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Chapter 204: Dayan Province’s Di Family

“You’re courting death!”

When the formidable halberd shadow swept forth, the three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners were momentarily stunned, but soon after, their expressions darkened. With a furious shout, the three of them struck together, as vigorous Yuan Power gushed forth and ferociously smashed against the halberd attack.


At the moment of contact, the three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner’s expressions swiftly changed. This time, they clearly felt the terrifying energy within the halberd. This power had already long surpassed the perfect Yuan Dan stage!

A strong gale erupted from the epicenter, directly blowing away the dry leaves on the ground, as the sorry figures of three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners flew backwards. When they landed, they nearly bounced up again in the air.

Upon seeing the three prefect Yuan Dan stage practitioners defeated after by the first attack, the surrounding crowd immediately cried out.


The youth in black’s expression turned a little cold, as he frostily stared at the forest and shouted in a low voice.


As the youth in black’s shout echoed out, a wind sound was heard. Soon after, a strong and healthy figure flew out of the forest and landed beside Little Flame, while coldly staring at the former.

When they saw the person who had appeared, the youth in black and the three prefect Yuan Dan stage practitioners were stunned. Evidently, they did not expect that the former would be so young.

Fortunately, they were somewhat able to judge that although the person before them looked young, his aura was rather formidable. Evidently, he was a talented and capable individual.

“May I ask that everyone not to attack my companion indiscriminately, isn’t this a little impolite?” The one who had swiftly rushed over and shown himself was naturally Lin Dong. He stretched out a hand and completely removed the Yuan Power bindings on Little Flame, as a little anger flashed across his eyes, while he spoke out in an indifferent tone.

Upon hearing this, the youth in black slightly narrowed his eyes. Soon after, he chuckled as he said: “Friend, I am quite interested in this Fire Python Tiger of yours. Since you’re its owner, sell it to me. I will give you a most satisfying price.”

Although his words hinted at a discussion, his tone indicated that he was not going to give Lin Dong much choice.

Lin Dong’s voice remained calm as he glanced at the youth: “Not selling.”

After seeing how blunt Lin Dong was, the youth in black was taken aback, as his expression slightly darkened.

“Kid, don’t be unappreciative of his kindness. Our young master is part of Dayang Province’s Di Family!” When Lin Dong’s words sounded out, the three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners sternly shouted in reply.

“Dayang Province, the Di Family?” Lin Dong’s eyebrows slightly raised. He had naturally never heard of this family, and even if he did, what about it? He had dared to rob even Wang Yan from the Wang Clan, what kind of trash did this Li Family think it was?

“Let’s go.”

Lightly patting the still aggressive Little Flame, Lin Dong could not be bothered with this group, and turned to leave.

“Stubborn fool!” Upon seeing that Lin Dong intended to leave, the three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner’s expressions darkened. Their gazes turned towards the youth in black, and after seeing the latter coldly nod his head, vigorous Yuan Power suddenly erupted from the trio’s bodies. Though they had suffered a little earlier, they believed that it was only because they had been caught off guard. They did not believe that such a young kid would be a match for the three of them!


Three figures lifted off the ground. Like vultures swooping down towards their prey, they attacked Lin Dong, while Yuan Power gushed about their extremely formidable claw attacks.

“Wind Tearing Claw!”

An ear-piercing buzzing wind sound echoed out, as the trio’s claw attacks blocked off Lin Dong’s path of retreat. The trio’s combined might was enough to force a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner to his death.

When he sensed the formidable approaching attacks, Lin Dong’s footsteps paused, as his expression slowly turned ice-cold. He extended a hand and gently patted Little Flame, just as it intended to leap forward and attack, before turning around and lifting his head. Cold eyes glared at the three incoming perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners.

“Kid, don’t blame us since you’ve rejected our kindness!”

When they were practically on top of Lin Dong, the trio sneered, as the force on their hands grew increasingly powerful.


However, the sneers on their faces did not last for long. Bright golden light suddenly exploded before their eyes, as they saw a fist covered in golden light ruthlessly smashing towards them in an extremely unreasonable way.

There was nothing special about this fist, only a power within it that was unreasonable to the max. In the face of this kind of power, the trio’s combined attack crumbled in a flash, as the fist danced through the air before heavily slamming into their claw-like hands.


All of a sudden, a faint bone breaking sound rang out. Soon after, the crowd watched as the originally ferociously attacking trio once again flew backwards. Along they way, they continuously vomited several mouthfuls of blood before their sorry figures smashed into a huge towering tree.

As they watched the three flying figures, the area turned much quieter, such that even the youth in black’s smile turned stiff for a moment. Evidently, he did not expect that Lin Dong was actually able to so effortlessly crushed the combined efforts of three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners.

The youth in black’s eyes slightly narrowed as he gazed at Lin Dong, whose body had yet to move from the spot. A chill faintly emerged in the youth’s expression: “Heh heh, I did not think that we would meet such a problematic person here. However, now that you’ve beaten my Di Family members, you are in quite a lot of trouble…”

While the youth in black spoke, the surrounding crowd stared at Lin Dong with ill intent, as they surrounded him.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong’s expression darkened. He glared at the youth in black and slowly said: “I can’t be bothered to bicker with you over the fact that you’ve hurt my companion, but if you continue to be so foolish, no matter what kind of trashy Di Family you’re from, I will beat you all!”

“You’ve got guts!”

Upon hearing these words, the corners of the youth in black’s eyes twitched, as his expression also turned ice-cold. Soon after, he gently lifted his hand.


After seeing that this guy was still not willing to give up, Lin Dong completely lost his patience. His hand grasped onto the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, as resplendent golden Yuan Power gushed forth. Soon after, his figure transformed into a golden light and swept forward, the ancient halberd in his hand pointing directly at the black clothed youth’s throat.

“Stop him!”

When they saw that Lin Dong actually dared to make his move in front of all of them, the black clothed youth’s entourage sternly shouted out. Immediately, a dozen men charged forward, however, before they could touch Lin Dong, a halberd shadow swept out and ruthlessly slammed into their bodies, directly blowing them away as they vomited blood.


Upon seeing Lin Dong easily tear apart the thick defensive lines and charge towards him, the youth in black’s expression turned ugly. A long green spear appeared in his hand, emitting a green glow and an aura that was in no way weak. Evidently, it was also a rather high-grade Soul Treasure.

This black clothed youth was about twenty five or twenty six years old, and his strength was not weak. He had also reached the perfect Yuan Dan stage and the faction behind him was evidently no small fry. Without the support of a huge amount of resources, it would be extremely difficult to reach this cultivation stage at such an age.

With this kind of strength and the Soul Treasure in his hands, the black clothed youth was clearly rather conceited. Given his strength, there were very few among the younger generation who could defeat him in Dayang Province. Hence, he naturally would not withdraw when faced with Lin Dong who looked even younger than himself.

“Green Light Kill!”

The youth in black’s arm trembled as green light burst out from the spear in his hand, covering the entire forest in a green glow, as countless cold shadows ruthlessly shot towards Lin Dong’s vital points.

“Ding ding ding ding!”

In response to the youth in black’s attack, Lin Dong merely sneered. With a thought, the skin all over his body turned bronze, and when the cold shadows hit his body, waves of sparks erupted but did not come close to breaking Lin Dong’s defenses at all.

Upon seeing this, the youth in black’s expression finally started changing. However, without waiting for him to retreat, Lin Dong abruptly moved forward and grabbed the green spear, while his other palm swiftly engraved itself onto the former’s chest.


A ferocious wind erupted as the youth in black was directly blown away by this attack, while the green spear in his hand was snatched away by Lin Dong.

The youth in black’s sorry figure landed on the ground, his face colored with shades of green and red, but he did not seem injured at all. When Lin Dong saw this, he was not too surprised. When his attack landed on his opponent just moments ago, he had already realized that the latter seemed to be wearing an inner armor with extremely strong defensive capabilities. It might even be a Soul Treasure with defensive properties.

“I’ll take this as repayment.”

Lin Dong held the ancient halberd in one hand, and the green spear in the other, as he cast a glance at the youth in black and casually remarked.

“You dare!” The youth in black’s face was green as he fiercely retorted.

Lin Dong paid no attention to the youth, as he turned and he took giant strides towards the forest. When the surrounding entourage saw this, they did not dare to obstruct him. The strength that Lin Dong had displayed made them understand that no one here was his match.

Just as Lin Dong was about to enter the forest, an indifferent laughter suddenly sounded out from the skies: “Heh heh, little brother, my son was indeed wrong. However, this little brother has already taught him a lesson. I do hope that you can leave the Green Yuan Spear behind.”

The sudden arrival of this voice caused Lin Dong to pause in his step. His expression was calm as he turned around to look at the figure which descended from the skies. He was not surprised as he had already sensed this person’s existence when he attacked earlier.

The figure which descended from the skies was clothed in green. He was not young, and one could see a few strands of white hair on his head, while his eyes were bright and full of expression, giving him a slightly dignified appearance. Evidently, he was someone of high status and was currently smiling as he gazed at Lin Dong with deep eyes which seemed to conceal a little profoundness.

“Initial Form Creation stage…”

Lin Dong cast a glance at this person, and was not afraid at all. With his current strength, he was already able to contend against a practitioner at this level. Hence, he thrust the green spear into the ground, as his indifferent voice sounded out, causing rage to surface on the black cloth youth’s and the rest’s faces.

“It is possible for you to take it back. Use Pure Yuan pills in exchange for it!”

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