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Chapter 208: Battling against the Form Creation stage

“Thunder source!”

As the resplendent lightning ball emerged from the Thunder Crystal Beast’s mouth, a greedy expression suddenly appeared in Di Teng’s and Liu Kui’s eyes. Yuan Power gushed forth, directly transforming into two three-meters wide Yuan Power palms which immediately grabbed at the thunder source.


Even though the Thunder Crystal Beast was a Demonic Beast, it was not a complete fool. Hence, it naturally would not summon it’s thunder source only to give it away. Hence, when they two of them tried to snatch it over, that thunder source suddenly vibrated vigorously. Immediately, a disc-like lightning shockwave emerged from the epicenter!

“Bang Bang!”

Due to that lightning shockwave, Di Teng and Liu Kui’s Yuan Power Palm was instantly disseminated. Meanwhile, both of their facial expressions began to change rapidly. However, before they could retreat, that shockwave had already hit them.

“Buzz buzz!”

When they were hit by that vicious blow, both of their faces turned pale, before they were blown away as they spat out a mouthful of blood.


Though they were viciously blown away, that Di Teng duo were cunning individuals. While they were being blown back, two Yuan Power Palm exploded forth. However this time, they directly slammed onto that Thunder Crystal Beast’s body.


A giant sound echoed out, as a huge port of the crystal armour on the Thunder Crystal Beast was shattered into pieces before silver blood gushed forth/

That originally chaotic mid-air began empty in a instance. Only that lightning mist was still hovering in mid-air as it released an exceptionally radiant glow and a mighty lightning power.

“Snatch the thunder source!”

Di Family and Liu Family’s troops were all intensely watching the battle happening in mid-air. When they saw this sight, shouts instantly exploded forth, as elite practitioners from both sides instantly made their move. Jerking their hands forwards, a series of Yuan Power ropes were directed towards that Thunder Source.


However, just as those Yuan Power ropes bounded that thunder source, suddenly a formidable halberd shadow appeared. With a swing, it immediately shattered the ropes. Then, as he stretched his hand forth, under the enraged stares from the crowd, he grabbed onto that thunder source.

“Do you court death!”

This sudden change caused everyone to be taken aback. Immediately, an enraged roar sounded out.

“Haha, Di Ten brother, I will take the thunder source first. Please hold back the Liu Family troops. I will be waiting for you at the usual spot!” That man who suddenly intervened, was naturally Lin Dong, who had been hiding in the shadows. Now that he had obtained that thunder source, delight filled his heart, causing him to laugh heartily as he swiftly retreated.

Lin Dong’s laughter came suddenly, however it caused the formation in the field to freeze up. Those Di Family troops were all perplexed as they evidently did not know when Di Teng had made a deal with him.

“Di Teng, you actually found an accomplice!”

That Liu Kui’s facial expression changed drastically. With a loud roar, using the giant sabre in his hand, a formidable blade shadow was viciously directed towards Di Teng, who was standing nearby.


As he faced Liu Kui’s sudden attack, that Di Teng hurridely countered. Then, with a steely expression, he shouted: “Old man, use your brain. That kid is obviously tricking us as he fled once he got the thunder source. Let’s stop him!”

At first, Di Teng’s brain was some short-circuited for a while. Thankfully, his reflexes were quick, as he swiftly deduced that Lin Dong’s comment was obviously meant to stall them.

When he heard these words, Liu Kui was shocked. Swiftly turning around, he realized that Lin Dong had already quickly fled after he grabbed that thunder source. Instantly, he realized that he had been tricked as he angrily swore: “That cunning bastard!”

“Grab that kid!”

Liu Kui and Di Teng’s enraged roar almost simultaneously sounded out. Then, Di Teng’s troops finally understood that they had been tricked, and they were all instantly furious…

However, just as they recovered their senses, Lin Dong had already created some distance between them. Just as he planned to scoot off, the thunder source in his hand suddenly began to vibrate violently, as it seemed about to escape.


When he detected this sight, Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold. As he jerked the ancient halberd in his hand, a formidable halberd shadow exploded forth and viciously struck that Thunder Crystal Beast, that was attempting to recall it’s thunder source.


When that halberd shadow exploded on that Thunder Crystal Beast’s body, it directly blew the latter back. Then, the Thunder Crystal Beast finally released a series of disgruntled roars, as its blood-red animal eyes started hideously at Lin Dong before it fled away. Right now, it understood that it was impossible to snatch back it’s thunder source today.

After blowing away that Thunder Crystal Beast in one move, Lin Dong finally heaved a sigh of relief. Just as he planned to escape, in mid-air, a Yuan Power Palm suddenly materialized before it viciously attacked him.


Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed. With he waved his ancient halberd, it formed several cold flashes before they directly shattered that Yuan Power Palm.

“Kid, I have been kind to you. However, you still dare to plot against my Di Family. Today, if I do not rip you to shred, I cannot appease the anger in my heart!” When Lin Dong shattered that Yuan Power Palm, a malicious roar echoed from behind. Then, Di Teng’s figure swiftly head over with a malicious glint in his eyes.

“Heh, this kid is truly cunning. We nearly let him escape.” Behind Lin Dong, that Liu Kui swiftly hurried over as he chuckled.

When he saw that he could not easily escape, Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed. With a calm expression, he kept the thunder source in his Qiankun bag, before he said with a smile: “Why do the two of you act in this manner? Fate determines who this treasure belongs to. You should not go against fate.”

“After we kill you, we will be the fated ones.” A malicious expression filled Di Teng’s eyes and it was different from the serene expression before. Evidently, he no longer suppressed his killing intent towards Lin Dong.

“Old ghost Liu Kui, let’s join forces and kill this tricky bastard. After that, we will decide who gets the thunder source. How about it?” Di Teng shouted out.

When he heard his words, Liu Kui’s eyes glimmered before he gradually nodded his head: “Alright, this kid is too cunning. If we don’t finish him off, my old heart cannot be calm.”


Before the two of them finished conversing, the blade shadow below Lin Dong’s feet flashed as his figure swiftly descended and escaped.

“You want to escape?!”

Di Teng duo were both old cunning men. Previously ,after they were tricked by Lin Dong, they were naturaly cautious of him. Hence, once the latter moved, the two of them immediately chased after him like leeches.

“Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd Techniques, fish scales halberd!”

“Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd Techniques, python scales halberd!”

However, just as the two of them swiftly followed behind, Lin Dong’s frantic body suddenly stopped. As he swung the ancient halberd in his hand, a giant hideous Yuan Power fish and an enraged Yuan Power Python, together with a malicious halberd glint, was viciously directed towards the two of them.

“Heavy Mountain Sabre Technique!”

“Bone Crushing Blade!”

When the encountered Lin Dong’s sudden vicious attack, even Di Teng duo’s facial expression changed slightly. As Yuan Power gushed forth, they immediately swung the large sabres in their hands.

“Bang Bang!”

Blade and halberd collided, as a exceedingly powerful force-wind immediately erupted forth, causing the surrounding air to be directly blown away and almost creating a vacuum.

The combined forces of two initial Creation stage practitioner. Their combined might was truly incredible. Lin Dong’s halberd techniques did not survive for a long time, before they were immediately destroyed. Then, blade shadows were directed towards his body as they formed a formidable attacking formation and trapped him. Based on their expression, it seems like the Di Teng duo were truly planning to utilize every means to completely trap Lin Dong.

As he sensed the icy-cold killing intent gushing out from their blades, Lin Dong’s eyes slightly darkened. Waving his halberd around, and thanks to his body, which had been enhanced during this period, he was barely able to counter their combined attack.

As Lin Dong fought back, that Di Teng and Liu Kui’s heart was in turmoil. Both of them were at initial Creation Stage. Hence, if they combined forces, they could swiftly dispatch a Creation stage elite practitioner. However, right now, Lin Dong was able to hold them back based on his own strength. His current ability, and furthermore his tender age, caused even the Di Teng duo to be shocked. Immediately, a malicious killing intent swiftly followed. They could not allow such a highly talented foe to live!

As a killing intent gushed forth, two whistles swiftly followed from Di Teng and Liu Kui’s lips. Instantly, the two families’ troops, who were standing nearby, rushed forth. Based on this situation, evidently they did not want to give Lin Dong any opportunity to escape.


Lin Dong also realized their plans. Immediately, with a cold snort, Great Sun Thunder Yuan was manically activated as faint thunder roars echoed out. At the same time, the skin on his body began to turn bronze-like green, while on his arm, a vein crawled forth just like a dragon. It was filled with a formidable aura.

“Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd Technique, dragon scales halberd!”

A resplendent golden glow, just like a volcano, gushed froth from Lin Dong’s ancient halberd, as that formidable Yuan Power directly turned into a giant dragon and swept forth with an unstoppable aura!

“Boom boom boom!”

When he unleashed that attack, the Yuan Power surrounding Heaven and Earth began to vibrate violently. Right now, this all-out dragon scales halberd that Lin Dong executed was several times more powerful, compared to the one when he fought against city lord Shi. Hence, when that dragon appeared, a look of awe surfaced even in Di Teng duo’s eyes.

With all of Lin Dong’s energy, that dragon attack flashed across the horizons before it viciously slammed against Di Teng duo. Instantly, a giant earth-shattering sound echoed out from mid-air, before a powerful force wind erupted forth and even caused vibrations in the woodlands below.

“Bang Bang!”

A golden light poured forth, as the Di Teng duo, were directly blown away under the bewildered gazes of their troops, before they landed hideously. Based on their facial expressions, it seems like they both took a severe hit!

“That kid possess truly terrifying might!”

On his own, he was able to counter against two initial Form Creation stage practitioners. This sight caused the Di Teng and Liu Families’ troops to be stunned.

“Haha, thanks for your gift. I shall gladly accept this thunder source!”

After he utilized all his strength to blow them back, the bronze colour on Lin Dong’s skin swiftly dissipated. Promptly, he took the opportunity to escape. Using his full-speed, in a blink of an eye, he dashed inside the vast woodlands.

“Search everywhere!”

When they saw Lin Dong escape, that Di Teng and Liu Kui’s face turned steely green. Then, an enraged roar immediately echoed out inside this woodlands!

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