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Chapter 271: Stone Pavilion Bones

Within this ancient and vast horizons, a lightning glow quickly flashed by. Along the way, it caused soft thunder roars to echo out, which resulted from the friction between the air due to its insane speed.

Lin Dong was seated on Little Flame’s tiger back, while the jade-like glow in his eyes had completely dissipated. Thanks to the tempering properties of last night’s Bone Eroding Icy Wind, right now, Lin Dong had completely mastered Jade Thunder Body, and his body was solid and impenetrable just like gold and jade.

“Right now, my physical body should be at least thirty percent stronger than yesterday.” Lin Dong gripped his fist as he felt the potent force flowing within his flesh, before a satisfied smile emerged on his lips. Even though his Yuan Power cultivation was still at advanced Form Creation stage, his battle ability has surged.

“According to Little Marten, the core region of this ancient tablet spiritual domain should be nearby.” Lin Dong looked into the horizons, before he once again marveled at the scale of this vast ancient tablet spiritual domain. One could only imagine just how powerful one must be in order to create such a large domain.

For today, Lin Dong had been constantly travelling on the road. Even though he encountered several decent treasures along the way, he did not linger on. After all, right now, these items did not entice him.

“The Four Great Clans as well as other powerful factions like Great Devil Sect should be headed towards the core region…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. Those guys were even more discerning than him and most ordinary treasures would hardly entice them. Therefore, right now, they were probably rushing towards the core region, just like Lin Dong.

“Heh, since I came all the way, I can’t return empty handed!” Lin Dong laughed before his palm gently tapped Little Flame. Immediately, the latter released a tiger roar, before it flapped its lightning wings and suddenly increased its speed.

This journey lasted for approximately an hour, before Lin Dong instructed Little Flame to gradually reduce its speed. That was because he realized that the number of figures surrounding him had unknowingly increased and they were not as sparse as before.

Lin Dong hovered in mid-air as he stared at the countless figures below. Several of them were fairly skilled practitioner. Furthermore, it seems like they were all headed in the same direction.

“Those guys will not make a move unless there is a treasure. It seems like there must be a treasure as that spot…” When he saw this sight, Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered, while Little Flame began to descend lower. Then, Lin Dong looked into the horizon, only to see that a distance away, there was a secluded stone mountain. On top of that stone mountain, right in the middle of a peculiar stone forest, there was a stone pavilion. Meanwhile, there seems to be a figure seated inside that stone pavilion.

“That should an ancestor’s corpse.” Lin Dong’s eyes twinkled. He could clearly see that figure was merely a grey corpse that was seating down. Faintly, a peculiar vibration emerged from that corpse.

“That man should have crashed after he failed to breakthrough Nirvana stage…” Little Marten appeared before it took a glance at that stone pavilion and said.

“Oh? Is it so dangerous to attempt to breakthrough to Nirvana stage?” When he heard its words, Lin Dong was taken aback, as he asked.

“Breaking through to Nirvana stage is an extremely risky venture. If one is negligent, not only would one fail to break through, but one would end up self-destructing. This is a very common matter.” Little Marten casually said. However, contained within its calm words, one could understand the extreme dangers that one faced in order to breakthrough to that stage.

“Furthermore, even if one successfully breakthrough to Nirvana stage, one is not safe yet. Nine Yuan Nirvana; to reach each Nirvana cultivation stage, one must pass through a life-and-death test. If one is able to pass, then one’s strength and life expectancy would surge. However, if one fails, then one would be unable to revive oneself and can only await destruction.”

Lin Dong wiped off his cold sweat. He had never imagined that the legendary Nirvana stage is actually this perilous. It’s no wonder that even in the entire Great Yan Dynasty, there was no one who had advanced to that stage.

“The corpse of a failed Nirvana stage practitioner should not hold much appeal? Why are those guys gathering here? Furthermore, why are they afraid of heading up?” Lin Dong glanced below. Though several powerful practitioners were surrounding this mountain, none of them dared to rush forth. This caused him to be puzzled.

Furthermore, just as Lin Dong was puzzled, several figures suddenly ran by from behind him. Faintly, their hushed words spread into his ears.

“Hurry, I heard that someone obtained a Nirvana Pill from that corpse in the Stone Pavilion!”

“Nirvana Pill? That Nirvana Pill that only elite Nirvana practitioners can refine?”

“Duh, however there are countless numbers of a peculiar type of Demonic Beasts guarding it. Therefore, it’s not an easy matter to rush up. Later, when we sneak in the main crowd, we can attempt to dash up together and see if we are lucky enough to obtain a Nirvana Pill!”

As he stared at the countless figures that dashed past him, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk, before he asked in shock: “Oh, so it’s because of Nirvana Pills. Hmm, shouldn’t it only be refined by Nirvana stage practitioners? However, that corpse’s owner has not reached that step yet…”

“The fact that man can attempt to breakthrough to Nirvana stage at this place, indicates that he is a disciple of that ancient sect. Therefore, it’s not strange for him to possess Nirvana Pills.”

Lin Dong gently nodded his head, while an excited look emerged on his face. Nirvana Pills were extremely hard to refine and even a elite Nirvana stage practitioner needed quite a lot of time and effort in order to refine it. Moreover, for practitioners below Nirvana stage, that Nirvana Pill was undoubtedly a magical pill that could greatly boost one’s cultivation rate. Naturally, the price of a Nirvana Pill was exorbitant. In fact, even if Lin Dong used all of his bankroll now, he could not even buy half a pill.

Precisely because that Nirvana Pill was so rare and expensive, it caused countless elite practitioners to gather below that stone mountain, while they stared greedily and hungrily at the stone pavilion on top of that stone mountain.

“The Demonic Beasts on top of that stone mountain should be the Demonic Wind Bird. They are quite troubling beast. Even though their physical body is not powerful, their numbers are exceedingly terrifying. Furthermore, once they gather together, they can summon a small Demonic Hurricane. That Demonic Hurricane is similar to the Bone Eroding Chilling Wind that you experienced last night, and it is exceedingly powerful. Even Qi Creation elite practitioners do not dare to mess with it.” Little Marten stared at the stone mountain peak, before it exclaimed.

Lin Dong’s eyes shifted over, before he saw numerous black and peculiar-looking birds hanging on the numerous cliffs on that stone mountain. Furthermore, these birds had exceptionally large winds and they seemed just like ghosts, as they hung upside down on the stone cracks.

“Those guys seem ready to dash up…” Lin Dong’s eyes shifted down before he stared at a group that seemed quite eager to make a move.

There were several people gathered below that stone mountain. It seems like the allure of that Nirvana Pill was truly great. Furthermore, news continued to spread forth, as countless elite practitioners were evidently heading towards this area.

While the crowd grew, finally, someone was unable to resist as he immediately led the charge. As his figure flashed forth and headed for that stone pavilion, once they saw someone leading the way, a large crowd immediately followed behind him. At that instance, the entire mountain peak seemed to shook.

“Gua gua!”

When the stone mountain vibrated, it caused the Demonic Wind Birds on the mountain peak to immediately fly out. Instantly, they covered the skies and transformed into large black clouds and guarded the mountain peak. Their numbers caused Lin Dong’s scalp to turn numb.

“Wu wu!”

Once these Demonic Wind Birds appeared, they began to flutter their wings maniacally. Immediately, a dark and violent gust swept forth and blew away the surrounding sand and stones. Then, just like a hurricane, it viciously slammed towards the countless figures rushing up the mountain.


That blade vicious gust was sharp like blades. Upon contact, it caused several people to suffer. Due to that impenetrable vicious gust, even Yuan Power was forcefully split apart. Then, once they lost their Yuan Power shields, several unlucky fellows were immediately filled with bruises, before fresh blood gushed forth from their bodies. Then, pained screams echoed out, before several figures were blown away hideous. In fact, some of them even lost their lives instantly…

This situation lasted for a dozen over minutes, while fresh blood and Demonic Wind Bird corpses began to pile on the stone mountain. However, ultimately, no one was able to scale that mountain. Furthermore, the terrifying destructive potential of these Demonic Wind Birds struck fear in several people’s hearts, and caused the greed in their hearts to begin to dissipate.

“Lin Dong, go make a move. Based on the durability of your physical body, you do not have to fear these Demonic Wind Birds.” Little Marten took a glance at those defeated fellows, before it chuckled.

When he heard its words, Lin Dong smiled before he nodded his head. He was similarly highly enticed by that Nirvana Pill. Now that he had encountered it, he was naturally not going to give up.

With this thought in mind, Lin Dong did not hesitate any more. His toes tapped across Little Flame’s back, before his figure transformed into a dark shadow and lightning-quick dashed towards the mountain peak.

Right now, there were several elite practitioners surrounding that stone mountain. Therefore, when they saw that there was a person who actually dared to charge up the mountain alone, shock instantly filled their eyes.

“Is that guy crazy? He actually dares to charge alone.”

“That seems to be Lin Dong? It is reputed that he is very powerful.”

“Pfft, so what if it is Lin Dong? There are countless Demonic Wind Beasts and even an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner cannot forcibly penetrate through the gust that they created. Therefore, how can Lin Dong accomplish it!”

“He had made it through!”

Under the attention from countless individuals, Lin Dong’s figure directly penetrated through that dark and vicious gust. Instantly, a resplendent jade-like glow erupted amidst the vicious gust, before the crowds suddenly heard a clink sound. However, the expected scream did not materialize as they had predicted…

“He actually made it through the wind barrier!”

Under the attention from countless individual, that warm jade-like glow actually never stopped at all, as he directly penetrated through that black gust, and successfully emerged on top of that mountain. Furthermore, when they saw that Lin Dong had actually successfully forcibly penetrated through the wind barrier, a thick shock immediately gushed into their eyes…


Just as the crowd were taken aback, Lin Dong’s figure gently floated into that stone pavilion. As he entered into that stone pavillion, those manically charging Demonic Wind Bird actually halted before they circled around the stone pavilion. However, they did not directly attack again.

When he saw this sight, Lin Dong was slightly surprised. Promptly, he tilted his head before he turned to look at that old corpse that was quietly seated in the middle of that stone pavilion. Quietly hovering above the palm of that corpse, were two fiery-looking potent Elixir Pills. Meanwhile, a heart-palpitating sensation that caused Lin Dong to be moved slowly emerged from within.

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