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Chapter 205: Di Teng

“Kid, you have a death wish?”

When he saw that Lin Dong remained so obstinate even at this juncture, the face of that young man dressed in black clothes turned steely gritted, as he gritted his teeth and said.

“Haha, this young brother, if you lack pure Yuan Pills, my Di Family can provide you with some. After all, it’s our practise to establish good ties everywhere.” That middle-aged man dressed in green robes was evidently stunned by Lin Dong’s direct manner. Nonetheless, he was a pretty sharp fellow as he replied with a smile and did not lose his composure.

“Twenty thousand pure Yuan Pills. I believe this to be a fairly reasonable price.” Lin Dong gently smiled as he said.

When he heard this amount, the facial expression of that young man dressed in black clothes turned uglier. In fact, even the smile on that middle-aged man’s face dimmed. This was obviously a extortion as twenty thousand pure Yuan Pills was no trivial amount. Instantly, the atmosphere stealthily turned increasingly tense.

As if he did not detect the stealthy change in the atmosphere, a smile was still plastered on Lin Dong’s face. However, inside his body, he had begun to slowly activate Great Sun Thunder Yuan. Faintly, an extremely microscopic thunder sound spread forth together with a unique shockwave.

This unique shockwave could not be detected by most ordinary individuals. However, that middle-aged man seemed to have detected it. Instantly, a solemn expression fleeted across his eyes.

“Father, this kid is simply too much!” That young man dressed in black clothes gritted his teeth as he said: “We have so many people around, as long as we summon them over, he will not be able to escape!”

When he heard those words, that middle-aged man’s eyes sparkled for a moment as he stared right at Lin Dong, who was smiling back at him. Moments later, he gradually shook his head. He was a cautious man by nature and he could detect a dangerous scent coming from the latter’s body. Furthermore, considering the unique circumstances today, it was best for him to avoid making an additional enemy.

“Haha, twenty thousand pure Yuan Pills? Alright, I will treat it as making a friend!” As magnanimous smile emerged on that middle-aged man’s face, as he stared at Lin Dong and said with a smile.


When he saw that the middle-aged man had actually chose to compromise, the facial expression of that young man dressed in black instantly changed, as he hurriedly shouted out. However, before he could speak, he was instantly stopped by a stern look from the former. Instantly, he could only suppress the rage inside his heart.

Lin Dong was similarly shocked by the fact that he chose to compromise. At first, he thought that the latter would fail to withstand his provocations and choose to attack him. However, as things stand, it saved him a little trouble. After all, for a broke fellow like him, twenty thousand pure Yuan Pills was a substantial fortune.

That middle-aged man dressed in green robes was a decisive man. After he spoke, he took out a Qiankun bag from his sleeves, before he passed it to Lin Dong with a smile: “Little brother, here are twenty thousand pure Yuan pills!”

As he stared at that Qiankun bag, a glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes before he unceremoniously reached out and grabbed that Qiankun bag. However, just as his palm reached out, a exceptionally powerful force suddenly emerged from Di Teng’s hands.

With regards to this incoming force, Lin Dong’s face remained calm. A bronze-like green tinge suddenly appeared on his hand. At the same time, below his skin, a golden glow gushed forth. Then, as his palm jutted forth, he directly countered against that invasive force.


A extremely microscopic sound echoed out from the Qiankun bag, as Di Teng’s huge hands began to stealthily tremble. His facial expression also begun to change. However, promptly, with a smile, he loosed his grip and asked with a smile: “May I know this little brother’s name? We seem to have never heard of such an outstanding young man in Dayang Province.”

“Just an unknown figure quietly training in the woods.”

Lin Dong gently smiled as he unceremoniously snatched that Qiankun bag. Then, he tossed the Qingyuan Spear in his hands back to Di Teng, as the latter quickly received it.

Di Teng grabbed onto the Qingyuan Spear. However, his eyes remained peeled on Lin Dong’s body. After that brief stealthy exchange, he could deduce just how exceedingly powerful this young man was. This caused him to be extremely shocked. At such a tender age, yet he was already this skilled. There was probably no one in this entire Dayang province that could match up to this genius.

“Since there are no further matters, I shall take my leave.”

Lin Dong could sense that the current surrounding atmosphere was slightly odd. In the surrounding area, there were several hidden presence around and most of them are probably members of the Di Family. However, as for why there were so many people inside these deep mountains, Lin Dong understood that now was not the right time to find out. Hence, he cupped his fist at Di Teng, before he turned to leave.

When he saw Lin Dong leave suavely, a glint flashed across Di Teng’s eyes. However, in the end, he did not make a move. Instead, he allowed Lin Dong and Little Flame to depart, as they finally vanished inside the dense forest.

“Father, how can we just let him go so easily? He has hurt so many of our men!” After he saw Lin Dong depart, that Di Yun could resist no longer as he asked. Their Di Family has never suffered such injustice, especially when they were merely dealing with one individual.

“What more do you expect? He has already shown us mercy. Else, if you not be merely injuries.” Di Teng casually replied.

“Father, don’t we have you around? Based on your current Creation stage abilities, can’t you easily handle him?” Di Yun pursed his lips as he asked.

When he heard his words, that Di Yun was silent for a moment, before he said: “ Even if I personally attack, we can only defeat him at most. However, we will be unable to kill him. At that time, we would have made an additional foe. Furthermore, in a few day’s time, when that Thunder Crystal Beast levels up, we will need all our strength to ambush and kill it. Hence, it would not be wise to offend him now.”

“Is that fellow so strong? Father, you are a Creation stage elite practitioner!” When he heard that even Di Teng could not confidently kill Lin Dong, that Di Yun instantly disbelievingly asked.

“That kid is merely half a step away from reaching Creation stage. Furthermore, I can sense that this man is truly too dangerous and he has many hidden aces up his sleeves. If we truly fought, the outcome of our battle would be highly uncertain.”

“Furthermore, the Liu Family is also hunting after the Thunder Crystal Beast. If we attack this person now, we would undoubtedly be pushing him towards the Liu Family. At that time, we will have even more trouble in our hands.” Di Teng said.

“We let that kid off the hook too easily. He took twenty thousand of our pure Yuan Pills!” Di Yun gritted his teeth as he shouted out in rage.

“Let’s take care of the Thunder Crystal Beast first. If we can obtain the Thunder Crystal, I will have the opportunity to advance to Creation and Transformation stage, or perhaps that legendary Nirvana stage. Once this matter is resolved, we can look for that man again. If he is willing to work for my Di Family, that would be good news. However, if he rejects, at that time we will force him to spit all of those pills out.” Di Teng casually said. A killing intent could be faintly heard from his tone. It seems like he was also extremely displeased with Lin Dong’s actions.

When he heard his words, that Di Yun finally nodded his head. Then, his eyes turned to stare at the spot where Lin Dong had disappeared, as a malicious glint flashed in his eyes.

“Thunder Crystal Beast… what is that thing?”

Standing on a large tree in the dense forest, Lin Dong recalled traces of his Mental Energy that he had sent out for scouting purposes. Then, he turned to Little Marten, who was standing on his shoulder, and asked it.

“Thunder Crystal Beast… Heh, I didn’t expect such a beast to exist here.” Little Marten’s claws rubbed on its fury cheeks, as a shocked expression surfaced in it’s eyes.

“This is a peculiar Demonic Beast. It does not feed on blood and flesh, but rather it feeds on lightning bolts. This Demonic Beast is extremely formidable. However, each time it levels up, there will be a period where it becomes highly vulnerable. Judging by their conversation previously, it seems like we have ran into such a situation…”

“What use is it?” Lin Dong asked.

“There is a Thunder Crystal inside the Thunder Crystal Beast that contains an immense amount of pure Thunder Energy. If you are able to obtain it, not only could you unlock the final inner channel, perhaps you can even master Bronze Thunder Body. In fact, you could even progress to fourth seal Symbol Master. Most importantly… after you refine that Thunder Crystal, once you reach Creation stage, you can create thunderbolts using your Yuan Power. That ability is truly formidable!”

When he heard Little Marten’s string of words, Lin Dong’s eyes turned feverish red instantly as his breathing turned increasingly ragged. Recently, he had been extremely troubled by that final inner channel because regardless of how much effort he had put in, that final inner channel simply refuses to yield. However, this so-called Thunder Crystal could actually unlock it?

“However, an ordinary Thunder Crystal Beast’s strength is similar to a Qi Creation stage practitioner. A few stronger ones can even match up to a Manifestation stage practitioner. Based on your current strength, it would be quite difficult…”

When he heard Little Marten’s following words, Lin Dong felt like a bucket of ice water was just poured over him. Instantly, he was taken aback. Then, he looked at Little Marten before he said with a smile: “Don’t worry. Though I can’t defeat that Thunder Crystal Beast on my own, don’t I have those fellow to assist me?”

“From their conversation previously, it seems like there is also a Liu Family that plans to attack that Thunder Crystal Beast. In that case, I will let them make the first move, before I swoop in at the end just like a fisherman!”

As he saw that cunning smile on Lin Dong’s face, Little Marten rolled his eyes before he said: “Kid, even if fail to become a fisherman, don’t become a shrimp for them to devour…”

Lin Dong waved his hands. The fact that he dared to suggest this idea indicated that he had some confidence in his abilities. Right now, he was no longer afraid of facing a inital Form Creation stage practitioner. Furthermore, with aid from the Soul Puppet and Little Marten, even if he encountered an elite practitioner like Wang Yan, perhaps he would not be able to win, however, he could definetly retreat safley.

“Let me have a good rest tonight. From tomorrow onwards, I shall follow these guys. Heh, if you plot against me, you must be prepared to lose it all…”

Lin Dong stretched his back, as he stared at the Di Family troops that were located far away. A coldnless was hidden within the smile on his face.

“That Thunder Crystal… will definitely be mine!”

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