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Chapter 226: Devil Ape Transformation

“Boom boom!”

Scarlet red flame-like Yuan Power was like a tide as it exploded from within Luo Jiu’s body. From a distance, it was as if he was wrapped up in soaring flames.

Furthermore, as Yuan Power gushed out, Luo Jiu’s eyes faintly started to change. A dangerous beast-like aura flowed out from his body bit by bit.

At the same time, Luo Jiu’s palms slowly expanded a little, and looked just like the hands of an ape, as they firmly gripped the warhammers.

When he sensed the dangerous aura from Luo Jiu’s body, Lin Dong’s eyes turned exceptionally serious. No matter what, the former was after all an advanced Form Creation stage practitioners, and Lin Dong could not afford to let his guard down. Moreover, the scene before his eyes showed that the other party was clearly using his true killing move.

An advanced Form Creation stage practitioner’s full power killing move. That kind of power was enough to completely destroy an initial Form Creation stage practitioner.

“Lin Dong, be careful. That guy is activating the Devil Ape Transformation, which is an upper class martial art. It can greatly increase the power of one’s body for a short period of time!” When Lin Dong’s expression turned serious, Jiang Lei’s shout swiftly sounded out in his ears.

“Devil Ape Transformation…”

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly concentrated, as he stared towards Luo Jiu’s hands. Sure enough, he saw that the latter’s hands had expanded by quite a lot. Veins looked like dragons as they squirmed, filled with vigorous power. Traces of dark red Yuan Power curled around the palms, and endlessly tunneled in and out of its pores.

“Kid, to have forced me to use the Devil Ape Transformation, even if you are killed by me, you will have no regrets!” Luo Jiu’s pupils had changed, and he now looked like a deformed devil ape. He directed a sinister smile at Lin Dong, and soon after, the sole of his foot suddenly stomped, as his body transformed into a red flash and swept forth!

After activating this martial art, it seemed that this guy’s speed had increased by quite a bit.


Upon seeing this, Lin Dong chuckled. As his feet tapped against the floor, a blade shadow emerged before he directly hovered in mid-air and avoided that menacing-looking red beam. Promptly, he gripped his palm, before a resplendent golden glow gathered in mid-air and directly materialized into a golden platform, that seemed to be forged from real gold.

That golden platform hovered in mid-air as it gave off a sturdy and solid sensation, just like a mountain. This caused several people to be stunned, as they evidently did not expect that Lin Dong could actually create a Yuan Power golden platform.


That golden platform solidified, before Lin Dong viciously slammed his palm down. Immediately, just like a mountain descending from the heavens, that golden platform viciously slammed towards that red beam.


As he saw that incoming resplendent golden platform that overcasted him, that Luo Jiu coldly snorted. Instead of dodging it, he chose to charge right towards it. At the same time, the boulder-like warhammers in his hands danced forth, before they violently smashed against that incoming golden platform.

“Clang clang clang!”

An deafening earth-shaking sound erupted in the arena, while streams of powerful Yuan Power shockwaves exploded forth in mid-air. That violent clash caused several onlookers to be totally stunned.

After executing Devil Ape Transformation, Luo Jiu’s physical prowess evidently surged. In particular, his physical strength became extremely formidable. Combined with the two warhammers Soul Treasures in his hand, he became totally unstoppable. As he slammed down his warhammers, even that golden platform was blown away, as cracks began to emerge on that golden platform.

“Such formidable strength!’

When he saw this sight, shock flashed across Lin Dong’s face. This was the first time that he saw someone using his physical strength to counter against the golden platform. It seems like Luo Jiu’s Devil Ape Transformation has its own unique perks. Right now, even he felt a little tempted by it.

“Haha, kid. Your martial art is quite impressive. After I kill you, that martial art shall belong to me!” Due to Luo Jiu’s constant hammering, that golden platform was continuously beaten back. Meanwhile, Luo Jiu’s maniacal laughter emerged as well. It seems like just as Lin Dong was in awe of his Devil Ape Transformation, Luo Jiu was eyeing his Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm as well. Luo Jiu clearly knew how strong he became after he executed Devil Ape Transformation. However, right now, that golden platform could actually hold on despite his constant hammering. Therefore, if he could obtain this martial arts, within all advanced Form Creation stage practitioners, he would hold a pretty respectable position.

“That will depend on whether you have what it takes!”

Lin Dong coldly chuckled. Promptly, he jerked his palm forward, before that golden platform instantly retreated. Then, resplendent Great Sun Thunder Yuan gushed forth, before it poured into that golden platform with a deep rumbling sound.


As that potent Yuan Power gushed in, the cracks on the golden platform’s surface immediately disappeared. Meanwhile, its size actually expanded more than twice. Furthermore, on it’s surface, one could faintly detect electrical sparks.

“Let’s try it again!”

After he reinforced the golden platform, Lin Dong slammed his palm down once again. Then, that golden platform howled forth, just like a real mountain made of gold. In fact, it even caused the surrounding air to explode.


As he faced that incoming golden platform again, Luo Jiu did not change his tactics. Waving his warhammers, he pounded viciously against the golden platform.

After a deafening noise, this time around, that golden platform was not blown back. Instead, Luo Jiu was viciously blown away, before his body directly punched a several-meters deep ditch in the martial arts arena.


After he blew away Luo Jiu, Lin Dong waved his palm before that golden platform howled forth once again. Then, it mercilessly flew towards the ditch, where Luo Jiu was located at. Then, under the bewildered stares of the crowd, it directly buried Luo Jiu below the martial arts arena.

As they stared at that golden platform that stood right in the martial arts arena, the crowd was evidently silent for a moment. Meanwhile, the faces of the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo members began to turn pale…


However, this silence did not continue on for a long time, before it was disrupted by the sound of that golden platform being pounded. A ferocious beast-like roar echoed out from below that golden platform. Soon after,a dark-red Yuan Power, just like a volcano, erupted forth, before that terrifying force directly blew that golden platform away!

When that golden platform was blown away, a red figure violently dashed forth. In a blink of an eye, it emerged above the golden platform, before the warhammers in his hands turned into a giant hammer shadow and viciously slammed against it.


An extremely savage Yuan Power immediately exploded forth before that extremely sturdy golden platform was once again covered by countless tiny cracks. Then, with a loud pop, it directly blew up.

After that golden platform blew up, Lin Dong’s facial expression changed. As he turned to look at the red glow, his eye began to condensate.

Inside that red glow was still Luo Jiu. However, right now, his body had ballooned to twice its size. Meanwhile, his limbs were extended, while faintly hidden on his face, was a subtle sign that he was transforming into a Devil Ape.

Luo Jiu’s eyes were bloody red. Faintly, one could detect a savage beast-like madness…

“You actually managed to force me to this step. Today, I shall rip you apart!” As the bloody-red glow in his eyes flashed, Luo Jiu stared menacingly at Lin Dong. His huge palms tightly gripped onto the two warhammers in his hand, while streams of savage Yuan Power continuously gushed out from his body.

“He had actually changed to such an extent…”

When they stared at Luo Jiu, who had almost transformed into a real Devil Ape, the crowds began to exclaim in shock. This type of body altering martial arts was fairly rare and it was not easy to cultivate in them. However, most importantly, this type of martial arts tend to have quite serious sequela, and it could easily cause one’s appearance to turn demonic. Just like what has happened to Luo Jiu right now…

“However, right now, Luo Jiu has become much stronger. That kid is probably in real danger…”

As he heard the crowd’s whispers, Jiang Lei’s facial expression turned increasingly solemn. Standing aside, Jiang Xue’s beautiful face was pale while she seemed to have bit their lips till they nearly bled.


Luo Jiu’s banged the warhammers in his hand, before they released a piercing noise. As his blood-red eyes stared right at Lin Dong, the savage Yuan Power that continuously gushed out from his body began to gather manically at his warhammers.

“Buzz buzz!”

As his potent Yuan Power gushed forth, waves of circular Yuan Power hammer shadows began to emerge from Luo Jiu’s warhammers. Meanwhile, a shocking and formidable shockwave began to spread from within.

“Herculean Devil Ape Hammer!”

The redness in Luo Jiu’s eyes intensified. A seemingly realistic Devil Ape’s roar violently emerged from his throat. Then, his body turned into a red flash before he dashed forth, while the giant hammer shadows in his hands were filled with a terrifying force. In fact, all the surrounding air seemed to flee away from his hammers!

“Lin Dong, be careful!”

When he sensed how terrifying Luo Jiu’s attack was, Jiang Lei’s facial expression changed drastically as he hurriedly shouted out.


Lin Dong sucked in a deep breath as he stared at that incoming red glow. As he gripped his palm, the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd once again surfaced in his hands. This time around, Luo Jiu’s battle strength has exceeded his expectations. However… he was still barely able to deal with him.

“Even though I can barely execute it, it should be enough to deal with you…”

As he stared at that incoming red glow, Lin Dong gently smiled. Suddenly, he tightened his grip, before the intricate scales on his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd instantly flew off. Then, a resplendent golden glow gushed out.


As that golden glow filled the skies, a dragon’s roar faintly echoed out.

“Heavenly Scales Halberd technique, heavenly dragon halberd!”

As that golden glow filled the horizon, a dragon’s roar echoed out. Under countless shocked gazes, a giant golden dragon materialized and emerged from within that golden glow!

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