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Chapter 270: Chilling Wind Body Training

The Ancient Table space was exceptionally vast and extensive, even though Lin Dong had Little Flame as a transportation means, after almost an hour of flying, he was still unable to reach the end. The unchanging and lonely atmosphere lingered below one’s nose, causing one to feel rather depressed.

Along the way, Lin Dong had met quite a number of people. Although the Ancient Tablet space was huge, the amount of people who had entered was rather frightening. Therefore, even if they were spread out, they were still able to chance upon one another from time to time.

However, though he encountered quite a few people, Lin Dong did not slow his speed. Most people who entered the Ancient Tablet space intended to find treasures, and would be wary of each other, thus, journeying together would not only be useless, but instead cause more troubles.

Lin Dong had also encountered many ferocious Demonic Beasts along the way. Like Little Marten said, these Demonic Beasts indeed possessed some Ancient Demonic Beast bloodlines and were incomparably ferocious. Fortunately, though Lin Dong had been attacked many times, it did not reduce his speed.

On his journey, Lin Dong had also discovered some Elixirs which could be considered rather rare in the outside world, however, he did not stop because of this. Although these things could be considered rare, they were hardly able to interest him. Moreover, he understood that the true treasures were at the central area of the Ancient Tablet space. In his eyes, these stuff in the outer area could only be considered ordinary.

While Lin Dong travelled at full speed, the sky swiftly turned dark while a faint bone chilling wind gradually emerged in the sky.


Little Flame, which was flying at full speed suddenly stopped, while Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at the darkening sky. Despite how strong his body was, he still felt a stinging sensation from the strange chill.

“Hehe, I did not expect that the ‘Bone Eroding Icy Wind’ would actually exist in the Ancient Tablet space…” Little Marten sat on Lin Dong’s shoulder, as it gazed at the chilling wind in the sky and suddenly remarked in astonishment.

“Bone Eroding Icy Wind? What is that?” Lin Dong was slightly taken aback. He extended his hand, and indeed felt a traces of blade-like wind in the air which gave off a chill which reached into one’s bones.

“A powerful man-made mechanism. This ‘Bone Eroding Icy Wind’ is extremely troublesome. If one is entangled within, even one’s bones would be eroded. Usually, only those great sects are able to utilise this to protect their sects.” Little Marten explained.

“It’s actually man-made?” Lin Dong’s expression changed. What kind of person could reach this kind of weather changing level?

“The creator is definitely dead, it should be the power of a great formation, nothing surprising.” Little Marten casually said.

“Then let’s find a place to take shelter for a while.” Lin Dong looked about. He did not expect that the Ancient Tablet space would actually be this dangerous. If it were not for Little Marten’s warning, he would definitely suffer.

“Heh heh, others might need to take shelter, but you do not.” Upon hearing this, Little Marten let out a strange laughter as it spoke.

“What do you mean?” Lin Dong suddenly felt something was wrong as he saw the strange smile on Little Marten’s face.

“The Bone Eroding Icy Wind is definitely savage, but it is also has an extremely beneficial tempering properties for the body. Though you have successfully mastered the Jade Thunder Body, it is not considered as completely pure. If you borrow the power of the Bone Eroding Icy Wind, perhaps you may allow your Jade Thunder Body to reach the advanced stage. At that time, your strength will surged once again.” Little Marten grinned as it explained.

Lin Dong’s face twitched while he listened. Why must his training be so bitter? First, it was drawing lightning to temper the body, now it was to enjoy the pain of the Bone Eroding Icy Wind…

“Kid, this is a opportunity. This kind of Bone Eroding Icy Wind is not something that you can encounter everywhere. If you miss this chance, who knows when you would be able to encounter it again? You merely have to stay within it for a night. If you train normally, you will need at least three months to train your Jade Thunder Body to the advanced stage.” Little Marten said.

“Kid, take a look at the gap between Lin Langtian and yourself, if you don’t risk your life a little, how can you catch up to him?”

Lin Dong was a little speechless at Little Marten’s impatient words. In the end, he could only sigh as he walked up to a lonely mountain peak, before patting Little Flame, indicating for it to hide within a crack on the mountain.

“God damnit, even lightning could not strike me down, how could this wind possibly scrape me to death?!”

Seated on the highest point of the mountain, Lin Dong lifted his head. The sky had already turned completely dark, as a greyish black hurricane quietly formed in the sky, emitting ‘woo woo’ sounds, while a bone-chilling chill descended from the sky.

“Woo woo!”

As he stared at the greyish black hurricane, which suddenly enveloped the area, Lin Dong’s expression turned a little grim.


While Lin Dong concentrated, several figures flew through the sky nearby. When they passed over Lin Dong, they cast a puzzled glance at the former. However, before they could wonder about it, a greyish black gale swiftly surrounded the trio. Immediately, mournful cries rang out, becoming more and more distant within the ear-piercing ‘woo woo’ wind sound…


Lin Dong involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of spit as he watched the three badly mangled bodies fall from the sky, while a sliver of fear surfaced in his eyes. Evidently, he was horrified at the power of the Bone Eroding Icy Wind.


The sky was black as the greyish black Bone Eroding Icy Wind seemed to devour the land. At this moment, even the aggressive and prideful Demonic Beasts had taken shelter from the wind, not daring to make even the slightest bit of noise.

“Kid, it’s coming. Be extra cautious. In ancient times, this Bone Eroding Icy Wind was originally meant for those sect disciples to temper their bodies. You can’t enjoy this kind of treatment in the Great Yan Empire. As long as you endure it, you will benefit greatly!” As it felt the chill in the air that could even freeze rocks till they ruptured open, Little Marten’s body shivered, and quickly returned to the Stone Talisman, while its laughter resounded in Lin Dong’s mind.


When he seeing it hiding even faster than a rabbit, Lin Dong could only curse aloud, before hastily concentrating. With a flick of his mind, the skin on his body started to give off a warm jade-like glow. From a distance, it was as if he had transformed into a piece of colored glass.

This kind of Bone Eroding Icy Wind was clearly extremely powerful, and even Lin Dong did not dare to face it with his bare flesh. Hence, he had to activate the Jade Thunder Body before he could undergo the tempering.

While Lin Dong’s body was gradually covered in a jade colored glow, the all-encompassing chilling wind finally arrived…

“Chi chi!”

When the greyish black chilling wind slapped onto Lin Dong’s body, it instantly tunnelled through the pores all over his body…

An immense pain immediately swept over Lin Dong’s body. That indescribable chilling cold even directly caused the blood in his body to begin to exhibit signs of freezing. Thankfully, his physical body was fairly tough, therefore with a flick of his mind, he managed to withstand against that bone-chilling cold.

“Rip, rip!”

Lin Dong continuously sucked in cold-air from between the gap within his teeth. However, after taking two breaths of cold air, cuts immediately emerged on his lips, causing his whole mouth to be filled with blood. This immediately startled Lin Dong and prompted him to hurriedly close his mouth, before he directly swallowed the blood inside his mouth into his belly. Then, he did not dare to move at all.

A chilling wind swept forth. However, due to its insane corrosive properties, the warm jade-like glow on Lin Dong’s body became increasingly brighter and clearer at an alarming rate.

It was just as if Lin Dong was a piece of raw jade stone slowly being carved into a beautiful piece of jade!

Meanwhile, thanks to that pain which consumed his entire body, Lin Dong could faintly feel that the strength flowing within his muscles and bones were growing steadily. It seems like Little Marten did not deceive him. This chilling wind truly had quite a beneficial tempering property on one’s body. Of course, that was predicated on the condition that one could withstand that terrifying chilling cold. Else, one’s outcome would be similar to that three unlucky fellows previously…

The sky was turning dark. On top of a mountain peak, a warm-jade like glow was glimmering amidst the darkness of the night. A greyish black wind howled at this spot. That vicious wind was just like a knife, as it continuously sliced Lin Dong’s body and left behind countless tiny white scars…

Meanwhile, as these white scars gradually increased, a reddish hue silently emerged. Eventually, the fresh blood that emerged from his body froze before they stuck on Lin Dong’s body, and covered up his bright jade-like hue.

That Bone Eroding Icy Wind lasted for the whole night, Lin Dong sat on that mountain peak and endured that tormenting chilling wind for one whole night…

The next time, sunlight penetrated through the clouds and poured down from the heavens, before they shone on a figure, whose whole body was covered with bloody ice.


Due to the sunlight, cracks suddenly emerged on that bloody ice figure. Then, the frozen blood quickly slid off him. As the frozen blood dropped off, a bright jade-like glow slowly emerged.

The frozen blood quickly fell off, before a jade-like human figure immediately emerged on top of that mountain peak. Under the reflection of sunlight, he seemed exceedingly bright and resplendent.


A breath filled with some blood emerged from Lin Dong’s lips. Soon after, he began to open up his tightly shut eyes.

When his eyes opened up, what shocked Lin Dong, was that his eyes have even turned into jade stones. Amidst the chilling cold, it gave off an impenetrable sensation.

A jade-like body with stones as eyes and an impenetrable glass-like glow. This was the ultimate Jade Thunder Body!

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