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Chapter 228: A Beautiful Chance Encounter

Luo Jiu’s defeat went against most people’s expectations. Before this, no one would have even imagined that this practitioner, who possessed a fearsome reputation in Great Eagle City, would ultimately be defeated at the hands of a youngster who was not even twenty years of age…

However, no matter how much they disbelieved in their hearts, when they personally witnessed Luo Jiu lying on the ground, unclear if he was dead or alive, they could only use their rationality to suppress the stormy waves in their hearts, as they cast shocked gazes towards the young figure on the stage.

Everyone understood that after the Eagle Martial Dojo and the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo had crossed swords this time, the former had achieved an absolute victory.

Most martial dojos were entirely different from sects. Sects had strong and solid foundations, hence, even if they lost to someone else in a competition, it would only hurt their reputation a little and not affect their base. Martial dojos were different in this aspect as a dojo master was practically a martial dojo’s heart. Once the dojo master was defeated, especially in this kind of situation, it would instantly cause their dojo’s prestige to plummet. To a martial dojo, this was akin to a fatal blow.

Evidently, this was the situation the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo was faced with this time.

Of course, not all martial dojos were so frail. In the Great Desolate Province, there was no lack of martial dojos with extremely strong and solid foundations, so much so that they could even be compared to some of the larger sects. For example, the Heavenly Martial Dojo which led the Martial Alliance. They were so powerful and terrifying that even when compared to long standing factions like the Ghastly Puppet Cult and the Great Devil Sect, the former would not be outshone.

Luo Jiu’s crushing defeat caused the arena to lapse into silence. In the end, a deafening applause sounded out. No matter how young the victor on the stage looked, the power that the former displayed had subdued everyone here…

In the Great Desolate Province, strength was respect.

As a thunderous applause rang out, the troops from the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo quietly withdrew, and some of them even ignored the heavily injured Luo Jiu, as they immediately turned and ran. In the end, only a few of the more loyal ones carried Luo Jiu and escaped like beaten dogs.

Lin Dong did not stop the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo troops from leaving. Luo Jiu’s crushing defeat today had already destroyed the morale of the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo. Moreover, although Luo Jiu had managed to retain his life today, he was severely injured and had even lost an arm. With this kind of injury, even if he was able to keep his life, his strength would have greatly fallen.

The Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo had usually conducted themselves in an insolent way. Now that Luo Jiu was badly injured, some of the enemies they had offended in the past would likely not let such a chance slip by. Hence, if Luo Jiu was smart, he would understand that, disbanding the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo and leaving Great Eagle City with some of his loyal men, would be the best decision.

Lin Dong lowered his head and looked at the Qiankun bag in his hand before he softly chuckled. He would never be part of a bad deal, and after fighting for so long, it was necessary for him to collect some interest.

After keeping the Qiankun bag, Lin Dong’s gaze suddenly turned towards the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his hand, only to discover that the ancient halberd’s color had actually become a little dimmer. The originally extended scales had once again tightly plastered themselves to the halberd’s body.

As he stared at the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, a thoughtful look flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. When he had used ‘heavenly dragon halberd’, he clearly felt an extremely weak yet unique aura flow out from within the ancient halberd, and it was because of this aura that Lin Dong had finally managed to use the ‘heavenly dragon halberd’ in the end.

“That aura…” Lin Dong’s gaze flickered.

“There is some dragon blood sealed within this Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. Heh, I wonder how that guy managed to obtain this blood. Dragons are an extremely ancient and powerful life form in this world, how could someone who had not even reached the third Yuan Nirvana stage obtain dragon blood?” While Lin Dong was puzzled, Little Marten’s voice suddenly echoed in his ears.

“Dragon Blood?” Lin Dong was stunned as he mumbled.

“This blood is extremely weak. Though it is not considered as pure, it indeed possesses a little of a dragon’s might. It seems to be sealed by this Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. If you want to bring out the full power of the ‘Heavenly Dragon Halberd’, perhaps, you will first need to let this Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd evolve to a high ranked Soul Treasure…” Little Marten explained.

“High ranked Soul Treasure.” Lin Dong’s eyebrows slightly furrowed. This was no simple matter, to refine Soul Treasures, one needed to at least advance to the Soul Symbol Master, and birth the Mental Energy Fire, before being able to evolve the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. However, there was still some distance between the current him and the Soul Symbol Master level.

“Forget it, this matter can wait. I will still need quite a few rare materials to evolve the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd to a high ranked Soul Treasure…” Lin Dong shook his head, keeping the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd into his Qiankun bag, before jumping down from the stage, and landing in front of Jiang Lei and the rest.

“Old brother Jiang.”

Lin Dong clasped his hands together towards the excited and emotional Jiang Lei, as the latter hastily returned the gesture. Due to the excitement in his heart, he was not able to speak coherently. To one side, some of the Eagle Martial Dojo members were also staring at the former with passionate gazes of adoration. The strength Lin Dong had displayed previously caused their hearts to be filled with admiration.

“Little brother Lin Dong, I, Jiang Lei, truly cannot repay such a huge debt. If there is anything you need of me in the future, even if it involves scaling a mountain of daggers or jumping into a scalding wok, as long as you ask, if I, Jiang Lei, even so much as frown, let the heavens strike me with lightning!”

When he saw Jiang Lei’s emotional and flushed face, Lin Dong laughed as he waved his hand. After chatting a little, he turned his head and looked towards Jiang Xue, slightly smiling as he said: “Miss Jiang, fortunately, I have succeeded in my mission.”

“If young master does not mind, call me Xue-er.”

Jiang Xue’s pretty face was slightly red, while her voice was soft and gentle. Her clear and beautiful eyes darted about Lin Dong’s body, but she did not dare to look at his smiling face, as she said in a low voice: “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, only a little spent.” Lin Dong laughed. It was somewhat difficult for him to win this fierce battle, fortunately, he did not sustain any severe injuries, and had only practically poured out all of the Yuan Power in his body when using the ‘Heavenly Dragon Halberd’. Thus, there was a feeble feeling in his body.

“Then let us quickly return to rest.” Upon hearing this, Jiang Xue hastily replied. Contained within her voice was a deep concern and worry.

Upon seeing such an outburst from Jiang Xue, Lin Dong was stunned for a moment, while Jiang Lei and the rest looked towards her with peculiar gazes. Soon after, a special smile appeared from the corners of his mouth, immediately causing Jiang Xue’s pretty face to turn as red as an apple, a sudden and beautiful sight.

“Let’s first head back to the martial dojo!”

Jiang Lei let out a hearty laugh, before waving his hand. Under numerous envious gazes, he led the Eagle Martial Dojo troops as they made their majestic return to the martial dojo.

The great victory today was undoubtedly an extremely joyous occasion for the Eagle Martial Dojo. Ever since the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo had established themselves in Great Eagle City, they had clashed many times with the Eagle Martial Dojo due to the insolent mannerisms. Moreover, due to various reasons, the Eagle Martial Dojo had chosen to give way most of the time. This caused quite a number of the Eagle Martial Dojo members to feel stifled, and today, they had finally vented out all of their suppressed feelings.

Lin Dong was not too interested in the Eagle Martial Dojo’s lively celebratory feast. Hence, after hanging about for a while, he excused himself from the noisy hall.

As he walked through the quiet courtyard, Lin Dong gazed at the bright moon in the sky, and softly sighed. Time had unwittingly passed, and he had already left Yan City for almost half a year. He did not know how his father, Qing Tan and the rest were doing in Yan City…

However, no matter how much he missed his family, Lin Dong understood that the current him could not possibly return like this. It was exactly because he cared for his family that he needed to work hard, and gain the power to protect them.

The current him clearly did not possess that kind of power, thus, he still needed to continue his training journey, even if the price that he must pay is that of loneliness…

“Sha sha.”

While these thoughts floated in Lin Dong’s heart, soft footsteps suddenly sounded out from behind him. Immediately, he chuckled and said: “Looks like you also do not like that kind of noisiness…”

While he spoke, he turned his head and smiled at Jiang Xue who was being as stealthy as a beautiful kitten.

After being discovered by Lin Dong, Jiang Xue’s pretty face blushed a little, as she softly replied: “Father and the rest might have forgotten some mannerisms as they were too happy today, I hope that young master does not blame them.”

Lin Dong chuckled and shook his head. He naturally would not take offense to these things.

Jiang Xue’s beautiful eyes stared at the slightly immature-looking face, and suddenly asked: “Young master should be leaving Great Eagle City soon right?”

Lin Dong was a little taken aback, soon after, he nodded his head and said: “My journey this time is for the sake of training. Naturally, I need to travel about the Great Desolate Province more.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xue silently nodded her head with a somewhat sad look in here beautiful eyes. However, she quickly picked herself up, slightly smiling as she said: “The Great Desolate Province is rather chaotic, young master should take care as he wanders about…”

Lin Dong laughed, slightly dazed as he gazed at the gentle beauty before him who appeared even more elegant under the light of the moon.

While Lin Dong was dazed, a delicate fragrance suddenly assaulted him. When he regained his wits, he found that Jiang Xue’s was gracefully standing in front of him. Currently, the latter’s pretty face was scarlet red, and under Lin Dong’s astonished gaze, she gently tiptoed, as her soft and red lips once again covered Lin Dong’s lips with a heart palpitating passion.

The soft and completely relaxing sensation caused Lin Dong’s heart to slightly shudder. Soon after, he involuntarily stretched out his arms and seized that tiny supple waist. When his hands touched Jiang Xue’s smooth back, Lin Dong clearly felt the latter’s body turn momentarily stiff.

Moonlight sprinkled onto the courtyard while the shadows on the ground appeared rather tranquil and warm.

This passion lasted for several minutes before the scalding red Jiang Xue struggled free of Lin Dong’s arms. Like a tiny startled rabbit, she swiftly escaped, as a tiny noise faintly sounded out.

“Thank you.”

As he stared at the quickly disappearing wonderful figure, Lin Dong wet his lips, a little unsatisfied. Soon after, he softly chuckled. This was a beautiful chance encounter…

After Jiang Xue fled, Lin Dong returned to his room before seating himself on the bed. An unfamiliar Qiankun bag appeared in his hand, this was what he had snatched from Luo Jiu today…

Staring at the Qiankun bag, Lin Dong softly laughed, as Mental Energy gushed forth. Moments later, a strange bone piece appeared in his hand. On the bone piece were a few script-like markings, and when Lin Dong looked at it, the corners of his mouth could not help but slowly raise.

“Devil Ape Transformation.”

Under the reflection of the light, Lin Dong saw three strange words which seemed to give off a ferocious aura.

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