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Chapter 227:Utter Defeat

Golden light filled the sky. Countless individuals stared at the illusionary giant golden dragon image that had formed within the golden light, as thick awe emerged in their eyes.

Dragon, an extremely powerful ancient and mythical beast. Even in the Demonic Beast world, it was considered a top tier existence. In fact, such an existence was likely unable to be found even in the entire Great Yan Empire. Therefore, ordinary people would have only heard rumours of it, and even the opportunity to see an illusionary figure like this was rare.

The presents given by that Nirvana stage practitioner were indeed extremely lavish. The Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd technique was divided into four layers. Each layer was more powerful than the next. In particular, the final layer, Heavenly Dragon Halberd, was incomparably powerful. Lin Dong guessed that the strength of this attack was probably able to match up to certain upper category ninth grade martial arts!

Most importantly, even the current Lin Dong could only barely execute this mighty attack. Therefore, one could only imagine just how fearsome this attack would be once Lin Dong was able to bring out the full potential of this move.

A golden glow filled the horizons while a giant golden dragon shadow was entrenched within. Faintly, an exceedingly fearsome shockwave emerged, causing the scalps of some powerful individuals in the stands to turn numb. As it howled forth, a large gap actually appeared between the martial arts arena and the stands. Evidently, they were afraid of becoming collateral damage.

“That little bastard actually possesses such a terrifying martial arts!”

Under the encompassing golden glow, Luo Jiu, whose body had ballooned to twice its size, seemed exceedingly tiny. The redness in his eyes had dissipated slightly due to the overwhelming pressure pushing down from mid-air. From that area, he could feel an exceedingly dangerous aura.

“No matter how you resist, I shall smash you with my hammer!”

At this juncture, there was no room for retreat. Furthermore, after executing Devil Ape Transformation, Luo Jiu’s rationality had evidently suffered. As a blood-red glint flashed across his eyes, instead of slowing down, he chose to increase his speed as he turned into a red flash. A giant warhammer shadow flashed across the horizons, before it was viciously directed towards that golden patch in the sky.

Lin Dong coldly stared at that incoming red light. The Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his hands began to vibrate violently, before the intricate scales on the halberd were completely raised, giving the ancient halberd the impression of a hideous porcupine, that was eerily filled with a unique menacing aura.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Streams of potent Great Sun Thunder Yuan continuously gushed forth from his Dan Tian, before they poured into his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. It seems like in order to execute this move, Lin Dong had to use all of his strength…


As streams of potent Yuan Power poured in, the giant golden dragon shadow that wrapped around the halberd, became increasingly life-like. Moments later, that tightly shut dragon eyes suddenly opened. As that golden glow flowed, a seemingly ancient and earth-shattering dragon roar sounded out.

“Buzz buzz!”

Just as that dragon roar echoed forth, the ancient halberd in Lin Dong’s hands suddenly ejected forth. As that halberd dragon solidified, it finally dashed forth with a golden glow that filled the horizons!

As that golden dragon halberd shadow howled forth, the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth began to vibrate violently. Streams of visible Yuan Power circular waves began to spread out from that golden glow. Faintly, there was also the sound of thunder mixed in, giving it an extremely formidable impression.

Red and golden glow seemed to have split the air above in the martial arts arena into two sides. This insane sight caused everyone to stare in awe. This was the kind of scene that was befitting of a battle between two true elites.


The speed of that golden glow was extremely rapidly. In mere seconds, it was reflected in the pupils of the crowd. Just like a meteor, it violently clashed against that red glow.

An exceedingly formidable and savage Yuan Power shockwave emerged from that epicentre, just like a hurricane. Meanwhile, it directly ripped several arm-sized cracks on the martial arts arena.

At the moment of impact, Luo Jiu clearly felt the terrifying force contained within that golden dragon’s shadow. Though it was merely for a few seconds, he felt like his body had been being crushed by a giant mountain. Even his bones, which have been strengthened after he executed Devil Ape Transformation, began to release squeaky noises at that moment.

Right now, he finally understood just how powerful Lin Dong’s attack was!

A red glint flashed manically in his eyes, as Luo Jiu continued to resist while sore growls began to emerge from his throat. As a red glow violently gushed forth, he used every ounce of his strength to resist that extremely formidable golden dragon halberd shadow.

“Trying to defeat my halberd techniques with brute force alone. You must be dreaming!”

Lin Dong coldly stared at Luo Jiu, who was desperately resisting against his golden dragon halberd shadow. Then, he violently slammed his palm down, before countless golden glows instantly erupted from that golden dragon halberd shadow!


The ancient halberd was clasped between his two warhammers. However, under Luo Jiu’s bewildered stare, cracks began to slowly emerge on his two warhammers.


At this instance, the golden dragon shadow that wrapped around the ancient halberd, immediately penetrated forth, before it lighting-quick slammed against Luo Jiu’s body.


An extremely deep sound erupted in mid-air, before nearly all the potent Yuan Power undulated on Luo Jiu’s body instantly disappeared. Immediately after, his clothes were ripped apart, before he revealed a vest that he wore underneath. On the surface of that vest was a light beam glowing. It seems like it was actually a Soul Treasure.

However, a low-tier Soul Treasure vest was evidently unable to withstand such a formidable attack. Hence, when that golden dragon shadow, that contained a extremely fearsome flux began to spread out, the glow on his vest swiftly dimmed. Then, cracks began to emerge and grow, before it exploded with a loud bang…


When his final defence fell, Luo Jiu’s face almost instantly turned pale as snow. Then, fresh blood continuously gushed out from his mouth, while faintly, the sound of bones being broken echoed out.

Under countless bewildered stares from the crowd, Luo Jiu’s body was blown away in mid-air, before he solidly slammed onto the martial arts arena. Instantly, a near hundred feet long scratch mark appeared on the arena. Meanwhile, blood stains were scattered along the scratch mark, resulting in a piercing and bloody sight.

The outcome was seeming decided in a split second. That golden dragon halberd shadow possess a seemingly unstoppable force as it utterly bulldozed through all of Luo Jiu’s attacks and defences!

An advanced Form Creation stage elite practitioner was utterly defeated!

As they stared at that Luo Jiu, who was lying on the ground like a dead dog, the martial arts arena turned deadly silent. Meanwhile, the face of every member of Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo was now as pale as snow. In fact, some of them began to back away stealthily. The reason why Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo could afford to be this arrogant was entirely because of Luo Jiu’s existence. However, right now, after Luo Jiu suffered an utter defeat, the pillar supporting their martial arts dojo had crumbled. For the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo, this would definitely be a critical blow.

Of course, in contrast to the doom and gloom at Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo, over at the Martial Eagle Dojo, after a moment of silence, an earth-shattering celebratory noise erupted forth before they turned and stared fervently at that young man, hovering in mid-air.

“We have actually won…” Jiang Lei muttered to himself, as his hand continuously trembled. Evidently, he was extremely moved inside his heart. Meanwhile, his eyes were filled with excitement and delight as well.

“Huff…” Standing aside, Jiang Xue’s jade-like hands gently pressed down on her inflated busty chest region, as the worry between her eyebrows began to gradually dissipate.


Lin Dong’s feet stepped onto his blade shadow, as he stared down coldly at Luo Jiu. As he extended his hand, the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd immediately returned to his hands. Then, his figure ferociously swooped down, while the ancient halberd in his hand was lightning-quick directed towards that Luo Jiu.

When he felt that vicious incoming force wind, Luo Jiu’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened up, before he shouted out pitifully: “I admit my loss!”


That formidable halberd edge stopped right in front of Luo Jiu’s forehead. However, that formidable force wind still caused a scratch on his face, before fresh blood continuously flowed out.

Lin Dong stared at Luo Jiu, who was now panicking, before he slowly said: “Get out of Great Eagle City!”

When he heard these words, Luo Jiu’s face began to twitch violently. Half a moment later, he finally nodded his head begrudgingly. However, when he hideously tried to stood up, a malicious and poisonous glint suddenly appeared in his downtrodden eyes.

As that poisonous glint flashed forth, Luo Jiu suddenly lifted his hand. Immediately, the area below his palm actually began to squirm. Then, dozens of tiny light beams penetrated through his skin, before they lightning-quick dashed towards Lin Dong. Faintly, there was a bloody smell emerging from those light beams. Evidently, they were covered with lethal poison.

“Lin Dong, watch out!”

That sudden sneak attack caused everyone to panic, as Jiang Lei hurriedly shouted out.

That light beam rapidly grew inside Lin Dong’s eyes. However, just as they were about to hit his forehead, a stream of Mental Energy gushed out from behind the latter’s eyes.

“Buzz buzz!”

That dozens of light beams turned into poisonous needles, that were as fine as cow’s fur, before they hovered in front of Lin Dong. Then, they all dropped onto the ground lifelessly…

When he saw that his final sneak attack had failed, Luo Jiu’s heart turned icy-cold instantly. Without further ado, he immediately utilized all the remaining Yuan Power in his body and tried to retreat.


However, this time around, Lin Dong did not give him a second chance. As he jutted his foot forward, a cold flash was drawn by the ancient halberd in his hand, before it lightning-quick hacked towards Luo Jiu’s arm.

Fresh blood gushed forth, before a torn arm was blown away. Before Luo Jiu even had the time to scream, that halberd flashed before it heavily pummelled against his chest.

“Buzz chhh!”

Another fresh mouthful of blood, filled with his shredded internal organs, was spit out, before Luo Jiu’s body was blown away. Then, he hideously landed at the area where the Bloody Vulture Dojo members were.

As Luo Jiu’s body flew forth, Lin Dong gripped his palm, before a suction force emerged. Then, he directly sucked away a Qiankun bag located at Luo Jiu’s waist. Once it reached his palm, he unceremoniously kept it.


As they stared at that hideous-looking Luo Jiu, who crashed solidly on the ground, everyone knew that in the future, Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo would no longer exist in Great Eagle City…

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