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Chapter 197: A Challenge Before He Departed

Over the course of the night, Lin Dong did not rest at all. After depleting thousands of pure Yuan Pills, he managed to log a significant progress. Out of the forty four inner channels, he managed to directly unlock fifteen of them. His progress can be considered as quite substantial. After all, this Great Sun Thunder Body was a true 1st-tier secret skills and it was much harder to master compared to other secret skills.

After he unlocked fifteen inner channels, approximately one-third of Lin Dong’s Yuan Power had been transformed in “Great Sun Thunder Yuan”. Furthermore, thanks to his high-grade Yuan Dan, his enhanced “Great Sun Thunder Yuan” was even more powerful. Based on Lin Dong’s calculations, just using this one-third proportion of his “Great Sun Thunder Yuan”, he was able to match up against himself.

A 1st-tier secret skill indeed lives up to its reputation.

Sunlight poured forth his window and shone on the ground before it was split into warm light columns. Lin Dong, who was now lying on his bed, started to gradually open his eyes. Below the pores of his skin, were a faint shimmering golden glow, before they gradually disappeared.

“Fifteen channels.”

When he noted his progress from one night, Lin Dong gently nodded his head. However, he was not extremely satisfied. It was increasingly difficult to unlock the remaining inner channels. Based on Lin Dong’s prediction, the Yuan Power needed to unlock one additional inner channel was several times that of before. Therefore, Lin Dong needed to use thousands of pure Yuan Pills in order to unlock the sixteenth channel.

Henceforth, in order to unlock the remaining twenty nine inner channels, Lin Dong would need at least thirty thousand pure Yuan Pills… However, evidently, even after he received a fortune from that rich bastard Wang Yan, Lin Dong was still unable to afford it.

At this moment, Lin Dong finally understood just how crucial these pure Yuan Pills were for a practitioner. If he had enough pure Yuan Pills, then in perhaps a few month’s time, he would be able to unlock all forty four inner channels. Of course, if he only utilized the Yuan Power from between Heaven and Earth… Then his rate would slow down by at least ten fold and perhaps even more.

At the same time, Lin Dong finally understood just how broke he was currently. In the journey of cultivation, talent was naturally important. However, if one lacked sufficient resources, then he would just be like a talented housewife who cannot feed her family without rice…

Lin Dong sat on his bed as he tallied the pure Yuan Pills left in his Qiankun bag. As he gave ten thousand of them to the Lin Family, he only had approximately twenty thousand left. This was evidently insufficient for him to unlock all of his inner channels. Furthermore, for this trip, in order to play safe, he was forced to keep many pure Yuan Pills in reserve. Else, should he encounter any massive problems, he would lack the pure Yuan Pills needed to activate the Soul Puppet.

“So broke…”

After he tallied, Lin Dong involuntarily sighed. Then, leaping off his bed, his eyes glanced at his surroundings before he muttered to himself: “It’s time to go…”

He had already lingered in Yan City for a while. Now that Qingtan’s Terminus Devil Body had been taken care off, it was time for Lin Dong to depart. After all, the remaining time that he had was quite limited. Two year’s time may not seem short. However, at the end of that time period was a back shadow that caused one to suffocate.

Furthermore, in two year’s time, Lin Dong must catch up with that man that now far exceeded him!

Lin Dong was not an indecisive man. Since he had made up his mind to leave today, he did not hesitate further. Moments later, he packed his bags before he relayed the message to Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest.

When his message got out, the Lin Family turned chaotic immediately. In the front yard, almost everyone had gathered there. As things stand, Lin Dong’s status in the Lin Family has already exceeded that of Lin Zhentian. Furthermore, the reason why the Lin Family was able to establish themselves in Yan City was largely due to Lin Dong’s efforts.

With regards to this elite individual, every member of Lin Family deeply respected him. After all, between Heaven and Earth, power is the most important thing. With power, one could change anything.

As he stared at that numerous black heads gathered at the front yard, Lin Dong felt slightly helpless. Especially when he saw Qingtan’s big tearful eyes, he felt a slight headache.

“Dong-er, when you go outside, be careful!” Lin Zhentian was evidently reluctant, as he constantly instructed him. Even though he knew that this grandson was an exceptional individual that would not be tied up by this small Yan City, when the time came to bid goodbye, the old man’s heart was still highly reluctant.

“Grandpa, don’t worry…”

Lin Dong smiled. He was not a naive brat anymore. In these two years, he had defeated the Lei Xie Families, Blood Cloth Sect, Blood Wolf Gang and even fought against the elite younger generation members of Great Yan Dynasty. Hence, even though the outside world was dangerous, he was not afraid of it.


Standing beside Lin Dong, Little Flame released a deep growl. Contained within his growl was a unique pressure. After it had swallowed numerous Demonic Crystals in the old tomb, Little Flame’s strength has surged in this past month. In fact, right now, even if it fought against a perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioner, it had a good chance to emerge victorious. Hence, for this journey, Lin Dong planned to bring it along.

He heard from Little Marten that Little Flame used to be an ordinary Fire Python Tiger. However, due to mutations in its bloodline, it would become fairly powerful in the future. Therefore, Lin Dong was naturally going to take good care of this talented assistant.

“A good man’s ambition is far and wide. A dragon should be soaring in the skies. Dong-er, do what you want to do. Father is curious to find out, just how powerful my son would be!” Lin Xiao heavily patted Lin Dong’s shoulder, before he said with a smile.

As he stared at Lin Xiao’s smiling face, Lin Dong’s heart was touched. Gently nodding his head, with a flash of his figure, he lept on the tiger’s back and said: “Grandpa, Father, Uncle, please take care!”

Lin Dong was a decisive man. As he cupped his hands, he did not hesitate anymore. Patting Little Flame, the latter released a deep growl, before it transformed into a fiery-red figure and dashed out of the yard under the gaze of the Lin Family…

“I will be back for the Family Clan Competition two year’s time. Grandpa, at that time, the Lin Clan will beg you to rejoin them!”

As that fiery-red figure departed, a solid shout echoed forth from a distance and swirled around this front-yard. This caused the blood of several younger generation members to boil. This charisma…. He is indeed Lin Dong brother!


Lin Zhentian’s aged eyes were slightly moist as he stared at Lin Dong’s departing back. Then, he suddenly laughed heartily. He understood just how incredulous it would be for a massive faction like Lin Clan to beg him to rejoin them. However.. with regards to Lin Dong, he never doubted the former.

For the Family Clan Competition two year’s time, he firmly believed that this grandson, would once again appear in front of them in an astounding fashion!

At that time, any sparkling genius would lose their luster in front of him!

“Our Lin Family may be a side family, but our grandson can still be a dragon!”

The sun rays poured down from the sky and shone on Lin Zhentian’s aged face. Plastered on his face was a look of pride and content. Having such a grandson was enough for him to die in content!

A fiery-red shadow dashed across the Yan City. The deep beastly growl caused several practitioner’s face to change. However, none of them dared to voice their disagreement. After all, all of them knew who this fiery-red beast belonged to.

That fiery-red shadow dashed across the city. Just as it was about to reach the city’s gates, suddenly Lin Dong, who was seated on the tiger, lifted his head up to look at a spot above the city’s walls. At that spot, was a figure stepping on top of the city walls. Meanwhile, his eyes were staring right at him.

“A Creation stage practitioner!”

As he stared at that middle-aged man with jade-like skin, Lin Dong’s pupils dilated. If he had guessed correctly, that man must be the mysterious Yan City Lord and the undisputed top practitioner in Yan City!

“Haha, Lin Dong young brother is about to depart. I cannot resist as I itch for a good fight!”

That middle man’s figure stared at Lin Dong, who was standing afar. A soft laughter was enwrapped with a thick Yuan Power as it spread out across the entire Yan City!

“Is that… city lord Shi?”

“Oh my god, even city lord Shi has appeared. This Lin Dong is truly amazing!”

“Yeah, it is reputed that city lord Shi has advanced to Creation Stage. He is indeed the undisputed champion in Yan City. Now that Lin Dong is departing, even he has appeared personally…”

“The two of them are the true elites of Yan City. If they crossed blows, it would decide who is the top practitioner in Yan City!”

As that middle-aged man’s laughter spread forth, the entire Yan City almost instantly turned chaotic. Even though there were three main factions in Yan City, everyone knew that the city lord Shi was the real master. Hence, this city lord Shi that barely surfaced was the most reputed individual in the city!

Hence, when that person spoke, a commotion erupted in the entire Yan City. Black figures, just like fleas, jumped on the roof tops and stared at that area.

Lin Dong was taken aback by city lord Shi’s words. He had a good relationship with Zi Yue and hence, he felt warm towards this city lord. Immediately, his eyes looked at the middle-aged man. From the latter’s eyes, he could detect no hostility. Instead, there was a fervent glint in his eyes. This was a look that only surfaced when one meets a rare opponent that could equal oneself…

It seems like this city lord Shi has not had a hearty fight for a long while.

As he stared at that figure, Lin Dong suddenly smiled as pride gushed forth in his heart. Since he was planning to depart today, he wanted to have a hearty fight as well!

Under the gazes of the crowds, Lin Dong’s footsteps gently tapped on the tiger’s back, before his figure flew off into the sky. The blade shadow below his feet flashed forth. With a grip of his palm, that vicious-looking Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd appeared. As he stomped against the sky, a heart-palpitating formidable aura began to emerge forth!

“Since it is the orders of the city lord, how could Lin Dong defy!”

As he stared at that figure hovering in the sky with a giant halberd, the crowd’s blood began to boil…

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