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Chapter 247: A Complication

As he stared at Hua Zong, who had suddenly barged in, Lin Dong’s eyes sunk. However, even before he could speak up, that Grandmaster Chen immediately shouted out angrily: “Hua Zong, do you not know the rules? This is my Thousand Treasure Tower and it does not belong to your Ghastly Puppet Cult!”

When he heard Grandmaster Chen’s enraged words, that Hua Zong merely laughed. Then, without a trace of sincerity, he cupped his hands at Grandmaster Cheng before he smiled and said: “Haha, my apologizes. I heard a loud commotion and I was unable to suppress the curiosity in my heart. Therefore, I intruded into your building. I hope that Grandmaster Chen can understand.”

With regards to his insincere words, that Grandmaster Chen was still fuming with rage. Then, he coldly said: “Please leave now. In the future, if you break my Thousand Treasure Tower’s rules again, even if your father is an elder of Ghastly Puppet Cult, I will include you in my Thousand Treasure Tower blacklist.”

Evidently, that Grandmaster Chen was extremely outraged by Hua Zong’s actions. If it were not for the fact that the latter had an extraordinary background, he would have likely slapped him already. Nonetheless, currently, his position was hardly better.

With regards to Grandmaster Chen’s attitude, that Hua Zong simply laughed as he did not mind it at all. Then, his eyes stared fervently at the Ancient Scales Heavenly Halberd in Lin Dong’s hands. Hidden deep within his eyes, was a greedy glint. Finally, he cupped his fists towards the two of them, before he slowly exited.


When he saw Hua Zong exit, that Grandmaster Chen waved his sleeves before he solidly shut the door.

As he stared that closed door, Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered gently. He had never expected that Hua Zong actually dared to barge into this place. Furthermore, based on the greedy glint in the latter’s eyes, he knew that he would definitely encounter some trouble…

“Your Ancient Halberd has been successfully refined. This business transaction is completed…” Grandmaster Chen turned to look at Lin Dong, before he casually said.

“Furthermore, I should warn you. Leave Great Puppet City as soon as possible.”

Lin Dong gently nodded his head, before he cupped his hands and thanked Grandmaster Chen. Then, he kept his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his Qiankun bag, before he immediately turned and left.

Usually, when they were refining a Soul Treasure, the Thousand Treasure Tower would prohibit anyone from entering, in order to avoid drawing attention from others. However, this time around, that Hua Zong actually forcefully barged in. Hence, Thousand Treasure Tower should be somewhat responsible as well.

Of course, if it were an ordinary individual that barged in, perhaps the Thousand Treasure Tower would make an example out of him. However, this Hua Zong was no ordinary individual. This person was not only a custodian of Ghastly Puppet Cult, but his father was also an elder of Ghastly Puppet Cult. Therefore, he possessed tremendous influence and even the Thousand Treasure Tower could not afford to offend him. Hence, this matter could only be ultimately resolved by Lin Dong.

As he stared at Lin Dong’s back, that Grandmaster Chen softly sighed. Though he was extremely outraged by Hua Zong’s actions, his hands were tied. After all, the latter’s background was simply too overwhelming…

Lin Dong’s face was calm as he walked out of the large hall. As he walked along the corridors, just as he reached the end of the corridor, he expectedly saw several figures standing guard there. One of them was indeed Hua Zong.

When Lin Dong saw Hua Zong, a smile surfaced on the latter’s feminine face. Then, he brought along two subordinates before he quickly walked forward and said with a smile: “My friend, they say that it takes a fight to get to know each other. I must admit that our small contest at the auction house was pretty satisfying. My name is Hua Zong and I am the custodian of Ghastly Puppet Sect in Great Puppet City. May I know what your name is?”

“Lin Dong.”

Lin Dong glanced at this fellow, who had a fake smile plastered on his face, before he replied calmly. Even though he had removed his bamboo hat, evidently that Hua Zong was still able to identify him through other means.

“Haha, so you are Lin Dong brother.”

Hua Zong smiled before his eyes gradually concentrated on Lin Dong’s body. With a smile, he said: “That Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat should have quite a few wonderful properties. However, since Lin Dong brother was interested in it, I was naturally not going to snatch it away. Previously, I coincidentally saw that Lin Dong brother had refined quite a formidable weapon. Haha, right now, I lack a weapon myself. If Lin Dong brother is willing to part with it, I will be sure to give you a satisfactory price!”

After hearing his words, Lin Dong’s expression did not change at all. Evidently, he had expected the latter’s words. Immediately, he casually replied: “I am not selling.”

“Kid, its a blessing that my young master is willing to buy something from you. Don’t fail to appreciate his kindness!” When he saw Lin Dong’s reply, a hideous middle-aged man standing beside Hua Zong instantly coldly chuckled.

“Hey, Hua San, be polite. Lin Dong brother is still considering.” Standing aside, the smile on Hua Zong’s feminine face intensified before he retorted that middle aged man.

“Am I right? Lin Dong brother?”

After he spoke, he once again looked at Lin Dong. However, the smile on his face felt like a menacing knife.

Lin Dong stared at Hua Zong. Right now, this fellow ahead of him seemed just like a poisonous smiling python and it made him feel extremely uncomfortable and disgusted.

“Since you really want to buy my weapon, alright then. I will give you a discounted price, three million Pure Yuan Pills.” Staring at Hua Zong, a smile suddenly emerged on Lin Dong’s lips as he said.

When he heard Lin Dong’s words, a tinge of shock flashed across Hua Zong’s eyes. However, before that tinge of shock could spread across his face, the smile on his face similarly froze.

“Three million Pure Yuan Pills…”

The two man standing beside Hua Zong were also evidently shocked by that price, as they stared at Lin Dong as if he was a madman. Three million Pure Yuan Pills. That sum was enough for one to buy Earthly Soul Treasures and Manifestation level martial arts!

“Haha, it seems like Lin Dong brother does not want to befriend me.” The smile on Hua Zong’s face froze, before it gradually weakened. A cold intent was hidden amongst his casual laughter. After all, everyone knew that Lin Dong was evidently fooling around with him by asking for such an exorbitant sum.

“If you think that it is too expensive, then forget about it.” Lin Dong waved his hands as he stared at Hua Zong’s frozen facial expression. Then, he felt somewhat satisfied inside his heart. After all, he really disliked his fellow.

After he spoke, he took a sidestep before he tried to walk around Hua Zong. However, a cold glint flashed across the latter’s eyes, before the two middle-aged man beside him immediately stepped out. With a cold glint in their eyes, waves of icy cold Mental Energy began to gradually emerged from their bodies.

“So what now? Are you going to rob me?” When he saw this situation, Lin Dong’s eyes twinkled as he coldly chuckled.

“Lin Dong brother, I do not wish to complicate this matter. After all, who doesn’t want to have an additional friend instead of an enemy? How about this, I will offer you one hundred and fifty thousand Pure Yuan Pills to buy the Ancient Halberd in your possession. Furthermore, in the future, if you encounter any problems in Great Puppet City, you can count on me!” Hua Zong placed his hands at his back, as he casually spoke.

“One hundred and fifty thousand.” Lin Dong chuckled.That fellow is truly a scammer. Even if he auctioned his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, it would definitely fetch a much higher price.

“I am not interested.”

After he casually replied, Lin Dong chose to ignore that fellow. As he took another step forth, the two middle aged man coldly snorted. They were just like two giant obstructing walls filled with powerful Mental Energy, as they viciously charged.

However, even as he faced their forceful obstructing attack, Lin Dong did not show any sign of retreating. With a cold glint in his eyes, an extremely vicious Mental Energy shockwave suddenly gushed out from within his Niwan Palace.


The three of their bodies solidly slammed together, before a tiny Mental Energy shockwave emerged from the epicenter. Then,the surrounding crowd were all stunned as they saw the two muscular middle-aged man directly blown away. Then, they slammed on the ground and left a several dozen meters long mark on the ground, before they finally slammed against a pillar inside the large hall.

Lin Dong was calm as his hand gently flicked across his clothes. During that previous collision, his body almost did not move at all. Though their Mental Energy were quite formidable, they were lacking in comparison to Lin Dong. Furthermore, with regards to physical strength, after Lin Dong mastered Bronze Thunder Body and Demonic Ape Transformation, one slap from him was enough to send the two of them flying miles away.

“Mental Energy?” When he saw that his two subordinates had been easily blown away, a tinge of shock flashed across Hua Zong’s eyes. Then, he stared somewhat peculiarly at Lin Dong before he said: “Oh, so you are a Symbol Master as well.”

Lin Dong glanced at him, before he ignored him and directly proceeded to walk out of the Thousand Treasure Tower.

When he saw Lin Dong’s actions, that Hua Zong’s face darkened. His hands suddenly viciously grabbed forth, before his powerful Mental Energy directly turned into a dark giant hand and grabbed towards Lin Dong’s head.


When he saw that incoming dark Mental Energy giant hand, Lin Dong’s eyes gleamed as a formidable Mental Energy gushed out from his Niwan Palace and slammed against that giant hand. Immediately, a powerful Mental Energy shockwave erupted causing several onlookers to hurriedly retreat.

“You are indeed skilled!”

When he saw Lin Dong easily deflecting his Mental Energy attack, that Hua Zong coldly snorted. However, just as he was about to make his move again, a cold roar suddenly echoed out.

“Hua Zong, this is my Thousand Treasure Tower. If you dare to mess around again, today, I will expel you!” Lin Dong tilted his head only to see that the man who was shouting, was indeed Grandmaster Chen.

“Haha, since Grandmaster Chen has spoken, Hua Zong will naturally respect your wishes.”

Hua Zong casually smiled and he did not attack again. After all, Grandmaster Chen had a pretty solid reputation in Great Puppet City. Therefore, it would not be wise to overly offend him. Immediately, he waved his hands at his two subordinates before he directly exited the Thousand Treasure Tower. However, just as he walked past Lin Dong, his footsteps gently halted before a microscopic voice entered into the latter’s ears.

“If you change your mind, feel free to look for me. I truly hope to prevent the worst case outcome from occurring. Nonetheless, if someone shows no understanding of the times, then perhaps… My Ghastly Puppet Sect will be interested in your corpse.”

As he stared at Hua Zong who was walking past him, Lin Dong’s eyes gradually turned cold.

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