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Chapter 210: Closed-door Cultivation in the Mountain Cave


A deep thunder-like roar sounded out from Lin Dong’s body, and lightning covered his body like a hedgehog’s spines. As the lightning power tempered his body, the bronze hue on his skin became increasingly richer.

The lightning power contained within the thunder source was extremely vigorous. Thankfully, Lin Dong had absorbed a fair amount of lightning power over this period of time. Hence, he was already somewhat used to this savage force, and his current condition was not considered bad. At the very least, there were no signs of something going wrong.

The lightning glow illuminated Lin Dong’s solemn face, which appeared exceptionally serious. Of course, the current situation inside his body was not as calm as it seemed on the surface. Vigorous lightning power flooded through his channels, bringing with it a searing heat that caused all of his channels to burn in pain.

However, this magnitude of pain was nothing compared to the time when Lin Dong first drew lightning. Therefore, Lin Dong did not pay any heed to it. With a flick of his mind, the Great Sun Thunder Yuan inside his body whizzed out, swiftly mixing and fusing with the vigorous lightning power.

“Crash crash!”

As the two parties quickly fused together, Lin Dong could feel the Yuan Power inside his body growing at an alarming speed!

In a short few minutes, the increase in Yuan Power was already comparable to all the gains from the painstaking cultivation he had endured over this period. Its efficiency was truly amazing

The Great Sun Thunder Yuan fused with lightning power now contained traces of tiny electric sparks. This Yuan Power, which was several times more powerful than before, flowed through his channels, before they were deposited inside his Dantian and completely absorbed by the Yuan Dan within.

As this vigorous Yuan Power endlessly poured in, his dark golden Yuan Dan began to grow slowly. In fact, electric sparks started to emerge on the Yuan Dan’s surface, an extremely peculiar sight.

“The lightning power within the thunder source is too vigorous. Even the Great Sun Thunder Body’s refining speed is unable to catch up…”

However, as more lightning power poured into his body, Lin Dong realized that the rate at which his Great Sun Thunder Yuan fused with lightning power was gradually unable to keep up.

“Looks like I must first unlock the final channel of the Great Sun Thunder Body!”

As this thought flashed across his mind, the Yuan Power pouring into his Dantian suddenly changed course, and directly headed for the last channel of the Great Sun Thunder Body.


As the extremely vigorous Yuan Power charged into that channel, Lin Dong’s entire body began to tremble violently. He could faintly feel that this channel, which had previously refused to yield despite all of his efforts, was now beginning to exhibit signs of yielding!

When he felt this tiny change, delight surged in Lin Dong’s heart. Promptly, he calmed himself down, and urged on that vigorous Yuan Power, joining them from head to tail, as they continuously and ferociously rushed against the final channel.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Vigorous Yuan Power battered against the boulder-like final channel again and again. Lin Dong’s body currently had an almost limitless amount of Yuan Power, hence, he was not afraid to engage in a battle of attrition with this channel. After all, he was curious to find out, just how long this damned channel could hold on!

Golden Yuan Power whizzed through Lin Dong’s body. Like a tidal-wave, ‘hua-la hua-la’ sounds echoed out, as waves of thick Yuan Power continuously collided against that channel.

Due to these powerful collisions, Lin Dong’s entire body began to tremble uncontrollably. Even though this channel was just like a giant boulder, it could not possibly withstand this assault forever. Hence, after about a dozen waves, a microscopic cracking sound quietly rang out inside Lin Dong’s body.


Yet another mindless blow crashed forth. However, this time, the Yuan Power was not deflected as the channel’s entrance was violently torn apart. Like a tidal wave, vigorous Yuan Power immediately rushed in. Seemingly unstoppable as it completely destroyed every obstacle within the channel!

Evidently, Lin Dong had finally accomplished this most difficult step!

The suddenly unblocked channel caused Lin Dong, who was currently in a mindless state of controlling Yuan Power, to be taken aback. Moments later, he recovered his senses, as an uncontrollable delight gushed forth from the deepest crevices of his heart.

“It’s finally unlocked!”

When the final channel was unlocked, an exceedingly comfortable sensation seemed to emerge from the deepest corners of Lin Dong’s body. This sensation was akin to an incomplete object finally being given the last piece and made whole!

Evidently, the forty four channels of Great Sun Thunder Body was finally perfect!


The golden lustre of the Great Sun Thunder Yuan flowing inside his body suddenly became increasing resplendent. This golden color was extremely dazzling, and faintly gave off an aura of indescribable might and tyrannical power!

This was the true Great Sun Thunder Yuan!

As he sensed the change in his Great Sun Thunder Yuan, Lin Dong’s felt a little moved in his heart. With a flick of his mind, several golden vortices formed inside his body. Within these vortexes, a terrifying suction force exploded forth, as the savage lightning power pouring into his body was directly sucked into these golden vortexes.

When the lightning power was sucked into these golden vortexes, it fused with his Great Sun Thunder Yuan at an incredulous rate, before being deposited into the Yuan Dan inside his Dantian.

Right now, his absorption and fusion rate, was more than ten times faster than before!

As he felt this revolutionary change, Lin Dong almost laughed out in delight. It was no wonder this final channel was so difficult to unlock; it turned out to be the most critical step after all. Once he passed this most important step, the quality of his Great Sun Thunder Yuan was upgraded to the next level!

“Haha, Bronze Thunder Body, form now!”

A deep shout echoed out inside Lin Dong’s heart, as the golden Yuan Power gushing inside the vortexes suddenly exploded, before they turned into countless golden lights and shot towards every part of his body!

“Ch ch!”

As the golden Yuan Power embedded with lightning power exploded forth, Lin Dong’s blood, flesh and internal organs etc. seemed to rejoice simultaneously, as they greedily devoured the golden lights that would transform them.

As more golden Yuan Power exploded forth and was absorbed by Lin Dong’s body, several parts inside in his body practically turned resplendently gold. All of his blood, flesh, muscles and bones were now coated with a thin golden glow. Like a layer of golden silk, it was extremely beautiful

As Lin Dong’s body frantically absorbed the Yuan Power fused with lightning power, the skin on his body began to turn increasingly green. Eventually, he looked just like a bronze statue quietly sitting down on a boulder. Meanwhile, his breathing began to turn increasingly weak, and even his body temperature began to fall.

However, if there was a practitioner proficient in Mental Energy nearby, he would sense that beneath the green surface, a power was now growing at an alarming rate. When it finally stopped, it would be extremely powerful!

The mountain cave was silent. A bronze statue was seated within, together with a squirming lightning cocoon, as they both emitted lightning sparks…

“Shameful and useless things, it’s already been so long and yet you still can’t find that kid!”

On a empty field north of the cave where Lin Dong was hiding, Di Teng’s face was green, as he angrily roared at the terrified troops before him.

“Father, could that kid have escaped already?” The young man dressed in black clothes asked.


Di Teng answered without hesitation: “Over these past few days, I and that old fart Liu Kui have personally combed through this area. Furthermore, we have transferred more troops over and locked down this entire area. It is absolutely impossible for that kid to slip away under our eyes. He must still be inside his woodlands!”

That young man in black let out a bitter laugh and said: “If that is the case, we can only search further in. However, the Demonic Beasts inside will be increasingly tough to deal with. If we continue such a large-scale manhunt, we will suffer substantial losses.”

“No matter how large the loss, we must find that little bastard. After I capture him, I will break every bone in his body!” Di Teng’s face was incomparably hideous. Evidently, his anger had reached its peak.

“Family head!”

When they saw the murderous look on Di Teng’s face, the surrounding people felt a chill in their hearts. Amidst the silence, a figure suddenly quickly approached from a distance. As the words left his mouth, he felt Di Teng’s cold gaze sweep over, causing cold sweat to emerge on his head.

“Speak!” Di Teng icily commanded.

When he heard this, that man hurriedly nodded his head. He knew that if he delayed any further, the enraged Di Teng would grant him a slap of death.

“I have just received word from the Liu Family. It seems like they have discovered where that kid is hiding!”


Just as his words sounded out, Di Teng, who was seated on a boulder, abruptly stood up, and shattered the boulder below him with a single slap. A thick killing intent immediately burst out, as his cold words echoed inside everyone’s ears.

“Go and join up with the Liu Family. I will personally slaughter that little bastard!”

After Di Teng spoke, his figure turned into a black shadow as he dashed forth. Behind him, the Di Family’s troops hastily followed. Their menacing aura caused several Demonic Beasts in the woods to fall into panic.

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