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Chapter 234: Urging the Tiger to Swallow the Wolf

At this moment, Lin Dong’s gaze was rapidly flickering. Little Marten’s move was ruthless, the Ancient Sword Sect was the strongest sect in the Ancient Wastelands area, and the Ancient Dragon Ape was also the overlord of this place. If these two parties were to fight, it would be an earth shattering battle, and this was the only way to cause the Dragon Ape to be wounded. At that time, he would have a chance at obtaining the Dragon Ape’s essence blood.

“Kid, did you not hear third elder’s words? Humph, you’ve truly be let off lightly, if it was not for third elder’s kindness, you will definitely have to face the consequences today!” Although a little unhappy that the grey haired elder did not immediately kill Lin Dong, Liu Yuntian clearly did not dare to raise any objection to the former’s words. Hence, he sternly shouted out when he saw Lin Dong’s hesitation.

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed. Soon after, a struggle expression was revealed on his face, as if he was extremely unwilling. However, moments later, he finally let out a dejected sigh, and with a flip of his hand, a blood red fruit appeared within.

The instant this blood red fruit was taken out, Lin Dong seemed to react almost immediately, as he very quickly flipped his hand and kept the blood red fruit into his sleeve. When he once again extended his hand, a smooth, round and purple pearl-like fruit appeared, before his clenched his teeth and tossed it towards Liu Yuntian.

“Heh heh, wise choice.” Upon seeing that the he had regained the Purple Cloud Fruit, Liu Yuntian grinned as he chuckled.

A growl sounded out from Lin Dong’s throat. However, just as he was about to withdraw, the grey haired elder suddenly stomped on the ground: “Stop!”

Compared to before, there was an additional trace of fervor in his voice.

“I’ve already handed the Purple Cloud Fruit over to you all, what more do you want?” Upon seeing this situation, anger flashed across Lin Dong’s face as he spoke.

“Hand over that blood red fruit to me!”

A feverish look flickered in the grey haired elder’s eyes, as he stared at Lin Dong, and stretched out a palm-leaf fan like hand. His tone was firm, and did not allow any objection from Lin Dong. In that short moment when Lin Dong had taken out the blood red fruit, he clearly sensed that strong power. That kind of power even caused a slight numb sensation to appear on his skin. Hence, he knew that this blood red fruit was definitely a genuine treasure!

After hearing the grey haired elder’s words, Lin Dong’s expression clearly changed rapidly, as he hastily retreated several steps.

The Liu Yuntian trio were also taken aback by grey haired elder’s loss of composure. Soon after, the trio looked at each other, before slowly spreading out, and stealthily surrounding Lin Dong.

“Kid, you should know that with your initial Form Creation stage strength, you do not have the qualifications to resist us.” The grey haired elder was expressionless as he stared at Lin Dong and declared.

“I promise you on the Ancient Sword Sect’s name that as long as you hand over the blood red fruit, this old man will definitely not hinder you, and even the Ancient Sword Sect will not make things difficult for you in the future!”

Gazing at the dark expression in the grey haired elder’s eyes, Lin Dong’s expression rapidly fluctuated. In the end, he clenched his teeth in an extremely unwilling manner, and opened his hand, as a beast-shaped blood red fruit appeared within, which emitted waves of surging energy.

“Such powerful energy undulations!”

As he stared at the unusual beast-shaped blood red fruit, the grey haired elder was no longer able to conceal the delight in his eyes. His hand grasped out and directly snatched the Thousand Beast Fruit from Lin Dong’s hand, after which he could not help but let out a hearty laughter to the skies.


Upon seeing his appearance, Lin Dong was seemingly in a rather bad mood as he snorted.

Towards Lin Dong’s bad mood, the grey haired elder took no notice. At this moment, his heart was clearly filled with joy, as he waved his hand and said: “Kid, since you’ve given this elder such a huge gift, I will not pursue the matter of you dishonoring my Ancient Sword Sect. Get lost.”

Lin Dong’s face was somewhat green, and without further ado, he turned and dashed towards the forest, swiftly disappearing from sight.

“Third elder, are you just going to let that kid go?” After seeing Lin Dong leave, Liu Yuntian was still a little unsatisfied as he said.

“Hehe, this is enough.” The grey haired elder was evidently in an extremely good mood, as a smiling expression appeared on his sinister-looking face. He kept the Thousand Beast Fruit into his Qiankun bag with a flick of his hand, before turning around to leave. Behind him, the Liu Yuntian trio looked to each other in dismay. Though they were able to tell that the unusual blood red fruit should be a treasure, they did not expect it would cause their third elder, who had rather high expectations, to be so excited.

“That kid is really lucky…”

The trio muttered before quickly catching up.

When the four were far away, Lin Dong’s figure once again appeared in the forests to their backs. He gazed at the disappearing figures, as a sneer slowly formed on his face.

“Old-timer, you should be careful of the thorns when you take other’s things…”

“The seal that I placed on the Thousand Beast Fruit should be able to conceal the undulations of the brand for about two more hours. They should be able to return to the Ancient Sword Sect within these two hours. At that time, the Ancient Dragon Ape will sense the undulations and find them…” Little Marten appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder, the smile on its face was horrifying devious.

Lin Dong grinned as he nodded his head. Even though the four were not weak, they were clearly not a match for the Ancient Dragon Ape. Once the latter set out, the four of them would have to flee like dogs, let alone injuring the Ancient Dragon Ape.

Thus, to let this urging tiger to swallow the wolf plan to reach the most perfect stage, the four of them needed to bring the Thousand Beast Fruit back to Ancient Sword Sect. From what Lin Dong knew, there were no less than three Qi Creation stage practitioners within the Ancient Sword Sect. Adding in their numerous guards and disciples, their combined might would allow them to stand against the Ancient Dragon Ape.

Of course, as for the final outcome of neither side winning and coming out injured, Lin Dong did not care. After all, he did not have any good feelings towards the Ancient Sword Sect, and it was not for their greed, they would not have drawn such a calamity to themselves. Hence, it was not wrong to say that they were the cause of their own misfortune…

“Next, let’s prepare to watch the show…”

Lin Dong chuckled, as he gazed towards the forest behind him. Perhaps, it would not be long before the Ancient Dragon Ape started to go crazy…

After the Thousand Beast Fruit was ‘snatched’ away, Lin Dong swiftly left the deeper area of the Ancient Wastelands. In the end, he appeared at the top of a mountain peak and surveyed the area.

As he gazed about from the top of the mountain, an earth shaking roar suddenly rang out from the deep part of the Ancient Wastelands. Contained within the roar was a boundless ruthlessness and fury. In the face of this roar, even the entire mountain range started to tremble, and countless Demonic Beasts shivered.

Even from such a distance, Lin Dong shivered a little. A Manifestation stage Demonic Beast was terrifying indeed…

“Looks like it has been discovered.” Lin Dong softly sighed, as his eyes gazed about. As he expected, after the roar rang out, a thunderclap-like boom suddenly sounded out from the deep part of the wastelands. It was likely that the furious Ancient Dragon Ape was now frantically looking for the one who had taken its Thousand Beast Fruit.

This disturbance by the Ancient Dragon Ape caused the entire Ancient Wastelands to be in an uproar. Countless Demonic Beasts frantically fled, afraid that they would become an unfortunate punching bag for the raging Ancient Dragon Ape. For a time, countless Demonic Beasts desperately escaped from the deeper areas.

The huge disturbance in the Ancient Wastelands was naturally discovered by many treasure finders within the area. The people here were clearly extremely familiar with this wastelands overlord. Hence, when they heard that roar, their expressions rapidly changed as they started to flee. As Lin Dong stood atop the mountain peak, he was clearly able to view the ant-like crowd, which endlessly swarmed out from the forests…

Lin Dong’s gaze casually swept about, before looking towards the north. There, many similarly attired men were gathered. These were the troops of the Ancient Sword Sect.

Evidently, although the Ancient Sword Sect was the strongest faction within this area, they were extremely fearful of the terrifying existence that was the Ancient Dragon Ape. Even that grey haired Qi Creation stage elder’s expression was serious as he stared in bewilderment towards the deep part of the wastelands.

“Third elder, what happened to the Ancient Dragon Ape? Why did it suddenly become so violent…” One of the guards of the Ancient Sword Sect asked in a low voice.

Upon hearing these words, the grey haired elder shook his head. He was also confused about this situation. Everyone in the entire Great Desolation Province knew how frightening this Ancient Dragon Ape was, who would have the guts to provoke such a ferocious creature?

“Forget it, let us not dwell on this matter and first return to the Ancient Sword Sect.” The grey haired elder muttered to himself to a while, before waving his hand, and turning towards the direction of the Ancient Sword Sect mountain. Behind him, many Ancient Sword Sect disciples hastily followed.

Atop the mountain peak, Lin Dong stared at the Ancient Sword Sect disciples that had started to leave. The smile on his face grew increasingly wider, as a sword flashed below his feet and he tailed them from a distance.

The Ancient Sword Sect was not far from the Ancient Wastelands, and was only about half an hours journey away. Hence, it was not long before Lin Dong saw the huge sect that was established halfway up the mountain in a distance.

The Ancient Sword Sect headquarters was clearly rather magnificent. A stone sword that was dozens of meters long stood within, and gave off a formidable sword aura. Around it, various buildings were connected together, and numerous Ancient Sword Sect disciples shuttled about within.

“Is this the power of a sect, it is indeed very strong…”

As he stared at the bustling scene, a slight astonishment filled Lin Dong’s eyes. This was the first time he had seen a genuine sect. Evidently, there was a world of difference between it and factions like the Blood Wolf Gang from Yan City.

Lin Dong landed on a mountain peak a distance from the Ancient Sword Sect, before seating himself to meditate. After quite some time, his eyes finally opened, as the smile on his lips slowly grew wider.

“It is time…”

Lin Dong softly mumbled, as his eyes turned towards the position of the Ancient Wastelands. Little Marten’s seal had already dissipated, and it was certain that the unique undulations had been sensed by the Ancient Dragon Ape. Next, it was time to enjoy a good show…

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