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Chapter 273: Breaking His Arm


While Lin Dong’s eyes turned blood red, vigorous Yuan Power suddenly burst out from within his body like a storm, lashing out around Lin Dong’s body, and shaking the air till it emitted buzzing noises.

“Little bastard, do you really think that you can be so insolent in front of this old man just because you defeated Wang Yan? You didn’t even exist in this world when I was roaming through Great Desolate Province!” When he saw Lin Dong’s actions, that Ancient Sword Sect leader smiled coldly, before he took a step forward. A Yuan Power aura, that was several times more powerful than Lin Dong’s, immediately erupted forth. That menacing stance directly caused Lin Dong’s aura to be repeatedly pressured and forced him to retreat continuously.

This sudden stare-down that occurred in mid-air attracted quite a lot of attention. Especially after they saw who the opposing parties were, they involuntarily exclaimed in shock.

“It’s actually that Ancient Sword Sect leader, Liu Gu!”

“That Lin Dong is really a troublemaker. Everywhere he goes, he seems to stir up some trouble. Furthermore, that Liu Gu is a famed elite practitioner in Great Desolate Province, and he single-handedly built a powerful faction like Ancient Sword Sect. Even though Lin Dong is considered as a top-tier younger generation member, a elite practitioner like Liu Gu would hardly care about him!”

“Yeah, this time around, that kid is probably doomed. Hehe, hopefully he will lose his Nirvana pills and allow me pick them up.”

“Quit dreaming. Though Lin Dong is young, he is quite powerful. Since he could easily defeat Wang Yan, who was at initial Qi Creation stage, even if he cannot defeat Liu Gu, it would be simple task for him to escape.”


With regards to all the gossiping among the crowd, Lin Dong chose to ignore it. His blood-red eyes stared right at that expressionless Liu Gu, before he silently asked in his heart: “Little Marten, can you save Little Flame?”

The dozen of them who bound Little Flame were evidently the cream of the crop from Ancient Sword Sect. Furthermore, based on that Gu Ruo’s initial Qi Creation stage strength, it was indeed quite difficult for Little Flame to break free.

“Yeah, no problem. Can you handle that old ghost by yourself?” Little Marten immediately replied.

Lin Dong slowly nodded his head, before his eyes stared venomously at Liu Gu. Without further ado, in the next instant, he violently stomped his foot before his figure lightning-quick dashed forth. Meanwhile, the instant his figure dashed forth, Lin Dong’s body was swiftly wrapped with a warm-jade like glow. Evidently, he had also executed Jade Thunder Body.


A fist wind filled with a formidable strength directly ripped through the air, and violently erupted towards that Liu Gu.

“Such an ignorant brat. Today, this old man will teach you that there is always a taller mountain. Don’t think that just because you are quite skilled, you can do whatever you want!” As he faced Lin Dong’s formidable attack, that Liu Gu coldly chuckled. Then, he straightened two of his fingers, before he viciously jutted them out. Immediately, a powerful and formidable Blade Yuan Power erupted from his fingers and solidly slammed against Lin Dong’s fist.


When they collided, a metallic sound erupted, before Lin Dong’s figure was blown back.


Just as Lin Dong attacked, a rainbow flash lightning-quick emerged from his palm, before it finally lightning-quick dashed towards Liu Gu and the rest. As it waved his claws, a dark purple energy source directly turned into several sharp arrows and viciously flew towards them..

“What is that!”

That sudden attack caused Liu Gu and the rest to be taken aback. Immediately, they quickly utilized their Yuan Power and tried to counter against that dark purple energy source.

“Buzz buzz!”

Little Marten’s dark purple energy source possessed a terrifying corrosive power and even a Qi Creation stage elite practitioner did not dare to treat it casually. Therefore, the instance they collided, those fellows’ Yuan Power immediately disintegrated. Only that Gu Ruo was able to barely counter against that dark purple energy source. The rest of the weaker practitioners were all immediately blown back. Some of those unlucky ones, even had their bodies corroded by that substance. Immediately, they released painful screams.

After Little Marten blew those fellows away, the Yuan Power ropes that bound Little Flame quickly disappeared. Then, the latter immediately broke free before it released an enraged roar. Its figure flashed before it shot several lightning beams from its mouth and immediately burnt several elite Ancient Sword Sect members into ash.

“Damned beast, how dare you!”

When he saw Little Flame display its prowess, that Gu Ruo’s expression changed drastically. After he shouted out and planned to strike, a dark purple glow appeared in front of him. Then, Little Marten waved its claws, before a disc-like dark purple glow emerged and lightning-quick flew towards Gu Ruo’s throat, causing the latter to hurriedly retreat.

Little Marten’s attack immediately disrupted the Ancient Sword Sect’s formation. Once Little Flame broke free, it immediately became a ferocious beast. As it flapped its lighting wings, it chased down those Ancient Sword Sect elite members and caused them to scatter off in panic. Meanwhile, that Gu Ruo barely survived Little Marten’s attack, and he also seemed exceptionally hideous.

“Sect Leader, hurry and kill that kid!” As he painstakingly countered Little Marten’s attack, Gu Ruo hurriedly growled. That dark purple energy source was troubling him tremendously and if this situation continues on, he would probably be killed.

“That little bastard actually has helpers!”

Gu Ruo’s current plight was obviously discovered by Liu Gu. Instantly, his eyes darkened and he lost any mood to drag on his fight with Lin Dong. Then, he gripped his old and wrinkled hands, before a potent Yuan Power gushed forth and immediately formed into five large Yuan Power swords in front of him. Then, they carved out a vicious and tight angle, while they flew viciously towards Lin Dong’s vital points.

“Demonic Ape Transformation!”

When he faced Liu Gu’s attack, Lin Dong gripped his palm, before his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd immediately appeared. Then, his figure swiftly grew more than twice his original size. Waving his ancient halberd, he carved out several halberd shadows before they violently clashed against those formidable large Yuan Power blades.

“Clang clang clang!”

A crisp sound echoed out in mid-air, before streams of vicious Yuan Power shockwaves swept forth from the epicenter, while visible shock winds quickly spread out.

Liu Gu’s giant Yuan Power blades were exceedingly heavy, furthermore after he infused his potent Yuan Power within, they were as heavy as giant boulders. Therefore, even a initial Qi Creation stage practitioner could not withstand his attack multiple times. However, after Lin Dong used Jade Thunder Body and Demonic Ape Transformation to enhance his body, he was able to completely counter those giant Yuan Power blades. In fact, he even seemed to have the upper hand.

“Snort, Blade Explode!”

When he realized that Lin Dong was such a tough opponent, a cold glint flashed across Liu Gu’s eyes. He did not want to be entangled in a fight with Lin Dong. After all, that could ruin his reputation. Instantly, his hand symbols changed, before the five giant Yuan Power blades that were attacking Lin Dong, immediately self-destructed with a loud boom.

“Ding ding!”

When his giant Yuan Power blades exploded, countless Yuan Power shrapnels instantly filled the horizons as they rained down viciously onto Lin Dong’s body. Due to this vicious and powerful attack, even though Lin Dong’s whole body was protected by a warm jade-like glow, some scratches still appeared on his body. However, if it were anyone else, this savage attack would have instantly ripped them apart.

When this attack still failed to achieve his intended result, Liu Gu’s eyes turned even darker. As he took a step forward, he directly appeared in front of Lin Dong. Then, a potent Yuan Power gushed forth and directly transformed into a giant Yuan Power wolf on Liu Gu’s arm.

“Devouring Wolf Breaking Mountain Arm!’

At this instance, Liu Gu’s arm transformed into a giant howling wolf. In fact, a vicious aura emerged faintly. This Liu Kui was a indeed an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner, and he could actually use Yuan Power to create such a life-like Yuan Power object!


Liu Gu’s eyes were dark. His arm carried a formidable force that was sufficient to penetrate through boulders, as he lightning-quick attacked Lin Dong. It seems like he wanted to use his move to thoroughly finish Lin Dong off.

With regards to the force behind Liu Gu’s attack, Lin Dong was keenly aware of it. Immediately, his slightly blood-red eyes glimmered. However, he unexpectedly chose not to dodge. Instead, he opened up his arms and allowed that giant Yuan Power Wolf to viciously slam against his shoulders.


A deep echo sounded out, while the sound of bones dislocating faintly echoed out. Then, Lin Dong swallowed his throat, after he licked the bloodstains off his lips.

When he saw that Lin Dong had forcefully taken his attack, Liu Gu’s pupils shrank. The durability of Lin Dong’s physical body had far exceeded his expectations. Furthermore, when he attacked the latter’s body, he could clearly feel that Lin Dong was wearing a defensive Soul Treasure, which helped to soften the impact of his attack. Else, his punch would have surely ended his life!

“Are you courting death!”

Though he was unable to kill Lin Dong with his attack, Liu Gu knew that he had injured the latter severely. Therefore, he immediately chuckled. However, right after he chuckled, he immediately saw a cringed and vicious smile emerge on Lin Dong’s face.

“Old fart, like I said, I will break your arm! An arm for a shoulder! It’s worth it!”

Lin Dong’s palm lightning quick grabbed onto Liu Gu’s arm, before an animalistic roar emerged from his throat. Then, a golden horn appeared on his fist, before he used every ounce of strength in his body, and lightning-quick slashed across Liu Gu’s arm.


That golden horn whizzed by and caused blood to splatter. At the same time, shock flashed across Liu Gu’s eyes…

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