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Chapter 203: Little Flame in Danger

The Great Yan Empire was large and spacious. At least from Lin Dong’s point of view, its land area could be considered humongous. That was because even after travelling for two months through the vast forests, he had yet to see or reach its end.

On a giant tree inside the forest, a figure was standing perfectly straight as he stared at lush woodlands that extended before him. At this moment, his mental state seemed extremely calm.

This figure seemed slightly hideous. His hair was touching his shoulders while his clothes were in tatters. Even though his appearance was slightly hideous, he gave off a formidable aura just like a powerful weapon. Within his calm eyes, a faint glow shimmered. It seemed like there was a ferocious tiger hidden within him that was ready to bare its fangs at any time.

This figure was naturally Lin Dong. Over these two months, he had lived a primitive lifestyle, and would battle against Demonic Beasts everyday. Even though this journey had been exceedingly tiring and dangerous, it proved extremely beneficial for Lin Dong. After all, the battle experience that he accumulated from all these battles was not something that he could gain from closed-door training.

One would never become genuinely strong solely by sitting down and cultivating for tens or over a hundred years!

A soft breeze blew by as it rattled some of Lin Dong’s tattered clothes. Right now, the skin below his clothes seemed somewhat dark green. However, this dark green glow was not a permanent fixture, it only faintly appeared before disappearing again.

Ever since he experienced the tremendous benefits from drawing lightning bolts, Lin Dong had become addicted to it. Therefore, in the following days, whenever storm clouds appeared, he would immediately leap onto a mountain peak and draw lightning bolts in order to temper his body and Mental Energy.

Thanks to this training that most ordinary people would consider insane, Lin Dong’s progress was quite substantial. Out of the forty four channels of Great Sun Thunder Body, he had unlocked forty three of them. Only the last channel continued to hold out.

After unblocking so many channels, the Yuan Power inside Lin Dong’s body had almost completely transformed into Great Sun Thunder Yuan. Hence, his battle power had grown by at least two or three folds since the day he departed from Yan City. Right now, if he fought against city lord Shi, he had every confidence that he would not struggle like before…

Furthermore, his body had became increasingly stronger thanks to these lightning bolts. Even though he had yet to master the ‘Bronze Thunder Body’, Lin Dong had every confidence that with just his body alone, even without using any Yuan Power, he could match up against a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner!

While his body and Yuan Power became stronger, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was also being cleansed by the lightning power. Currently, inside his Niwan palace, cracks had once again begun to surface on the Destiny Soul Symbol in the center. This indicated that the fourth seal was about to appear.

Once this fourth seal appeared, Lin Dong would have advanced to the fourth seal Symbol Master. At that time, even an initial Form Creation stage practitioner would not pose any threat to him. In fact, he would even be able to match up against an advanced Form Creation stage practitioner!


On top of that giant tree, Lin Dong suddenly exhaled a puff of white smoke, as he carefully monitored the multitude of changes inside his body. Moments later, his eyebrows furrowed as he muttered to himself: “This final channel… is so difficult to unlock.”

The Great Sun Thunder Body only had forty three inner channels. However, after the Stone Talisman refined it, an additional one was created. Nonetheless, it was extremely difficult to unlock this final inner channel. Even though Lin Dong had absorbed ten lightning bolts, he was still unable to unlock it. Hence, from this fact alone, one could deduce just how insurmountable this task was.

Furthermore, if he did not manage to unlock this final inner channel, Lin Dong would not be able to fully activate the Great Sun Thunder Body which would in turn also disrupt his cultivation of the ‘Bronze Thunder Body’.

“This final channel is indeed exceedingly difficult to unlock. Furthermore, the Destiny Soul Symbol in your Niwan palace has also reached a critical juncture. Once you make this final step, your strength will surge!” Little Marten hovered behind Lin Dong, before it spoke.

Lin Dong helpless shook his head. It seemed like he could only wait patiently for that moment to arrive.

“Right now, we should be within Dayang Province and this is already quite a distance from Tiandu Province. Based on our current speed, we should arrive at the Great Desolate Province in approximately three months…” Lin Dong removed a map from his Qiankun bag, and looked at it for a while, before he spoke.

“In the remaining time, I must unlock that final channel and master the Bronze Thunder Body!” Slightly gripping his fists, Lin Dong had a determined expression in his eyes. The Great Desolate Province was extremely dangerous and chaotic. In fact, even a person like him, who had never travelled before, knew how dangerous and chaotic it was. At that place, if one is not skilled, one would likely suffer.

“Go, let the training continue!”

As he kept the map in his hand, a glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Like a giant hawk, he swept into the forest. Waving the ancient halberd in his hand, a tyrannical glow exploded forth, enraging several wild beasts inside the forest, and causing them to roar in response. Meanwhile, a rich Yuan Power vibration began to spread out inside the forest.


Inside the dense forest, a figure and a giant Demonic Beast viciously collided against each other. Despite the mismatch of their body sizes, a surprising result emerged as the larger Demonic Beast was directly blown away, drawing a deep scratch mark on the ground. However, before this enraged Demonic Beast could retaliate, the figure in front of it dashed forth again, as an exceedingly powerful finger attack heavily slammed against its head, and with a plop sound, blood instantly spurted out.

After he pierced through the Demonic Beast’s steel-like skull using a finger, a smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face, as he casually wiped off the blood on his finger. The power of this Demonic Beast outclassed that of a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner. However, Lin Dong was able to finish it off with a single blow.

While he was traversing through the vast woods, Lin Dong had encountered all kinds of Demonic Beasts. In fact, some of these Demonic Beasts’ aura was every more terrifying than Lin Langtian’s. Thankfully, Little Marten would warn him in advance and this helped him to survive. Else, if he encountered any one of them, he would definitely die.

Lin Dong sat down on the ground as he removed the Demonic Crystal from the Demonic Beast’s head. He then closed his eyes as he begun to rest and wait for Little Flame, who was scavenging for food, to return.

Lin Dong waited for approximately half an hour, before he began to furrow his eyebrows. Little Flame usually would not be away for such a long time. As he furrowed his eyebrows, traces of Mental Energy swiftly gushed out from Lin Dong’s Niwan palace, before it began to spread out.


A short time after his Mental Energy spread out, Lin Dong’s facial expression suddenly changed as he immediately stood up. With a dark expression on his face, he looked towards the west. At that area, he could sense Little Flame’s presence. However, he could also sense several human presences as well…

This was the first time that Lin Dong had detected so many humans in one place after spending such a long period in the forest. However, this time around, it did not seem like good news.

His gaze flashed, as Lin Dong’s feet tapped against the ground, and he deftly dashed inside the woods, rushing towards that area where he had sensed their presence.

Inside this woodland that was made up of giant trees, there was an empty area filled with dried leaves. Currently, there were several people in that empty space, while a few hurried shouts sounded out.

“Heh, this Fire Python Tiger has actually grown to such an extent. This is truly a rare sight. Capture it. If we can raise it properly, it would be extremely beneficial!” In that empty space, a young man dressed in black clothes was staring fervently at a majestic fiery-red Fire Python Tiger that was being surrounded by a group of men. The tail of this ferocious tiger was a blood-red giant python which was hissing at them, as a faint bloody smell spread forth. This was indeed Little Flame, which had went to forage for food.

Around this young man, were several people. From the looks of it, he status was not low. Moreover, these people were extremely well-coordinated, creating a formation which completely protected this young man.

When they heard the young man’s words, the people surrounding Little Flame instantly responded. As Yuan Power gushed forth, the ropes in their hands were thrown towards Little Flame.


As it faced their attack, Little Flame’s eyes turned feverish-red. It stepped forward, and turned into a fiery-red shadow to avoid the ropes. Its claws danced, as some of these unlucky fellows were immediately ripped apart.

“Young master, this Fire Python Tiger is indeed unique. Even a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner cannot handle it easily. This is truly peculiar, how can a Fire Python Tiger be so strong…” Beside the young man dressed in black clothes, a middle-aged man furrowed his eyebrows, staring at the ferocious Little Flame as he said.

“Heh, if it was not for that fact, why would this young master be interested in this beast. Uncle Cao, lead two perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners and capture this wild beast. Do it quickly, else we ruin father’s affairs.” The young man dressed in black clothes casually laughed as he said.


Upon hearing these words, the middle-aged man instantly responded. Promptly, he waved his hand as two other man beside him walked forth. Their aura was especially formidable. Evidently, they had both advanced to the perfect Yuan Dan stage.

“Do it!”

Evidently, the three of them often worked together, and hence, they had good chemistry between them. As their bodies moved, they formed a triangle formation and directly trapped Little Flame inside.


When Little Flame saw that its scope of movement had been limited, it instantly roared in rage. A claw attack powerful enough to break a rock boulder was viciously directed towards the trio.

“Ignorant beast, how dare you resist!”

When they saw Little Flame resisting, the three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners snorted simultaneously. The trio instantly made their move, as their Yuan Power seemingly merged together and forcefully trapped Little Flame. Then, three large hands viciously jabbed at Little Flame’s body.


As Yuan Power gushed forth, Little Flame was directly blown back. However, it did not suffer much injuries. Nonetheless, it was so enraged that it’s eyes turned blood-red.

“This beast has such strong defences. It is indeed very interesting!”

When that young man in black saw that the combined attack by three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners did not cause much damage to Little Flame, he was immediately delighted as he exclaimed.

“Binding Finger!”

The three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners looked at each other, before they simultaneously took a step forward. Straightening two of their fingers, a Yuan Power light beam suddenly shot forth just like a rope, turning into a complex noose in mid-air, before it fell and solidly bounded Little Flame.


When its body was tied up, Little Flame started to resist manically. However, it was forcefully held down by the three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners.

“Stupid beast, let’s see how you resist!”

When they saw Little Flame being tied up, the three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners chuckled. Nearby, the young man dressed in black clothes also smiled in delight.


However, just as the rest of them prepared to tie up Little Flame, an exceedingly powerful force suddenly exploded forth from the forest, and shattered the Yuan Power bindings.


This sudden development caused the faces of the three perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners to change, as they sternly shouted out.


However, their shouts did not manage to draw any verbal response, rather, an exceptionally powerful halberd shadow was their reply!

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