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Chapter 220: Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo

When that warm sunlight broke through the mist and sprinkled on their bodies, the tired Eagle Martial Dojo members instantly released loud cheers. This was not the first time they had ventured into Mist Forest, however, it was their most dangerous trip. If it was not for Lin Dong’s assistance, their entire crew would have likely met their maker in the godforsaken woods.

Lin Dong stood on the cart as he enjoyed the warm sensation from the sun rays shining on his body. A smile was on his face as he gazed at the horizon. He had finally arrived at the Great Desolation Province…

“Little brother Lin Dong, how about you follow us to Great Eagle City? This is your first time here, hence, it would be best for you to stay in Great Eagle City for a while and understand the geography and power distribution in the Great Desolate Province.” Jiang Lei was evidently glad to leave Mist Forest, as he smiled and turned his head to speak to Lin Dong.

When he heard these words, Lin Dong was silent for a moment, before he nodded his head. What Jiang Lei said made sense. Since this was Lin Dong’s first time here, it would be unwise for him to run about randomly without familiarizing himself first. Instead of doing that, it would be better for him to follow them to Great Eagle City first and prepare himself.

After seeing Lin Dong nod his head, Jiang Lei was clearly excited. After they rested for a while, they finally restarted their journey. A convoy loaded with loot travelled towards Great Eagle City.

According to Jiang Lei, Great Eagle City was situated at the north east area of the Great Desolate Province. Though it was slightly near the border, this did not affect the vibrancy of Great Eagle City. In fact, based on Jiang Lei’s tone, Lin Dong could sense that this city could match up to even Tiandu city from Tiandu Province…

When their convoy reached Great Eagle City, it was already close to night time. Lin Dong stood on top of the cart as he stared at the sun setting below a large city’s contour, a look of awe flashing across his eyes. The size of this city was clearly far larger than Yan City. The Great Desolate province was indeed legendary. Even a city near its borders was this magnificent.

“In this Great Eagle City, the Eagle Martial Dojo should be considered quite a formidable faction…”

As he stared at the approaching city, this thought ran through Lin Dong’s mind. Even though there were less than a hundred people here, he could tell that all of them worked extremely well together. Furthermore, they had plenty of battle experience as well. Evidently, the members of the Eagle Martial Dojo were fairly strong fighters. Since they possessed such strength, even though this was the Great Desolate Province, the status of Eagle Martial Dojo in Great Eagle City should be quite respectable.

Under Lin Dong’s gaze, the convoy slowly entered Great Eagle City. Based on how the crowds respectfully greeted Jiang Lei, Lin Dong knew that his previous guess was correct.

As their convoy entered the city, they travelled along the wide roads for several minutes, before an extremely extensive and huge martial arts dojo appeared before Lin Dong’s eyes.

“Dojo master is back!”

There were several guards stationed at the dojo’s entrance. When they saw the convoy, they immediately exclaimed in delight. Lin Dong began to feel the entire dojo turn heated, as swarms of black heads gushed out from the dojo, causing Lin Dong to be slightly taken aback. Compared to the Raging Blade Dojo in Qingyang Town, the Eagle Martial Dojo was indeed several times more powerful…

When news of Jiang Lei’s return spread, several individuals who seemed like managers immediately came forward.

“Dojo master, you’ve returned…”Those seemingly high-level members of the martial arts dojo immediately welcomed the group once they saw Jiang Lei, as they somewhat anxiously said.

Upon hearing these words, the smile on Jiang Lei’s face dimmed. Immediately, he waved his hand and instructed them to shut up. Tilting his head, he spoke to Jiang Xue: “Xue-er, take little brother Lin Dong to rest. Arrange the best room.”

“Father.” Jiang Xue was rather clever and immediately detected the changes in Jiang Lei’s expression, as she involuntarily asked softly.

“Just go.” Jiang Lei smiled, as he urged her.

“Ok.” When she saw this sight, Jiang Xue could only nod her head. Then, her beautiful eyes turned towards Lin Dong: “Young master Lin Dong, please follow me.”

After she spoke, she immediately turned and walked towards the inner sanctum of the martial arts dojo. Lin Dong glanced at Jiang Lei, not saying another as he proceeded to follow behind Jiang Xue.

“Eh, who is that kid? Senior sister is actually so polite towards him…”

“Yeah, this is the first time senior sister has been so friendly towards an outsider.”


The martial art dojo members nearby were evidently shocked when they saw Jiang Xue’s gentle attitude towards Lin Dong. A hint of jealousy tinged their voices. It seems like Jiang Xue held a pretty high status in their hearts.

“I seem to have drawn the rage of the crowds…” As he followed Jiang Xue into the spacious martial arts dojo, Lin Dong chuckled.

When she heard his words, Jiang Xue covered her mouth as she smiled. She seemed dignified yet alluring. However, Lin Dong could tell that there was a trace of worry hidden between her eyebrows.

“The status of the Eagle Martial Dojo in Great Eagle City should be quite high. What kind of trouble could it have encountered?” Lin Dong suddenly asked.

With regards to Lin Dong’s question, Jiang Xue bit her red-lips and hesitated for a moment, before she finally said: “In the past, the Eagle Martial Dojo was the strongest faction in Great Eagle City. However… in the past half a year, a foreign dojo known as Bloody Vulture Dojo arrived here. Those guys are extremely flashy and had several conflicts with our Eagle Martial Dojo. However, they are truly powerful. In all our previous conflicts, our Eagle Martial Dojo did not manage to gain the upper hand. Naturally, this helped to boost their ego, and this will hurt our Eagle Martial Dojo’s reputation in the long run as well.”

“Oh…” Lin Dong finally realized why Jiang Lei’s facial expression turned slightly unnatural when this topic was raised.

“Young master Lin Dong, we have arrived at the guest room. Please rest for today. Tomorrow, I will take you into the city and buy a Great Desolate Province map and other items you need.” Jiang Xue’s footsteps gently stopped, before her beautiful eyes looked at Lin Dong as she said.

“Just call me Lin Dong. Young master, young master, hearing it is so horrifying.” Lin Dong chuckled.

When she heard his words, a slight smile emerged on Jiang Xue’s lips, before she promptly nodded her head and said: “Turn in early to rest.” After she spoke, she turned to leave. Her beautiful and elegant aura caused Lin Dong to be a little dazed. Back when they talked in the woodlands, he never realized that this cold and stubborn lady actually had such a gentle side.

“Let me rest first…”

Shaking his head, Lin Dong pushed the door and entered the room. With regards to the troubles plaguing the Eagle Martial Dojo, depending on the situation, and since he was being taken care of by them, he would assist them if necessary. After all, he was currently all on his own, and was several thousand miles away from Lin Family. Hence, nobody could threaten him through his family. Furthermore, if he met a stronger opponent, he could always run away first, and return for revenge after he had become stronger. With regards to this matter, Lin Dong was very clear about it and was not ashamed at all…

The next day, Jiang Xue was already waiting for him outside his room. Lin Dong naturally did not want to waste this beauty’s time, as he hurriedly readied himself and walked out the door. While they prepared to travel to the city, they met little Yinyin. Since the little girl was clearly bored, she invited herself along. Jiang Xue was evidently unable to resist her little sister’s charms, and allowed her to follow along after some pleading.

Together with Little Flame, who was in Little Yinyin’s arms, the three of them left the martial dojo and went to the bazaar in the city. At these kind of places, not only could one purchase all sorts of items, but all sorts of intel could be obtained as well. Naturally, one would need to have sufficient Pure Yuan pills…

This time, Lin Dong did not require many items, and only needed some detailed maps of the Great Desolate Province. After all, he could not afford to waste too much time in Great Eagle City. Hence, he must use this time to quickly familiarize himself with the geography and power distribution of the various factions in order to avoid stumbling into danger.

After wandering in the city for a while, Lin Dong managed to purchase all the items that he needed, and did not plan to linger on any further. As for other items like Elixir pills, Soul Treasures, etc, he could not be bothered with them and naturally did not plan to spend any money on them. Even though he could currently be considered pretty wealthy after viciously extorting money from the Di and Liu Families.

When they saw that Lin Dong had purchased everything he needed, Jiang Xue, who was leading the way, gently smiled and started to bring Lin Dong back. However, just as the three of them exited the bazaar, Lin Dong found that her footsteps suddenly slowed down. Immediately, he lifted his head, only to see a dozen men approaching them from a short distance to their front.

On the front of their breast pockets was the badge of a martial dojo. Sewed on the badge was a blood red vulture.

“Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo.” When he saw this, Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed.

“Heh heh, it turns out to be Xue-er. What a coincidence…” The target of this group was evidently Jiang Xue, hence, they walked directly towards her. In the middle of the group was man holding onto a paper fan. He looked to be around twenty five years old, and his facial features seemed slightly feminine, while a smile was plastered on his face, which caused others to feel uneasy.


Jiang Xue’s beautiful eyes coldly looked at that man, before she tilted her head and softly spoke to Lin Dong.

“Long time no see Xue-er, won’t you even greet me?”

The man let out a little laugh, as his eyes concentrated on Xue-er. An undisguised light flickered deep in his eyes. A subordinate standing beside him also smiled, and blocked Jiang Xue’s path.

“Luo Shan, get lost!” When she saw this situation, Jiang Xue’s beautiful face turned frosty as her ice-cold voice shouted out.

“Xue-er, you shouldn’t speak to me in such a manner. Oh, you should know our Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo has issued a challenge to your Eagle Martial Dojo. Your father will battle to the death with my father on the martial arts arena.”

“Furthermore, let me tell you a secret. Half a month ago, my father had already made a breakthrough to the advanced Form Creation stage…” Luo Shan gently waved the paper fan in his hand, as he softly said.

“Advanced Form Creation stage…”

When she heard these words, Jiang Xue’s beautiful face immediately turned pale. If what he said was true, her father’s odds for victory were practically nil!

“Haha, Xue-er, you should know my feelings towards you. If you chose to follow me, perhaps your Eagle Martial Dojo can still survive…” Luo Shan stared at Jiang Xue’s beautiful and tempting figure. Based on his expression, it seems like he was staring at a poor cornered lamb with a gaze full of passion and hunger.

“In your dreams!” Jiang Xue was so enraged that her body shook, and she gritted her teeth.

“Haha, you will come to me…”

Luo Shan laughed in an indifferent manner. His eyes turned to look at Lin Dong, who had been silent throughout, before he softly chuckled: “Don’t bring along this kind of shit in the future. I don’t like it…”

“Oh, bringing along little Yinyin is fine though.” While he spoke, Luo Shan extended his palm, and rubbed little Yinyin’s head, while a perverted glint actually glimmered in his eyes.

“Bad man!”

Little Yinyin struggled with all her might to push away Luo Shan’s hand, before she directly bit him.


After being bitten by little Yinyin, Luo Shan’s expression turned dark. With a jerk of his hand, a force flowed out and directly blew little Yinyin away.


Little Yinyin’s body flew backwards. Just as Jiang Xue’s facial expression changed drastically, a hand appeared behind little Yinyin and stabilized her body.

“You seem a little skilled.” When he saw the identity of the person who had intervened, Luo Shan released a weird laughter as he said. Meanwhile, the dozen subordinates surrounding him laughed as well.

Lin Dong glanced at Luo Shan. Without saying anything, he kept the items in his hands into his Qiankun bag, before slowly walking past Jiang Xue, leaving behind an indifferent voice.

“Cover little Yinyin’s eyes.”

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