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Chapter 219: Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet

Lin Dong was seated in the most luxurious cart in the group. With regards to the awestruck expressions of the Eagle Martial Dojo members, Lin Dong felt slightly helpless. Ever since he displayed his prowess last night, the gazes of these guys were no longer normal.

“Big brother, you were incredible last night.” To one side, little Yinyin’s large eyes were staring respectfully at Lin Dong. It seemed as if stars were twinkling in her eyes.

“You have repeated this dozens of times already!” Lin Dong’s face twitched as he forced smile at little Yinyin. Anyone who had heard the same words repeated so many times, would probably wear the same expression.

“Yinyin, don’t disturb big brother’s rest.” A slim figure slowly walked over, as her lily-white hands tapped little Yinyin’s head. Contained in her voice was a trace of playful anger.

Lin Dong lifted his head. Right now, due to last night’s intensive battle, Jiang Xue’s long hair was dishevelled and there were some traces of blood on some parts of her exposed snow-white skin. Nonetheless, she did not seem hideous, rather, she gave off a unique charm. Lin Dong could tell that this lady truly cared about this dojo. Therefore, after he assisted them last night, the coldness that was usually on the latter’s beautiful face had dissipated. Instead, a gentle expression took its place.

As someone who did not doll herself up too much, even though this woman was not like Ling Qingzhu, whose beauty could bring down kingdoms, she had her own unique charm.

The two of them briefly glanced at each other, before Jiang Xue swiftly retracted her gaze. A faint blush surfaced on her beautiful face, before she promptly lowered her head and lightly retreated two steps.

“Haha, little brother Lin Dong, in half a day, we will have left the Mist Forest.” Ahead of them, Jiang Lei was riding on his horse, as he moved towards the cart and addressed Lin Dong with a smile.

After he witnessed Lin Dong’s strength last night, his attitude towards the latter had changed. Even though Lin Dong felt helpless, in this Great Desolate Province, strength reigned supreme. If it were not for the fact that he was too young, Jiang Lei would have probably address the Lin Dong as a senior…

When he heard these words, Lin Dong gently heaved a sigh of relief. After all, he did not want to spend any more time in this god forsaken place.

“Little brother Lin Dong. You came to the Great Desolate Province due to the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet?” As if he suddenly recalled something, Jiang Lei suddenly asked.

“Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet? What is that?” When he heard these words, Lin Dong was taken aback as he asked inquisitively.


When they heard Lin Dong’s reply, not only was Jiang Lei shocked, but even Jiang Xue, Wuzhen and the rest were also slightly stunned as they stared at the former. Evidently, they did not expect that he had actually never heard of the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.

“Cough… I only ventured out to train.” Feeling uncomfortable under their gazes, he released a hollow laugh: “Old brother Jiang, could you tell me what exactly is this Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet?”

“Haha, the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet is the most famous thing in Great Desolate Province. It is said to be a relic of an ancient sect. The Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet had existed long before the Great Desolate Province. In fact, this province was actually named after it.”

“At that time, the strength of the ancient sect was truly terrifying. In fact, they directly opened up an extremely vast space inside the ancient tablet. Not only are there numerous relics within, the Yuan Power inside is also several times stronger than outside. If one trains there for one day, it will be as effective as training for ten days outside.”

“There are countless treasures in the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. I have heard that people have obtained Manifestation level martial arts and Secret Arts inside. In fact, even… Earth rank Soul Treasures have appeared before.”

“Manifestation level martial arts, Earth rank Soul Treasures…” When he heard these words, Lin Dong was instantly moved. Martial arts were split into three categories, however, above upper category martial arts, there are even stronger martial arts termed as Manifestation level martial arts. This kind of martial arts possessed the strength to burn the oceans and split mountains. If one could obtain them, it would be possible for one to challenge those above one’s cultivation level.”

With regards to Soul Treasures, usually they were split in low, middle and high ranks. However, above high rank Soul Treasures, there were even more powerful ones. Those were the reputed Earth rank Soul Treasures and Heaven rank Soul Treasures…

Of course, Soul Treasures in these two categories mostly possess a spirit. Their powers were extraordinary, and even without anyone’s control, they could display extraordinary strength. In the entire Great Yan Dynasty, some powerful factions may possess Earth rank Soul Treasures, however, with regards to Heaven rank Soul Treasures, there were probably no factions who possessed any of them.

Manifestation level martial arts and Earth rank Soul Treasures. These things were practically impossible to even hear of, or much less see in Tiandu province. In fact, these items would probably only appear in the Great Yan Dynasty’s most chaotic and vast province, the Great Desolate Province.

If any one of these items appeared, it would cause an astonishing battle.

“If this so-called Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet is truly so valuable, some major factions would have likely taken possession of it…” A glint flashed in Lin Dong’s eyes as he somewhat inquisitively asked.

“Haha, it’s precisely because this Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet is so precious, that no faction dares to claim it for their own use. In fact, even the Great Yan Dynasty royal faction does not dare…” Jiang Lei chuckled.

“Nonetheless, some factions have tried before. However, they all failed in the end. Some of the more unfortunate ones suffered great losses, while others even collapsed…”

Lin Dong was taken aback, however, he did not doubt these words. After all, the reason why no faction claimed it for their own use, was because they were not powerful enough to fend off the other factions.

“Furthermore, there is an extremely powerful seal on the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. Even after thousands of years, it remains extremely formidable. Even a Nirvana stage practitioner cannot destroy it.”

“A seal that even a Nirvana stage practitioner cannot destroy…” Lin Dong was stunned. He had witnessed first-hand just how terrifying a Nirvana stage practitioner was. Even a mere shadow had easily manipulated Ling Qingzhu like a puppet. How was it possible that such a powerful individual was still unable to destroy the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal?

“This Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet… what exactly is it? It sounds so magical…”

“Heh heh, however, every three years, there will be a period of time when the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal is at its weakest. That is the best opportunity to enter and hunt for treasures. Therefore, every time this period approaches, countless elite individuals will flock to the Great Desolate Province. In fact, these elite individuals not only stem from the Great Yan Dynasty, but also from neighbouring kingdoms as well. Many of them will join in to test their luck and see if they can obtain any treasures…”

“There is still about five months before the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal reaches its weakest point. During this period of time, there have been an increasing amount of people flocking towards the Great Desolate Province. This is the reason why I asked if you had come here for the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.” Jiang Lei explained.

“Five months…”

Lin Dong rubbed his chin. Deep in his heart, he was somewhat intrigued by this Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. The reason why he ventured out this time was to increase his strength. Thus, if he was fortunate enough to stumble across something inside the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, it would be much easier for him to catch up to Lin Langtian.”

“Furthermore… I wonder if this Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet is connected to the Ancestral Symbol.”

A glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. The Great Desolate Province was the largest province in the Great Yan Dynasty. Hence, it was no mean feat to locate the Ancestral Symbol.

“It could be linked. Since this Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet was left behind by an ancient sect, it may be related to the Ancestral Symbol. A long time ago, those fellows had a pretty good understanding of Ancestral Symbols. Therefore, even if you cannot find the Ancestral Symbol, you should obtain some information related to it.” Inside Lin Dong’s mind, Little Marten’s voice suddenly emerged.

LIn Dong quietly nodded his head. Since this was the case, it was worthwhile to travel to the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. Of course, there were still five more months, hence, he did not need to hurry.

“Haha, old brother Jiang. In this Great Desolate Province, are there any factions that I should take note of? I have just arrived here for the first time and it will be best for me to be cautious.” Lin Dong suddenly asked with a smile.

“Based on your strength, you should not have any problems. Inside the Great Desolate Province, there are countless factions, like the fur on a cow’s back. However, there are three major factions that you should take note of.” Jiang Lei was silent for a moment, before he replied.

“These three major factions are the Ghastly Puppet Cult, the Great Devil Sect and the Martial Alliance.”

“Ghastly Puppet Cult, Great Devil Sect, Martial Alliance…” Lin Dong muttered to himself, as he committed these three names to memory.

“The Ghastly Puppet Cult is the most mysterious one. Like their name implies, they are proficient at manipulating Symbol Puppets. Their best disciples all carry Symbol Puppets with them everywhere they go and their strength is truly formidable. In the past, there was a sect that challenged them, which was ultimately butchered by numerous Symbol Puppets. In fact, even their two elite Manifestation stage practitioners were directly captured and turned into Symbol Puppets. Those fellows are truly terrifying…”

“Symbol Puppet…”

When he heard this, a thought suddenly flashed across Lin Dong’s mind as he recalled the Symbol Puppet inside his Qiankun bag.

“The Great Devil Sect, those fellows specialize in tempering their bodies and all of them are even more savage than Demonic Beasts. When you fight against them, once they close in on you, you will likely be a goner…” As he spoke, Jiang Lei suddenly glanced at Lin Dong’s arm. Evidently, he had recalled that Lin Dong managed to blow away the renowned Alligator Leopard King with a single punch last night. Immediately, he softly muttered ‘little monster’…

“With regards to the Martial Alliance, they are an alliance formed by several martial dojos. The one leading them is the Heavenly Martial Dojo. In fact, its strength is exceptionally terrifying as well. Compared to the previous two factions, the Martial Alliance is the largest…”

Lin Dong silently nodded his head. The Great Desolate Province was truly incredible compared to Tiandu Province. In fact, the three major factions here could probably match up to the four great clans of the Great Yan Dynasty.

“In the Great Desolate Province, there are several factions that maintain a low profile. Though they do not reveal their strength, some of them are exceptionally powerful. Even the three major factions dare not offend them easily. Sigh, the water here truly runs deep. Snakes and dragons flood this area, if you want to travel around, you must be careful.” Jiang Lei quietly sighed.

Lin Dong chuckled as he nodded his head, before he spoke: “In the Great Eagle City, the Eagle Martial Dojo should be considered as the top faction?”

After the casual chit-chat, Lin Dong already knew that the Eagle Martial Dojo headquarters was situated inside the Great Eagle City, that was near Mist Forest.

When he heard these words, Jiang Lei’s facial expression turned a little unnatural, before he softly sighed: “In the past, I guess…”

When he saw this situation, Lin Dong hurriedly changed the topic. As they talked and laughed, several hours later, they finally realized that the mist surrounding them, had finally grown lighter.

When he detected this change, Lin Dong secretly heaved a sigh of relief. It seems like he had finally left this Mist Forest…

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