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Chapter 253: Breaking the Vest

The Mysterious Earth Armor was a high-grade defensive type Soul Treasure. In the face of its superb defensive abilities, even an advanced Form Creation stage practitioner would be powerless and awkward, just like a lion trying to gnaw a tortoise shell.

Hence, when he faced Hua Zong, who possessed the Mysterious Earth Armor, even Lin Dong felt that the former was a rather thorny problem. The extravagance that this guy enjoyed was simply even greater than Wang Yan!

“I did not think that you would also possess a Symbol Puppet, however, it looks like it cannot be compared to mine…” Hua Zong cracked his neck, as a large Mental Energy saw slowly squirmed above his head, while an astonishing shockwave spread outwards. He cast a glance at the two struggling Symbol Puppets nearby, while the corners of his mouth slightly lifted, before he spoke in an indifferent tone.

Lin Dong’s gaze slightly shifted. In the duel between the two Symbol Puppets, Hua Zong’s one had indeed gained the upper hand. Most importantly, every time the Symbol Puppet was used for battle, it would consume over a thousand Pure Yuan pills. If this was before, Lin Dong would still be able to support this, however, the current him was dirt poor, and if this situation continued, it would not be long before his middle ranked Symbol Puppet would become motionless due to the lack of energy…

When that time came and Hua Zong was allowed to join hands with his Symbol Puppet to deal with Lin Dong, his situation would become rather dangerous. Faced with a Hua Zong who possessed both a Symbol Puppet and the protection of the Mysterious Earth Armor, Lin Dong would undoubtedly fall into a tricky situation.

“Kid, it has not been long since I’ve advanced to become a Soul Symbol Master. Hence, you are the first person to taste my Mental Energy fire. Even if you die here today, you will still be considered quite fortunate!” Hua Zong gave Lin Dong a sinister smile. Soon after, Hua Zong expression abruptly turned eerie, as the Mental Energy saw above his head violently squirmed. One could tell that this should be a rather powerful Secret Spirit Skill.

“Watch as I rip your Mental Energy to pieces today!”

While his Mental Energy saw brattled, Hua Zong’s suddenly swung his arm down. Then, that giant Mental Energy Saw was filled with an unstoppable force as it lightning-quick flew towards Lin Dong.

“Squeak squeak!”

When he heard the breaking wind sound as the Mental Energy saw ripped through the air, Lin Dong’s facial expression turned increasingly solemn. His hands tightly gripped onto his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, while Great Sun Thunder Yuan coursed through his body just like a tidal wave. Faintly, deep thunder roars echoed out.

“Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd Technique, dragon scales halberd!”

A golden glow suddenly erupted from that ancient halberd, before it promptly transformed into a giant dragon’s shadow. On top of that dragon’s shadow, there were lightning sparks cackling. Then, with an exceedingly formidable Yuan Power vibration, it directly slammed against that incoming Mental Energy Saw.


An earth-shattering explosion instantly erupted in the forest, before a savage shock wave swept forth, just like a tyrannical hurricane, as it cleanly tore through every giant tree within a hundred meter radius.

Fierce winds were blowing through the horizons, before Lin Dong’s feet gently tapped against the ground. However, he did not chose to retreat, but rather he directly dashed towards a figure nearby. His ancient halberd danced, before golden halberd shadows that filled the horizons rained down on Hua Zong, just like a hurricane.

When he saw Lin Dong’s formidable attack, Hua Zong did not retreat. Instead, another powerful stream of Mental Energy gushed out, before he directly formed a several meters wide, greyish Mental Energy barrier that surrounded him.

“Bang bang bang!”

Formidable halberd shadows landed on that Mental Energy barrier and caused ripples to emerge on its surface.


When that final golden glow flew forth and viciously slammed on that Mental Energy barrier, soon after the barrier immediately exploded, before a fierce and vicious wind lightning-quick flew towards Hua Zong’s head.


As he faced that rapidly incoming attack, Hua Zong stomped against the ground. Then, a mud column suddenly emerged on the spot where he stood, before it elevated him and allowed him to dodge that lightning-quick halberd shadow.

When his attack failed, Lin DOng’s eyes gently twinkled. This Hua Zong was truly a member of Ghastly Puppet Sect and he was extremely well-versed in utilizing Mental Energy. Previously, he had directly used Mental Energy to push the ground and eject himself.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Hua Zong’s figure hovered in mid-air with a grim expression on his face. His ten fingers continuously jutted out, before countless greyish blades forged from Mental Energy, filled the horizons as they flew towards Lin Dong from every direction.

“Ding ding ding!”

As he faced Hua Zong’s counter attack, a resplendent golden glow once again erupted from Lin Dong’s body. Instantly, in this part of the woods, dirt and dust filled the horizons, as their intense battle destroyed everything within a three hundred meter radius.

Right now, both of them have evidently pushed their Mental Energy and Yuan Power till their limits. When they fought, it was exceedingly fierce and intense. However, that Hua Zong was a pretty cunning fellow. He could sense just how powerful Lin Dong’s physical body was. Therefore, he chose not to duke it out with him. Rather, he used tricks from his Mental Energy to continuously tie Lin Dong down and bid for time before his Symbol Puppet came to assist him.

With regards to Hua Zong’s plans, Lin Dong was clearly aware of it. Furthermore, he knew that the amount of Pure Yuan Pills in his possession would only allow him to last for a few more minutes. Therefore, allowing this fight to drag on was obviously disadvantageous for him.


Another one of Lin Dong’s halberd shadow peculiarly penetrated through Hua Zong’s Mental Energy barrier, before it viciously slammed against the latter’s chest. However, as Hua Zong was protected by his Mysterious Earth Armour, he hardly incurred any damage.

When he saw this sight, Lin Dong’s facial expression sunk slightly. The powerful defensive ability of that Mysterious Earth Armour was truly troubling. This means that his attacks must be so powerful that they can penetrate through the Mysterious Earth Armour’s defences, before they could wound Hua Zong.

Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered, before his attacks suddenly changed slightly. In this instance, the ground below him suddenly exploded, before an exceedingly formidable cold glow flew towards him from below at an extremely tight angle.


This sudden sneak attack caused Lin Dong to be shocked. However, thanks to his keen senses, immediately, the ancient halberd in his hands, bent at an extreme angle before it viciously clashed against that cold glow.

When the two of them clashed, a crisp sound erupted, before that cold glint was directly blown away due to Lin Dong’s massive strength. Lin Dong’s eyes turned to glance at it, only to realize that it was actually a dark-red dagger with no handle. That blade was dark red in colour and it seemed like it was formed from fresh blood. Filled on both sides of that sharp blade were rows of tiny jagged teeth. One glance at it, gave off a cold and dark sensation.

“Mid-ranked Soul Treasure.”

Though this dagger was small, when Lin Dong saw it, his pupils shrunk immediately. Previously, the coldness and the strength emitted from that dagger, caused his palm to somewhat ache. Furthermore, it was filled with an exceedingly formidable energy vibration. Evidently, this item was a mid-ranked Soul Treasure that did not lose out to the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd from before!

“That fellow is truly filled with treasures!”

When he saw Hua Zong taking out his treasures one by one, Lin Dong felt somewhat envious. On his whole body, besides the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his hand, he had no other treasures left. However, that fellow was different, as he seemed to be filled with mid-ranked Soul Treasures.

“Snort, what a pity…”

When his sneak attack failed, that Hua Zong somewhat disappointedly sighed. Then, his finger jutted out, before that dark-red pillar made a U-turn in mid-air and once again transformed into a red flash. Then, with an exceedingly vicious speed, it stabbed towards Lin Dong. At the same time, Lin Dong once again felt an extremely powerful Mental Energy vibration coming from Hua Zong’s body. Evidently, the latter was getting ready for another powerful Secret Spirit Skill.


A cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes, before his body viciously exploded forth. He reversed his grip on his ancient halberd, before he viciously flung it towards Hua Zong, just like a long spear.

“Wu wu!”

That ancient halberd transformed into a golden glow, before it dashed forth just like a golden dragon. As it bared its fangs and waved its claws, it seemed exceedingly formidable. However, in the end, this attack was still evaded by Hua Zong, who was already well-prepared.


When he saw that Lin Dong had actually thrown away his ancient halberd, a grin instantly surfaced on Hua Zong’s face. That was akin to breaking one’s own limbs!


After he threw his ancient halberd, Lin Dong’s figure directly rushed towards Hua Zong, while a resplendent golden glow manically gathered on his fist. It seems like he was planning to fight him using brute force alone.

When Hua Zong saw Lin Dong’s actions, the grin on his face grew. Even with aid from his Ancient Halberd, Lin Dong was unable to penetrate his defences. Therefore, did Lin Dong actually think that he could break his Mysterious Earth Armour with his bare fists?

“Since you are so eager to die, I shall grant your wish!”

On top of Hua Zong’s head, Mental Energy gathered fervently before they directly transformed into a Mental Energy Sphere. Within that sphere, an exceedingly savage vibration emerged.


Lin Dong’s movements were extremely rapid. In a blink of an eye, he had appeared right in front of Hua Zong. However, right now, a praying mat had suddenly appeared on his fist, before a peculiar mixed-color energy source jumped out.

Once that energy source appeared, it immediately jumped out of the praying mat and stuck itself on Lin Dong’s fist!

When that peculiar mixed-colored energy source stuck itself on Lin Dong’s fist, an uneasy sensation suddenly emerged in Hua Zong’s heart.

“Watch me while I break your turtle shell with one punch!”

At this juncture, it was already too late to react. Lin Dong’s icy cold expression was reflected in Hua Zong’s eyes, before his fist, that was filled with that peculiar energy source, descended.

“You must be dreaming!”

Hua Zong’s facial expression was hideous while an exceedingly bright glow erupted from the Mysterious Earth Armour on his body. A dark yellow golden glow emerged on that armour before it completely covered Hua Zong’s enter body. He was planning to use his Mysterious Earth Armour to valiantly take Lin Dong’s punch!


A solid punch lightning-quick landed on that glowing Mysterious Earth Armour. Then, in the surrounding hundred meter radius, the ground below erupted just like a volcano, before sand waves that were nearly ten meters tall swept forth!

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