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Chapter 248: Secret of the Praying Mat

As Hua Zong left, the people surrounding the lobby, who had come to watch the excitement, also dispersed. However, before they dispersed, the gazes with which they looked at Lin Dong were tinged with a little pity. Offending Hua Zong in Great Puppet City was not a fun matter, do not judge him based on his young age, over these years, many people had died at his hands. All in all, he could be considered a tyrant in Great Puppet City.

Lin Dong’s expression was calm, unaffected by the surrounding gazes. His thinking was very clear-cut, now that he was without any family and all by himself, no matter how powerful the Ghastly Puppet Cult was, he could also run if he could not beat them. The Great Desolate Province was so huge, how could that Ghastly Puppet Cult possibly comb it inch by inch just to find him?

“Kid, you should be careful, no one can help you in with these things. However, let me give you a word of advice, it will be best to leave Great Puppet City as early as possible. Hua Zong does not have much tolerance, and is greedy by nature. He will use all means to obtain anything he fancies, hence, quickly leaving this place will be much safer for you.” Grandmaster Cheng walked near to Lin Dong and warned him in and indifferent tone.

“Many thanks to grandmaster.”

Lin Dong smiled a little, and politely clasped his hands together towards grandmaster Cheng. He naturally did not hope that the latter would truly be able to step in and help him solve these troubles. After all, they were strangers who had met by chance, and the fact that grandmaster Chen had warned him was already not bad at all.

Therefore, after cupping his fists in thanks, Lin Dong directly walked out of the Thousand Treasure Tower. As he stood at the entrance, a pondering expression was revealed on his face. No matter how alone he was, he still after all needed to be a little more cautious. Now that he had offended Hua Zong, he should not be able to linger for long in Great Puppet City.

Of course, Lin Dong did not leave immediately. Hua Zong’s words from before were clearly aimed to make Lin Dong understand the disparity between them, and hence cause him to take the initiative to hand over the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. Although Lin Dong saw this as Hua Zong being delusional, he could borrow this time and optimize his condition. For example, sorting out the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat he had obtained from the auction. If he was able to obtain some benefit from it, even of Hua Zong made a move, Lin Dong would have more cards to play.

As these thoughts flashed across his head, Lin Dong did not hesitate any longer, and straightaway headed towards the inn he was staying at. Along the way, feel watching eyes from extremely hidden places. He knew that these should be the spies that Hua Zong had arranged. Given his status in Great Puppet City, every little matter would be reported to him, and this should also be why he believed that Lin Dong would be unable to escape the palm of his hand…

Lin Dong did not mind this surveillance, and directly returned to the inn, before tightly shutting the room door. Without further ado, he sat on the bed, and with a flick of his hand, the old yellow Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat appeared before him, as he icily snorted: “Alright, next, it’s time to see what you can do. If this thing bought with one hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills is not the least be useful, let’s see how you will repay me!”

Little Marten unhurriedly flew out from the Stone Talisman in Lin Dong’s palm, before standing on top of the praying mat. Its little claws scratched its face, as it let out a dry cough: “Let’s look at it together…”

Lin Dong rolled his eyes, ignoring it as his gaze concentrated on the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat. It appeared an old yellow color, and looked it had some history. Threads of cooling energy flowed out from the praying mat, this kind of energy had no reaction to Yuan Power, but when it touched Mental Energy, it would feel as if one dipping into ice water, causing one’s mind to feel coldly refreshed.

Yet, besides this…Lin Dong did not discover any other use, which caused his expression to turn black. Did he really spend one hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills to buy this broken thing?

“Try using Mental Energy to access it?” Little Marten probed.

“Its useless, I have no idea what this praying mat is made of, Mental Energy cannot enter it.” Lin Dong casually replied.

Little Marten was a little vexed as it scratched its fur. It was a little embarrassed as it stared at the symbols on the praying mat which even it felt was extremely complicated and cryptic. Little Marten understood that if it was not for its instigation, Lin Dong would definitely not have spent one hundred Pure Yuan pills to buy an item of unknown capabilities.

“How about trying to use fire to burn it for a while?” Little Marten gave a rather rancid idea. In response, Lin Dong stared at it for quite some time, before finally speaking in a calm voice: “Are you paying if it gets burnt?”

Little Marten helplessly spread out its claws. It was also alone, and in fact, even more alone than Lin Dong.

“God damnit…” Upon seeing that even this guy had learnt this mannerisms, Lin Dong could not help but laugh at himself a little. In the end, he could only retrieve the candle on the table, and very carefully place it under the praying mat. However, even under the flame, the praying mat did not show any signs of burning, yet, at the same time, no special phenomenon appeared. Evidently, using fire to burn it was also useless.

“Didn’t you say that there seems to be something within this praying mat?” Upon seeing this sight, Lin Dong was somewhat unwilling as he inquired.

“It indeed feels that way, however, it is similar to a locked treasure chest. Even if I know that there a treasure inside, we are unable to open to lock.” Little Marten helplessly replied.

After hearing this, Lin Dong was somewhat disappointed. This damned praying mat, nothing seemed to be able to enter it, fire did not work, and even tearing it apart was not possible. What was the use of knowing that it was a little special?

“You can slowly fiddle with it, while I cultivate for a while. We will leave Great Puppet City tomorrow, I’m afraid we cannot stay for long in this place.” After once again spending some effort on the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat, Lin Dong finally chose to give up. There was currently an enemy eyeing him, and he needed to ensure that his condition was good at all times, how could he possibly waste too much time on these fruitless actions.


Little Marten nodded its head, its eyebrows tightly knitting together as it observed the praying mat, in hopes of unravelling this strange object. Meanwhile, Lin Dong slowly closed his eyes and started his daily cultivation routine.

As Lin Dong entered into cultivation mode, the room became quiet. Little Marten seemed to be infatuated with this strong praying mat, directly seating on it, as its gaze continuously followed the complex symbols, in hopes of discovering the special effects and uses of these symbols.

In the blink of an eye, a night stealthily passed in this silent manner, while the humongous city once again grew noisy…

When Lin Dong exited from his cultivation state. he found a red eyed Little Marten, and was taken aback, as he hastily asked in a careful manner: “Are you alright?”

The current Little Marten’s eyes were red, as it unwaveringly stared at the strange praying mat. From this appearance, it was as if it had not closed its eyes for the entire night.

Little Marten did not take the least bit notice of Lin Dong’s inquiry. Its eyes were fixed on the praying mat, as if its mind was stuck inside the mat. In fact, even its breathing had become a little hurried.

Lin Dong was clearly a little frightened by Little Marten’s state. Ever since he had known it, this was the first time he had seen this kind of appearance on the Little Marten which liked to call itself grandfather marten, and mention its extraordinary background.

However, although he was a little worried about Little Marten’s current state, Lin Dong did not recklessly disturb it, and instead silently waited to one side, worry thick in his eyes. He had truly taken this guy, who he had lived together with for over a year, as a friend.

Under Lin Dong’s worried gaze, Little Marten stared at the praying mat, its body completely still. After about half an hour, it finally sat down on the praying mat, and lifted its head, red eyes staring at Lin Dong in excitement, as it laughed: “Grandfather marten has said that this is a treasure, yet you still don’t believe it!”

“You’ve unravelled it?” Lin Dong was taken aback upon hearing this, as he hastily asked.

“With grandfather marten working on it, how can there possibly be anything that I can’t solve!” Little Marten proudly replied.

“How do I use this thing?” Lin Dong very carefully inquired.

“Kid, grab the praying mat, and pour both Yuan Power and Mental Energy into it. Remember, you need to pour in these two types of energy at the same time, while maintaining the balance between them!” Little Marten flicked its claw, sending the praying mat towards Lin Dong as it explained.

“Oh?” Receiving the praying mat, Lin Dong a little skeptical. This was the first time he had encountered such a strange method, however, he did not delay, as his hands grabbed onto the praying mat. His mind moved, as Yuan Power and Mental Energy simultaneously poured into the praying mat.


As the two energies were poured it, a light flashed on the praying mat, before disappearing with a pop.

“This…” Upon seeing this scene, Lin Dong was stunned.

“Fool, I already told you that you need to maintain the balance between the two energies. Sending them in one stronger and one weaker, how can you call that balance!” To one side, the Little Marten rolled its eyes and scolded after seeing this.

“This word balance is not as easy to control as you say it is.” Lin Dong helplessly said.

“Anyways, if you cannot achieve balance, you will have no way to discover the mystery of this praying mat.” Little Marten impatiently urged. Balance indeed contained the essence of the world. It was easy to talk about controlling it, but, this was the only way.

In response, Lin Dong could only let out a bitter laugh, and once again try to control the balance between the two. Little Marten had toiled on this praying mat for a whole night, and he could possibly give up so easily.

It must be said, that maintaining the balance between the two powers was no simple matter. After failing dozens of times, Lin Dong expression slowly turned to one of concentration. He was usually extremely stubborn, and he would not easily speak of giving up.

Hence, Lin Dong spent the entire day with the praying mat. Two energies were tirelessly poured into the praying mat, and as he endlessly poured them in, he gradually began to sense this so-called feeling of balance. After all, practise makes perfect, and after failing for hundreds and thousands of times, one would be able to slowly discover what path to take.


As he watched yet another light from the praying mat flicker and fade into nothingness, Lin Dong was not frustrated at all. He lifted his hands to pour in energy again, and his mind moved, as a portion of Yuan Power and Mental Energy practically poured into the praying mat at the same moment.


On the praying mat, light once again flashed. However, just when Lin Dong thought he had failed, and was preparing for the next infusion, the light on the praying mat suddenly grew brighter, as a strange undulation that caused Lin Dong’s scalp to turn a little numb, slowly spread out from the light…

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