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Chapter 269: Ancient Tablet Spiritual Domain

Under countless fervent stares, the giant ancient tablet that stood at the deepest part of Great Wastelands Ancient Source began to slowly release a powerful and awe-inspiring energy shockwave. Due to this shockwave, the ancient symbols on the ancient tablet began to appear clearer, while they gradually dimmed as well…

“The Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal is about to disappear!”

Excited shouts instantly emerged, while the entire Great Desolate Ancient Source turned heated instantly. Crowds of black bobbing heads instantly swarmed forth as they tried desperately to squeeze ahead.

When the ancient symbol on the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet dimmed, Lin Dong opened his eyes as he stared somewhat in awe at that giant tablet. Right now, inside his heart, he was completely in awe. Even after so many years, the energy shock wave from the ancient tablet was still so terrifying. One could just imagine just how powerful that ancient sect was during its peak.

“It’s no big deal. Later, when you venture out of Great Yan Dynasty, you will naturally realize that the things you have seen are only the tip of the iceberg…” Little Marten’s casual words suddenly rang out inside Lin Dong’s heart.

With regards to this fact, Lin Dong was nonchalant about it. In his opinion, just the Great Yan Dynasty alone was vast enough. With regards to the mysterious outside world, it was evidently still too foreign to him.

“Later, when you enter the Great Wastelands Ancient Table, be careful. Even though the ancient sect has fallen, the spiritual domain created by them is still filled with danger. Make sure you don’t lose your life even before you find any treasures.”


Even if Little Marten had not spoken, Lin Dong understood this fact as well. Previously, at the old tomb, there were already several dangerous pitfalls along the way. Furthermore, for today he was entering into the vast Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. Moreover, he had quite a few enemies around. Both the Ghastly Puppet Cult and the Wang Clan yearned to rip him into pieces. Therefore, if he was negligent, he could easily lose his life.

While he was speaking with Little Marten, the symbols on the ancient tablet became increasingly dim. Approximately ten minutes later, the final ancient symbol completely disappeared.


When that final ancient symbol disappeared, that large ancient tablet suddenly vibrated violently, before a resplendent cloud-like energy emerged from the giant tablet, and swirled around its surface. As it slowly swirled, it actually transformed into a several hundred meters’ wide energy swirl!

While this energy swirl swirled, it directly sucked in all the Yuan Power in this area. Meanwhile, the center of that swirl was filed with a dark and cold energy, giving it an extremely mysterious feel.

“The ancient tablet has opened!”

When that energy swirl appeared, countless celebratory noises erupted on that vast plains. Promptly, numerous pairs of eyes turned blood-red instantly, while even their breathing became increasingly ragged.

Of course, the ones who got excited were not just them, but also the Four Great Clans, as well as Great Devil Sect, Ghastly Puppet Cult and other powerful factions. Immediately, all their eyes turned heated.


In mid-air, Lin Langtian stared at that energy swirl before he suddenly waved his hand and directly headed in first. His figure flashed across mid-air, before he lightning-quick dashed towards that energy swirl. Standing behind him, the other elite practitioners from Lin Clan hurriedly followed behind.

After the Lin Clan, the other three Great Clans, Great Devil Sect and other powerful factions instantly dashed forth and swarmed into that energy swirl.


With someone leading the way, the situation that occurred next was undoubtedly a mass stamped, as swarms of people flooded forth. They seemed just like an ant colony covering the sky, as they rushed manically towards that energy swirl.

“Bang bang!”

However, in order to enter the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, one must be quite skilled. Therefore, when countess figures dashed into that energy swirl, moments later, several of them were blown back before they landed hideously on the ground, just as if they were being spit out that energy swirl.

“Let’s go, it’s time for us to make a move!” As he stared at the crowds pouring into the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, Lin Dong stood up from his boulder. While carrying Little Flame in his arms, his figure flashed before he transformed into a flash and directly flew into that giant energy swirl above the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.

The instance he entered that energy swirl, Lin Dong could clearly feel a repulsive force emerged. This was likely the reason why some unlucky fellow were forcibly ejected.

This repulsion force was not weak. However, based on Lin Dong’s rough estimate, as long as one reached perfect Yuan Dan stage, one should be able to counter against it. Naturally, this was not an obstacle for Lin Dong. Hence, his body slightly twitched, before Yuan Power emerged and easily countered against that repulsive force.

As he countered against that repulsive force, Lin Dong’s speed suddenly increased violently before he allowed that energy swirl’s suction force to drag him along. After several minutes, a glowing hole swiftly emerged ahead of the darkness. Then, Lin Dong’s figure flashed before he directly lept out of that glowing hole…


It was serene inside this vast yet empty plains. An ancient vicissitude emerged from the ground and gave this entire area a lonely and empty feel.

Buzz buzz!”

This place had been empty for a long while, before suddenly, a swirl appeared in the sky above this area. Promptly, countless cracks emerged in the air, before several figures fell somewhat hideously from the sky. Immediately, several of them utilized their Yuan Power in order to slow themselves down and land steadily on the ground.

Lin Dong was one of them who fell down from the sky. When he stared at that vast and never-ending domain, awe filled his eyes. It was truly mystical how these ancient sects managed to create a spiritual domain inside that ancient tablet.

Standing on a hillside, Lin Dong looked into the horizon before he saw the scattered people wandering around. He guessed that most of them have been randomly placed into different corners of the spiritual domain. Thankfully, he was not unlucky enough to be placed into a dangerous area.

As he stared at the other figures, who likely had the same query as him, this thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind.

“Heh, no danger?” However, just as this thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind, Little Marten involuntarily smirked.


With regards to Little Marten’s smirk, before Lin Dong had the time to question him, he suddenly felt the ground shake. Then, he saw that on a distant spot, a large crack suddenly emerged on the ground, before a several meters large double-colored giant worm immediately emerged from the ground. Then, it opened his giant and dripping mouth, before it directly swallowed three unlucky fellows. Immediately, pained cries echoed out in this area.

After it swallowed that three unlucky fellows, that ugly sand worm immediately turned to look venomously at Lin Dong. However, it did not charge towards him and instead chose to tummel back into the ground. It seemed like it could detect that Lin Dong was quite powerful, hence it did not attack him.


When he saw this sight, Lin Dong involuntarily gulped. This ancient tablet spiritual domain was indeed very dangerous. That peculiar sand worm’s aura was exceedingly cold and vicious. Therefore, it was definitely no joke. Thankfully, that fellow did not charge towards him.

“Kid, the Demonic Beasts inside this ancient tablet spiritual domain were largely left behind by that ancient sect. All of them are extremely vicious and powerful. If you are negligent, you will easily end up in their bellies…” Little Marten suddenly appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder, before it somewhat nostalgically sucked in a deep breath of ancient air, and said.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Promptly, he sucked in a deep breath, before a tinge of awe flashed across his eyes instantly: “Such potent Yuan Power!”

“These ancient sect Spiritual Domain will use special means in order to gather the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth. Therefore, compared to the outside world, one day of cultivation in here will probably match up to several days outside.” Little Marten said.

“What a treasure land, if I could cultivate inside this area, that would be wonderful. Those ancient sect disciplines are truly blessed.” Lin Dong’s face was filled with envy. If he could cultivate in this area, his progress would surely surge.

After he envied for a while, Lin Dong lifted his head and looked around, before he said: “So, where should we go now?”

This ancient tablet spiritual domain is too wide and it caused Lin Dong to be at a loss. This was not like the old tomb manor where they were paths available. This area was extremely wide and if one wandered around careless, it would probably taken more than two weeks to finish exploring this area.

“These type of domains all have a core area. I believe the real treasures should mostly be at that area.”

Little Marten appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder before it carefully surveyed its surroundings. Then, its claws pointed towards the northern direction, before it said: “Head towards that direction. I can feel that is the core area of the ancient tablet spiritual domain. If you want to find the real treasures, you have to head there.”

“Of course, the ancient tablet spiritual domain is extremely wide and there are tons of legendary heirlooms and treasures left behind by numerous elite practitioners. However, whether you can obtain them or not will depend on your own luck and fate.”

Lin Dong gently nodded his head, before he turned to look at that spot where Little Marten had pointed towards. He guessed that the Four Great Clans as well as Great Devil Sect and other powerful factions should be headed towards that direction as well.

“Let’s go.”

Once he had a lead, without further ado, Little Flame, who was in Lin Dong’s arms, immediately growled before its body swiftly expanded. In a blink of an eye, it had transformed back into its magnificent battle state. Then, Lin Dong hopped onto it, before it flapped its lightning-wings and transformed into a lightning glow and dashed towards the core area of the ancient tablet spiritual domain…

With regards to the treasures inside this ancient tablet spiritual domain, Lin Dong was eager to find out what he would obtain…

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