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Chapter 217: Mist Leopard Alligator King

“Everyone watch out!”

As he glanced at the campsite, that was being filled with swarms of Demonic Beasts, and turned to look at the two fearsome giant beasts in the middle, Jiang Lei’s face was solemn as he deeply echoed out.

“Old Wu, lead the men and protect the camp!”

“Yes!” Wuzhen face was solemn as he answered. The shiny blade in his hand was now wrapped with a thick Yuan Power and it was emitting a bright glow. Under the shadow of the night, this glow was even more comforting than that of any flame.

“Dojo master, what are about the two Leopard Alligator Kings?” A Eagle Martial Dojo member asked.

Jiang Lei was silent for a moment, before he deeply echoed: “I will halt them. The rest of you quickly handle the other Demonic Beasts!”

“Dojo master!” When he heard that Jiang Lei was actually planning to stop the two Leopard Alligator Kings on his own, the faces of the Eagle Martial Dojo members instantly changed as they hurriedly shouted out.

“Quit yapping. If you don’t want me to die, quickly take care of the other Demonic Beasts and then hurry over and help me!” Jiang Lei shouted.


When they heard his words, the Eagle Martial Dojo members tightened their fists, before they finally agreed softly.

“Young brother Lin Dong, please take care of little Yinyin and the rest! We are a little short-handed.” Jiang Lei suddenly turned around, before he shouted loudly towards Lin Dong’s direction.

When they heard his words, several Eagle Martial Dojo members were taken aback. After today, they were somewhat familiar with Lin Dong. However, the latter did not display any exceptional prowess. Hence, it seems like it was too risky for Jiang Lei to assign this task to him.

“Old brother Jiang, don’t worry.” With regards to their suspicious gazes, Lin Dong did not pay any attention to it, as he patted little Yinyin’s head and replied with a smile.


Just as Lin Dong smiled, in the middle of the Demonic Beasts, the two hideous looking Leopard Alligator Kings immediately released an earth-shattering roar. This roar was exceptionally deafening and it sounded like a mixture of a leopard growl and an alligator roar. In fact, it caused the listener’s eardrums to bleed while their heads ache.

“Oh, that beast can actually use Mental Energy attacks…” Awe flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. This was the first time he had encountered a Demonic Beast who could actually use a Mental Energy attack. However, in front of him, this kind of Mental Energy attack was evidently worthless. With a flick of his thumb, a formless shockwave stealthily dashed forth and directly neutralized that Mental Energy growl.


The Leopard Alligator King’s growl was obviously a signal to charge. Hence, after it growled out, the bloodlust contained in the eyes of those hundred over Demonic Beasts intensified. Promptly, their hooves began to move causing the ground below them to tremble. Then, like a tidal wave, these beasts swarmed towards the campsite.

Their aura was truly astounding.


As they faced this wave of Demonic Beasts, a killing intent gleamed in the eyes of the Eagle Martial Dojo members. At this juncture, they had nowhere to run. Hence, their only hope for survival was to go all-out!


That Demonic Beast wave heavily slammed against the wooden defence structures erected around the camp, before several of them were directly pierced apart. However, due to their overwhelming numbers, as corpses swiftly piled up, those rudimentary defences structures were rendered useless. Then, the next wave of Demonic Beast immediately gushed forth.

The real battle has began!

As a bloody smell approached them, every member of the Eagle Martial Dojo knew that the next moment was going to be the most bloody moment of the night!

“Buzz buzz buzz!”

Thick Yuan Power instantly exploded forth. Every member of the Eagle Martial Dojo were evidently well-coordinated. With three of them in a team, they formed their own formation respectively. Meanwhile, the sharp blades in their hands were wrapped with Yuan Power, as they directly sliced apart any Demonic Beast that charged at them.

Several dozen mini “meat grinders” were formed. Surrounding them, fresh blood gushed forth, as Demonic Beast corpses began to pile up.

Dark-red fresh blood started to dye the ground red, as a bloody smell coupled with horrifying screams started to spread across this woodlands.


When they saw the mini “meat grinders” that were formed by the bodies of the Eagle Martial Dojo members, a cruel glint flashed across the pupils of those two vicious Leopard Alligator Kings. Then, those two beast, with hooves as heavy as a rock boulder, actually lightning-quick dashed towards the campsite. Due to their formidable might, any formation that they encountered, regardless of how intricately designed it was, or how well they worked together, the outcome will still be the same: the formation would be destroyed and lives would be lost.

Furthermore, once these formations were broken, little Yinyin and the rest of the injured members, who were hiding behind, would be rendered defenceless.

“Bang bang!”

Therefore, when Jiang Lei saw the actions of these two Leopard Alligator King, his facial expression changed dramatically. Two blade shadows were carved out from the broadsword in his hand, before they directly ripped apart dozens of Demonic Beasts nearby. Then, taking a step back, his figure dashed forth before he landed right in the middle of the path of those two Leopard Alligator Kings. As all the Yuan Power in his body gushed forth, he swung down his blade in rage.


Immediately, a formidable Yuan Power shockwave exploded forth. That blade shadow carved out a thick layer of dirt on the ground, before it viciously slammed on the bodies of those two Leopard Alligator Kings.


A clear metallic sound sounded out in the middle of the night, as a powerful Yuan Power exploded on the bodies of those two Leopard Alligator Kings. Then, that sudden attack actually managed to halt the momentum of those two Leopard Alligator Kings.


When they got attacked, those two Leopard Alligator King released a furious growl. A dark-red energy source gleamed on their bodies, before they once again stomped their hooves and dashed forth. Just like two tanks, they viciously charged towards Jiang Lei.

Behind Jiang Lei was the defence formation, hence he had no room to retreat. As he stabbed the broadsword in his hand into the ground, he began to utilize every last drop of Yuan Power in his body. Based on his expression, it seems like he planned to forcefully counter the combined attack of these two beasts.


The collision happened in the flash, as those two tank-like giant beast viciously slammed against his broadsword. A powerful explosion immediately exploded forth, causing a spider web-like crack to emerge on the surrounding ground.


That formidable clash directly caused a growl to emerge from Jiang Lei’s throat, while he was also forced to retreat a dozen steps before he finally stabilized himself. Evidently, it was not a wise decision to directly face off against these beasts.


When she saw that Jiang Lei was hurt, standing behind, Jiang Xue, who was struggling bitterly with the other Demonic Beast shouted out immediately. Meanwhile, standing beside Lin Dong, a gas mist began to swirl inside little Yiniyin’s big eyes.

“Maintain the defence formation!” Jiang Lei’s hand tightly gripped onto his broadsword, as fresh blood began to gush out from his palm. As he exhaled deeply, he shouted out without turning his head back.

“Come on you beasts, I want to see what you can do to my Eagle Martial Dojo!”


When they heard Jiang Lei’s shout, those two Leopard Alligator King once again released a piercing growl. As their hooves stomped against the ground, a rumbling sound erupted forth. Then, with a series of explosive noises, they once again charged towards Jiang Lei.

When he witnessed this sight, Jiang Lei’s facial expression turned solemn, as he frantically gathered all his Yuan Power on the tip of his broadsword!

However, just as those two Leopard Alligator King were about to once again collide with Jiang Lei, one of them suddenly made a sharp turn as it carefully avoided the latter. Then, maintaining the same destructive momentum, it dashed towards the defence formation located behind.

Bang bang!

Due to its extreme speed, ahead of that Leopard Alligator King, the air there was been compressed. Subsequently, a series of air-explosions sounded out, causing huge ditches on the ground ahead.

This sudden development totally exceeded Jiang Lei’s expectations. Instantly, his facial expression turned extremely ugly. Just as he planned to head back to help them, the other Leopard Alligator King had already dashed forth. If he were to be caught off-guard by its attack, he would probably be torn into pieces.

“Xue-er, be careful. Quickly retreat!”

Without any other option at hand, Jiang Lei could only warn them. That was because the first ones in the path of that Leopard Alligator King, was Jiang Lei, Wuzhen and the rest’s formation.

After he shouted out, Jiang Xue, Wuzhen and the rest immediately realized that the Leopard Alligator King was heading towards them. Instantly, their faces turned pale. After all, they were not Jiang Lei and they could not withstand a blow from that Leopard Alligator King.


An air-explosion caused by the compressed air heavily hit against the blade in Wuzhen’s hands as it directly blew the latter away, before he landed heavily at the back of the formation.


The sudden opening in their defence formation caused every member of Eagle Martial Dojo to exclaim in shock. Especially when they saw that Leopard Alligator King dashing over, their faces all turned utterly pale.

“Xue-er, quickly dodge!”

When they saw that Jiang Xue was still standing in the path of that Leopard Alligator King, some of them hurriedly shouted out.

However, when she heard their warnings, Jiang Xue gritted his teeth instead. After all, she understood that if she retreated now, their defence formation will be thoroughly broken. At that time, the final outcome will be the same.


Taking in a deep breath, Yuan Power then gushed out from Jiang Xue’s body. Immediately, an air-explosion howled forth.


Jiang Xue waved the blade in her hands, as she directly sliced apart that air-explosion. However, immediately, a dozen other air-explosions erupted froth. As they continuously exploded, a powerful air shockwave directly blew off the sword in her hands. Meanwhile, she was also blown back, before she finally slumped on the ground, while her face turned pale as she helpless looked at that hideous giant beast that was growing rapidly in her eyes.


When several Eagle Martial Dojo members saw this sight, all of them were utterly alarmed. Several of them tried to rush forth to help, however it seems like it was too late already.

“Sister!” Little Yinyin’s large eyes were red. If she was not held back by a member of Eagle Martial Dojo, she would have probably dashed towards her sister.


When he saw this sight, Lin Dong, who was seated down, softly sighed before he stood up.

“Little brother Lin Dong! Do not go out!” When Wuzhen, who was blown away, saw Lin Dong’s actions, he hurriedly shouted out.

However, just as he shouted out, he immediately saw that with a tap of his toe, Lin Dong had already appeared in front of Jiang Xue.

“Are you courting death. That is a Creation stage Demonic Beast!”

When she saw this sudden reinforcement, Jiang Xue was initially shocked. However, when she saw the identity of her helper, her facial expression instantly changed as she hurriedly shouted out.

However, Lin Dong did not bother about her. As he gripped his palm, a formidable yet hideous looking Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd emerged.

As his ancient halberd slammed against the ground, everyone could feel an aura that even exceeded that of Jiang Lei spreading out from that feeble-looking body, just like an awoken dragon.

Her voice immediately halted, as the actions of everyone in the campsite seemed to have slowed down. Jiang Xue’s face was filled with disbelief as she stared at that figure ahead of her. In this instance, that originally frail-looking body now seemed powerful enough to stand up to the heavens!

“What father said… was right…”

Right now, inside Jiang Xue’s mind, only that sentence floated around. It seems like this lazy-looking chap was not so simple after all…

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