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Chapter 249: Yuan Essence Energy

There was a glow on the praying mat while a strange heart-palpitating vibration slowly spread out. Then, from the center of that praying mat, an approximately fist-size peculiar mixed energy source slowly formed.

“What is that?”

Lin Dong stared blankly at that mixed energy source that was appearing in the center of that praying mat. Right now, he was at a complete loss. He had never expected that such an object would appear after he poured in his Yuan Power and Mental Energy at a perfect ratio into the praying mat.

“This is the power of fusion!” Little Marten stared right at that peculiar energy source on the praying mat, before it excitedly exclaimed: “Damn, this praying mat is truly incredible. It is actually able to fuse Yuan Power and Mental Energy together. Even at my peak, I was unable to accomplish such a feat. Who exactly was the one who created this praying mat. He could actually accomplish such a feat!”

“Is the fused energy source very powerful?” Lin Dong carefully asked.

“Extremely powerful!”

Little Marten solemnly nodded it’s head and said: “Most people are unable to perfectly fuse two different types of energy together. The only ones who can do so are undoubtedly the top elite practitioners. Right now, based on your current strength, the might of your fused energy is limited. However, if you use it correctly, its might will even exceed that of your final Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd technique!”

When he heard those words, a tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. It seems like fusion was not as simple as a mere addition.

“Inside this Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat, there should be an extremely complex magical formation that helps you to fuse these two types of energy. Unfortunately, we are unable to learn the secrets of this formation. Else, if we could study and understand it, perhaps we can fuse the two different types of energy within your body. At that time, you will be unparalleled below the heavens.” Little Marten’s eyes were feverish. Evidently, it had never expected that there was such a powerful item inside this tiny praying mat. Furthermore, at his peak, it had tried to fuse these two types of energy together. However, in the end, it was unable to do so. Therefore, this goes to show just how complex fusion is.

Lin Dong quietly nodded his head, before he stretched his palm out and gently grabbed onto that peculiar energy that was hovering above the praying mat. Though this energy source was not very forceful, the vibrations that it gave off caused one to be fearful of underestimating it.

That mixed colored energy source was hovering above Lin Dong’s palm. As this energy source was fused from his own Mental Energy and Yuan Power, it did not resist Lin Dong’s commands.

“Since this peculiar energy is fused from Mental Energy and Yuan Power, let’s call it Yuan Essence Energy…” Lin Dong played with that mixed energy source in his hand, before he suddenly smiled and pressed his palm on a table top. Immediately, a soft pop sound echoed out, before that solid wooden table was instantly blown into bits…

“Such destructive power.”

When he saw this sight, the smile on Lin Dong’s face grew. Even though the item hidden within this praying mat was not a martial arts as he had expected, this fusion ability has far surpassed any item he could dream of.

The destructive potential of this Yuan Essence Energy far exceeds that of Yuan Power or Mental Energy alone. However, even though this item was extremely powerful, it required a substantial amount of Yuan Power and Mental Energy. Previously, Lin Dong had poured in a substantial amount of Yuan Power and Mental Energy. However, the Yuan Essence Energy that was fused was merely the size of a fist…

“Kid, Grandpa Marten is never wrong. If you take this praying mat to the auction house now, disregarding Creation stage practitioners, even Nirvana stage practitioners will be fighting over it. A few million pure Yuan Pills will still be a cheap price!” Little Marten cockily said. Based on its facial expression, it was evidently extremely proud.

“Great eyesight!”

Lin Dong raised his thumbs as he generously praised Little Marten. Even though he did not know exactly how valuable this praying mat’s fusion ability was, he deduced that it would be pretty terrifying. In fact, a hundred thousand pure Yuan Pills would likely amount to nothing.

“Right now, it should be time to leave. That Hua Zong has not received any news for one whole day. He should be getting impatient soon…” After he stretched his back, Lin Dong stood up as he solemnly said.

Inside the Great Puppet City, there were several elite practitioners from Ghastly Puppet Cult. Therefore, it was somewhat dangerous to stay here and it was best to leave as soon as possible. After all, the moment when the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet’s seal weakens is approaching. Therefore, it would be good to use this time to train outside.

After he made his decision, without further ado, he swiped his palm. Immediately, Little Flame, who was laying on his bed like a little kitten, dashed forth and jutted into his arms. Then, Little Marten also transformed into a rainbow flash and returned to the stone talisman in his hand.

After he slightly tidied the items in the room, Lin Dong directly exited the inn. However, when he left the inn, there was an additional straw hat on his head. Then, he headed out of Great Puppet City.

Along the way, Lin Dong did not encounter any resistance as he successfully left the city. However, Lin Dong did not rejoice over this fact. Instead, his eyebrows began to gently furrow.

He understood that based on Hua Zong’s status in Great Puppet City, it was extremely easy for him to monitor a person in the city. Perhaps, right after he left the inn, he had already been discovered by the former’s spy. However, what perplexed him was why that Hua Zong did not choose to stop him in the city. After all, Great Puppet City was his homebase and he would have a much better chance of victory if he had made his move in there.

With these doubts in his mind, Lin Dong began to turn increasingly cautious. As he stared at the large pathway ahead of him, he suddenly swerved and directly darted into the dense forest on his left, before he upped his speed. Just like a black shadow, he traversed through the woods.

This trip lasted for several minutes before a cold breeze suddenly blew across Lin Dong’s head, causing the former’s footsteps to halt immediately. His body was just like a spring as he rebounded several meters back.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Just as Lin Dong’s body rebounded, arrows, filled with a bloody smell, lightning quick flew towards him from within the dense forest, before it viciously struck at the point where Lin Dong had previously stood at. Those arrows struck deep into the ground, as their tails continuously vibrated.

As he faced this sudden sneak attack, Lin Dong’s eyes grew increasingly dark. It seems like that Hua Zong does not intend to let him off easily…

“Sigh, Lin Dong brother, your decision has truly let me down…” Just as Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold, the trees ahead of him began to shake before a dozen over figures emerged. One of them seemed somewhat disappointed, as he stared at Lin Dong, who was nearby, and softly sighed.

“Hua Zong!”

Lin Dong stared at that man before his eyes turned increasingly dark. Then, his eyes swept across the dozen of people ahead of him, before his pupils began to shrink. That was because, he discovered that this time, among the crew that Hua Zong had brought, there was an initial Form Creation stage practitioner and two advanced Form Creation stage practitioner. In addition to Hua Zong’s own formidable strength, this lineup was truly terrifying.

It seems like Hua Zong was truly eager to obtain his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. Else, he would not have bothered summoning so many elite practitioners.

As he faced this lineup, even Lin Dong felt somewhat troubled. Moreover, he knew that there was definitely a pretty powerful Symbol Puppet in Hua Zong’s possession. Therefore, if they attacked him together, it would be quite difficult for him just to escape.

“Snort, does this kid really think that he can easily escape from custodian Hua Zong? The only reason why we did not attack you in the city was because we were worried that the Great Devil Sect or Marital Alliance would intervene. Else, don’t even dream of taking a step out of the city!” One of the advanced Form Creation stage practitioner, with a curved eagle nose, started hideously at Lin Dong as he chuckled.

“Kid, it’s best for you to surrender now or else you would surely suffer. Based on your current strength, it is impossible for you to escape from us!” The other advanced Form Creation stage practitioner coldly chuckled.

Lin Dong’s face was solemn as a glint flashed across his eyes. Then, he immediately turned and began to flee.

“Lin Dong brother, even though I am disappointed by your decision, let me give you one final chance. Hand over that praying mat and ancient halberd, and be my slave for one year. Then, I will let you live. How about it?” Hua Zong started right at Lin Dong, with a sadistic glint in his eyes, just like he was a cat tormenting a mouse. Evidently, he had every confidence in his lineup. Furthermore, Lin Dong was only at initial From Creation stage. Even if he were at initial Qi Creation stage, he would have a tough time escaping from him.


With regards to Hua Zong’s torment, Lin Dong suddenly smiled and replied.

“If that is the case…” When he heard his reply, Hua Zong’s eyes twinkled before his voice suddenly turned cold: “Do it, kill him now!”

Evidently, Hua Zong somewhat understood Lin Dong’s personality. Therefore, he knew that Lin Dong was merely teasing him with his reply. Immediately, he did not give Lin Dong any opportunity to retort, before he waved his palm and commanded. Contained within his voice, was a thick killing intent.


After Hua Zong spoke, those two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners immediately grinned. Then, just like two vultures swooping towards their prey, they dashed towards Lin Dong, while a thick Yuan Power exploded from within their hands.

When those two advanced Form Creation stage practitioner attacked, the rest of their facial expressions turned hideous too as they slowly spread out. They were all moving in sync and faintly, they managed to cut off all of Lin Dong’s escape routes. It seems like this time, the crew members brought by Hua Zong were all fairly skilled…

Hua Zong stood on a tree branch with his hands hugging onto his chest. His eyes were cold like a wolf as he stared at Lin Dong, who was being surrounded. A grin was similarly plastered on his lips…


As he stared at the Yuan Power vibration that were approaching in from every direction, Lin Dong took in a deep breath as his face turned increasingly solemn. It seems like he was in a truly dangerous situation today. However, it would not be so easy to kill him!

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