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Chapter 252: Fierce Battle against Hua Zong

“Soul Symbol Master!”

Lin Dong’s facial expression somewhat changed as he stared at the Mental Energy fire that was gathering on Hua Zong’s fingertips, while waves emerged in his heart. He had never expected that Hua Zong was actually a Soul Symbol Master. Furthermore, even though he was only a low ranked Soul Symbol Master, he was still several times more powerful than a fourth-seal Symbol Master.

Since Hua Zong was a Soul Symbol Master and he possessed a Symbol Puppet, that would even trouble an advanced Form Creations stage practitioner, his battle ability was able to match up to a initial Qi Creation stage elite practitioner. That was ultimately the reason why he dared to chase after Lin Dong without a single trace of fear in his heart.

With regards to his own strength, he had absolute confidence in it!

Nonetheless, the strength that Lin Dong displayed had slightly shocked him. However, Hua Zong remained confident that in his hands, even a bright star like Lin Dong would be utterly outshone!

“Kid, when I was killing and training myself in Great Desolate Province, you were still stuck in some backwaters. You are truly an ignorant brat!”

Hua Zong stared at Lin Dong before he coldly chuckled. Then, without giving Lin Dong any time to react, his finger viciously jutted out, before his greyish Mental Energy fire immediately dashed forth!

Mental Energy fire did not have wreck much damage to one’s physical body. However, if one was hit by it, the injuries suffered were several times more severe than a mere physical wound. That was because it would burn one’s Mental Energy. In fact, it happened before that some unlucky fellows were directly reduced to retards by that Mental Energy fire.

Therefore, Mental Energy fire was always the most powerful weapon of a Soul Symbol Master!

Hence, when Lin Dong saw that incoming Mental Energy fire, his face turned exceedingly solemn. With a flick of his mind, powerful Mental Energy immediately gushed out before they promptly formed into an array in front of him.

“Manifestation Symbol Array, Manifest Thousand Flames!”

An almost skull-sized formless fire swiftly emerged from within that symbol array. This was not the true Mental Energy fire, but rather it was a type of flames that Lin Dong formed by using the power of his symbol array. Therefore, its strength and power was truly lacking compared to Mental Energy flames.


When he saw this situation, that Hua Zong involuntarily snorted, as a callous glint flashed across his eyes. As he pointed his finger, his greyish Mental Energy flames immediately viciously slammed against that Thousand Flames. When the two of them collided, a deep echo sounded out, before that Mental Energy fire directly forcefully consumed Lin Dong’s Thousand Flames.

“Nothing but a firefly. What a joke!” When he saw that Thousand Flames succumb immediately, the grin on Hua Zong’s face grew. Then, he viciously grabbed his palm, before his Mental Energy flames immediately expanded rapidly and transformed into a greyish giant flaming hand, and viciously swiped at Lin Dong.


When Hua Zong made his killing move, his Symbol Puppet, that was below him, suddenly stomped against the ground, before it turned into a lightning bolt and directly headed for Lin Dong. As it moved, it’s palm wind was just like a blade. It was extremely formidable and peculiar.

In a split second, Hua Zong had thoroughly executed his attack. Furthermore, with the assistance of his Symbol Puppet, he had directly driven Lin Dong into a deadly situation. A Soul Symbol Master together with a Soul Puppet, that was a nearly perfect killing move.

As he sensed that dangerous aura within his heart, Lin Dong’s facial expression began to turn increasingly solemn. Gripping his palm, his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd once again emerged, while a resplendent golden glow slowly circled around its body. Meanwhile, a dragon’s tatoo seemed to faintly squirm, while a novel and peculiar sensation began to emerge from within his ancient halberd.

High grade Soul Treasure. Right now, he could finally display the true might of his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd!

When his ancient halberd entered his hands, a sense of pride gushed into Lin Dong’s heart. Over this one year, he had travelled by himself from Tiandu Province to Great Desolate Province. During this journey, he had survived dozens of life-and-death encounters, and even an existence as powerful as the Ancient Dragon Ape was thwarted by him. Therefore, how could Hua Zong, who was merely a low ranked Soul Symbol Master defeat him?

“Bronze Thunder Body!”

“Demonic Ape Transformation!”

At this instance, a deep roar erupted inside Lin Dong’s heart. Promptly, what followed was an exceedingly terrifying and formidable power!


Lin Dong’s figure was pencil straight, while the skin on his body had completely turned bronze-green. In fact, some parts of his body were now slowly expanding. As his body grew, it gave off a heart-palpitating squeaking noise.

In approximately ten seconds, Lin Dong’s height had forcefully grown by half a meter, and he seemed just like a mini giant. Even though his body did not turn into steel, anyone can clearly sense that lurking beneath his body, was a massive and terrifying force!

“Hua hua!”

Lin Dong slowly clenched his fists, as every muscle of his body stealthily twitched. A formless force wind, just like a hurricane, wrapped around his body, causing the surrounding air to give of a gushing noise.

This was the first time that Lin Dong was able to execute two body-enhancing arts together, and the result that he achieved far exceeded his expectations!

As the power within his body howled forth, Lin Dong was unable to resist as he roared towards the heavens. His roar was just like a physical sonicboom as it actually directly uprooted the surrounding trees.

“Get lost!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were feverish, while the ancient halberd in his hands grew by several times under a golden glow. Right now, it seemed just like Wang Yan’s Great Luo Golden Spear. However, since the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd was in Lin Dong’s hands, it’s aura was evidently much more formidable than Wang Yan’s!

With a golden glow, he finally swung his halberd viciously with a formidable force wind towards that Symbol Puppet’s body that was dashing towards him.


A crisp sound coupled with sparks erupted in mid-air, before a clearly visible force wind shockwave manically erupted in mid-air. Then, that Symbol Puppet’s solid chest was forcefully dented, while the formidable force from his ancient halberd directly knocked it viciously onto the ground, causing a several meters deep hole on the ground.


After he forcefully blew back that Symbol Puppet in one blow, Lin Dong’s body once again stepped forth. Then, a vicious halberd shadow was immediately directed towards that Mental Energy flames.

“Chi chi!”

Golden Yuan Power immediately exploded forth before it was manically corroded by that Mental energy flames, causing a piercing noise to emerge.

“You shall break!”

Lin Dong looked just like a deity as he seemed exceedingly formidable. Golden Yuan Power with lightning sparks exploded forth before it directly ripped apart that ball of Mental Energy flames. Then, his figure flashed before he headed straight for Hua Zong.

“Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd technique, fish scale halberd!”

“Heavenly Scales Halberd technique, python scale halberd!”

A hideous looking giant Yuan Power fish and an enraged python emerged simultaneously. They were filled with formidable halberd shadows and an extremely powerful energy as they lightning-quick flew towards Hua Zong.

However, just as Lin Dong’s halberd shadows flew towards Hua Zong, a breaking wind sound emerged from behind him. Turning around, he saw that the Symbol Puppet that had been blown away was once again charging towards him fearlessly. It’s palm blade was filled with a formidable glowing glint, causing one to be fearful of underestimating it.


At this juncture, a glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Promptly, a shadow suddenly emerged from his Qiankun Bag before it viciously clashed against that Symbol Puppet.

“Symbol Puppet?!”

When Lin Dong summoned that figure, a tinge of shock flashed across Hua Zong’s eyes. However, before that tinge of shock could spread out, Lin Dong’s vicious attack had approached him just like a hurricane!


His vicious attack precisely landed on Hua Zong’s body. Then, the latter’s body was immediately blown onto the ground, before he ripped a nearly hundred meters long mark on the ground. In fact, the surrounding giant trees were all forcefully uprooted.

His powerful attack had completely landed on Hua Zong’s body. However, Lin Dong’s eyebrows began to furrow gently…

“Mental Energy Giant Saw!”

However, just as Lin Dong’s furrowed his eyebrows, Hua Zong’s icy cold voice suddenly echoed out. Then, a Mental Energy vibration, that caused even Lin Dong to be slightly taken aback, viciously emerged at that location.


As Lin Dong’s solemnly stared at him, at a distance away, Hua Zong slowly picked himself up. Hovering above his head, was a nearly ten meters wide greyish Mental Energy saw. An exceedingly formidable vibration, that seemed capable of even destroying Mental Energy emerged from it.

“Your attack is indeed powerful. However, I have this!”

Hua Zong’s facial expression was slightly hideous before he directly ripped apart his clothes and revealed a dark yellow vest, that he was wearing below. On that vest, there was an extremely powerful energy vibration. Right now, in the middle of that vest, it was slightly damaged. It seems like it was probably caused by Lin Dong’s previous attack. However, evidently, even an attack of such an extent was unable to penetrate through that vest. Therefore, this goes to show just how powerful that vest was.

As he stared at that glow flowing on the vest, Lin Dong’s face turned increasingly dark. That was because he realized that item was the high-grade Soul Treasure that Hua Zong had obtained during the auction, Mysterious Earth Armor!

With such an item around, even an advanced Form Creation stage practitioner’s attacks would not be able to do much damage to Hua Zong. That fellow’s family was simply too wealthy!

“Kid, you are finished!”

As he stared at Lin Dong’s hideous expression, the grin on Hua Zong’s face intensified. Now that he had the Mysterious Earth Armor, it was impossible for him to be defeated. Therefore, it was time for him to slowly torment Lin Dong to death!

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