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Chapter 251: Soul Symbol Master

Lin Dong’s figure was just like a leopard in the forest. He was extremely strong and robust as he travelled. Even the leaves at the tip of his feet did not seem to tremble in the slightest when he landed. Meanwhile, his body was like a ghost as he dashed forth.

“Have they arrived…”

While he was dashing, Lin Dong’s gaze slightly trembled. He could sense that Hua Zong and the rest were closely tailing behind him. Moreover, Hua Zong’s Mental Energy was evidently very powerful, hence, his senses were very sharp. In fact, a faintly discernible Mental Energy had locked onto Lin Dong since the beginning.

This was one of the disadvantages of fighting with a Symbol Master. Due to their powerful Mental Energy and acute senses, escaping from them was no simple feat. Of course, if the enemy’s Mental Energy was weaker than one’s own, then one would be able to smash that trace of Mental Energy. Unfortunately, Hua Zong’s Mental Energy did not seem to be the least bit weaker than Lin Dong’s.

“They are too many of them, so I cannot allow myself to be pinned down. I need to scatter their forces…” Lin Dong’s gaze flickered. His opponents consisted of two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners, while that Hua Zong was extremely sinister, and it was likely that his battle power was not weaker than an advanced Form Creation stage practitioner. Hence, if the three of them joined hands, even Lin Dong would find the battle rather difficult. More importantly, this place was not far from Great Puppet City. Thus, if he was delayed for too long, and Hua Zong once again called for reinforcements, it would likely become truly troubling for Lin Dong.

While his gaze flickered, Lin Dong’s palm suddenly stroked Little Flame, as the corners of his mouth slightly lifted. He straightaway took of his clothes and wrapped them around Little Flame’s body, before adding in a portion of Mental Energy.

“Little Flame, draw away some of them. Focus only on running, and don’t fight with them.” Lin Dong lightly patted Little Flame, as he instructed it in a low voice.

The current Little Flame already had a rather high intellect. Hence, it let out a low growl in response to Lin Dong’s command, before it directly leapt out of Lin Dong’s arms while its body instantly swelled. Then, its lightning wings shook, transforming into a flash as it flew in another direction.

Although the current Little Flame would find it a little difficult to deal with an advanced Form Creation stage practitioner, the lightning wings from its evolution caused its speed to be unmatched even by Lin Dong. Using it to draw away some of the enemy forces would not be too dangerous.

“I’m interested to find out who will dare to chase me alone!”

Watching as Little Flame flew further and further away, a cold light flickered in Lin Dong’s eyes. Perhaps he might only be able to flee from the trio’s combined might, but as long as any of the three was not present, Lin Dong was confident that he would be able to take care of them!

While a cold light glimmered in his eyes, Lin Dong’s figure suddenly increased its speed. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared into the vast forest.

Not long after Lin Dong’s figure disappeared, numerous breaking wind sounds closely followed, before a dozen figures appeared at the spot where Lin Dong and Little Flame had parted ways.

“Custodian Hua, why are we stopping?” Upon seeing Hua Zong stop, the eagle nose duo were puzzled as they asked.

“That kid’s presence has doubled…” Hua Zong’s eyebrows furrowed a little, as his gaze constantly swept between Lin Dong and Little Flame’s direction. These two presences were exactly like Lin Dong’s, yet, it was clear that only one of them was real.

“That kid is using some trick!” Upon hearing these words, the eagle nose man could not help but let out in a low voice.

“The two of you go in that direction, and catch up to him. If you discover that it is the real one, send out a signal while you delay him.” Hua Zong’s gaze flickered. He was clearly decisive as he instantly made a decision and instructed.

“Then please be careful Custodian Hua!” After hearing these words, the eagle nose duo did not object. They were clearly aware of Hua Zong’s strength. Even if that kid had some tricks up his sleeves, he would pose no no threat to the latter. Furthermore, at that time, once the signal was released, the reinforcements will quickly arrive and that kid would have little chance of escaping.


Gazing as the two of them who quickly left the group and gave chase, Hua Zong stared at the other direction with an icy cold gaze, before he waved his hands and commanded: “Go!”

After he spoke, he immediately took the lead as his body dashed forth. Standing behind him, his dozen or so subordinates quickly followed.

“Oh, he sent away the two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners. Guess he must be rather confident in his own abilities…” In the dense forest, Lin Dong softly chuckled. Evidently, he had already sensed the two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners leaving, This caused him to feel slightly surprised. It seems like this Hua Zong was truly confident in his own strength.

“Now…it’s time to finish this off…” Lin Dong’s figure slowly landed, before entering into the dense forest, as his somewhat icy voice quietly dissipated.

“Swish swish!”

Within the forest filled with towering trees, figure swept forth one by one. The figure at the very front, was Hua Zong, who wore an icy expression on his face. His keen gaze swept across the surrounding forest, as his eyebrows furrowed a little. Every since he had entered this place, Lin Dong’s presence seemed to have completely disappeared in an instant, and even Hua Zong himself was unable to sense the latter.


Just as Hua Zong was frowning over this, an extremely soft and muffled sound suddenly rang out. He quickly turned his head, only to find two of his subordinates suddenly falling from the air, as an extremely fine line of blood appeared at their necks.

This sudden change caused Hua Zong’s subordinates to panic a little. However, before they could regain their wits, a cold wind floated from in front of them like a ghost, as they felt a cold sensation at their throats, and the scene before their eyes swiftly turned to darkness…

“Bang bang!”

Hua Zong’s eyes coldly stared at the bodies that were falling in mid-air, with no intention of helping them at all until eventually, one of his subordinates was finally killed by that peculiar sneak attack. Then, a cold glint flashed across his eyes. Immediately, he turned around, before a giant palm formed by from a greyish mental energy viciously flew towards the dense forest.

That Mental Energy giant palm directly uprooted a giant tree. Promptly, a figure dashed out from within, before he landed steadily on a tree branch and smiled cheerfully at a stone faced Hua Zong.

“You actually decided to stop running. That’s surprising.” Hua Zong glanced at Lin Dong as he casually muttered. He did not feel the slightest heartache over his subordinates who were killed or maimed.

“You actually led all these people to chase after me. That’s surprising as well.” Lin Dong smiled as he said.

“Very soon, you will realize why I dare to chase after you. That is because in my eyes, you are nothing but an ant!” A grin slowly emerged on Hua Zong’s lips, before his expression suddenly turned solemn. As he gripped his palm, his greyish Mental Energy immediately turned into countless sharp blades that blanketed the horizon, before they viciously charged towards Lin Dong.

“This attack is useless…” When he saw this situation, Lin Dong did not move at all, as a stream of powerful Mental Energy immediately gushed out from within his Niwan Palace and formed a Mental Energy barrier. No matter how many blades there were, they were all unable to penetrate through.

“You are indeed a Mental Energy practitioner!” As he sensed Lin Dong’s formidable Mental Energy, Hua Zong coldly chuckled. Then, another stream of Mental Energy gushed out, before it sliced through all the surrounding large trees just like it was a sharp blade. Then, he manipulated these large tree trunks and flung them towards Lin Dong viciously.


Lin Dong’s foot heavily stomped against the ground, before a large amount of debris immediately flew forth. Promptly, he manipulated them with his Mental Energy, before they transformed into a flurry of stones that filled the horizons. As they collided haphazardly against the large trees, that scene was pretty remarkable.

However, both of their attacks were merely testing blows. Therefore, in the next instance, Lin Dong once again lifted his hand. Immediately, a golden glow gushed forth before it turned into a golden platform. With a menacing force wind, he instantly flung it towards Hua Zong viciously.

“Bang bang!”

That golden platform howled forth, before it caused the surrounding air to explode. As a series of air explosion erupted, the resulting impact uprooted the dirt on the ground before several large ditches emerged.

“Mental Energy Magic Hammer!”

However, even as he faced such a formidable pressuring attack, that Hua Zong did not panic. Mental Energy immediately gushed forth before it directly turned into a several meters wide greyish Mental Energy hammer and viciously slammed against that golden platform.


A piercing sharp noise erupted in mid-air, before that golden platform was actually forcefully blown back by Hua Zong.

When he saw this situation, Lin Dong’s body flashed before he appeared above that golden platform, while his whole body had once again turned bronze-green. Then, he lifted up that golden platform before he once again viciously slammed it down.

When he saw Lin Dong’s brute force attack, Hua Zong involuntarily snorted. As he waved his sleeves, suddenly, a dark greyish figure flew out from his sleeves. With a powerful and menacing force, it then solidly slammed against that golden platform.


When they two of them collided, an extremely vicious force wind erupted. Lin Dong was forced to retreat a step, while that figure was blown onto the ground. It’s legs were like two sharp blades as they directly penetrated several meters deep into the ground. However, even after taking such a heavy hit, that figure seemed to have felt no pain at all, as it directly plucked its feet out from the ground and stared blankly at Lin Dong.

“Symbol Puppet!”

Staring at the dark gray figure which gave off a strange smell, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk a little. That guy had finally sent out his Symbol Puppet…

“This Symbol Puppet looks to be even stronger than my mine. Although it has not reached the upper levels, it can already be considered as the peak of the middle level…”

Lin Dong extended his slightly numb palm, as amazement filled his eyes. Evidently, he did not expect that Hua Zong’s Symbol Puppet would actually be this strong.

“Kid, didn’t you want to know why I dared to chase you alone, let me tell you now!”

After summoning his Symbol Puppet, a sinister light started to flow in Hua Zong’s eyes. Meanwhile, an extremely powerful Mental Energy unfurled from his body like a storm. The corners of his mouth formed into a sinister smile, while his finger formidably pointed in the air, as a gray flame appeared at his fingertip.

“Because…I am not a fourth seal Symbol Master, but…a Soul Symbol Master!”

Upon hearing Hua Zong’s awe-inspiring voice, Lin Dong’s pupils abruptly shrank.

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