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Chapter 274: Core Area

Golden light swept past the base of Liu Ku’s arm as blood instantly flew. Under countless astonished gazes, Liu Ku’s arm actually shot out, bringing with it a trail of fresh blood.

Liu Ku’s arm was actually hacked off with a chop from Lin Dong’s palm!

As they stared at this scene, and then at the bloody and sinister appearance of Lin Dong in mid-air, many people felt a chill spread all over their body. Just before, they were still puzzled why Lin Dong did not bother to dodge Liu Ku’s attack at all, after all, an attack at that level was extremely likely to kill Lin Dong instantly!

Lin Dong’s following actions dispelled the bewilderment in their hearts. It turned out that it was not because Lin Dong could not avoid that attack, but from the start, he carried the thoughts risking his life to take another!

Using his body to receive an advanced Qi Creation practitioner’s full powered strike was extremely risky. If Lin Dong’s body had not underwent numerous tempering, and if he did not have the Mysterious Earth Armor’s protection, he would have now completely become a dead person. Thus, this kind of desperation was not undue, and very evidently, even Liu Ku himself did not expect Lin Dong’s crazed actions, or else, Liu Ku could not possibly do this kind of exchange…

When they thought about this, many people inwardly swallowed, as they looked at Lin Dong with gazes full of fear. Someone with ability was not very frightening, the truly frightening ones were those with power and were as vicious as wolves. This kind of person dared to hurt oneself, let alone others?

Under the countless astonished gazes, Liu Ku finally regained his senses. As he felt the intense pain from his arm area, his eyes immediately turned red, while a furious to the maximum feeling frantically erupted from his heart.

This kind of outcome was something he would not have expected!

He never imagined that he would actually pay the costly price of an arm in a fight with an advanced Form Creation stage younger generation member!

This kind of thing was undoubtedly a complete disgrace to the sect leader of the Ancient Sword Sect!

“Little piece of shit, this old man will dismember your body into ten thousand pieces today!”

The intense pain and the violent rage in his heart practically buried Liu Ku’s rationality in an instant. He endured the pain of losing an arm, as his fist burst forth, and a formidable force coupled with an intense killing intent was ferociously directed towards Lin Dong’s head.


In response to Liu Ku’s maniacal retaliation, Lin Dong hastily pulled back his arms, crossing them before his body, as golden light gushed out.

Liu Ku’s punch of fury heavily slammed into Lin Dong’s crossed arms. Immediately, a metal sound rang out, as a powerful force rippled outwards. Lin Dong’s body was directly blasted back a dozen meters by Liu Ku’s punch.

Lin Dong’s feet stepped on the air, as he landed on a huge tree. His gaze was ice-cold as he stared at the scarlet eyed and crazy Liu Ku, while his arms slightly trembled, a numb sensation swiftly spreading from them.

“It’s fortunate that I had the Mysterious Earth Armor.”

Lin Dong’s hand rubbed his chest area. The struggle previously was undoubtedly extremely dangerous. Even another advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner would not dare to use his bare body to receive Liu Ku’s punch. Fortunately, Lin Dong’s had a strong body plus the Mysterious Earth Armor, or else, he would most likely be heavily injured by Liu Ku this time.

Even so, here was some remnant pain at Lin Dong’s chest area, probably because some injuries had appeared. However, this was practically nothing compared to the intense pain of Liu Ku losing an arm.

“Ah, little piece of shit!”

Upon seeing that his frantic punch was still unable to achieve any clear effect, Liu Ku was so angry that even his lungs were about to explode. He had lost an arm, causing his strength to drop sharply, hence it was very difficult to once again fully suppress Lin Dong like before. Immediately, he covered the area where his arm had broken off. With his hair scattered, and blood all over his face, he had a sinister appearance like an evil spirit.

Countless people stared at the madly roaring Liu Ku in mid-air, and looked to each other, but no one said anything. In particular, those that believed that Lin Dong was about to suffer a calamity had their mouths even more tightly shut. The level of ferocity the latter displayed allowed them to understand that it would be better not to provoke this kind of desperate character in the future.

“Sect leader senior!”

Liu Ku’s miserable condition was also discovered by Gu Yan and the rest, as their complexions immediately paled. Gu Yan’s figure moved as he quickly broke away from Little Flame, appearing beside Liu Ku to support him. When he saw the arm that had been broken at the base, shock involuntarily filled his eyes.

He was truly unable to imagine that the Lin Dong, who even he could easily take care of, had already become so strong in a short few months…

“Sect leader senior, let’s leave quickly!” Gu Yan’s eyes were full of shock as he grabbed Liu Ku and swiftly retreated. He understood that Liu Ku’s strength would fall greatly after losing an arm, and if he continued to fight with Lin Dong, he would very likely lose his life here. Thus, it was best to quickly flee this place!

“Little piece of shit, this old man will never let you off!” As Liu Ku was swiftly being pulled back in retreat by Gu Yan, his scattered hair flew wildly, and his maniacal roars were filled with hate.

“Ancient Sword Sect disciples, scatter!” When the few disciples who were still in a dangerous situation due to Little Flame’s attacks heard this, they hastily withdrew while protecting the Liu Ku duo, as the extremely sorry figures of the group retreated into the distance.

Little Marten gazed at Gu Yan and the rest, who had started to retreat in the blink of an eye, but did not give chase. Its figure flashed and appeared beside Lin Dong, quickly taking a look at the latter’s complexion, as its expression darkened: “Your injuries are not light.”

“Quickly leave this place.” Lin Dong’s tone was a little urgent as he replied. His internal injuries were indeed not light, and he was barely enduring on the outside. After all, there were still quite a few people watching them from all around, and although the previous display of power caused them to not dare to try anything, if they discovered Lin Dong’s current condition, it was hard to say if their greed would take over again.

“Yea.” Little Marten nodded its head, as it beckoned with its claw, while Little Flame shook its lightning wings and flew over, before nodding at Lin Dong.

“Go.” Lin Dong was not one to tarry, as he mounted the tiger’s back. Little Marten stood on his shoulder, purplish black light snaking out as it coldly stared at the people below.


Little Flame’s lightning wings shook as it transformed into a flash of lightning, swiftly flying towards a distant area, leaving behind countless regretful gazes below. Even if some smart ones were able to guess that the latter was likely also injured, without absolute certainty, they did not dare to make a move so easily. After all, Liu Ku’s fate previously was still deeply ingrained into their minds.

While Lin Dong and the Ancient Sword Sect group left, the crowd gradually withdrew their gazes and looked towards the stone mountain, which was still guarded by numerous Devil Wind Vultures, but no longer had any thoughts of going up. Since Lin Dong had successfully come out from there, the treasures within should have been cleaned out, and thus, it would only be a waste of time…


Under Little Marten’s urging, Little Flame raised its speed to the max, transforming into a lightning bolt as it swept across the skies, leaving behind the low rumble of thunder.

Seated on the tiger’s back, only when the watching eyes behind them completely disappeared did a blood red color surface on Lin Dong’s pale face, as he directly spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“You are really too rash. To think that you actually dared to use your body to withstand an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner, if it was not for the fact that you’re reached the advanced stage of the Jade Thunder Body yesterday, even if the current you was not dead, you would have lost a layer of skin!” Upon seeing Lin Dong’s state, Little Marten could not help but helplessly remark.

“Heh, since that old dog dared to beat Little Flame, I had to break off one of his arms!” Lin Dong wiped away a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth as he chuckled.

“Is it really suitable to do so much for just a pet?” Little Marten weakly laughed and replied.


As if it understood Little Marten’s words, the full speed Little Flame instantly let out an angry roar. Its huge python tale crackled with lightning as it ruthlessly whipped at Little Marten.

“Heh heh.” Little Marten’s claws danced, as a circle of purplish black light deflected Little Flame’s attack.

Lin Dong’s palm lightly patted the somewhat furious Little Flame, before he stared at Little Marten and earnestly said: “Little Flame is my companion, not a pet.”

Little Marten was a little taken aback, as its tiny eyes slightly narrowed, before letting out a strange laughter. Its claws lightly patted Lin Dong’s shoulder as it spoke: “Kid, it is seldom that this grandpa marten gets to admire a side of you.”

“Let’s first find a place to rest for a while. You need to swiftly recover from your wounds before directly rushing towards the Ancient Tablet area core area. From the scenes from the bones, it looks like the ‘Devouring Ancestral Symbol’ does indeed exist within the Ancient Tablet space. Heh heh. You are truly lucky, if news of this spreads, this Great Yan Empire would become lively indeed…”

Lin Dong lightly nodded his head. When he thought of how strong the ‘Devouring Ancestral Symbol’ was, a passionate fire rose in his heart. If he was truly able to obtain that thing, perhaps his future path would change due to it.

Little Flame was able to understand the conversation between the man and marten. Immediately, it shook its lightning wings as it swept down into the deep mountains before swiftly concealing its body.

Although Lin Dong’s injuries were not light, they were also not heavy. After half a day of rest, the churning blood within his body gradually regained its calm. His body was stronger than ordinary people, and hence his recovery rate also far surpassed an ordinary person.

After his injuries had completely recovered, Lin Dong once again resumed his journey. This time, after rushing nonstop for about half a day, they finally reached the Ancient Tablet space core area…

Lightning flashed across the sky, and soon after gradually slowed down. Lin Dong sat on the tiger’s back, looking into the distance as he gazed at the plains far away. There, endless sect ruins which gave off an inexhaustible ancient aura quietly appeared within his line of sight…

Within those desolate ruins, it was unknown how many treasures waited to see the light of day again…

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