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Chapter 232: Ancient Sword Sect

Four figures dashed down from a tree before they landed near the little stream. As Lin Dong’s eyes swept across their body, he deduced that the three younger ones amongst them must be disciples of Ancient Sword Sect. Furthermore, they were at most at Yuan Dan stage and hence they were hardly worthy of Lin Dong’s attention. Therefore, after he briefly glanced at them, he turned to look at the fourth person standing in the middle.

That man was much older and he was approximately forty years old. He had a skinny face and a lean body. As he gripped onto a longsword in his hand, based on his appearance, he seemed somewhat sophisticated. However, right now, the greed in his eyes had completely destroyed his image.

“Three Yuan Dan stage, one initial Form Creation stage.”

After Lin Dong looked at them, he immediately deduced their strength. Among the four of them, the most powerful one was that middle-aged man standing right in the middle, who was at initial Form Creation stage. Most likely, he held a pretty respectable status in Ancient Sword Sect.

Just as Lin Dong was sizing them up, they were evidently doing the same as well. That middle aged man evidently had good intuition, especially once he saw the Demonic Python corpse on the ground, his pupils began to shrink slightly.

“Oi, that fellow over there. Hand over the Purple Cloud Fruit and we will not pursue the fact that you have barged in…” Just as that middle-aged man was sizing up Lin Dong, one of the Ancient Sword Sect younger disciples waved his hand as he spoke.

When he heard his words, a cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s twinkled eyes.

“This young friend, my name is Liu Yun Tian and I am an executive at Ancient Sword Sect. Today, this area belongs to my Ancient Sword Sect. According to the rules, foreigners are not allowed inside. Therefore, I hope that you can understand.” That middle-aged man was able to detect that Lin Dong was somewhat skilled. Immediately, he waved his hand and stopped the haughty young man beside him, before he cupped his hands and said with a smile.

Lin Dong glanced at him, before he calmly said: “Alright, then I shall leave first.”

“Haha, this young friend. If you wish to leave, naturally no one will stop you. However… i hope that you can return that Purple Cloud Fruit to us. Right now, this area has been taken over by our Ancient Sword Sect. If one of our stronger members discovered that someone has barged in, then things may turn ugly.” When he saw this situation, that Liu Yun Tian gently smiled as he said.

Though his words were polite, there was a major threat hidden within. Right now, since their Ancient Sword Members were scattered around this area, they were not afraid of Lin Dong slipping away.

When he heard Liu Yun Tian’s words, Lin Dong’s facial expression evidently turned slightly cold. As he stared at the four men ahead of him, he casually muttered: “This Purple Cloud Fruit is the fruits of my labour. Why should I hand it over to you?”

“That is because everything here belongs to our Ancient Sword Sect! Since you have taken our items, it is only fair that you return it!” Standing beside Liu Yun Tian, a younger sect member shouted out coldly. His tone and mannerism were exceedingly just and upright. It seems like in his opinion, every treasure in this section of the Ancient Wastelands rightfully belongs to their Ancient Sword Sect!

“Yes, do not be a fool. If you infuriate us, once we release a signal, our sect’s elite members will rush over. At that time, this matter will not be simply resolved even if you hand over the Purple Cloud Fruit..” Another member coldly chuckled.

Lin Dong involuntarily snorted, before he said with a laugh: “From what I see, you guys shouldn’t call yourselves Ancient Sword Sect. Just call yourselves Robber Sect. Don’t need to pretend to be some uprighteous faction. What a joke.”

“What did you say!”

When they heard Lin Dong’s words, that three younger Ancient Sword Sect’s members instantly turned cold before they fiercely shouted out.

“This young man, I know that you are quite skilled. However, it is not a wise move to provoke our Ancient Sword Sect right here.” Liu Yun Tian’s face was slightly dark. Due to Ancient Sword Sect’s prowess, over the years, he had hardly met anyone who dared to slight them in the Ancient Wastelands. If he was not fearful of Lin Dong’s strength as well as Little Flame, who was tearing away at the Demonic Python’s corpse, he would have attacked them already.

Lin Dong shook his head as he could not be bothered to speak anymore with these egoistic fellows anymore. Then, he turned around and planned to head for the deeper regions of Ancient Wasteland. Right now, his impression of Ancient Sword Sect had been totally ruined.

“You are not allowed to go!”

When he saw that Lin Dong was about to depart, that Liu Yun Tian’s face finally turned cold. As he shouted out, his figure dashed forth. With a longsword in his hand, his blade held a formidable sword aura as it transformed into sword shadows that filled the heavens and attacked Lin Dong.

“Release the signal!”

When he attacked, that Liu Yun Tian also shouted out.


Facing Liu Yun Tian’s attack, Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold. Without taking any defensive measure, he waited till that formidable sword attack was about to reach his body, before he suddenly gripped his fist and punched forth!

“Ding Ding!”

That formidable sword aura viciously clashed against Lin Dong’s fist. However, fresh blood did not spill forth as he had expected. Rather, a series of sparks exploded forth, before that palm, just like it was made of solid gold, penetrated through and lightning-quick slammed against a shocked Liu Yun Tian’s chest.

“Buzz buzz!”

After his chest was hit, that Liu Yun Tian immediately felt an exceedingly formidable force gush inside his stomach. Immediately, he felt like his internal organs have been displaced, before he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Then, his body hideously flew off, before he solidly landed into that little stream below.

When they saw that Liu Yun Tian had been defeated in a single move, that three younger Ancient Sword Sect’s disciples were evidently stunned. Then, a look of shock gushed into their eyes. Liu Yun Tian was at initial Form Creation stage. However, he was reduced into such a sorry state by Lin Dong in merely one move?

“Release the signal now!” As they panicked, one of them hurriedly said.

When he heard these words, the other person quickly nodded his head, before he retrieved a signal flare from his chest. Just as he was about to fire it, a deafening tiger roar echoed out. Immediately, a bloody wind surged towards them, before a glowing python tail viciously whipped across the three of them.

“Bang bang!”

A deep echo sounded out as the three of them were directly blown away, before they solidly slammed against a tree trunk. With a “wah” sound, they spat out mouthfuls of fresh blood. Meanwhile, several black scars caused by Little Flame’s lightning python tail filled their bodies.

Lin Dong’s body floated down as he stared at the four of them, whose eyes were filled with shock. Just as he was thinking of how to completely resolve this issue, suddenly his facial expression changed slightly as he lifted his head to look at the northern area of the woods. Right now, there was several formidable auras dashing over from that direction. Evidently, there were Ancient Sword Sect’s members.


Furrowing his eyebrows, Lin Dong kept that Purple Cloud Fruit in his Qiankun bag, before he immediately instructed Little Flame. Then, his figure dashed off. In a few second’s time, he had completely disappeared into the woods.

Moments after Lin Dong disappeared, that breaking wind sound suddenly stopped, before several figures descended from mid-air. As they stared at the four of them lying hideously on the ground, they furrowed their eyebrows.

“What happened?” The first one to open his mouth, was a buff man with the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear. A powerful aura filled his voice. Based on the Yuan Power vibrations undulated on his body, it seems like he was actually at advanced Form Creation stage.

“Iron Guard, someone barged into this area and injured us. Furthermore, he snatched our Purple Cloud Fruit as well. Right now, that fellow has escaped into the deep region of Ancient Wastelands.” That Liu Yun Tian hideously crawled out of the little stream, before he gritted his teeth and said.

“Yes yes, Iron Guard. That fellow even insulted out Ancient Sword Sect. We only attacked him after we were repeatedly provoked. However, that kid was simply too strong. Furthermore, he had a very powerful pet as well.” The three other men hurriedly said in tandem.

This man named Iron Guard coldly glanced at the four of them. He clearly knew their character and personalities. Therefore, he did not trust most of their words. However, Ancient Sword Sect’s authority must not be challenged. Furthermore, it occurred at this critical juncture. If news of this matter got out, then in the future, no one would respect their authority when they carried out raids anymore. This would definitely be a troubling matter.

“Send word down, instruct everyone to look for a young man with a tiger for a pet. If they encounter him, capture him immediately. I will inform the rest of the guards to follow me into the deeper areas and look for that man…” That Iron Guard titled his head, before he casually instructed a subordinate behind him.


When he heard his words, that subordinate immediately responded respectfully. Then, his figure flashed before he dashed off to spread the Iron Guard’s commands.

“Liu Yun Tian, follow me to pursue that person. The rest of you, retreat for now…” Iron Guard waved his hand. Then, his body was just like a giant hawk as he dashed into the deeper areas of the woods. When he heard his words, that Liu Yun Tian hurriedly nodded his head before he swiftly followed behind. Now that he had the Iron Guard’s backing, even if he met Lin Dong again, he could swiftly take care of the former.

Lin Dong’s body traversed through this woods, that was filled with giant trees. Occasionally, he would turn his head around to look back. He could feel that at a distance behind him, two auras were chasing after him. One of them, had actually reached advanced Form Creation stage…

“There are several formidable Demonic Beasts in the deeper regions of Ancient Wastelands…”

Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered. Along the way, he had detected no less than ten Demonic Beast’s aura that could match up to a Form Creation stage practitioner. It seems like the deep regions of this Ancient Wastelands was exceedingly dangerous.

“Just travel to the deepest area. With me around, those Demonic Beast will not detect you…” Little Marten’s voice suddenly echoed out. Then, Lin Dong began to feel a unique vibration emitted from the Stone Talisman in his palm, before it wrapped around him.

As this vibration spread out, Lin Dong immediately felt that his aura seemed to be covered up. Even he could not easily detect his own aura. Immediately, a rich delight filled his eyes. It seems like this Little Marten was not as unreliable as he thought…

“If you want to chase after me, it will not be so easy…”

As he gently chuckled towards his back, Lin Dong suddenly increased his speed. Right now, he did not need to hide his presence anymore, therefore he could utilize his full speed. Quickly, he distanced himself from the auras behind him. It seems like that Iron Guard and the rest must be exasperated now. After all, they were unable to conceal their aura. Therefore, if they created a large disturbance and attracted the powerful Demonic Beasts in their area, then they would likely lose their lives.

After he easily escaped from his pursuers, Lin Dong’s figure lightning-quick travelled across the woods. Approximately ten minutes later, he finally slowed down. Right now, ahead of him, there was a giant mountain valley. Surrounding that mountain valley, were piles of bones, which belonged to either Demonic Beasts or human. Meanwhile, an exceedingly violent and menacing aura emerged from that mountain valley.

Lin Dong carefully approached that mountain valley, before his eyes scanned across that mountain valley. Instantly, a several dozen meter tall shadow appeared in front of his eyes.

As he stared at that massive shadow, Lin Dong viciously sucked in a breath of cold air. Right now, he finally experienced just how formidable that aura was. Thanks to that overwhelming pressure, a Form Creation stage practitioner was just like an ant…

Besides the tomb owner, this was the strongest aura that Lin Dong had ever encountered…

Ancient Dragon Ape!

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