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Chapter 209: Refining the Thunder Source

The Di and Liu family troops burst into the vast forests, immediately causing a disturbance. From time to time, furious roars rang out, which was quickly followed by miserable cries.

At a certain location deep in the forest, Lin Dong was hidden in the dense underbrush. He did all he could to suppress his presence and breathing, as he occasionally cast a glance at the skies. There, he faintly saw Di Teng and Liu Kui furiously searching all over for him.

Lin Dong had snatched away the thunder source right in front of their noses. This action undoubtedly drove Di Teng and Liu Kui nearly mad in anger. They had planned and prepared for this operation for so long, yet in the end, they ended up with nothing. How could they possibly swallow this down!

However, although they were furious, the forests were incomparably vast, and it was not difficult to conceal a person. Hence, even though there were many Di and Liu family troops, discovering Lin Dong was not going to be an easy matter.

Lin Dong watched the two figures in the sky as they gradually disappeared from his sight. Though Di Teng and Liu Kui were both Form Creation stage practitioners, they were evidently unable to maintain continuous flight. After all, they were unlike Lin Dong, who possessed powerful Mental Energy which allowed him to fly on a sword. Thus, this draining aerial search did not last for a long time.

“This forest has already been locked down by the Di and Liu families, hence it would be rather troublesome to exit. Right now, the best plan is to first absorb this thunder source. If I am able to reach the advanced stage of ‘Bronze Thunder Body’ or advance to the fourth seal Symbol Master, I will be capable of defeating either one of them.” Lin Dong’s gaze flickered. Alone, it was undoubtedly too difficult for him to contend against these two initial Form Creation stage practitioners. However, if his Bronze Thunder Body was at the advanced mastery stage or if he rose to the fourth seal Symbol Master, the difficulty of contending against them would obviously plummet.

From what he could see, Di Teng and Liu Kui were clearly intent on killing him. If he did not upgrade his strength, it would likely become somewhat dangerous…

“Furthermore, I have no idea where Little Flame disappeared to. I need to find him first before I look for a secluded place to seal myself off and refine the thunder source!”

After making this decision in his heart, Lin Dong’s looked around, and could not help but helplessly shake his head when he did not find any traces of Little Flame. Fortunately, he had left a Mental Energy mark on Little Flame’s body this time and was able to sense its position. Immediately, his eyes cautiously swept across his surroundings, before his figure transformed into a black line as it swept forth.

Lin Dong’s figure travelled through the dense forests, and after about ten minutes, his figure finally stopped under a huge tree. He gazed at a narrow space before him, as his face turned stiff.

On this empty space, he found Little Flame covered in wounds, as if it had just experienced an intense battle. Of course, what astonished Lin Dong the most was not Little Fame’s injuries, but the humongous corpse below Little Flame’s paws.

This corpse was covered in cracked crystal armour, however, the originally resplendent lightning glow had now completely turned black while silver blood continuously flowed from those sinister wounds. This corpse belonged to the Thunder Crystal Beast which just had its thunder source snatched away!

“This…was this done by you?” Lin Dong was dumbstruck as he stared at this scene. It was a good while before he finally regained his senses and asked Little Flame.


Faced with a dumbstruck Lin Dong, Little Flame let out a low roar, before it positioned its huge butt on the corpse and a pleased look flashed across its eyes.

“Heh, this stupid tiger turns out to be a little useful.” Little Marten also appeared at this moment and said in astonishment.

The Thunder Crystal Beast was extremely powerful. Even at its weakest moment, it was able to push the Di Teng duo so far. When it had escaped previously, Lin Dong had felt that it was a little unfortunate. After all, every part of this kind of Demonic Beast was practically a treasure. How could he have anticipated that Little Flame would actually sneakily follow the fleeing Thunder Crystal Beast, and wait for the opportunity to finish it off…

However, from the injuries on Little Flame’s body, it had clearly paid quite a price in order to kill the beast. After all, there was still a huge difference between the two.


Little Flame once again growled at Lin Dong, before it opened its huge maw and bit the crystal armor on the beast’s body to pieces. As its huge tongue swept forth, it completely devoured the Thunder Crystal Beast’s flesh and blood.

“Most of the Thunder Cryst Beast’s power is contained within the thunder source, however, its blood and flesh is extremely beneficial to a Demonic Beast. Furthermore, there were some mutations within this stupid tiger’s blood, allowing it to have an extremely strong adaptive ability. This will be extremely beneficial to it!” Little Marten clicked its tongue and scoffed.

Lin Dong lightly nodded his head. All was fine as long as there were no detrimental effects.

For Little Flame, the Thunder Crystal Beast’s flesh and blood was extremely enticing. It made quick work of the corpse and it was not long before all that was left of the Thunder Crystal Beast was a pile of bloody bones. The corner’s of Lin Dong’s eyes twitched as he watched, this fellow appetite was too huge…

Upon seeing that Little Flame had nibbled clean the Thunder Crystal Beast, Lin Dong was just about tell it to flee together, but he suddenly discovered that there were traces of lightning on its body, and the underneath of its scarlet red fur seemed to be glowing.

“This is…”

After seeing this sudden change, Lin Dong’s expression changed drastically.

“Don’t worry, it is just refining the power of the Thunder Crystal Beast. Heh, this stupid tiger is truly lucky. This Thunder Crystal Beast had already successfully advanced, and although it had yet to recover its strength, the blood and flesh within its body had already been completely strengthened. After being turned to food, the energy within was also absorbed. This time, the stupid tiger’s strength may once again be upgraded.” Little Marten laughed as it soothingly said.

After hearing these words, Lin Dong finally let out a sigh of relief. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly turned around as his eyebrows slightly furrowed while he gazed towards the back. He was faintly able to sense some presences there.

“Let’s go. We need to first find a spot to refine the thunder source.” Lin Dong lightly waved his hand, before dashing towards the deeper parts of the forest. Behind him, Little Flame also hastily followed, as its body flickered with the lightning.

Man and beast swiftly travelled through the forests. Over this period of time, Lin Dong was already rather familiar with this forest, thus he moved with ease. After a series of seemingly haphazard dashing, they finally found an extremely concealed cave.

The cave was located halfway up a mountain and was surrounded by a messy stone forest. Unless one examined carefully, it would be difficult to discover the existence of this cave. After Lin Dong entered the cave, he camouflaged the cave entrance a little, allowing it to be better concealed

After finishing this, Li Dong heavily sighed in relief. After all, he was a weak one-man faction and could not possibly resist two big families. Hence, it was best for him to keep a low-profile for the time being.


While Lin Dong sighed, to one side, Little Flame emitted a buzzing sound. Lin Dong hastily looked over, only to find the lightning glow on its body growing brighter and brighter. In the end, it turned into a flickering lightning cocoon, which completely wrapped around its huge body.

Lin Dong was a little astonished as he stared at this lightning cocoon. As his hand gently touched the cocoon, he was able to sense the vibrant life force within it. Only then did he let go of the worry in his heart. Like Little Marten had said, devouring the Thunder Crystal Beast’s flesh and blood was a great opportunity for Little Flame.

Little Flame’s current strength was comparable to the perfect Yuan Dan stage. If it rose again…Little Flame would equivalent to a Form Creation stage practitioner. This kind of strength would be an extremely great aid to Lin Dong.

“Its strength is increasing, I should also start cultivating!”

Lin Dong softly chuckled as he sat on a boulder nearby. His current situation was somewhat urgent, and although he had hidden himself, given the Di and Liu Families’ capabilities, they would still find him in the end. At that time, a massive battle would definitely occur.

His opponents consisted of two initial Form Creation stage practitioners, over ten perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners, and quite a number of the other Yuan Dan stage practitioners. With Lin Dong’s strength, he could at most stall an initial Form Creation stage practitioners, and as for the Symbol Puppet, it was not suitable for a prolonged battle, because Lin Dong could not afford the Pure Yuan pill consumption. As for Little Marten, it would also be able to stall a Form Creation stage practitioner, but even then, there were still so many Yuan Dan stage practitioners to deal with…

The power of both sides were on a completely different scale, hence, before they found him, Lin Dong needed to master the Bronze Thunder Body. Or else, the situation would become extremely troublesome.


As this thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind, his expression slowly turned solemn. He grabbed onto the head-sized ball of lightning which once again appeared in his hand.

Only when he observed this lightning source from up close, did he finally discover its beauty. From time to time, lightning arced across its surface, seemingly forming mini thunderstorms on its exterior. Faintly, one could hear the low rumble of thunder from within.

“Such a vigorous lightning power!”

Lin Dong deeply breathed in, as astonishment flashed in his eyes. Such vigorous lightning power. Compared to those he had absorbed in the past, it was several times stronger. Sure enough, this thunder source was the most valuable thing in the Thunder Crystal Beast’s body. No wonder Di Teng and Liu Kui wanted to obtain it so desperately…

Lin Dong’s hands held the thunder source at its top and bottom, as his eyes slowly closed. The Great Sun Thunder Body slowly started activating at this moment, as his hands emitted a suction force.


As Lin Dong utilized his Secret Art, the thunderstorms within the thunder source suddenly became violent. Liquid lightning which could be seen with the naked eye slowly flowed out from the thunder source, before it flowed along Lin Dong’s palms and poured into his body.


The instant the liquid lightning gushed into Lin Dong’s body, the clothes on his body exploded to dust in a flash. In fact, cracks even formed on the boulder he sat on.

“Chi chi!”

Lightning frantically twisted around Lin Dong’s body, as portions of the berserk power endlessly tunnelled into his body. Meanwhile, the bronze color of Lin Dong’s skin became increasingly richer…

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