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Chapter 272: Enemies Often Cross Path

That corpse sat silently in the middle of that stone pavilion. The bones that made up the corpse were all stained black. That color seemed to have originated from within the body and it caused Lin Dong’s scalp to turn numb. It seems like when this ancestor tried to breakthrough to Nirvana Stage, he must have suffered tremendously. Advancing to Nirvana stage is truly a perilous and difficult task. If one fails, one end up losing one’s life.

“Nirvana stage is indeed extremely dangerous. However, everything in this world will die. For most ordinary people, even if they reach Manifestation stage, they can at most live for a few hundred years. However, if they can breakthrough to Nirvana stage, then they can vastly extend their lifespans. Therefore, each time they succeed in breaking through, they would evolve towards a perfect state. That sensation is so beautiful that it touches one’s soul and cause one to be unable to resist its allure.” Little Marten somewhat disappointedly said.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Just the fact that one could extend one’s lifespan would propel anyone to attempt to breakthrough this extremely perilous stage. After all, everyone wanted to live longer…

Lin Dong stood in front of that corpse, before he solemnly bowed towards this senior. Then, he extended his palm and grabbed that two Nirvana Pills that were hovering above that corpse’s palms.

However, just as Lin Dong’s hand touched that two Nirvana Pills, that corpse’s hand suddenly jutted out and directly gripped onto Lin Dong’s palm.

This sudden change caused Lin Dong’s facial expression to change drastically. However, before the Yuan Power inside his body could gush out, a flash erupted from that corpse’s sunken eyes, before it directly hit Lin Dong’s forehand.

The instance that flash touched Lin Dong’s forehand, the view in front of his eyes immediately changed. It seems like instantly, an ancient scene had appeared inside his mind.

That scene was still set inside this vast and endless ancient tablet spiritual domain. However, Lin Dong could see countless figures hovering in mid-air. Furthermore, each of these figures were extremely powerful and far exceeds the strength of anyone that Lin Dong had encountered before. However, despite their overwhelming aura, there were so many of them hovering in mid-air. This sight caused Lin Dong’s heart to be overwhelmed by awe. Was this what the ancient sect was like during its peak?

Those figures were hovering in mid-air, as if they were defending against something. At a distance away, the horizons were filled with a patch of darkness. Contained within that darkness was a blood-red glint. That darkness gave off an indescribable feeling. It was cold and caused one to despair.

That darkness was just like a tidal wave as it gushed through the horizons and swept towards that powerful army. Immediately, those extremely powerful ancient sect elite practitioners were all defenceless as they faced that darkness. When that darkness swept past them, all of these elite practitioners immediately turned into dust before they floated off.

Lin Dong’s limbs turned cold as he witnessed this sight. That darkness was just like a devil that was set to consume the entire world. Anywhere that it passed through, every life form contained within would be extinguished by that darkness…

That powerful army was nearly eradicated by that encroaching darkness. However, suddenly, the ground shook before a extremely large crack emerged on the ground before a similarly dark glow emerged. However, though this glow was dark in color, it did not give off the same cold and despairing sensation. Instead, it was filled with a exceedingly powerful strength and life-force.

While that glow shimmered, that dark glow that emerged from the ground quickly grew, before it transformed into a several thousand meters huge black symbol. Then, it viciously slammed against the despairing darkness and scattered it.

Meanwhile, after it had blown away that peculiar darkness, that black symbol quickly shrunk before it turned into a glowing flash and returned back to the ground…

That scene abruptly ended, before Lin Dong suddenly awoke while cold sweat filled his brows. Then, he stared in trepidation at that corpse in front of him. The previous sight that he had witnessed must have been the event that previously transpired inside this ancient tablet spiritual domain.

“Was this what caused this ancient sect to fall?” That patch of darkness, I wonder what exactly is it… It is actually so terrifying that even countless elite practitioners cannot counter it.” Lin Dong’s eyes were filled with shock as he muttered to himself.

“Furthermore, why did that black ancient symbol which suppressed the darkness… seemed a little familiar?”

“That is because, it is your target this time, Devouring Ancient Symbol!” Little Marten casually said.

“Devouring Ancient Symbol?” Lin Dong was taken aback as he asked.

“There are eight Ancient Symbols in this world and they all possess their own unique abilities. This Ancient Symbol possess the ability to devour. Therefore, it is termed as the Devouring Ancient Symbol.” Little Marten said.

“Do you know what is that patch of darkness that destroyed that ancient sect?” Lin Dong asked.

“I don’t know…” Little Marten slowly shook its head. However, with an solemn tone, it replied: “However, that thing is simply too domineering. Furthermore, it is unable to accommodate anything in this world. Therefore, wherever it passes through, everything around will be destroyed…”

Lin Dong nodded his head. Though he had only seen bits of the afterimage, that despairing darkness caused fear to arise in his heart. Furthermore, he was certain that there must be a peculiar and terrifying object hidden within that darkness…

“What you have just seen, must have been left behind by their will. It seems like the shock due to that event was simply too overwhelming. Therefore, even after all these years, it remained inside his body.” Little Marten glanced at the corpse in front of him, before it said.

“Nonetheless, at least we managed to obtain information regarding the Ancient Symbol. It seems like that Ancient Symbol should be hidden within the ancient tablet spiritual domain.” As he mentioned this point, Little Marten’s expression began to turn lively.

“That Ancient Symbol’s power is simply too overwhelming. If I could obtain it, wouldn’t my strength surge?” Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered. He had clearly witnessed the overwhelming strength of that Devouring Ancient Symbol.

“Quit dreaming. Though that Ancient Symbol is extremely peculiar, its strength is still derived from its owner…” Little Marten rolled its eyes as Lin Dong, before it said: “Based on that scene that you just witnessed, the owner of that Ancient Symbol must have been extremely powerful. That was why he was able to suppress that mysterious dark object.”

“Of course, if you could obtain that Ancient Symbol, you would naturally be far more powerful that most ordinary individuals. However, if you want to rely on it alone, you must be dreaming.”

Lin Dong waved his hand. He naturally understood this principle. In this world, the most reliable thing was still one’s own strength. Though external objects could increase one’s battle strength, there were no guarantees that one could keep them around forever.

“Thanks for the elder’s gift!”

Lin Dong bent his back, before he gently pried open that corpse’s palm, and retrieved that two Nirvana Pills. Then, he once again bowed solemnly at that corpse. The will left behind by this senior allowed him to witness that ancient sight. It was the might and fall of a powerful ancient sect…

Once he obtained that Nirvana Pills, a fiery-like boiling sensation emerged in his hands, and caused all the Yuan Power inside Lin Dong’s body to boil. This caused Lin Dong to be taken aback. It seems like this legendary elixir that could only be refined by a Nirvana stage practitioner, was truly a magical object.

“Let’s go.”

After he retrieved a jade bottle from his Qiankun bag, Lin Dong carefully stored that two Nirvana Pills inside them. Then, he stood up and stretched his back. Now that he had obtained the Nirvana Pills, he no longer had any reason to linger on. Therefore, Lin Dong immediately turned around, before he dashed out of the stone pavilion. No matter how those Demonic Wind Birds attacked him, he merely casually walked past them.

Once he had left the mountain peak, those Demonic Wind Birds could only halt their attack before they retreated once again and hung between the mountain cracks.

Right now, surrounding the mountain, there were several people closely staring at the mountain peak. When they saw Lin Dong safely emerge, a disappointed look flashed across their faces. Since Lin Dong could walk out of that area, he had obviously obtained the Nirvana Pills. If that was the case, they could only choose to give up.

Of course, several of them were highly disgruntled. However, as they recalled the battle between Lin Dong and Wang Yan and saw how Lin Dong easily penetrated through that wind barrier, they could only forcefully suppress all the unhappiness inside their hearts. Even if they wanted to rob him, they had to consider their own strength. Else, not only would they fail to obtain the treasure, they may even lose their lives. That would simply be a foolish trade.

“Little Flame?” Once he emerged, Lin Dong planned to summon Little Flame and leave immediately. However, as his eyes swept across his surroundings, he was shocked when he realized that Little Flame’s figure had disappeared from its previous location. Immediately, he was stunned, before his eyes began to sunk.

“Lin Dong, are you looking for this beast?” Just as Lin Dong’s eyes darkened, a somewhat familiar chuckle emerged from nearby.

Lin Dong slowly tilted his head, before his eyes turned to look at that area where the sound emerged from. Then, he saw that on a nearby mountain peak, stood a dozen over figures. Right now, ropes formed from Yuan Power were tightly binding onto Little Flame. In fact, even its tiger mouth was forcefully tied up, causing it to be unable to produce a single sound.

Standing right in front of them were two elders. When he saw one of them, Lin Dong’s expression instantly darkened. That was because, that old fellow was the Ancient Sword Sect elder that had a grudge with Lin Dong. Meanwhile, standing beside him, was the Ancient Sword Sect leader, who was now staring coldly at him, while a thick killing intent filled his eyes.

“Are you the one who lured the Ancient Dragon Ape to our Ancient Sword Sect?” That Ancient Sword Sect leader’s face was grim as he stared at Lin Dong, and shouted out each word.

“Let Little Flame go!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were similarly icy cold as he stared at that Ancient Sword Sect leader and replied coldly.

When he heard his reply, that Ancient Sword Sect leader’s eyes immediately darkened. Then, he swung his wrinkled hands, before a giant rock immediately flew forth and viciously slammed against Little Flame’s body, causing it to sink into the ground and squirm.

“Answer me, you little bastard!”

When he saw this sight, Lin Dong’s eyes instantly turned blood red. As he clenched his fist, a squeaking noise began to slowly echo out.

Right now, he had only one thought in mind. He was going to break that old dog’s hand!

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