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Chapter 218: Revealing His Prowess

A formidable aura suddenly exploded in the area, causing the surrounding air to seemingly solidify. However, the destructive force behind the Leopard Alligator King’s charge did not diminish in the slightest. Meanwhile, a cruel and vicious glint glowed in its fiery red pupils.

“Boom boom!”

The ground trembled, causing everyone to swiftly awake from their stupor. As they turned to look at the formidable Leopard Alligator King, everyone’s hearts violently jumped.

With one hand grabbing onto his halberd, Lin Dong clenched his other hand into a fist, as a bronze-green color rapidly wrapped around the arm beneath his sleeves and a powerful and chilling aura emerged from within his body.

Lin Dong was calm as he stared at the beast that was rapidly growing in his eyes. A series of air cannonballs flew towards him with a piercing howling sound. However, when they were several meters away from his body, these air cannonballs detonated in mid-air. From the looks of it, it was as if there was an invisible barrier protecting Lin Dong.


The Leopard Alligator King’s eyes were fiery red as it approached him. Evidently, Lin Dong’s invisible barrier would not have any significant effect on the former’s charge. Hence, the Leopard Alligator King’s body did not even halt for a moment, as it directly ripped the barrier apart. Immediately, Lin Dong felt a powerful wind roaring towards him.

In the face of such a powerful attack from the Leopard Alligator King, Lin Dong did not retreat at all. Instead, he suddenly took a step forward. However, the most surprising fact was that instead of using his long halberd to defend himself, his fist ferociously punched out!


A punch exploded forth with a deep echo. Faintly, one could see a golden and bronze glow shimmering on his fist.

“To think that he is actually forcefully receiving the Leopard Alligator King with his fist!”

When they saw this sight, every member of the Eagle Martial Dojo was shocked. After all, even someone as powerful as Jiang Lei had to borrow the strength of his broadsword in order to contend against the Alligator Leopard King. Therefore, using one’s fist to clash head-on against these beasts, who were naturally endowed with god-like strength, was an exceedingly foolish decision!

Lin Dong ignored the numerous shocked expressions. Meanwhile, a dark green color erupted from his entire arm, faintly, one could sense power surging within.


In a flash, his bronze fist heavily slammed smashed against the Leopard Alligator King’s head, which was protected by a thick leather hide. Instantly, time seemed have came to a standstill and a powerful shock-wave, visible to the naked eye, immediately gushed forth from their point of contact!


The soil on the ground soared upwards like several mud dragons, before they exploded in mid-air, turning into mud bits as they landed.


Mud filled and danced in the skies, as the crowds suddenly heard an enraged roar sound out. When they turned to look, their pupils immediately shrank, as shocked expressions surfaced on their faces.

At the spot where the mud fell, the gigantic Leopard Alligator King did not blow Lin Dong away as everyone had expected. Instead, it had been forcibly pushed back about a dozen meters by a formidable force. As its four hooves thrust into the ground, four deep marks were left behind.

“He actually deflected the Leopard Alligator King with a single punch!”

Everyone from the Eagle Martial Dojo involuntarily swallowed their spit, before they turned to look at Lin Dong, who had merely retreated two steps. In their hearts, a storm started to brew. Such formidable strength… is that fellow really human?

Jiang Xue, who was behind Lin Dong, was similarly rendered speechless by this scene. Blowing back the renowned Leopard Alligator King with a single punch, even Jiang Lei could not accomplish such a feat…

“Go check on little Yinyin and the rest. Leave this beast to me.” While Jiang Xue’s mind was in chaos due to this scene, in front of her, Lin Dong suddenly massaged his wrists as he instructed her without turning his head.

“You… please be careful.” Jiang Xue opened her tiny red mouth, and softly said in the end. Right now, she finally understood that this young man, whom she thought would be a burden, actually possessed such frightening strength.

Lin Dong chuckled before he promptly turned to face the Leopard Alligator King, whose eyes were blood red. This beast was truly quite sturdy…


The Leopard Alligator King, which was pushed back by Lin Dong’s punch, stared maliciously at him. Suddenly, a light red glow appeared on its entire body. Thanks to this red glow, some of the spikes on its body actually began to extend and shape themselves into lethal blades.

The current Leopard Alligator King was truly a killing machine!

After its spikes extended, the Leopard Alligator King swished, as it ferociously dashed towards Lin Dong. A bloody smell rushed at his face, as he felt an extremely oppressive aura.

As he stared at the Leopard Alligator King that was fiercely charging at him again, Lin Dong coldly snorted. The tip of his foot tapped against the ground, as his body swept forth. In mid-air, the ancient halberd in his hand suddenly danced, as it brought forth ripples of powerful Yuan Power shockwaves.

“Clang! Clang!”

A resplendent golden glow erupted from the ancient halberd, before they turned into a series of formidable halberd shadows, which heavily slammed against the Leopard Alligator King’s steel-like body, causing sparks to emerge.


The Leopard Alligator King’s body was extremely tough. Therefore, most ordinary Form Creation stage practitioners could not penetrate its defenses. However, it was different for Lin Dong, who possessed the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. With the power of his middle ranked Soul Treasure, the formidable halberd shadows directly left several half-inch deep marks on the Leopard Alligator King’s hard skin, even causing dark red blood to flow out from some of these wounds.

“Fish Scales Halberd!”

A sinister giant fish violently swept forth, together with several formidable halberd shadows, as they viciously slammed into the Leopard Alligator King’s body. Instantly, the number of wounds on its body visibly increased. The Demonic Beast, which seemed invincible to Jiang Xue and the rest, now looked to be in an exceedingly sorry state in Lin Dong’s hands.


After it was miserably beaten by Lin Dong, the Leopard Alligator King was clearly outraged. Immediately, its body began to shudder violently as a dark red glow suddenly gushed forth, and dozens of spikes abruptly exploded from its body. The resulting force was exceedingly formidable, and it could even match up to a low ranked Soul Treasure. Evidently, the Leopard Alligator King had started to desperately fight back.

“Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm!”

However, in the face of the Leopard Alligator King’s counter-attack, Lin Dong inwardly chuckled. His hand grabbed out, as a resplendent golden platform immediately materialized in mid-air, before it swung down and broke apart the dozen or so spikes. Then, without a drop in strength, it slammed against the Leopard Alligator King’s body like a small mountain.

Boom boom boom!

Under the stunned stares of the crowd, the golden platform descended with a bang. Its formidable strength directly caused half of the Leopard Alligator King’s gigantic body to sink into the mud. In the face of such a powerful attack, cracks emerged on that Leopard Alligator King’s durable hide, as fresh blood flowed out.

“Roar! Roar!”

The Leopard Alligator King was evidently somewhat dazed by that blow, as it frantically struggled and roared.

The Leopard Alligator King’s roar clearly had a huge stimulating effect on the other Demonic Beasts. Immediately, their attacks turned increasingly vicious, as they lept forward manically. This caused the pressure on the Eagle Martial Dojo members to surge. In fact, even Jiang Xue and the rest were forced to rejoin the fray and form a defensive formation.

“Little Flame!”

When he saw this situation, Lin Dong’s eyebrows gently furrowed as he shouted out.


When it heard Lin Dong’s command, Little Flame, who was being carried by little Yinyin, suddenly opened its eyes, and easily escaped from little Yinyin’s arms. A lighting glow erupted, and under the shocked gazes of Jiang Xue and the rest, Little Flame transformed into its battle form. With a loud roar, it lept towards the Demonic Beasts. Lightning flickered and the python tail hissed, like a tiger inside a group of sheep, it stopped the Demonic Beasts.

Jiang Xue and the rest stared at that previously demure looking kitten, which had now transformed into a menacing and frightening beast. The facial expressions on their faces was extremely interesting.

They had never expected that not only was Lin Dong powerful, even his pet was such a terrifying existence as well.

“You will submit!”

A golden light shimmered, as a golden platform formed from Yuan Power, continuously hounded the Leopard Alligator King with a terrifying force, causing it to flee desperately, an extremely sorry sight.


After it was viciously struck multiple times, even with its strong defense, the Leopard Alligator King could withstand it no longer. Instantly, it released an angry and helpless roar, as it then took off.

When the leader Demonic Beast fled, the rest of the Demonic Beasts were clearly demoralized, and they quickly retreated. In a short few minutes, all the Demonic Beasts had left, and even the other Leopard Alligator King that was fighting with Jiang Lei finally escaped grudgingly, leaving behind a pile of carcasses…

After the Demonic Beasts scattered, the pressure instantly dissipated, and several of the Eagle Martial Dojo members slumped on the ground. Evidently, the intensive battle had used up too much of their energy.

Of course, while they were panting, their eyes all turned to look at the young man, that was slowly floating down from the air. A feverish expression was burning in their eyes. This originally desperate situation was easily resolved by Lin Dong, and the formidable Leopard Alligator King was nearly beaten to a pulp by him…

In contrast to the seemingly harmless image from before, his current battle-god like image made him seem like a totally different individual…

“Little brother Lin Dong, bravo!”

Jiang Lei kept the broadsword in his hand, as he stared somewhat peculiarly at Lin Dong. Right now, he knew that the latter’s strength exceeded even his own. While he was bitterly fighting against the Leopard Alligator King previously, Lin Dong had already easily dispatched the other Leopard Alligator King and caused it to flee in fear. This showed the difference between the two of them.

“Words cannot express our gratitude. This time, our Martial Eagle Dojo owes you a debt. In the future, we will surely repay it!”

Gazing at Jiang Lei’s solemn expression, Lin Dong could only smile as he nodded his head. Unless it was a truly critical juncture, Lin Dong did not want to reveal his strength. After all, it was always safer to leave some trump cards unknown.

“Thank you.”

A pleasant fragrance entered his nose. Lin Dong tilted his head, as he saw a beautiful and slim figure, and Jiang Xue’s soft voice gently floated into his ears.

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