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Chapter 233: Thousand Beast Fruit

A giant shadow was standing right in the middle of the mountain valley, while a savage aura spread out. It seemed like all the Yuan Power between this Heaven and Earth did not dare to approach it, as they encircled around the perimeter of the valley and formed into a Yuan Power wave-like glowing halo. It seemed exceedingly peculiar.

Even though he had Little Marten’s assurance, Lin Dong was so in awe of that gigantic shadow that he did not dare to breath at all. He understood that if he was discovered by that Ancient Dragon Ape, he would wound up in a sorry state today.

Sunlight poured down from the skies before they shone on that giant figure in the middle of the valley. Then, Lin Dong was finally able to clearly discern its appearance. This was a gigantic ape, whose whole body was black in color. It seemed like it was forged from the toughest of steel, while a cold yet formidable glow glimmered across its body. It seems like all it needed was a tiny movement in order to deliver an earth-shattering blow.

The face of this gigantic ape was exceedingly hideous. Furthermore, on the top of its forehead, there was actually a sharp black horn protruding forth. That black horn was filled with obscure and complex patterns, while an ancient and formidable scent emerged from it.

“That is a dragon’s horn. It is one of the unique characteristics that it possess due to the dragon blood inside it’s body. That dragon’s horn is an extremely powerful weapon. However, the Ancient Dragon Ape will not lightly use it unless it has no other alternatives.” Little Marten’s voice sounded out inside Lin Dong’s heart.

“So, what should we do now?”

Lin Dong carefully asked inside his heart. If he wanted to obtain the Ancient Dragon Ape’s essence blood, then the latter must be injured. However, Lin Dong was evidently unable to accomplish such a feat. After all, once he revealed himself, that Ancient Dragon Ape could kill him with a single slap. Therefore, it was definitely impossible for him to wound it.

“Don’t be impatient. Let’s wait first, this is not a game. You must be patient.” Little Marten’s voice was somewhat serious. Evidently, it understood the gravity of the situation that they faced. If they wanted to obtain its essence blood, then they must first injure the Ancient Dragon Ape. However, right now, they were not able to match up against that Ancient Dragon Ape. Therefore, this created a stalemate.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head and he did not say much this time. Then, he quietly seated himself on a boulder behind, before he turned to look inside the valley from time to time. However, since he was afraid of being discovered by that Ancient Dragon Ape, he did not dare to stare at the latter’s body. After he briefly glanced at it, he would hurriedly look away. After all, he was afraid that such a powerful Demonic Beasts may have the sharpened ability to detect a human’s gaze.

As Lin Dong waited, half a day passed by. Meanwhile, he sat beside the mountain valley without moving at all. In fact, he seemed just like a statue.

However, this waiting was not all for naught. As it gradually approached evening time, that Ancient Dragon Ape, who was cultivating inside the mountain valley, finally stood up. Then, it began to walk out of the mountain valley, with footsteps that shook the mountains. It seems like it probably wanted to scour for food.

When he saw that Ancient Dragon Ape leaving, delight emerged in Lin Dong’s eyes. However, he did not jump into the valley immediately and begin to investigate. Instead, he silently waited for a moment, before he finally jumped into that valley.

Piles of white Demonic Beast corpses filled that valley. Immediately, a nauseous stench greeted him, causing him to nearly vomit.

Lin Dong bitterly endured this stench, before he carefully walked around this giant valley. This valley was the exclusive domain of the Ancient Dragon Ape, and it was almost like a sacred ground in Ancient Wasteland. Both humans or Demonic Beasts did not dare to tread across this area lightly. Hence, there was naturally several valuable Elixirs present. In fact, their numbers caused Lin Dong to be slightly dazed.

However, even though he was tempted, Lin Dong did not rashly take these Elixirs. Instead, he hastened his footsteps. Moments later, he finally arrived at the most inner sanctum of the mountain valley.

When Lin Dong entered the most inner sanctum, a tiny pool immediately emerged in front of his eyes. The water in that pool was dyed blood-red, just like it was formed from real blood and it seemed extremely peculiar. However, what attracted Lin Dong’s attention was not only this blood-red pool. Rather, in the middle of that pool, there were actually two, one big and one small, blood fruits floating there!

These two blood fruits seemed extremely peculiar and they looked just like Demonic Beasts. However, one could not deduce which type of Demonic Beast it was. Upon closer inspection, it seemed like it was made up of several Demonic Beasts mashed together. It’s appearance caused one hair’s to stand.

“This is…” Lin Dong stared in shock at that big and small blood-red beast-like fruit, before he asked.

“Thousand Beast Fruit.” Little Marten suddenly appeared, before it started peculiarly at that big and small blood fruit in the middle of that blood pool. Then, it smiled and said: “That Ancient Dragon Ape is truly vicious. It actually wants to refine Thousand Beast Fruits.”

“Thousand Beast Fruit? What does it do?” Lin Dong asked inquisitively.

“This Thousand Beast Fruit does not occur naturally, rather it is a manmade object. However, the means to create such an object is truly cruel. The means to create one is only known by certain powerful Demonic Beasts that possess an ancient bloodline. In order to refine this Thousand Beast Fruit, one needs to merge countless Demonic Beast’s essence blood. Judging from the piles of corpses outside the valley, they must have died after their essence blood were sucked dry by that Ancient Dragon Ape…”

“So cruel…” Lin Dong was somewhat tongue-tied. That Ancient Dragon Ape was truly deserving of its savage aura. The way that it handled its affairs was actually so cruel and vicious…

“Once these Thousand Beast Fruits ripens, that Ancient Dragon Ape will be able to utilize its strength to evolve once again. At that time, it can rival a Nirvana stage elite practitioner… Furthermore, for humans, this object also possess tempering properties. Even though it will not allow one to advance to Nirvana stage, it is pretty effective for tempering one’s body.” Little Marten’s eyes were twinkling as it said.

“If you can refine and absorb it, perhaps your Bronze Thunder Body will begin to exhibit signs of accelerating to Jade Thunder Body…”

“Oh?” Lin Dong was somewhat moved. In order to cultivate Thunder Bronze Body, he had suffered terribly. However, during this period of time, regardless of how hard he trained, he was unable to make any progress on Bronze Thunder Body. However, right now, this Thousand Beast Fruit could actually accomplish this miraculous feat?

“Should we take this object then?” Lin Dong’s eyes twinkled. This Thousand Beast Fruit was evidently not an ordinary treasure. Since he had seen it today, why shouldn’t he take it?

These two Thousand Beast Fruit have been marked by that Ancient Dragon Ape. If someone tries to steal them, it will sense it immediately and it can even locate the thief.” Just as Lin Dong was tempted, Little Marten’s voice was just like a cold splash, as it caused his body to freeze up. If stealing it caused the Ancient Dragon Ape to return, then he may not even have time to flee. Furthermore, he did not believe that he could safely escape from a Manifestation stage Demonic Beast, based on his current strength.

“Hehe, however, I have the ability to cover up this type of markings.” However, Little Marten’s subsequent words caused Lin Dong’s icy-cold heart to turn heated again. That fellow really liked to troll others.

“Then, do it quickly. If not, once that Ancient Dragon Ape returns, we will likely become fertilizer for this pool.” Lin Dong quickly urged.

Little Marten released a weird smile, before its figure floated off. As it’s claws danced, instantly, a dark purple glow emerged from its fist. Then, it turned into a black hole before it stealthily swallowed those two Thousand Beast Fruits.

As that Thousand Beast Fruit disappeared, waves suddenly emerged inside that pool. However, before the vibrations could spread out, Little Marten forcibly suppressed it.

“Leave now.” After it obtained the Thousand Beast Fruits, Little Marten instantly returned before it quickly urged.

Lin Dong hurriedly nodded his head. Without further ado, the blade shadow below his feet flashed before it dashed manically out of that mountain valley. Even though Little Marten was able to erase the mark placed by that Ancient Dragon Ape, once that Ancient Dragon Ape returned to the valley and discover that its Thousand Beast Fruits have been stolen, it would undoubtedly be furious. Therefore, in order to play safe, it was best to leave as soon as possible.

Lin Dong quickly travelled through the woods. As Little Marten had covered up his scent, he was not afraid of being discovered by any Demonic Beasts. Right now, all he could think off was leaving this area. After all, he could only imagine just how terrifying an enraged Ancient Dragon Ape would be.


Lin Dong’ feet tapped across a tree branch, before his figure dashed off. However, moments before he was about to exit the woods, his heart suddenly sank as he stopped and stared cautiously at the area ahead of him. At that area, there were actually four figures.

Right now, on their feet, there was a Demonic Beast’s corpse. When he saw that Demonic Beast, Lin Dong’s face changed slightly. That was because, when he first saw that huge fellow, it was an powerful initial Form Creation stage Demonic Beast. However, right now, it had actually been killed by those four guys!

“Its you!”

Just as Lin Dong was shocked by the corpse of that initial Form Creation stage Demonic Beast, suddenly a somewhat familiar shout echoed out. Lin Dong was slightly stunned before he turned to look, only to see that among the four of them, stood Liu Yun Tian, who he had previously sent flying with a single punch.

“Members from Ancient Sword Sect?”

When he saw that Liu Yun Tian, Lin Dong’s slightly sunk. He did not expect himself to be unfortunate enough to run into these guys.

Just as his heart sunk, Lin Dong’s eyes swept across the four of them. Then, he realized that their line-up was truly formidable. Besides that Liu Yun Tian, there was also a buff man at advanced Form Creation stage. Furthermore… what caused his pupils to shrink was a grey-haired elderly man, who had not spoken a single word yet. That elderly man’s face was grim and he looked extremely skinny. However, the skin on his whole body gave off a light golden glow. Evidently, this elderly man was a practitioner that tempered his body as well. Furthermore, he was the most powerful amongst them. In fact, he had actually reached initial Qi Creation stage.

“The three elders, this was the fellow that previously snatched our Purple Cloud Fruit. Furthermore, he even openly insulted our Ancient Sword Sect!” When he saw Lin Dong, delight surged in that Liu Yun Tian’s eyes, before he hurriedly spoke to his other elders.

When he heard his words, Lin Dong’s face turned ugly. This Ancient Sword Sect’s strength truly exceeded his expectations.

“On account of your young age, this old man will not be too harsh on you. Hand over the Purple Cloud Fruit and get lost from the Ancient Wastelands. In the future, wherever you see our Ancient Sword Sect around, make yourself scarce.” That elderly man dressed in grey clothes coldly looked at Lin Dong, before he said.

When he heard his words, a devilish anger surged inside Lin Dong’s heart. However, his opponents were truly formidable. Hence, he understood that it would not be wise for him to fight against them.

“Lin Dong, hand them the Purple Cloud Fruit. In fact… hand them a Thousand Beast Fruit as well…!” However, just as this thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind, Little Marten’s cunning voice suddenly rang out inside his heart.

When he heard it’s words, Lin Dong was first shocked, before his heart started to pound violently. That fellow, it actually wanted to…. use the tiger to devour the wolf…

(TLN: 驱虎吞狼 loosely translated as “use the tiger to devour the wolf”, refers to a plot by Cao Cao in the Romance of the Three Kingdom, where he offered Liu Bei an official court position and asked him to attack Lu Bu. Cao Cao had two reasons for doing so. First, if Liu Bei attacked Lu Bu, then Liu Bei will not be helped by Lu Bu (aka: God of War). Secondly, if Liu Bei attacked Lu Bu, Lu Bu would surely fight back against him and he may wound up killing Liu Bei. Then, he would remove one major source of trouble for Cao Cao. Thankfully, Liu Bei did not fall for his trap.)

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