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Chapter 207: Forcefully Snatching the Thunder Source


Like an angry dragon, a huge thunderbolt poured down from the thunderclouds, and ferociously bombarded the Thunder Crystal Beast’s body. Immediately, a loud and frightening sound rang out in the horizon.


In the face of such a terrifying attack, the Thunder Crystal Beast instantly let loose a painful roar. Lightning frantically rushed around its body, while violently tunneling in. Though this caused immense pain for the beast, it also extremely rapidly strengthened its body.

If the Thunder Crystal Beast was able to successfully endure this, its strength would naturally soar. However, if it failed to do so, even though it was a lightning eater, its body would still be torn to pieces by such a powerful thunderbolt.

A resplendent glow erupted in the sky, lighting up everything in a hundred mile radius. Many Demonic Beasts trembled at the might of this thunder and only a few of the stronger Demonic Beasts were able to withstand the fear of thunder, which resonated in their bones.

In the woodlands, the Di and Liu Family practitioners nervously stared at the mountaintop. If the Thunder Crystal Beast failed to rank up, it would be torn to pieces by the lightning and it was likely that even the thunder source would subsequently crumble to bits. At that time, their trip would have become completely pointless, an outcome that they did not wish to see.

“Boom boom boom!”

After the first thunderbolt descended, a series of massive thunderbolts subsequently fell from the skies, before they very accurately struck the Thunder Crystal Beast’s massive body, causing a dazzling lightning glow to explode forth.

“That Thunder Crystal Beast seems to have some difficulty enduring…” Lin Dong’s eyebrows slightly furrowed as he gazed at the Thunder Crystal Beast, which was constantly roaring in pain as it was being struck by the thunderbolts.

“Heh, this kind of thunderbolts cannot be compared to the ones you have absorbed. Go ahead and try, I guarantee that you will be unable to withstand even a single one.” Little Marten’s lips curled as it said.

“Just wait, regardless of whether one is human or Demonic Beast, advancing in cultivation level is no easy matter.”

Lin Dong lightly nodded his head and suppressed the urgent feeling in his heart. As he watched the Thunder Crystal Beast roar within the thunder, he quietly waited for the final outcome.

Thunder echoed across the vast forests, as enormous thunderbolts streaked across the skies from time to time. In the face of nature, every living thing appeared exceptionally tiny. Even the troops from the Di and Liu Families maintained their silence during this period, as they were afraid that if they cause too much disturbances, they would draw the thunder from the heavens.

At the very front of both parties, stood Di Teng and the Liu Family patriarch respectively with their hands behind their backs. Their excited gazes unwaveringly stared at the Thunder Crystal Beast, as it frantically struggled within the thunder. Both of their bodies were slightly leaned forward, clearly indicating that they planned to take immediate action once something occurred.

Under the attentive gazes of the two parties and that one hidden person, the devastating thunder clouds in the sky finally showed signs of weakening. However, at the same time, the glow of the Thunder Crystal Beast in mid-air dimmed. Evidently, it had suffered extremely severe injuries.


However, although it was already severely injured, that Demonic Beast still held a certain majestic aura as it lifted its head and unleashed a thunderous roar at the thunder clouds.


As if it had been stirred up by the roar, the thunder clouds in the sky violently surged. A vortex appeared within the clouds, creating a hole at its center. Within this hole, lightning flickered terrifyingly!


Moments after the hole formed, a thunderbolt that was the size of a man ripped through the skies. Under Lin Dong’s, Di Teng’s and the rest’s shocked gazes, it poured down and ruthlessly smashed onto the Thunder Crystal Beast’s tremendous body.


The thunderbolt directly struck the Thunder Crystal Beast, shooting it down from the sky, as it heavily landed onto the forests. Trees which were a thousand meters tall were destroyed by the aftershocks in a flash, and even the land started to tremble.

“Such a frightening thunderbolt…”

As he stared at the extensive destruction, Lin Dong could not help but swallow his saliva. This thunderbolt was likely strong enough to turn an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner to dust!

“I wonder what happened to that Thunder Crystal Beast…” This thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind as his eyes hastily shifted towards the place where the Thunder Crystal Beast had landed. Black smoke rose into the air, as a huge hole appeared before his eyes.

“It couldn’t have been smashed to death right.” As he stared at the huge hole, Lin Dong’s eyebrows furrowed. However, just as he mumbled these words, a weak and pained roar once again sounded out, but the roar this time clearly did not contain the force it had before.

Under the delighted gazes of the everyone, a silver light slowly rose up from the huge hole, floating in the sky as it looked up and released an unyielding roar at the thunder clouds.

In response to the Thunder Crystal Beast’s resistance, the thunder clouds finally showed signs of dispersing, as layer after layer swiftly retreated.

Currently, the body of the Thunder Crystal Beast was extremely dim. Cracks had appeared on the crystal-like armor on its body, but if one took a closer look, one would find that there seemed to be an even brighter layer of crystal armor quietly growing within the cracks. When this crystal armor successfully grew out, the Thunder Crystal Beast’s strength would once again swell ferociously.

It could be said that the Thunder Crystal Beast’s advancement this time had succeeded…

“The advancement has succeeded…”

Lin Dong gazed at the Thunder Crystal Beast in the air, as he gently licked his lips. He was able to sense that the latter was now at its weakest, and it was very clear…that the Di and Liu Families were about to take action.

As these thoughts began to surface in Lin Dong’s mind, in a distance, Di Teng’s gaze suddenly flashed, as a stern shout sounded out in a flash: “Set-up the formation!”


The Di Family troops were clearly prepared. Hence, when Di Teng’s voice sounded out, the numerous troops spread out into a formation. Yuan Power gushed forth, as Yuan Power ropes shot out, swiftly tangling in mid-air as they swept across the skies. In an instant, they had bounded the Thunder Crystal Beast.


While the Di Family made their move, over at the Liu Family side, an earth-shattering Yuan Power string also shot out. In a flash, it also securely tied up the Thunder Crystal Beast.


These sudden attacks caused the Thunder Crystal Beast to roar in anger. Its huge silver eyes looked down upon the human culprits, as its body violently struggled. Resplendent lightning burst out from its body and directly snapped these bindings.


The instant the Thunder Crystal Beast struggled free of most of the bindings, a figure suddenly swept forth from the sky. A large knife with a long handle covered in extremely powerful Yuan Power ferociously chopped onto its body. The strong force caused more cracks to form on the crystal armor covering its body.


After suffering this powerful attack, red flitted across the Thunder Crystal Beast’s eyes, as it opened its mouth and shot a thunderbolt towards the figure.


Upon seeing the thunderbolt rush forth, the large knife with a long handle coated in powerful Yuan Power once again hacked downwards, and withstood the attack. Wrapped in Yuan Power, it fiercely attacked again.

“Heh heh, my old pal Di Teng, since you look to be in such difficulty by yourself, let this old man lend you a hand!”

Just as the light from the formidable attack covered the Thunder Crystal Beast, laughter once again sounded across the skies. Soon after, another blade ruthlessly attacked. Like a tidal wave, a continuous stream of attacks were directed towards the Thunder Crystal Beast. However, while he attacked it, some blade shadows were also stealthily directed towards Di Teng.

“Humph, Liu Kui you old ghost, are you finally unable to resist!”

Di Teng sneered. His fingers flicked, breaking apart the blade flashes that stealthily swept towards him, as a murderous light flitted across his eyes.

“Haha, my Liu Family is naturally interested in a treasure like the thunder source. How can we miss this once in a blue moon chance. Did you think that only your Di Family is able to obtain this information?” The name of the white bearded elderly man turned out to be Liu Kui.

Though the two of them continuously mocked each other, the blades in their hands were ruthless attacking the Thunder Crystal Beast until it was battered and exhausted.

If it was originally at its full power, it would not be difficult to for the Thunder Crystal Beast to kill the Di Teng duo. However, the situation now was different. The Thunder Crystal Beast had already spent most of its power to withstand the thunderbolts. In its current state, it was unable to resist the two Form Creation stage practitioners.

“Roar roar!”

A thunderous and angry roar constantly rang out across the skies, as more and more cracks formed on its body.

On a distant mountain peak, Lin Dong attentively observed the situation. The Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd had already once again appeared in his hands. Great Sun Thunder Yuan slowly surged in his body, ready to unleash its formidable power at any time.

In the air, two figures seem to be surrounded in a whirlwind of blades as they mercilessly clashed against the Thunder Crystal Beast, while powerful Yuan Power waves erupted.

“This beast is truly difficult to deal with!”

While being tangled in the fight, the Di Teng duo were extremely shocked. They did not expect that they would be unable to swiftly dispatch this extremely weak Thunder Crystal Beast, even with their combined efforts. They truly did not dare to imagine how terrifying the beast would be if allowed to recover its strength…

“Let’s finish this quickly!”

Although they found each other an eyesore, both individuals had the same idea in mind at this time. A fierce look flitted across their eyes, as two blades, filled with ferocious Yuan Power, swiftly hacked at one of the cracks on the Thunder Crystal Beast’s body. Immediately, the armor broke apart, as silver blood flowed out from the crack.


After suffering such a heavy blow, the Thunder Crystal Beast’s eyes turned completely red. It madly roared out, and opened its huge mouth as a resplendent head-sized ball of lightning swept forth from within!

In the distance, Lin Dong’s pupils abruptly shrunk when the resplendent ball of lightning appeared. He could sense an extremely powerful and pure lightning power from it!

“Thunder source!”

Upon hearing Little Marten’s cry, Lin Dong lifted the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, as a feverish look flickered in his eyes.

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