for other people’s jokes. Therefore, Lin Dong must die today!

“To think that this cunning little fellow has actually used us as well. While we were busy stopping the Ghastly Puppet Cult, he took advantage of this opening to obtain the high-grade Symbol Puppet.” Over at the Great Devil Sect, an elder behind Mu Qianqian softly said.

“Miss, what should we do now?” An elite Great Devil Sect practitioner asked.

When she heard their words, Mu Qianqin let out a melodious laugh before she suddenly said with a smile: “Teng Lei, what Lin Dong said was correct. Everything in this Ancient Tablet space is ownerless. Therefore, your Ghastly Puppet Cult should not be so overbearing.”

“Mu Qianqian, cut the crap. If it were not for you all, our Ghastly Puppet Cult would have long obtained that high-grade Symbol Puppet! Therefore, you guys are also responsible for this matter!” Teng Lei suddenly shouted out.

“Then, how about you finish us off?” Mu Qianqian covered her mouth as she smiled and said. She seemed extremely seductive and beautiful just like a little succubus, and her actions caused one’s head to ache.

Teng Lei’s expression was dark. The current him did not want to fight with Mu Qianqian. Instead, he must ensure that Lin Dong die at this spot today. Else, how would he explain this matter to his Ghastly Puppet Cult?

“Haha, young master Lin Dong, looking at the current situation, do you require assistance from my Great Devil Sect?” When she saw that Teng Lei was silent, Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes turned towards Lin Dong, before she asked with a smile.

“Haha, thanks for your offer Miss Mu. However, Lin Dong is still able to handle this.” Lin Dong cupped his hands towards Mu Qianqian as he chuckled and replied. If he asked the Great Devil Sect for help, he would owe them a favour in the future. Furthermore, based on that devilish girl’s strange temperament, that favour would likely be a troublesome one. Therefore, it would be better for him not to owe this kind of debt.

When she saw that Lin Dong had actually rejected her, shock flashed across Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes. The current situation was extremely disadvantageous towards Lin Dong. After all, there were three Qi Creation stage elite practitioners on the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s side. In addition to the rest of them, their numbers were literally enough to squash Lin Dong to death…

“That kid is truly arrogant!” Behind Mu Qianqian, an elite Great Devil Sect practitioner grunted. Evidently, he was extremely displeased with Lin Dong’s conduct.

“I shall see how you plan to handle us today!”

When he heard Lin Dong’s words, that Teng Lei coldly chuckled before his eyes turned dark. He waved his palm as the greyish black Symbol Puppet in front of him took a step forward, before it immediately charged forth like a cannonball. Potent energy glimmered around it as it flew towards Lin Dong.

Teng Lei’s Symbol Puppet was fairly strong. In fact, it could be considered as the highest tier amongst mid grade Symbol Puppets. Furthermore, since the former had an abundant source of Pure Yuan pills to support it, its combat ability could match up to an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner. Hence, even an elite initial Qi Creation stage practitioner would not dare to receive its punch.


However, when Lin Dong saw the incoming Symbol Puppet, he coldly snorted instead. A jade glow swiftly emerged, before it immediately dyed his body in a glass-like color.

“Devil Ape Transformation!’

As he shouted out inside his heart, Lin Dong’s body ballooned to twice its size. Immediately, an exceedingly formidable aura rippled around his body.

“Get lost!”

After his body swelled up, Lin Dong took a step forward as his fist viciously punched out. Immediately, the surrounding air exploded as his punch heavily smashed into the Symbol Puppet.


A loud noise erupted in mid-air. After which, Mu Qianqian and the rest saw that Teng Lei’s Symbol Puppet had actually been directly blown away by Lin Dong’s punch. Its figure viciously flew into one of the caves as giant rocks rained down.

“That fellow possess such formidable physical strength!”

When they saw this sight, every elite Great Devil Practitioner including Mu Qianqian were taken aback. They were from the Great Devil Sect and their main focus was on cultivating one’s physical body. As such, all of them possessed extremely powerful physical bodies. Combined with the Yuan Power in their bodies, it was akin to giving wings to a tiger. However, even they were not certain that they could blow away a Symbol Puppet that could match up to an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner with a single punch.

“This Lin Dong is indeed formidable. It seems like Hua Gu’s injuries were truly caused by him…” Mu Qianqian’s eyes glimmered. Right now, she no longer had any doubt that Hua Gu’s hideous injuries that day were caused by Lin Dong.

After blowing away the Symbol Puppet with a single punch, the strength that Lin Dong displayed caused every elite practitioner in the Ghastly Puppet Cult to be taken aback. However, two initial Qi Creation stage elite practitioner immediately dashed forth, as potent Mental Energy shockwaves swept forth.

“Great Ghastly Technique, Eroding Essence Skeleton!”

Formidable Mental Energy violently gushed out and swiftly transformed into two greyish skulls in front of them. Soon after, a greyish flare appeared in the skull’s eyes, as they opened their mouths. Immediately, a suction force emerged and continuously pulled at Lin Dong’s Mental Energy.

As these two initial Qi Creation stage elite practitioners made their move, behind them, several Ghastly Puppet Cult members quickly used Mental Energy to forge several Mental Energy blades. These blades howled forth, filling the area as they viciously rained down on Lin Dong.

As he faced the combined attack of all these elite Ghastly Puppet Cult members, Lin Dong’s expression turned solemn and he quickly retreated. At the same time, the five Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan Palace began to vibrate manically, while streams of potent Mental Energy continuously poured out.

Potent Mental Energy swivelled around Lin Dong’s body, before they gathered at his throat in a unique manner. Immediately after, Lin Dong suddenly took a step forward, before an earth-shattering howl carrying a sonic boom made from Mental Energy manically erupted forth with Lin Dong at its epicenter!

“Boom Boom Boom!’

The Mental Energy sonic boom unfurled like a storm. When the Mental Energy blades collided with the former, they immediately exploded with a bang. Even the two Greyish skulls that were emitting a suction force were blown into bits after they were hit by that sonic boom.


As the sound wave swept outwards, several elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners turned pale. Some unlucky ones even vomited blood while their bodies were blown away.

“That is our Ghastly Puppet Cult’s “Ghastly Demonic Howl”. Why does that kid know it?!” The two Qi Creation stage Ghastly Puppet Cult elders hastily retreated as they shouted out in disbelief. It seems like they recognized this move of Lin Dong’s.

“This fellow…”

Mu Qianqian and the rest were also forced to retreat before they were able to evade the sweeping sonicboom. As they stared at the Ghastly Puppet Cult troops that were instantly defeated, awe flashed across their eyes. Obviously, they had never expected that Lin Dong would be able to accomplish this outcome on his own.

“After he killed Hua Zong, he naturally obtained our Ghastly Puppet Cult’s secret skills!” Teng Lei’s face was grim as he stared at Lin Dong, as a thick killing intent filled his eyes. Promptly, he ferociously took a step forth, before he shouted in a low voice: “Lin Dong, I’ve said it before, no matter how hard you struggle, you will not escape today!”

“Everyone hear my command. Attack together and kill this fiend!!”

After he shouted out, an extremely potent greyish Mental Energy violently gushed out from Teng Lei’s head, and transformed into an giant shadow above his head.

The shadow was approximately ten meters tall. Faintly, it gave off a venomous and insidious aura, causing one to shudder in fear.


When they saw Teng Lei summon that Mental Energy shadow, the rest of the elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners immediately responded. Promptly, streams of greyish Mental Energy quickly gushed out and poured into the shadow.

As more and more elite Ghastly Puppet Cult member poured in their Mental Energy, the shadow began to turn increasingly life-like. Eventually, it directly transformed into a large and hideous horned beast.

“Lin Dong, I will show you the true killing move of my Ghastly Puppet Cult today!” The shadow was filled with coldness and viciousness, as it hovered above Teng Lei. Then, his hand seals suddenly changed, as his shout, that was filled with endless killing intent, rang out.

“Great Ghastly Technique, Ghastly Devil Kill!”


After Teng Lei shouted out, the gigantic shadow immediately released a peculiar piercing shriek, before a terrifying Mental Energy vibration emerged from within. In fact, even the surrounding mountain walls shook, causing giant rocks to fall.

“Teng Lei has actually executed their Ghastly Puppet Cult’s signature secret technique. This looks to be dangerous for Lin Dong!”

A distance away, when the Great Devil Sect members saw the gigantic shadow, their facial expressions began to change, as an elder opened his mouth and commented.

Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes flickered before she turned to look at the figure hovering in mid-air.
“It’s a bit too early to come to a conclusion.” Mu Qianqian stared at the figure, as her mouth gently opened and she slowly said.

“Boom boom!”

When Lin Dong saw the shadow in the air, his expression turned exceedingly solemn. He could sense just how powerful Teng Lei’s current attack was. In fact, even an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner would find it extremely difficult to defend. It seems like Teng Lei has really went all out in order to kill him…

“Humph, killing me will not be so easy!”

However, though his opponent’s attack was powerful, it was no easy feat to kill Lin Dong. Immediately, his figure retreated, while he waved his hand, as a black Symbol Puppet, whose body was covered in golden symbols directly appeared in front of him. This was the high-grade Symbol Puppet that Lin Dong had just obtained.

“Teng Lei, since you desire this Symbol Puppet so much, you shall be its first victim today!”

After he summoned the Symbol Puppet, Lin Dong laughed heartily, before he directly injected ten thousand Pure Yuan pills into it. Instantly, thousands of golden rays erupted from the ancient golden symbols on the Symbol Puppet’s body, as a heart-palpitating energy vibration slowly emerged from within.

When he felt this terrifying energy vibration, Teng Lei’ expression instantly turned much uglier.


However, Lin Dong did not give him any time to react. After he injected the Pure Yuan pills, his eyes turned ice-cold, as he waved his hand and commanded. The Symbol Puppet in front of him immediately dashed forth, emitting an awe-inspiring aura as it viciously collided against the shadow!

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